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This show is all about increasing the profitability of your farm so you work smarter and not harder. Your host, Andrew Roberts from the Farm Owners Academy reveals the best farming business tips for more leverage in your farm business.

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This show is all about increasing the profitability of your farm so you work smarter and not harder. Your host, Andrew Roberts from the Farm Owners Academy reveals the best farming business tips for more leverage in your farm business.

    Episode 135 - What It Takes To Achieve Greatness - Lessons From A World Champion

    Episode 135 - What It Takes To Achieve Greatness - Lessons From A World Champion

    When people succeed at the highest level, often all we see of them is their endeavour and their achievement.
    We never really get to hear of the challenge, the hardship or the immense struggle that is behind the enduring success.
    There can be so many lessons relevant to how, as farmers, we can better face the challenges that come our way and overcome adversity and change.
    In this episode, I feel deeply privileged to interview Anna Meares – 11-time world champion and the greatest female track cyclist of all time.
    Throughout Anna’s sporting career, she achieved:
    2 gold, 1 silver, 3 bronze over four consecutive Olympics
    11 gold, 10 silver, 6 bronze at World Championships
    5 gold, 2 silver, 1 bronze at Commonwealth Games
    Anna also has many titles including the Institute of Sport’s "Best Of The Best" inductee and is a Hall of Fame recipient, flag-bearer and Captain at our 2016 Olympic Games. She is now a 2024 Chef de Mission, coach, mentor and teacher to our current era of Olympian legends...
    What impressed me the most about my time with Anna was her courage, grit, strength and sheer determination. With all of this, I am in awe of her humility, her generousness, her vulnerability, and her authenticity.
    After an unmatched career as an athlete, Anna now finds joy and fulfilment in her endeavour to stand behind people, be in service and support others to achieve at their highest levels.
    So many great lessons for all of us on what it takes to lock in meaningful goals and achieve our best.
    Thank you, Anna, you are truly a great Australian.
    Jeremy Hutchings & The Farm Owners Academy Team
    P.S. We warmly invite you to join us for our FREE webinar “Simple Budgeting for a Profitable Farm” on the 13th of March to equip yourself with the tools and knowledge for creating an accurate budget - that you can actually stick to!
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    Episode 134 - What Is My Purpose In Life?

    Episode 134 - What Is My Purpose In Life?

    Throughout our lives, and often at this time of year, we can find ourselves reflecting and asking important questions like;
    Why am I here?
    What am I doing this for?
    What is it that is my purpose in life?
    What do I want for my life?
    How do I want to be remembered?
    Over my business journey, I have been lucky enough to study with and learn from one of the great business minds of our time, Marshall Thurber. In his teachings, Marshall emphasises that there are universal laws (laws of nature) that, when applied to our businesses and lives, can offer us so much certainty and confidence and set a robust foundation on which to see our results grow exponentially.
    In this episode, and in my attempt to answer these questions, I offer an insight into the Law of Precession - how we can apply it to our lives, how to set down major, definite goals, and make a more meaningful impact as leaders, business owners and entrepreneurs.
    Linked with this, I share some lessons learned from one of my favourite books, “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill – a read I recommend highly to you.
    From these teachings, I believe that we all have the opportunity to tap into a higher universal power if we are open. We all have access to infinite intelligence. This can help us achieve ‘more with less’, experience abundance (over scarcity), and, importantly, make more of an impact with the time we have - in family, community and industry.
    I hope you find my ramblings and reflections in this episode valuable. I hope it helps you answer these questions and set compelling goals for your new year. I look forward to hearing from you and receiving your feedback.
    To one unsuspecting Farm Owners Academy farmer member… thank you for this question, which prompted this episode.
    As we arrive at a new year, I want to thank you for tracking with us and for your loyalty to this podcast. It is a privilege for us to provide it.
    If you know someone we should interview, let us know via the Profitable Farmer Facebook Group or by emailing support@farmownersacademy.com.
    What we can achieve for our families and in our lives can be beyond our comprehension if we learn and apply the generalised principles…!
    With gratitude,
    Jeremy Hutchings & the Farm Owners Academy Team

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    Episode 133 - Making a farm completely professional, Sam & Carla Armytage

    Episode 133 - Making a farm completely professional, Sam & Carla Armytage

    As farm business owners, we can often be operating at intense and unsustainable levels for extended periods of time. Many times, the farm comes first, and so many other important things take the back seat.
    Our farms can be under-resourced, our teams insufficient, our realities out of control and operations completely dependent upon us. Our plans are in our heads, marriages out of alignment - husbands, wives and families missing out on what life and family are truly meant to be about.
    That is where Platinum Mastermind members Sam & Carla Armytage found themselves.
    Let’s be very real for a minute: the pressures of owning and running a significant farm business can be immense. Even for the super-human, at times, this can all become too much.
    In sharing their genuinely inspirational story, in their usual humble and understated ways, Sam & Carla explain where their life was at, consumed by the pressures of putting the farm first. They outline the very real impact this was having on their marriage and family.
    To their credit, and 5 years on, Sam & Carla have completely transformed their business, farm, team and lives. They own and manage a truly successful and highly scalable business with the capacity to grow and support their next generation of passionate young farmers in Charlotte, Will & James.
    Breakthroughs can follow breakdowns. Transformation can come from acknowledging burn-out and then giving yourself permission to take a break, re-claim perspective and go again with renewed energy, different priorities and a more meaningful and common plan.
    Sometimes, we need education and support to change direction, not motivation to speed up.
    I want to acknowledge you, Sam & Carla, for your willingness to share your journey and for the immense, often quiet and in-the-background contribution you make to other members of our Farm Owners Academy community.
    Well done for the grit and sheer commitment you have led with, the love and loyalty you consistently extend to each other, and congratulations on the transformations you have achieved – personally, as a couple, as parents and as business leaders – for your commitment to change and your success truly now speaks for itself.
    For all the challenges and hardships, we are all so very proud of you and excited for you.
    Here’s to a very bright future!
    Hutch & the Farm Owners Academy Team

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    Episode 132 - FOA Members Success Story - Martin & Hayley Grosser

    Episode 132 - FOA Members Success Story - Martin & Hayley Grosser

    As the finish line to another calendar year arrives, I cherish the opportunity to share the stories of some of our incredible community members - to celebrate their success in all they do as business owners and farmers.
    Martin & Hayley Grosser own and operate MHG Farming Enterprises, a mixed sheep and dryland cropping operation at Kaniva in Victoria’s Western Wimmera. Their success in farming over the past 10 years, to say the least, is deeply impressive.

    From a standing start to over 5,000 acres under management, Martin & Hayley have been stand-out members and incredible contributors to the Farm Owners Academy community.
    In this interview, we share their story and reflect and celebrate:
    the courage they have shown to scale in today’s climate successfully;
    their ability to back themselves and make bold growth decisions;
    the importance of strong financial acumen AND a positive money mindset;
    the value of benchmarking and regular farm performance analysis;
    the power of a concise strategic plan and feeling aligned as a family and on-farm team; and
    the confidence that strong mentors, coaches and community can play in supporting your success.
    Whilst very different in personality, I am always so impressed by the love and strength shared between Hayley & Marty. They truly make a fantastic team.
    Marty & Hayley, congratulations on your success over the last 5 years, for your courage, optimism and determination. You deserve all the success that comes your way.
    Your comments in this podcast are worthy of bottling and will offer genuine inspiration to so many husband & wife farm teams across our industry.
    Thank you for your openness and reflecting with me on your journey.
    We value you greatly and cannot wait to see what the future brings as you build from the incredible farming platform and leadership capability you have created.
    Congratulations, and thank you.
    To your success,
    Hutch & Team

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    Episode 131 - The Missing Link in Life - Your Breath

    Episode 131 - The Missing Link in Life - Your Breath

    We can survive 3 weeks without food...
    3 days without water…
    But only 3 minutes without breathing.
    As for parenting, our body, mind and many other critical life functions, we have never been taught HOW TO BREATHE.
    As a result, and over time, most of us are immensely inefficient with our breathing, leading us to a long list of health conditions that keep us from living our best lives.
    In this episode, I speak with my wonderful wife, mother of four, high-performance physiotherapist, and now breathing re-training specialist, Jane Hutchings -  to explore the importance of LEARNING TO BREATHE WELL.
    Anxiety, stress, depression, asthma, hay fever, insomnia, sleep apnoea, restless legs, snoring, excess sweating, brain fog, mental fatigue and burnout are just some of the conditions we face when we breathe poorly.
    Rather than medication or physical interventions, focusing on learning to breathe properly can see all these health challenges vastly improved and even overcome for any or all of us.
    With a 25-year+ high-performance physiotherapy career, 6 years of focused training & research, Founder - Mint Condition Breathing Retraining, and facilitator of a proven short course now available to everyone, I find it incredible the results Jane is achieving with boys & girls and men & women of all ages across Australia and beyond.
    I see so many farmers struggling to sleep well. I see so many farmers fatigued by the stress and pressure of this game we choose to play. I also see so many in our families challenged by hay fever, asthma and related respiratory conditions.
    For more information on Jane and her programs, go here: www.mintcond.com.au
    Jane & I truly believe that breathing well is the essential piece that links a commitment to fitness, mindset, diet, learning, entrepreneurship… and achieving a balanced, healthy, high-quality life.
    Jane, congratulations on the difference you make to so many.
    We are very proud of you.
    Jeremy & the Farm Owners Academy team
    P.S. Tracy Secombe & I are hosting a free webinar on Wednesday, 29th November, on ‘Beating Burnout & Increasing Resilience’ – I hope to see you online for this important topic. You can secure your seat here: https://learning.farmownersacademy.com/burnout

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    Episode 130 - Red Meat Price Collapse - what the hell happened?!

    Episode 130 - Red Meat Price Collapse - what the hell happened?!

    Leadership is about giving those around you certainty. 
    Making strong predictions based on quality information and taking proactive action in tough times is a hallmark of strong leadership.
    Many Aussie farmers have experienced a marked drop in meat prices in recent months, impacting their realities and outlook significantly.
    As in Episode 121 with Grain & Oilseeds Lead Analyst - Stefan Vogel, I once again call on the elite Rabobank Research team and Senior Analyst – Animal Proteins Angus Gidley-Baird to help us understand what has happened and what to expect in the red meat markets in the near to medium term.
    In addition, I call on the experience of Farm Owners Academy Co-founder and Director Greg Johnsson to offer his insights on this important topic and some guidance on where we need to focus as farmers to best navigate this period in our industry strongly and strategically.
    In this episode, Angus, Greg & I explore:
    what has happened;
    why it has happened;
    recent supply chain dynamics;
    consumption trends, locally and globally;
    how this will impact us;
    meat price predictions; and
    where we should be focusing as farmers.
    It is time to focus on what we can control, accept what we cannot, and be proactive in challenging our business models, our production costs, and their suitability for what lies ahead.
    We need to be right on top of our budgets and cashflows and proactive in our conversations with suppliers, clients and financiers.
    I hope insights from this interview support you to make clear predictions, take decisive action and look for the opportunities available to us all at this time.
    All the best, and sincerely,
    Hutch & Team

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