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A podcast committed to healing from codependency, narcissistic abuse, with a heavy emphasis on raising consciousness for the benefit of healing mind, body, and soul.

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A podcast committed to healing from codependency, narcissistic abuse, with a heavy emphasis on raising consciousness for the benefit of healing mind, body, and soul.

    Shadow Work of the People Pleaser: What You Didn't Know

    Shadow Work of the People Pleaser: What You Didn't Know

    Shadow work refers to the journey one takes to make that which is subconscious conscious, so to discover the lost facets of the self for the purpose of a more integrated sense of self and being-ness. In this episode, Breakthrough Life Coach Lisa A. Romano, author of the bestselling books The Road Back to Me, (2012) and the award-winning Codependency Manifesto and Codependent Now What? It's Not You, It's Your Programming delves into the specific shadow work necessary for a codependent people-pleaser. 
    Lisa points out that shadow work is the most profound self-discovery journey anyone can take. It should not be viewed as woo-woo or pseudo-psychology but instead, as an opportunity to more fully integrate the not-so-likable and very likable yet denied facets of the self in order to become more fully self-actualized. 
    Lisa has created several online courses and workbooks to assist with the self-discovery journey, otherwise called shadow work. Download the 21 Day Inner Child Healing Adventure Journaling Program today for only $27 and uncover the lost facets of the self so that you can more fully understand and thus integrate. 

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    When the Narcissist Texts You: 4 Mental Health Hacks to Beat Anxiety

    When the Narcissist Texts You: 4 Mental Health Hacks to Beat Anxiety

    Narcissists can keep you emotionally and mentally enmeshed due to their mind games. If you are involved with a narcissist, you undoubtedly understand what it is like to walk on eggshells and freeze the moment they get in touch with you. You can be thousands of miles away and yet still react with anxiety when they reach out. 
    Lisa A. Romano, renowned codependency recovery and narcissistic abuse recovery expert and life coach, offers you four mental health hacks to beat the anxiety that shows up when a narcissist texts you. Be assured, Lisa has lived through the anxiety loving a narcissist can cause you, and expect to gain invaluable wisdom in this episode. 
    Stop wasting your time and learn the power tools, techniques, and mental training you need to get unstuck! 
    Begin your mental wellness training and recovery journey with Lisa's 12 Week Breakthrough Program. https://www.lisaaromano.com/12-wbcp 

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    Narcissistic Friends: #1 Best Way to Confront Them

    Narcissistic Friends: #1 Best Way to Confront Them

    Narcissistic friends enjoy pushing you around, minimizing you, and embarrassing you in the name of a joke. By suggesting their antagonistic communication is a form of play, they covertly incapacitate your ability to push back rightfully. 
    In this episode, Lisa A. Romano, Breakthrough Life Coach, an expert in the field of codependency recovery and narcissistic abuse, explains the best way to confront a narcissistic friend. Learn about the psychological strategies that will help boost your confidence on how to push a passive-aggressive, narcissistic, and demeaning so-called friend back. Lisa will help you gain the clarity and the strength to hold your ground as you break the patterns that often cause us to be targets of narcissists at the level of the subconscious.
    Ready to breakthrough and to heal the subconscious energies, patterns, conditioning and programming that keeps so many humans living and reacting from below the veil of consciousness?
    If so, join Lisa's online subconscious healing and retraining program and put an end to feeling stuck, reactive, and not good enough! 

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    3 BEST Reasons to Going No Contact with a Narcissist

    3 BEST Reasons to Going No Contact with a Narcissist

    Narcissistic abuse is a real thing, and since 90% of the population is considered to be somewhat codependent, it is imperative to find as many empowering and valid reasons to ensure we do not fall prey to emotional manipulators. In this episode, you will find the confidence and encouragement you need to go no contact with those with narcissistic personalities.
    Narcissists exhibit pervasive patterns of antisocial behavior, and according to Lisa A. Romano, if you can remain aware of how their thinking and communicating reveal their lack of empathy and grandiosity, you can initiate and maintain the emotional detachment required to gain the objectivity you need to avoid contact. The clearer you understand their way of communicating and how you, as a wounded adult child and codependent, can become enmeshed and locked in toxic dynamics for a lifetime, the greater your desire and ability will be to stop wasting your precious time! Use Lisa's wisdom to help you find your way back to your authentic self. This episode is full of wisdom and clarity!
    Lisa's online coaching program has helped thousands transform their lives! To begin finding the strength, courage, systems, processes, and tools you need to take your power back, visit the link below. 

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    This Makes You More Susceptible for Narcissistic Love Relationships

    This Makes You More Susceptible for Narcissistic Love Relationships

    Were you raised to feel not good enough and invisible, and were your emotions treated with indifference? And are you struggling to better understand your attraction to narcissists, sociopaths, or even psychopaths? If so, you're not alone. Many women who were raised by toxic parents, find themselves attracted to people who exhibit narcissistic tendencies, such as intentionally withholding love, in order to reinforce emotional dependency, for the sake of dominating the power in the relationship.
    In this episode, Lisa A. Romano, the Breakthrough Life Coach and expert in the field of codependency and narcissistic abuse recovery, speaks to the heart of what makes someone susceptible to narcissistic abuse. The good news is that Lisa shows us why it's not our fault that we attract these types of personalities and offers us a way out of these toxic subconscious patterns so that we might one day set boundaries, learn to love the self, and begin living a truly empowered authentic life. Lisa has done it, and so can you!
    Ready to breakthrough the veil of consciousness, and ascend the patterns, programs, limiting beliefs, and self sabotaging habits that keep you stuck and stumbling through life? If so, visit the link below to begin your healing journey with Lisa A. Romano's 12 Week Breakthrough Coaching Program, step one in her Conscious Healing Academy System

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    Codependency: Why You Tango With Narcissists

    Codependency: Why You Tango With Narcissists

    Are you stuck in a toxic relationship and can't seem to end it? And do you feel like you are in a one way relationship and no matter how you try to get heard, the person you are dealing with cannot, will not, or refuses to hear you or meet you half way? If you identify as a codependent, you may recognize that it is not easy for you to stand up for yourself, to speak your truth, or to say no. You may take care of others at the expense of yourself, and then feel incredibly wounded when others do not seem to consider your feelings, wants, or needs. 
    You may or may not be aware of how often childhood emotional neglect, parental gaslighting, and being raised by parents who only offer conditional love have conditioned you at the level of the subconscious to seek approval, all while subordinating yourself to others. So if you are an adult child of an alcoholic, narcissist, or were raised in a home that was unpredictable, critical and lacked emotional authenticity, this episode is for you, especially if you are aching to understand why you attract narcissistic people into your life. 
    Ready to breakthrough and start living above the veil as opposed to recreating unhealthy childhood dynamics? If so, begin your Conscious Healing Journey with Lisa A. Romano's 12 Week Breakthrough Coaching Program, designed specifically for the adult child who is ready to find their authentic self, despite a painful past. 

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Customer Reviews

4.8 out of 5
68 Ratings

68 Ratings

Avalon 444 ,

You’re a Gift Lisa

I could say so much about this amazing podcast and the amazing woman who created it.
This is by far one of the most important podcasts out there, if not the best!
Every single thing that Lisa says resonates on the deepest level.
Her accuracy and insights are spot on and her clarity and flow and manner with which she speaks make you feel like you’ve known her forever. And she is so comforting and uplifting. One will learn so much from this soul that has walked through so much to get here, to then bless us with her knowledge and generosity.
So much gratitude to you Lisa!
Thank you for everything.
Love you ‘dear one’,
Namaste ☮️💖✨

Lovelife39 ,

Amazing information

Lisa words can’t express how much you have helped me. The information you give on empathic people and narcissistic abuse has changed my life for the better. I never would have had the courage to stand up to the people in my life who have mistreated me and it’s because of you. I look forward to every episode you put out and listen to them more than once soaking in all the information. Thank you Lisa!!

mvn'on ,

Best podcast

This is absolutely one of my most favourite podcast on narcissistic personality traits / toxic relationships. I think i have listened to every one of her podcast and always eagerly wait for the next one to come. Thank you Lisa for all you do! It is very much appreciated.

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