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A radio show, podcast, and radical media hub showcasing culture workers reshaping Chicago for the more equitable and creative. Listen to longform humanizing conversations with artists, organizers, performers, comedians, scholars, and more who are reimagining Chicago and beyond toward liberation. Hosted by Damon Williams and Daniel Kisslinger.

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A radio show, podcast, and radical media hub showcasing culture workers reshaping Chicago for the more equitable and creative. Listen to longform humanizing conversations with artists, organizers, performers, comedians, scholars, and more who are reimagining Chicago and beyond toward liberation. Hosted by Damon Williams and Daniel Kisslinger.

    Climate Changemakers Vol. 8 - Olga Bautista

    Climate Changemakers Vol. 8 - Olga Bautista

    Climate Changemakers is a podcast series showcasing and celebrating leaders in equity work and climate action across Illinois, presented in celebration of the 20th anniversary of nonprofit organization Elevate Energy.

    On this eighth and final episode of Climate Changemakers, Dame and Daniel are joined by Olga Bautista of the Chicago Southeast Side Coalition to Ban Petcoke. In response to decades of pollution and environmental destruction by industry in her home neighborhood on the Southeast side of the city, Olga banded together with other community members to fight for environmental protections from and cleanup of Petcoke, a toxic byproduct of oil refinement that was poisoning the air she and her family were breathing. The coalition successfully fought the Koch brothers, who were forced to dispose of the petcoke in a less destructive manner. She talks about the devastation of industrial pollution, learning to collect the necessary data herself, the unique challenges of having a set at the redevelopment table during a pandemic, and much more.

    Exit Zero - www.goodreads.com/book/show/24898568-exit-zero
    COPD - www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-condit…es/syc-20353679
    NRDC - www.nrdc.org/
    Nancy Loeb - www.law.northwestern.edu/faculty/prof…s/NancyLoeb/
    Invest South/West - www.chicago.gov/city/en/sites/invest_sw/home.html
    Great Cities Institute - greatcities.uic.edu
    Poor People's Campaign - www.poorpeoplescampaign.org

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    BONUS - Spill the Tea: a #DefundCPD Discussion

    BONUS - Spill the Tea: a #DefundCPD Discussion

    In the midst of a pandemic, Mayor Lightfoot is threatening to punish aldermen and the communities they represent if they do not vote for her racist and regressive budget. There is a lot to unpack, from Lori increasing the share of funding for the police department to her telling the Black Caucus that voting against her budget means they shouldn’t expect investment from the city for their wards, and so much more… and that ain't right!

    Listen to the audio from a Facebook Live conversation on Saturday, November 21st at 12pm between Kennedy from @uwfillinois, Damon from @letusbreathe773, Ald. Rossana Rodriguez, CTU's Stacy Davis Gates, Amika "Big Tree" Tendaji, and organizers from Good Kids Mad City spill the tea on Lori’s fake progressive, anti-Black budget. Stay tuned this week as we share more info on the folks who will be joining the conversation and ways to demand alderpeople vote no and #BootTheBudget!

    Sign up to phonebank or textbank to help #DefundCPD at bit.ly/2020Chibudget.

    #SpillTheTea #BootTheBudget #TakeBackTheBudget #DefundCPD

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    BONUS - Ending Money Bond Collage

    BONUS - Ending Money Bond Collage

    On this bonus episode, we're partnering with our good friends over at the Chicago Community Bond Fund to share a collage of audio from a series of virtual townhalls hosted by the Coalition to End Money Bond. Recorded this fall, the conversations explored the different imperatives for ending money bail, and connected elected representatives with lawyers, organizers, and advocates who are leading the fight.

    Plug into the fight at http://endmoneybond.org

    Send a letter to you legislator in support of the Pretrial Fairness Act: bit.ly/pretrialfairnessletter

    Watch all three townhalls at the Coalition's Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/endmoneybond/videos/

    Chicago Community Bond Fund: https://chicagobond.org/

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    #GoBack - Standing Rock in 2016

    #GoBack - Standing Rock in 2016

    Each month this year, we're going to revisit an episode from the 260+ episodes in the AirGo Archives and bring that conversation back to the forefront. This month, we're revisiting one of the most impactful moments in modern social movement history–the encampment at Standing Rock in 2016. Kiss and a cohort of other Chicago folks brought supplies from Freedom Square in November, and had the privilege to spend a few days there. Upon their return, Kiss sat down with Kristiana Colon, who had been with him on the trip, to talk about the experience. The episode also features selections from the podcast Voices of Standing Rock, reproduced with the creator's permission.

    Listen to all of Voices of Standing Rock: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/voices-of-standing-rock/id1173368814

    Get connected to Oceti Sakowin, a group that formed during the encampment and has led the fight for indigenous sovereignty and environmental justice: https://www.facebook.com/OcetiSakowinCamp

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    Cottage Groove #14 - LoveTape

    Cottage Groove #14 - LoveTape

    A little love from AirGo resident DJ Kiss aka DJ Empathy, who brings you this amorous mix full of serenades, laments, soul sharing, and bops. Fun fact: this mix is named for the "love tapes" that his dad used to make for his mom when they were dating. Fall in love with this soundtrack!

    Music in this mix:
    Donnie Outthaway - Smino
    Ea'alah - Spillage Village x JID x Earthgang
    Sandstorm - Mereba x JID
    Black Treasure - Zara McFarlane
    Superficial - CJ Run x Yourbeautifulruin
    Ooh Nah Nah - SiR x Masego
    Long Nights - 6lack
    Darlin' - Tobi Lou
    Manifesto Remix - Melo Makes Music x Kota the Friend
    Jane - Southpaw Swade
    Love - Kendrick Lamar x Zacari
    Shea Butter Baby - Ari Lennox x J. Cole
    Mushroom Chocolate - QUIN x 6lack
    Wild Irish Roses - Smino
    Borderline (An Ode to Self-Care) -Solange x Q-Tip
    Got 'Til It's Gone - Janet Jackson x Q-Tip x Joni Mitchell

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    Ep 265 - Unelectable Vol. 3: Abolition Democracy

    Ep 265 - Unelectable Vol. 3: Abolition Democracy

    Unelectable is an live podcast event series that engages electoral politics through the filter of radical imagination. Come chop it up with us, imagine new worlds, and help us build our Unelectable platform!
    AirGo and Black Youth Project are using the 2020 election cycle to have tangible conversations about impactful issues dismissed as being too big or unrealistic by mainstream political media. We want to expose the tensions that come from engaging electoral work as a liberatory pathway, reconciling complex contradictions within our movements and communities.

    The third and final event in the series, taking place just a few days before the 2020 election, focuses on the liberatory potential of Abolition Democracy, and how the seeds of this future are being sowed today. The conversation is cohosted by brilliant organizer Asha Ransby-Sporn, and features State Senator Robert Peters, community builder Jay Travis (formerly of KOCO), and EAT Chicago founder Rich Wallace.

    DefundCPD campaign - https://www.instagram.com/defundcpd/

    Abolition Democracy by Angela Davis - https://www.akpress.org/abolitiondemocracy.html

    Ruth Wilson Gilmore - https://www.gc.cuny.edu/faculty/core-bios/ruth-wilson-gilmore

    W.E.B. Du Bois - https://hutchinscenter.fas.harvard.edu/web-dubois

    Breathe Act - https://breatheact.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/09/The-BREATHE-Act-V.16_.pdf

    Tanya Watkins of SOUL - https://www.soulinchicago.org/

    • 1 hr 28 min

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