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Here on Grow My GRIT, our intention is to engage with guests and listeners who are ready to know, grow, and show their GRIT, perhaps best described as one's default settings in the face of obstacles.

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Here on Grow My GRIT, our intention is to engage with guests and listeners who are ready to know, grow, and show their GRIT, perhaps best described as one's default settings in the face of obstacles.

    See You in September!

    See You in September!

    Grow My GRIT podcast is on hold for the summer. You can find haze @growmygrit and https://www.growmygrit.com/events/

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    47 - GRIT Gets the Job Done!

    47 - GRIT Gets the Job Done!

    Candice Lee MacAulay is a Creativity Facilitator whose life and work are guided by four pillars: get it done, resolve to complete whatever you've started, bring high intensity to everything you do and don't be afraid to try then try then try again. Does her motto sound exhausting? Can you guess her four GRIT words? Candice slowed down long enough to share some insights and practical strategies that have helped her to stay motivated and accomplish her goals whether the focus is on writing, producing music, shifting mindsets, choosing wellness or inspiring other Creatives personally and professionally. Mentioned in this episode ~ https://candicelee.ca | @candice.lee.creativity

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    46 - Never Say Never When You’ve Got GRIT

    46 - Never Say Never When You’ve Got GRIT

    Masterpiece Mario is a self-professed people pleaser, a proud information hoarder and a gifted Yoga Teacher even though he swore he’d never become a Yoga Teacher! In a record-setting 15 minutes, Mario opens up about his ongoing struggles with anxious thoughts and how his GRIT helps him tune them out. Being a “Yes” for himself has always been a challenge while being a “Yes” for others is a deeply-rooted calling in spite of the costs. In this incredibly introspective conversation, Mario shares his mindset and his messages to himself. It will be over before you know it!

    Mentioned in this episode: Teacher Training with Power Yoga Canada ~ https://poweryogacanada.com/yoga-teacher-training/ ~ Power Yoga Canada Mississauga ~ https://poweryogacanada.com/mississauga/

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    45 - Channel Your GRIT and Nail It!

    45 - Channel Your GRIT and Nail It!

    In this extraordinary episode, Lena L takes us on a deep dive into the world of mental preparation that allows her to show up and stand tall in the face of challenges. For Lena, literally standing on a bed of nails is the most effective way to remind herself that her GRIT is all she needs when it’s time to navigate obstacles beyond the Sadhu board.

    Once the shock wears off, listeners will appreciate Lena’s ability to draw parallels between her experiences on the nail board and her experiences with some of the challenging situations that life has presented to her. Lena’s inspiring journey from novice to Sadhu Master reveals the incredible connection between our mental and physical states when we do hard things!

    Mentioned in this episode: ( https://goji.yoga ) ( @gojiyogastudio )

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    44 - Get Visibelle with GRIT

    44 - Get Visibelle with GRIT

    What stops YOU from stepping into possibility? What’s your biggest fear about being seen? Since 2019, Danielle Joworski has been a disruptor who is dedicated to sharing #visibilitytruths and normalizing the journey from hiding and playing small to accelerating growth and impact.

    When Danielle finally put trust in herself, she shifted from a career that was the right fit because it was the logical choice to a career that is the right fit because it’s the intuitive and authentic choice (i.e., she gets to show up as her whole self every day). Danielle’s entrepreneurial journey has taken her from “I don’t know who I am” to “I have to trust that I can do this thing even though I’ve never done it before”. Her focus is on female entrepreneurs but her insights apply to anyone in the messy middle of showing up and being seen.

    Mentioned in this episode:

    First episode of the C-Suite on Rogers TV
    https://www.rogerstv.com/show?lid=12&rid=8&sid=8100&gid=317398 ;

    Sunday Studio in downtown Kitchener https://thesundaysocial.co ;

    https://daniellejoworski.com ;

    @danielleajoworski ;

    https://www.linkedin.com/in/daniellejoworski/ ;

    Rogers TV in Waterloo region https://www.rogerstv.com/home?lid=14&rid=54

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    Hold For The Holidays

    Hold For The Holidays

    Grow My GRIT podcast will be on hold until late-January while I continue to channel my GRIT into my new YouTube channel. Tune in today!


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