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Welcome to Level Up With Lori. This Podcast discusses the ins and outs of building an online business for female entrepreneurs. When you're looking for a little bit of strategy, a few systems and a whole lot of magic. Live life on your terms.

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Welcome to Level Up With Lori. This Podcast discusses the ins and outs of building an online business for female entrepreneurs. When you're looking for a little bit of strategy, a few systems and a whole lot of magic. Live life on your terms.

    139. Chapter 3: Starting Something New

    139. Chapter 3: Starting Something New

    It's never easy when your decisions are made for you, is it?


    The truth is - I didn't see it coming.

    And the other truth is - I wouldn't change a thing when all is said and done.


    This episode will be the final chapter, in getting you up to speed on where I am at, before digging into the true behind the scenes of building a 6 and 7 figure business.


    This is the chapter on how it all went down, when my company decided to move away from the mlm format and go direct to customer. In turn, eliminating everything that it had taken me 8 years to build.


    Want to read about it on the blog? CLICK HERE.

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    138. Chapter 2 - 8 Years and 8 Lessons

    138. Chapter 2 - 8 Years and 8 Lessons

    I spent over 8 years with Stella & Dot.


    I went from someone who had zero interest in building a business, to someone who replaced her full time teaching income to become a full-time entrepreneur.


    And there was a lot of life that happened in the middle of that, but I thought I would pull out some of the biggest lessons that I learned over the course of those 8 years:


    People are going to disappoint you, and that means nothing about you or your business. 
    If you don't know what you're doing - you can build a business by chasing the carrots. 
    Success on the outside, looked a whole lot like burnout on the inside 
    A strong work ethic, will be the biggest determinant of your success.
    It's not one thing that you do, that builds your business. It's the accumulation of everything you do, plus the fact that you keep doing them over and over again.
    The hardest part about building a business, is trusting that it is working - even when it feels like it's not. 
    The biggest obstacle that you ever face, will always be yourself.
    If someone else can do it, I can too. 


    I will always be grateful for my time with Stella & Dot. It took me through 3 babies in diapers, to a life changing car accident that stripped me of my career. It taught me how incredible this industry can be, took me on multiple all expenses paid vacations and really opened my eyes to what our family life looks like when I work from home.


    But here's the thing - 


    Not everything is meant to be forever. There will be times when life shifts and we need to learn how to pivot with it. To take what we need from one chapter, with us into the next. 


    And in the next chapter, I will share exactly how I did that, when Stella & Dot decided to close out their Network Marketing business model, and go direct to consumer.


    But for now - sit back and relax, and I'll go deep on each of these lessons inside this episode.


    ps. want to read more about this on my blog? You can do that HERE.


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    137. Chapter 1 - How I Got Started in Network Marketing

    137. Chapter 1 - How I Got Started in Network Marketing

    I cannot wait to take you behind the scenes this year, as I literally build a business from the ground up.


    It wasn't in my plans - starting from scratch.

    It wasn't even on my peripheral - getting in on something at the ground level.

    But I have to be honest - I am freaking excited, and I cannot wait to use this experience, to be able to dive deep with everyone both on my Podcast and on my blog to both teach and coach, in real time.


    But first, I need to take you back to the beginning. 

    To lay the groundwork, and pull the lessons from my first endeavour (that lasted over 8 years.)


    So, sit back and relax.

    In this episode I am going to walk you through how I stumbled into building a business. And how that business damn near changed my life.


    Want to chat more?


    Come hang out on Instagram - @msloriervin

    Or inside the Level Up Community, for Women in Network Marketing - where I drop business tips every single morning at 10AM.

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    136. What I am taking with me from 2022

    136. What I am taking with me from 2022

    As we close out one year, and get ready for the next - I thought it would be fun to end Season 4 (how is it even possible that there are already 4 seasons?!) of the Podcast, with what 2022 has taught me.


    Here's an overview:

    Sometimes change can be good.
    Sometimes when a door slams in your face, it's only because you are supposed to look for a window.
    Always follow your energy.
    Sometimes you need to do a lot of things, so that you can decide what you truly want to do.
    Know your priorities, keep them at the forefront.
    You truly never know what is around the corner. Life can change in an instant.
    The people and the experiences in your life are the most important. Make sure you never lose sight of that.
    Content & community are the foundation of your business.
    It takes time to build the systems, but it is always worth it.
    Be intentional with who you invite into your energy/world.


    I go deep on each of these inside this episode.


    Cheers to an incredible year my friends, thank you so much for being in my world. xo

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    135. Interview with Helen Thacker

    135. Interview with Helen Thacker

    This week on the Podcast, I had the opportunity to sit down with Helen Thacker - a successful multi 6-figure business builder, who also runs a coaching business for Network Marketers.


    Sounds familiar, right?! The similarities won’t end there.


    We dig deep on why branding is so important for your business, how to show up on social media and why to get started with email marketing.


    This is definitely going to be an episode that leaves your head spinning and your pen writing furiously.


    Here’s what I want you to remember - You are not your company. In order to stand out in the market, what you want to do is build a brand around YOU. What you love, what you stand for and what makes you unique. And then share content that adds value in the areas above.


    Tune into the episode and we’ll share more on how and why to do this. ❤️


    Want to learn more from Helen?

    You can find her on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/helenthacker/

    Or download a super handy checklist for nurturing your audience at: https://www.helenthacker.com/your-must-have-checklist-to-nurture-an-audience-of-superfans

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    134. Dedicated to the woman who DIDN’T HIT HER NOVEMBER GOAL.

    134. Dedicated to the woman who DIDN’T HIT HER NOVEMBER GOAL.

    So, here’s the thing - It’s not about WHO you are in the moments when you’re winning, but it’s about WHO you are and how you move forward in the moments when you lose.


    I ended last month with the hopes of a pretty big promo in my company …and if I’m being honest, most of the goals (even the audacious ones) that I have gone for - I have achieved. And because I didn’t understand something correctly, and was given incorrect info - I didn’t reach this one.


    So the next day …all of the feelings set in. And I had to ask myself …what comes next? What do I do now? And all of my answers are in this podcast episode.


    Enjoy! xo

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4.6 out of 5
38 Ratings

38 Ratings

Coljefjus ,

Loving it!

I am already in Lori’s group and her THRIVE program rocks but LOVE to listen to the podcasts at work. This way I can listen to specific topics when I need them and can’t spend time on the computer... if you need help with your businesses... Lori can help!!

tlovens ,


Lori is a breath of fresh air. She’s passionate and driven and knowledgeable. It’s like having a conversation with your best friend.

Susan Bursic ,

Beautiful outlook on life!

I just started listening to your episodes Lori and I super love and resonate with your calm and beautiful outlook on life and taking ownership of it!

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