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This podcast will help you take the guess work out of how to be successful selling to homeowners. Making you a Stud at identifying who your market is, where to find them, how to qualify them, and what to do to close the deal.

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This podcast will help you take the guess work out of how to be successful selling to homeowners. Making you a Stud at identifying who your market is, where to find them, how to qualify them, and what to do to close the deal.

    Ep 74- Men Being Men w/ Neal Conlon

    Ep 74- Men Being Men w/ Neal Conlon

    Big Stud Podcast- Episode 74
    Guest Neal Conlon who in host Mike's words is "a personal development badass", helps men find their true passion. 
    Neal's main approach is seeking discomfort for the intent of growth and finding a way to create people with resilience and become the best version of themself. 
    Neal's background: as a child, he was labeled as a troublemaker. He then joined the military and learned the "embrace the suck" mentality. After leaving the military and joining the corporate setting, he learned you need to get out of your comfort zone to learn and grow. 
    He goes on to say you need to teach yourself to be in hard situations, and experience discomfort physically and mentally to rewire yourself. 
    He's found that there's a growing erosion in the past 40-50 years where people have become complacent in their comfort. So Neal created a retreat for men to relearn how to create and adapt to discomfort. 
    In his studies, he's discovered with the number of men who grow up without fathers and go to school where most of their teachers are women, they don't grow up with a good solid foundation. Without that foundation, they're stuck trying to figure out how they're supposed to be and act. While that's going on, the role of a man was once well defined, and now that's definition is shifting. Add on to that not having positive male influences, and when they get into their 30s, they don't know what it means to "be a man". People come to Neal with their traumas, addictions from childhood, etc, and Neal's answer is always: The Hero's Journey; a challenging retreat that you have to complete by working together and using your own skills to accomplish tasks. 
    Neal's three pillars are accountability, integrity, and habit. 
    The types of people Neal typically works with are broken out into 3 groups. 
    1. Men who grew up without a solid father figure
    2. Men who are a little older, who have a not-so-great father figure example. 
    3. Men who are getting older, and want to make lasting changes in their life. 
    Neal emphasizes regarding his ruthless beliefs and values "I can disagree with you, and still love you". 
    Neal's forward-focused vision: he wants to impact the lives of millions of men. He wants to see more men getting together in large groups, and represent their "tribe" and come together in a very aware place. 
    He's also heavily invested in his clothing brand Press Forward as a way to give back to men's mental health.  
    Mike's closing question to Neal: "what are some of the biggest habits that you implement that someone can take away from this conversation"
    "Getting 30 minutes to yourself every morning"
    He also stresses focusing on what goes into your body, specifically water intake and fewer preservatives. 
    Closing statement: Step into your discomfort, comfort will lead you to suffer. 
    Follow Neal on social media: 
    Instagram: @iamnealconlon
    https://www.nealconlon.com/accountability-group/ https://www.nealconlon.com/press-forward-merch/

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    Mikes Monday Motivation 5 - Investing in people with a purpose

    Mikes Monday Motivation 5 - Investing in people with a purpose

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    Ep 73: The power of social networking, featuring guest Luke Marcotte

    Ep 73: The power of social networking, featuring guest Luke Marcotte

    Big Stud Podcast- Episode 73 
    In this episode, Mike discusses how some business owners miss the power of social networking, and the importance of being active and engaging
    Personal development can have negative connotations, but without it can hold yourself back by not being the best version of yourself.
    Guest Luke Marcotte owner of Elektrk—an electrical contracting company our of Michigan discusses how he built his company at such young age.
    He started in 2014, obtained LLC in 2017. He began building out the company at age 16. He would ave around 25% of his paycheck to buy tools, so that he’d have the funds to create his business.
    He networked heavily to build out his client base; now he has 2 locations and 8 employees. He's looking to grow further by the end of the year.
    He attributes a lot of his growth to social media, and is always active and creating engaging content.
    Luke also belongs to several personal development groups; reads books and will spend around 6 figures on development this year. 
    His goal is to be a billion-dollar company with offices across the country.
    Some additional background to where Luke began: He learned from entrepreneurs in his life; his parents, and more solely, his friend's Dad. He mentored him and instilled work ethic at a young age, as well as the importance of learning a trade.
    Regarding his social media, he has focused more on his personal page to build trust, and grow outside of the electrical business.
    Closing thoughts and advice—if you’re not scared you’re not doing the right thing. 
    You have to take a step before you’re ready.
    If you don’t take action, the world can’t pay you back.
    There is more to life than just being comfortable.
    Follow Luke Instagram: @lukemarcotte
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100007421955759
    YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfq1qFq6tNPef8Bt8OGLWow

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    Mike's Monday Motivation 4 - Get Back Control

    Mike's Monday Motivation 4 - Get Back Control

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    Ep. 72- Guest Burton Hughes

    Ep. 72- Guest Burton Hughes

    Big Stud Podcast: Episode 72
    Welcome to the new version of the big stud podcast—sharing stories and situations so you can see what it takes to become an accomplished stud and studette.
    In this episode, featuring Apex Executive coach Burton Hughes who represents everything you picture when you think of a “stud”.
    A quick summary of Burton: he grew up poor, and came from basically nothing. He eventually relocated on a whim to Dallas. Before that, he was the guy on A&F bags, on the cover 100s of books and magazines, led fitness IFBB pro—accomplished the epitome of fitness success, and then decided he wanted to sell roofs.
    He’s been super successful—close to 7 figures in sales. But also has something we all have felt—self-doubt.
    Mike and Burton discuss taking on how it’s not just about how you accomplish great success but maintaining it as well.
    Burton shares how he grew up with a lot of violence, and experienced a lot of pain. But always felt like a “dreamer”.
    He always had a positive outlook and mindset and just needed to find the vehicle to get him where he needed to be. He had big plans for himself and set out to achieve them.
    He recalls a memory when he was 5 years old, when he had a dirt bike magazine, cut out the pictures, and glued a collage. Then he went door to door to try and sell the art he created. People loved his entrepreneurial spirit, so even though he made nothing from his collages, he made an impact on those who spoke to him.
    In high school, he worked at a golf course and was bored one morning flipping through a magazine promoting jets, yachts, etc., and saw that a lot of those who made money to afford luxury things like that were salespeople. That’s when he realized he could become successful in sales.
    As things progressed in his life, fitness became a focus to create a regimented routine and get the confidence he always lacked.
    He started winning fitness shows, turned pro, and chalks it up to staying immensely disciplined and doing it for himself to get control of his life.
    Mike shares how you can’t let outside perspectives impact your decision-making. You also can’t always be peddled to the medal or you’ll break the machine. He accomplishes this by creating time blocks so he makes time for his family and personal life, outside of his business.
    Burton handles everything very systematically. He wrote a book called Align Your Empire this year to help people create the right mindset and get everything pointed in the right direction.
    For managing his time, Burton created non-negotiables for his schedule including breakfast and dinner with his family, and working out 2X a day. He goes on to say “You have to get on offense with your time…and don’t settle when it comes to your time.” You have to have your “why”—and do it for yourself. He wants to help other people who feel stuck with managing their time.
    A takeaway is there is no end to the work. Even with all Mike and Burton have accomplished, they still put in the work every day. They’re always working at life.
    The motivation behind Burton writing his book was wanting to provide his unadulterated truth of the highs and lows in his life.
    Burton explains how when he checked all the boxes of being successful, he still felt hollow, became depressed, and experienced some very rough moments. It took a lot for him to pull himself out of that, and get to where he is today.
    A closing thought from Burton: “Don’t live small….you deserve everything you want.”
    You can follow Burton on Instagram: @Burton_Hughes_Official

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    Mikes Monday Motivation 3 - DO THE WORK!

    Mikes Monday Motivation 3 - DO THE WORK!

    • 7 min

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5.0 out of 5
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4 Ratings

Lewis Vandervalk ,

Business Tips on Fire for Any Niche

First off, I think Ryan needs more love, so what am I going to do?
Duh, Ryan rocks. The guy has a wealth of nuggets. He knows how to pack in the knowledge in 20 minutes. Mike was there too. He's pretty cool.

Camalama ,

Incredible Value

Easily the most succint and value packed business podcast I've heard. So much is packed into every episode and everything is explained clearly. Great work Mike and Ryan!

Coine ,

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Mike and crew (Ryan) is great. I love the value they bring each episode. Being in construction for years I get a ton of value from each episode!

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