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”A podcast about death? That‘s kinda morbid.” - You, probably. But it doesn‘t have to be. Join Maria Vassiliou & Ammo Somal as they breathe life into the conversation around death, grief, & bereavement.

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”A podcast about death? That‘s kinda morbid.” - You, probably. But it doesn‘t have to be. Join Maria Vassiliou & Ammo Somal as they breathe life into the conversation around death, grief, & bereavement.

    This Is Your Death II & Bloopers (#024)

    This Is Your Death II & Bloopers (#024)

    It’s that time again, friends. 
    In this season finale, we bring back a fan-favourite episode – This Is Your Death! With respect, we retell the tales of some of the most bizarre and mind-boggling ways that people have died. 
    Thank you for listening to our podcast up til now. We appreciate every single listener who’s taken the time to send their love, thoughts, and suggestions for future content. 
    Until next time, it’s Maria & Ammo signing off!

    Death by Deodarant via Indepedant Co
    Death by beard, and it now being 450 years old via Atlas Obscura
    Titanic Pose of Death via Press Reader
    Mount Etna via Global News on YouTube
    Horace Ars Poetica via Poetry In Translation
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    Death & Grief in Corporate ft. Susan Hines (#023)

    Death & Grief in Corporate ft. Susan Hines (#023)

    In this episode, Maria and Ammo explore the rarely discussed topic of grief in the corporate world. 
    Maria sits down with Sarah Hines, an executive coach and grief advocate, who emphasizes the importance of educating corporations about handling grief in various life situations beyond death. Sarah provides valuable insights into creating a more compassionate work culture and offers guidance for colleagues and supervisors on supporting grieving employees. 
    Whether you've personally faced grief while managing professional responsibilities or you're a people leader seeking ways to better support your team, this episode provides a roadmap for navigating this complex terrain.

    $20 Million Robot Moves 9 Boxes, Either Quits or Dies, Is a Hero via The Big Lead
    Why queer people need to talk about disenfranchised grief via Gay Times
    Disenfranchised grief in queer companionship and chosen family via California State University San Bernardino
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    Disenfranchised grief and social inequality: bereaved African Canadians and oppositional narratives about the violent deaths of friends and family members via ResearchGate
    The psychology of collective grief via The British Psychological Society
    How to Process Our Collective Grief via Yes!Magazine
    How to Support Employees through Grief and Loss via SHRM
    Compassionate and Bereavement Leave via Canada
    American Federal Bereavement Leave Via Indeed (spoiler: there currently isn’t any)
    LGBTQ grief support: Journey through love, loss, and renewed hope via HopeHealthCo
    Queer Death Resources via Radical Death Studies
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    Death in Video Games (#022)

    Death in Video Games (#022)

    Maria and Ammo may not look like your run-of-the-mill gamers, but don't let their polished exteriors fool you – they’re secretly (maybe not to secret anymore?) gaming enthusiasts. From storming the virtual battlefield in first-person shooters to embarking on fantastical quests in RPGs, they've weathered their fair share of digital demises.
    In this episode, Maria and Ammo venture deep into the pixelated realms of some of their favourite video games. They dissect the portrayal of death in these digital universes and explore the psychology behind the various depictions.
    Whether it's the heart-pounding intensity of a climactic battle or the whimsical charm of a game over screen, they've got it all covered. Maria and Ammo also spotlight games where death isn't just a possibility, but a prerequisite for in-game progress. 
    Join your favourite macabre MC’s on a nostalgic odyssey as they revisit and look at some amazing games that even their parents would approve of!
    Representation of Death in Independent Videogames: Providing a Space for Meaningful Death Reflection via University of Central Florida
    Reflecting on Attitudes Towards Death Through the Use of Immersive Virtual Reality Commercial Video Games via ACM Digital Library
    Mortician’s Tale Twitch stream via Twitch Streamer, visager_
    Protecting Trans Bodies in Death via Ask a Mortician on YouTube
    That Dragon, Cancer 2016 Award Acceptance Speech for Games of Impact
    A Little Death Positivity In Video Games Can Be Good via GameSpot
    To appreciate modern life, I can’t stop playing games about death via LA Times
    The Paradox Of “Death” In Video Games via Downward Thrust on YouTube 
    Spiritfarer and How Death Affects Us via LeadHead on YouTube
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    Always Greener: Green Burials (#021)

    Always Greener: Green Burials (#021)

    Maria's on a mission to add a splash of colour to Ammo's wardrobe, and guess what shade she's picked? Green! 
    Join Maria as she chats with Candance Currie, a green burial advocate focusing on creating more green burial spaces. They dive deep into the world of green burials, explore Candance's journey into this unique field, and uncover the many benefits of going green for the afterlife. 
    But that's not all! Maria and Ammo also dissect the not-so-eco-friendly aspects of other burial practices, such as modern embalming and cremation. And, because it wouldn't be Philotimo Life without it, they take a spin on the Wheel of Misfortune for some predictably chaotic fun. 
    Whether you're a green burial aficionado or you've never thought twice about your final resting place, this episode promises to open your eyes to a world of alternative burial practices. 
    Prepare to bury your preconceptions and embrace the green way to rest in peace!
    11 Types of Green Burials via TalkDeath
    The environmental toll of cremating the dead via National Geographic 
    Why Conventional Burial Harms the Environment via Milton Fields
    Dulux Colour – Green
    The Medieval Arundel Tomb in Chichester via Medieval.EU
    An Arundel Tomb by Philip Larkin via Poetry Foundation 

    How a Common Death Ritual Made It Harder to Mourn the Loss of My Mother via TIME
    Environmental Costs of the Afterlife via C&EN
    Understanding Aquamation via Eirene
    Can I have a Green Burial in Canada? via Eirene
    Toxic embalming chemicals via The Empty Square 
    Five Principles of a Green Burial via Green Burial Canada
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    NEWS! Vote For Our SXSW Submissions!

    NEWS! Vote For Our SXSW Submissions!

    Hey friends, 
    We have a special announcement!
    You'll hear Maria share that we have TWO sessions up for submission in for the 2024 SXSW programming, and we need YOUR votes! Please be sure to vote for our proposed sessions before August 20th, which is when voting closes!
    Maria wants to bring these sessions to the forefront of our collective conversations and societal discussions – since grief and death literacy are life skills everyone needs – and this is one way to do it. Links to vote are below, along with a summary of each session.
    Thank you for your votes and endless support 💖
    Beyond Empathy: The Superpower Skill of the Future: https://bit.ly/3P2EKcP
    Good Mourning: Community Discussions Over Grief and Death: https://bit.ly/3QKN95H
    SESSION DESCRIPTIONSBeyond Empathy: The Superpower Skill of the Future
    This session equips leaders and organizers with the skills and resources they need to lead compassionately and with a human-centric approach to navigating death and grief-related topics. This includes burnout, layoffs, the climate crisis, the death of a loved one, and other life transitions.
    Good Mourning: Community Discussions Over Grief and Death
    This session is a meet-up to provide a space to lessen the tension and anxiety we feel when it comes to navigating death and grief discussions. People will be provided with prompt questions to discuss topics related to dying, grief, and death and will be encouraged to discuss these topics, which are often otherwise discouraged to discuss in most settings.

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    Historical Perspectives of Death II (#020)

    Historical Perspectives of Death II (#020)

    Maria and Ammo delve into the realms of death, afterlife beliefs, and funeral rites in this season’s episode of Historical Perspectives of Death II! Join them as they journey through ancient tales of Norse Mythology, and explore the modern-day practices of Haitian Vodou. 
    Here’s what you can expect from each segment: 
    Norse Mythology
    Explore the realms of Helheim, Fólkvangr, and Valhalla
    Mysteries of Ragnarok and the end of the world
    Historical preservation and retelling of Norse mythologies
    Haitian Vodou
    Gede, the spirit of death
    Parallels to other religions
    Addressingpop culture and Hollywood misconceptions
    Cultural insights and the unraveling of the history of Haitian Vodou
    Now's the time to rest your axe, grab some mead, and allow this shield maiden and her trusty partner in death, grief, and afterlife lore to regale you with the tales of old and new.
    Death and the Afterlife In Norse Mythology
    Ragnarok: What You Need To Know
    Folkvangr: Freya’s Realm
    Ten Norse Mythology Facts You Need to Know
    Vodou: The Black Religion That’s Been Maligned for Centuries
    The Mystery and Magic of Haitian Vodou Funeral Rites
    Haitian Funeral: Customs, Traditions & Etiquette
    Vodou Songs in Haitian Creole and English
    Cultural Spotlight: Haitian Funeral Traditions
    The Guardian - Vodou is elusive and endangered, but it remains the soul of Haitian people
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Customer Reviews

5.0 out of 5
7 Ratings

7 Ratings

Mvassili ,

Learning so much!

Really insightful podcast full of information that I wish my family knew sooner since, like Maria, I lost my mom prematurely. Thank you for making difficult conversation around death not only bearable, but also interesting and humorous. Stoked for season 3!

PV&J ,

To Die for

This podcast makes me want to die…..5 stars

AJ the Technologist ,


Charming banter between the hosts Maria and Ammo while learning all things about death. Excited for the next season!

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