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Positive affirmations available 24/7 to help you get it together!

She is Affirmed Podcast Sarah V

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Positive affirmations available 24/7 to help you get it together!



    I am committed to excellence.
    I am the best at what I do.
    I am a game changer.
    I am confident in myself and my abilities.
    I have a millionaire mindset.
    I am a do-er and a finisher.
    I accomplish everything I set my mind to.
    My work makes a difference in the world.
    I feed my focus.
    I give myself permission to start small.

    Your biggest flex is doing everything you said you were going to do.

    • 1 min


    I am kingdom minded.
    My steps are ordered by God.
    Greater is He that is in me than he that is in the world.
    My worth is not external.
    I set my mind on things above, not earthly things.
    I turn my faith loose and trust God.
    I have eternal life.
    I have the peace of God that passes all understanding.
    I was saved for a purpose.
    I surrender all.

    But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these. things shall be added unto you.
    Matthew 6:33

    • 1 min


    Everything is working together for my good.
    I am in charge of my mind and my life.
    This situation is temporary and it will not break me.
    I have peace of mind.
    I will not let my imagination get the best of me.
    I release obsessive and negative thoughts.
    My mind is still.
    I am focused on the facts.
    I give myself permission to live freely.
    I have the ability to take to think things through.

    • 1 min


    I learn from my experiences in life.
    I am not defined by my past mistakes.
    Mistakes are stepping stones to my success.
    I forgive myself so that I can forgive others.
    I’m prepared to do better next time.
    I accept responsibility for my mistakes as well as my successes.
    I choose to stop apologizing for being me.
    I am not afraid to make mistakes.
    I believe in my skills and abilities
    I surrender the illusion of perfection.

    • 1 min


    I will not worry about things that are out of my control.

    I practice peace and kindness.

    My days are filled with multiple blessings.

    I am fully connected to my present self.

    My world is in harmony.

    I am wiser as a result of my experiences.

    It is OK to start over.

    I choose to live in the moment.

    I am centered and calm.

    I am mindful.

    Quiet the mind and the soul speak its truth.

    Speak these mindfulness affirmations throughout your day to help guide you in your journey.

    • 55 sec


    I cleanse myself of all resentment I have towards others.
    I live in a continual state of healing and hope.
    I turn my anger into forgiveness.
    I share peace with the world each day.
    My life is full of positive thoughts and feelings.
    I naturally attract ideal relationships into my life.
    I am the definition of positive energy.
    I forgive myself and free my soul from anger.
    Bitterness has no place in my heart.
    I have accepted the apologies I never got.

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