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Because you demanded it... We're re-reading the Marvel comics series Excalibur (1988-1998), one issue per week, for 126+ weeks.

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Because you demanded it... We're re-reading the Marvel comics series Excalibur (1988-1998), one issue per week, for 126+ weeks.

    Excalibur #125: “Tying the Knot”

    Excalibur #125: “Tying the Knot”

    On this our final week, talking Excalibur #125, “Tying the Knot,” we’ve got a wedding we don’t love concluding a comic book series we do love, in sickness and in health, till death do us part… And in honor of this mess of mixed feelings, we’re doing the only appropriate thing, which is hold an Irish Wake – a celebration of life over the open casket of our beloved Excalibur. To that end, our regular discussion of the issue will be augmented with commemorations of the deceased from friends new and old.

    • 1h 38 min
    Excalibur #124: “Someone”

    Excalibur #124: “Someone”

    A certain someone called Zack Jenkins, aka the cohost of the Battle of the Atom podcast, aka the former EiC of ComicsXF, aka the Bad Boy of X-Men podcasting, joins us to fete Excalibur #124, “Someone,” featuring bachelor and bachelorette parties and much bacchanalia and the return of several somones, but unfortunately, only one of those someones gets creamed.

    • 1h 7 min
    Excalibur #123: “Lost and Found”

    Excalibur #123: “Lost and Found”

    This week’s guest, writer, critic, and game designer Armaan Babu, helps us find the joy we’ve lost talking Excalibur #123, “Lost and Found,” featuring the extended Calvin Rankin cameo nobody asked for and Meggan saying yes to the dress. Topics include comics publishing in India, the timeless joys of Nightcrawler, and why it might make sense for a shapeshifter to want a wedding dress after all.

    • 1h 6 min
    Excalibur #122: “The Search, Part 1”

    Excalibur #122: “The Search, Part 1”

    This week, we can’t do much better than mimic enjoying Excalibur #122, “The Search, Part 1,” but we’re fully focused on enjoying the company as we count down our final four with returning guest Dr. Michael Hancock, here to reminiscence about his first issue of the series, purchased off the rack at the 7/11 when he was but an impressionable teen! What’ll Michael make of this one now that he has a fully developed brain? You’ll have to listen to find out!

    • 1h 9 min
    Excalibur #121: “Friends Like These”

    Excalibur #121: “Friends Like These”

    This week, our silly podcast about a seventh-tier X-Men comic from 30 years ago is more deeply embroiled in contemporary geopolitical events than it has any right to be, as the team jets to Israel to hang (and quarrel) with its national superhero Sabra in Excalibur #121, “Friends Like These.” Scholar of comics and Jewish diasporas Gabrielle Lyle is here to help us navigate this tricky terrain, talking Jewish histories of superheroes and what superheroes gain or lose when they become explicit representatives of a nation.

    • 1h 8 min
    Holiday Special, 2023 Edition!

    Holiday Special, 2023 Edition!

    Welcome to our latest (last!) Holiday Special! Join us as we answer YOUR questions, reflect on the year that was, and draw for PRIZES!! Please note: this is the unedited audio version. Find the video version here.

    • 1h 26 min

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