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Join wine commentator Terry David Mulligan for some great fun learning about wine and those that both make and drink it on Tasting Room Radio. "I take the daily conversations between chefs, sommeliers, wine growers/owners/makers, writers, artisans and throw in the occasional celebrity and see how the mix works. Tasting Room Radio is the radio version of an audio blend, a Meritage for the soul."

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Join wine commentator Terry David Mulligan for some great fun learning about wine and those that both make and drink it on Tasting Room Radio. "I take the daily conversations between chefs, sommeliers, wine growers/owners/makers, writers, artisans and throw in the occasional celebrity and see how the mix works. Tasting Room Radio is the radio version of an audio blend, a Meritage for the soul."

    July 13th, 2024 Tasting with Tightrope (Naramata) & Bonterra Organic (Mendocino)

    July 13th, 2024 Tasting with Tightrope (Naramata) & Bonterra Organic (Mendocino)

    2024 Releases – Tightrope (Naramata) and Bonterra Organic  (Mendocino)




    Lyndsay O’Rourke – Winemaker at Tightrope Winery (Naramata Bench)

    (Lyndsay and Graeme O’Rourke)


    Tightrope Winery is a small, family-run, sustainable winery on the Naramata Bench.

    A true Labour of love for owners Graham (viticulturist) and Lyndsay O’Rourke (winemaker). Their vineyards on the Naramata Bench are farmed sustainably to make hand-crafted wines with artistry and passion. Tightrope wines capture the soul of Naramata – the personality, character, culture and fruit of “the Bench.”

    Tightrope is yet another story of a couple who discovered they both had a passion for wine and when given the self-inspired opportunity to become farmers and winemakers, they changed careers and homes to follow their dreams.

    To those who seek such things, it should come as no surprise that their wines are completely passionate and speak to your senses.


    Top 10 small wineries in Canada – 2019.

    Our 2 part interview with co-owner and winemaker Lyndsay O’Rourke will cover their story as owners and winemakers and some of their  2024  Tightrope Releases..

    2023 – Pinot Gris – 4 different vineyards. Notes of pear and grapefruit. Beautifully clean and dry. ( Lyndsay has prices in the interview)

    2023 – Rose. What a nice surprise to find 96% Pinot Noir and 4% Barbera which adds spice notes to the tasting experience.

    2022 – Semillon. Single vineyard Gem.  100% Sem. Lemon zest. Grapefruit and minerality. Clean and crisp.

    2023 – Viognier.  Two vineyards were involved.  Ripe citrus notes, ginger. Dry and bright. Aged on lees for 3 months. French and Acacia Barrels. Worth it!!

    2022 – Pinot Noir Rubis.  Destemmed not crushed. 3 weeks on skins. Then  French Oak – 30% new for 10 months. Cranberry. Strawberry. Spice. (Cellar for 2-10)

    2022 – Pinot Noir Fleet Road. Complex vineyard management pays off. Ripe black fruit, plum. Leather. Some Oak. Impressive. (cellar 2-10 years)



    Bonterra Organic Estates – Joseph Brinkley Director of Regenerative Farming/Benjamin Mitarakis Dir. of Trade Development (Mendocino)

    This taste and talk took place at Tap and Barrell Bridges on Granville Island. The afternoon was part of the Spring release tasting and very much a talk about organic farming at Bonterra Organic Estates. America’s #1 Organic Winery.

    The winery and vineyards over the years have been known as Fetzer Vineyards and had winemakers such as Paul Dolan and Bob Blue.

    Vina Concha y Toro took control of Fetzer in 2011 and when they launched Bonterra they were well ahead of anyone else in Organic farming and wines.

    It has taken years of education to raise the profile of organic wines. With the consumer and surprisingly with wine sales staff. Not just in Vancouver but everywhere.

    Benjamin and Joseph spent several hours walking us through the farming process, the certification of the vineyards and their commitment to The Earth.

    (Joseph Brinkley – TDM – Benjamin Mitarakis)

    Our  energized  conversation covered most of the questions asked in the room but then we talked about

    “the wines”.

    We tasted and talked about the following Bonterra  2024 Releases..

    2022 – Bonterra Organic Estates Chardonnay. 2 vineyards. One sandstone and the other volcanic rock. On Lees 6 months American Oak – third new. $24

    Delightful Mendocino Chard. Light oak notes – nice finish and the price is right.

    2021 – Bonterra Organic Estates Cabernet Sauvignon. A nice touch of Petit Syrah adds fine aromas. 40% new French oak. Raised toast levels lift everything.

    $25.  Dark ripe berries, lasting finish. Again, the price is right.


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    June 29th, 2024- The BC Cider Festival Part Two

    June 29th, 2024- The BC Cider Festival Part Two


    Happy Canada Day Weekend my friends!

    After walks, yard work, the local bike path, family gatherings etc it comes time to reward yourself!

    After drinking your body weight in water,  how about a Cider Experience!

    There are  many cider choices/regions in this Country. So many,  that each region gathers together for a cider festival at least once a year.

    The BC Cider Festival is one of my favourites.

    (linda c)


    Takes place inside  and outside  The Pipe Shop, very foot of Lonsdale in North Vancouver. Its where they built ships, especially leading up to WW2. My Father, Pat Mulligan worked in The Pipe Shop.

    A gathering of ciderists is much like a wine and beer festival but with even more “character” behind the pour. Many of the stories told about cider are family related.

    Orchards handed down from generation to generation. The new generation planting different fruit and making blended ciders that defy description!

    Cider and






    The interview guests in this second half of our salute to cider include:


    Tariq Ahmed – Owner and cidermaker at Revel Cider in Guelph Ont.


    Tariq’s family came to Canada from Africa and a younger Tariq told his family after high school he wanted to study farming. The family was not happy about that. “We came to Canada so you didn’t have to do that.”

    However Tariq had discovered an old wine press and started experimenting with pressing fruit,  like he had tasted in Quebec.

    In 2014 he started Revel Cider and promptly ran out of money. Immediately after he posted that Revel was going to shut down, friends and fans started donating money and he was back in business.

    I think you can tell that his ciders are very unique from some of the titles.

    The spot you told me about

    You are my sunshine

    All Day

    Flower Power – “smells like aged honey, lemon zest and orange creamsicles, garnished with chamomile blossoms”

    I urge you to check out all their fascinating ciders at www.revelcider.ca


    Clinton McDougall – Sunday Cider (Gibsons, Sunshine Coast)

    Co-founder of Bestie in Chinatown and co-founder of  Sunday Cider – Vancouver’s first craft cider company.

    Craft cider made on BC’s sunny Sunshine Coast. Discover and enjoy  an award winning cider in their  big, beautiful picnic area surrounded by West Coast Rainforest. Food trucks on site now through September. Plus locally made ice cream, non-alcoholic options and cider to-go. OPEN all year long.

    Sunday Cider! Great on Saturdays.



    Brent Carlson Owner and Cider Maker Homestead Craft Cider  (Agassiz, BC)

    Surrounded by West Coast beauty and farms to the horizon,  Agassiz is the home in Homestead.

    “Homestead Cider began as an idea to keep the family homestead thriving and grew into a way for us to share the place where we grew up with our community. Our cider is crafted with our farm-grown apples and local BC ingredients to create something that is flavourful and easy to drink. We hope you enjoy our cider just as much as we enjoyed making it for you.”



    Casandra Anderton – representing Sea Cider Farm and Sea House  Saanich, Vancouver island.

    Kristen Needham Jordan is the founder of Sea Cider. A 6th generation farmer. Even though she inherited the family orchard in 1985, she really wanted nothing to do with farming. Instead she went to boarding school – in Wales. After many years of education and travel around the World Kristen finally conceived Sea Cider.

    The cidery became very successful…a huge portfolio found on shelves all across Canada.

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    June 22nd, 2024- The fifth annual BC Cider Festival (Part One)

    June 22nd, 2024- The fifth annual BC Cider Festival (Part One)

    The fifth  BC Cider Festival took place once again inside and out at The Pipe Shop,  the foot of Lonsdale in North Vancouver. (photos by linda c)

    As a kid growing up in North Van, I had always heard about the Pipe Shop. It’s where my Father Pat Mulligan and our neighbor’s mothers and fathers built ships for WW2.

    To be in that room on Father’s Day was emotional and very reflective.

    I love this gathering of cider makers and cidery owners. In many cases, it’s the same person.



    The tasting and information is immediate and direct.

    There’s no PR baggage, rather it’s the bottom line story of how the cidery was conceived, and built and how generations of family have grown and created their craft cider.

    Often, it’s Canadian history in a glass.

    Curated by Shawn and Kelly Pisio from Txotx Imports and Rich Massey of Massey Wines, this tasting event allows attendees to enjoy unlimited samples from each of the producers over the course of the four hours.

    Even though tables are laden with cider of all shapes, content and sizes, I chose to taste just the dead center of the portfolio – the dry cider they all made as they began.










    Here are the guests we talked to in part one of this feature:


    Shawn and Kelly Pisio – Co-founders of the BC Cider Fest  (Van)

    Melissa (Missy) Dobernigg – Cidermaker and Owner   Cambium Cider   (Vernon)

    Wayne Ralph – Victoria Cider Co.   Victoria (winner of the most popular cider of the year in 2023 and 2024)

    Here’s Wayne’s champ smile below. Thanks to Linda c photo


    Peri Lavender – Co-founder of Salt Spring Apple Co. and Ciderworks Cider.

    Bruce McKinlay – Cidermaker and owner of  Valley Cider (Duncan)

    Michaela Palmer – Owner Esquimalt Vermouth and Aperitifs   (Esquimalt)



    Meyer Family Spring Releases

    Solvero and Haywire talking Garnet Valley

    Township 7

    BC Cider Festival Part Two





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    June15TH, 2024-New releases from Noble Ridge (OK Falls) & Bella Wines (Naramata Bench)

    June15TH, 2024-New releases from Noble Ridge (OK Falls) & Bella Wines (Naramata Bench)

    New releases from Noble Ridge (OK Falls)

    & Bella Wines (Naramata Bench)




    Leslie D’Andrea  Co-founder of Noble Ridge and Director of Winemaking

    Benoit Gauthier  (Okanagan Falls)

    Timing. It’s all about timing. My request for an interview and their Spring releases. The same day!!

    Benoit creates and releases wonderful single reds and blends later in the year but right now it’s all about sparkling wines. Glorious Bubbles!


    2019 The Pink One (clones 113, 114, 115 and 777)

    100%  Pinot Noir. 135 cases. 4 hours on skins, 34 months en tourage. Method Traditionale. Toasted nuts and strong berry centre. If you see it – grab it. They’ll go quickly.

    Its Some Yummy!


    2018 The One   72% Chardonnay 28% Pinot Noir.

    Brioche on the nose. Crème Brule on the palate.  Makes the biggest smile on my face.  345 cases.


    2017  The One Grand Reserve  78%  Chard. 22% Pinot Noir

    Exceptional flavour, clean acidity, baking spices, honey, apple. All with incredible balance. Citrus and apple together forever. World class wine.


    2020 The One   20th anniversary Sparkling.

    Has been called the best bubble yet from Noble Ridge. Frankly, I think everyone has a special bubble here.

    Fantastic mouth feel, deep long finish. Very, Very good.

    Congratulations on becoming the first Biosphere Certified Winery in Canada.

    And thumbs up to Benoit and the winemaking team. To Jim and Leslie – Bravo!!

    Father’s Day weekend events at Noble Ridge can be found at www.nobleridge.com


    Jay Drysdale – co-founder/winemaker at Bella Wines (Naramata)


    As it says on their webpage – Bella is a sparkling wine house focused on single vineyard, clonal expressions of Okanagan Valley grapes.

    Perhaps the key word there is “focused.”  There are no more focused farmers that Jay Drysdale and his love Wendy Rose.

    One of Jay’s mantras is “Gamay”,  as in – “I need more Gamay”

    If you go to the Bella website – www.bellawines.ca you can see that they’ve been busy on The Bench. There is nothing normal about this winery. They push the boundaries of winemaking,  which is exactly why wine fans love them.


    Spring releases we talk about  include :


    2023 Muscat Sparkling Wine (Mariani Vineyard)   40 cases of bone dry zero-zero Pet-Nat at 9.9 %. A perfect starting point!

    Really liked  this wine. You’ll be welcomed by immediate floral notes. Did I mention 9.9%


    2022 Bella Sparkling – Blanc de Blancs.  Ancestrale Method. 90 cases. 10.6%  100% chardonnay from Bella Estate.

    Bella recommends this be cellared for “a few years” as the reward is well worth it. It will become a BC Chablis. If you’re an oyster fan…this one is perfect!!


    2020 Bella Reserve Brut (King Family Vineyards) Method Traditional  THIS IS SPECIAL.  Jay explains that he and Wendy went back into the cellar and pulled out the reserve brut all the way back to 2013.

    So…available at Bella the Brut 2013-16-18-19 and 2020.  900 bottles. With notes of pineapple and fresh toast.

    Small, busy bubbles.  Beautifully crafted.

    Note: The King Family vineyard  is the one shown in the classic Naramata shot we’ve included on our website.

    ( King Family Vineyard – Naramata )

    As beautiful as it is, it was damaged by the winter freeze.  May not see new  Brut for a while. We’ll see.

    Highly recommended – These are amazing releases.  Bubble all the way back to 2013.

    Please check the Bella website above for all the details.

    And do enjoy the storyteller side of Jay Drysdale.  Hi Wendy!!




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    June 1st, 2024- OK Spring Festival & Spring releases from Painted Rock & Winemaker’s Cut.  

    June 1st, 2024- OK Spring Festival & Spring releases from Painted Rock & Winemaker’s Cut.  

    OK Spring Festival has started plus  Spring releases from Painted Rock & Winemaker’s Cut.




    Kimberly Hundertmark – GM Okanagan Wine Festivals 

     The Okanagan Wine Festival returns this June with three weeks in wine country.  There is no better time to visit BC Wine Country than in June.

    Just before the summer season kicks into high gear,  The Okanagan Spring Wine Festival will focus on a TASTE and SIPS series of events throughout the Okanagan Valley – from June 2 through the 23.

    The official launch of the  Spring Wine Festival will take place at the Penticton Trade and Convention Centre on Friday, June 7, following the British Columbia Wine Awards where the 2024 BC TOP 50 and the Wine of the Year will be announced. The wines were judged by an hand picked  panel of wine experts the previous week, and the BC TOP 50 wines will be making their first public appearance at the  BC TOP 50 Grand Tasting.

    The Okanagan Spring Wine Festival sees the return of the TASTE Series, which includes carefully curated events in various locations. The TASTE Series will launch with the Naramata Bench Wineries Association on Sunday, June 2, followed by the District Wine Village on Saturday and Sunday, June 8 and 9.


    Also new this year are two events in the SIPS Series.  Summer Sips at Spirit Ridge Resort and Destination Silver Star – outside in Vernon.

    Best of all – Kimberly takes us through all the events,  big and small, so there’s something for everyone

    All events can be found at www.thewinefestivals.com


    John Skinner    co-founder Painted Rock Winery (Okanagan Falls)

    John was a stockbroker in Vancouver for more than 25 years, during which time he became an avid wine enthusiast. John and his wife Trish dreamed of having their own vineyard after spending time exploring wineries in the South of France with their family. In 2004,  they purchased the land in south Penticton known locally as “The Blackhawk.”

    Perched high on a bench on the east side of Skaha Lake south of Penticton, backing up against the famed climbing bluffs. Once an apricot farm, it had been fallow for 17 years. He planted in 2005 and 2006 and now has roughly 25 acres under vine, all of it Bordeaux reds or Syrah except for a block of Chardonnay. On the advice of consultants, he has planted multiple clones of every variety, giving his winemaker good blending options.

    John was confident that this terroir and its site influences presented “a unique opportunity to create exceptional wines” and that he had “both the opportunity and the obligation to do this property justice.” John and Trish’s vision was and remains to grow exceptional grapes in their estate vineyard to produce ultra-premium wines that reflect the perfect marriage of new world fruit and old world processes, employing the best modern technologies and expertise, while respecting old world traditions.

    Best of all, the whole family is involved. This is a very personal life journey for The Skinners.

    John brings new information on possible deep freeze damages done to his vineyards and the news is good.

    Painted Rock is open for business and pouring very top quality wines, including the two we talk about.

    For example there are very few wineries who really attempt to make a rose that stands alone.

    The 2023 Painted Rock Rose is a world class blend.

    51% Merlot/15% Cabernet Sauvignon/12% Petit Verdot/ 11% Cab Franc/11% Malbec.

    A rose completely and fully formed. Delicious and memorable. A real rose.

    The second wine John talks about is his 2022 estate grown Skaha Bench Chardonnay.

    Very fruit forward. Granny Smith, peaches, vanilla – some spice, Meyer lemon. Long glorious finish.

    A blend of four micro-harvests picked over 7 days.  8% aged for 6 months in French Oak.

    May 25th, 2024- Spring releases from Orofino and Poplar Grove’s 1st Pinot Noir

    May 25th, 2024- Spring releases from Orofino and Poplar Grove’s 1st Pinot Noir

    Spring releases from Orofino and Poplar Grove’s 1st Pinot Noir



    John Weber – co-founder/winemaker Orofino Vineyards (Similkameen)

    Welcome to our series of specials on BC Spring Wine Releases.

    We return to the Similkameen Valley to  John & Virginia Weber’s Orofino Vineyards.

    The whole valley, situated right on the US Border, was caught in 2 winter deep freezes over the last couple of years. Vines and vineyards do not do well in temperatures at -25 below or worse.  For the next couple of weeks every farmer, grower and winemaker will be walking the vineyard rows looking for signs of life.

    Are the buds breaking?   Are the stalks green?  Have we lost our vines and grapes?

    At the same time, previous great growing seasons have found themselves harvested crushed and cellared in bottles now being released.

    It’s good news amid bad.

    Orofino is an outstanding, award-winning winery in Cawston. Whatever John and Virginia send to taste and talk about is well worth my time.

    This Spring I was delighted to try only two wines. Both were outstanding.

    The first was

    2023 Rose MagBag.  1.5 L Rose in a terrific carry bag.

    Two things!  One, it’s great for camping, fishing, hiking, the beach, picnics and backyards.

    Two, the rose is the same highly acclaimed rose they’ve been putting in bottles for years.  It’s not made with Cab Franc. This rose is made with pinot noir.

    It’s just so yummy.  They also make a Pinot Gris Mag Bag

    $43.30 on their website.

    The other Spring release is Orofino 2022  Hendsbee Vineyard  Riesling Clone 239.  A German clone developed in the 1950s. This Riesling loves the Similkameen Valley.

    Riverstone wet rock, lime,  tropical citrus, acidity and minerality. A Silver medal winner at the 2023 All-Canadian Wine Championships.  $26.95 at winery. Can cellar to 2033. Bone dry.


    FYI – Virginia Weber has created three fabulous guest suites on the property. All surrounded by vines. Wonderfully comfortable.  Highly recommended by yours truly.



    Tony Holler – Co-owner of Poplar Grove Winery (Naramata Bench)

    Joined by Poplar Grove Asst. Winemaker Dan Marshall, Exec Winemaker Stefan Arnason and Exec Chef Stacy Johnston

    June 21st Poplar Grove releases it’s first-ever Pinot Noir.  The 2022 Pinot Noir. An impressive blend of 6 clones that has already won Double Gold at the Great North West Wine Competition and several more awards. (FYI  Clones are 091/114/115/667/777/828

    The vines and fruit survived the deep freeze of 2022, in part due to the “lake effect” at the 13-acre Hudson Vineyard on the Naramata Bench.

    Each clone was hand-picked and sorted in the vineyard prior to moving to their Pinot House, a separate winemaking facility specifically designed for Pinot Noir.

    The nose is earthy and ripe red fruit and spice. The palate is round cherry, ripe plum and raspberry. Tannins are such a delight with a mile-long finish. This first Pinot from Poplar Grove has the skill, style, craft and future promise  of an instant classic. To the team – well done!!

    The wonderful Poplar Grove Exec Chef Stacy Johnston steps in with pairing suggestions.  Truly enjoyed talking to everyone involved.

    Seek, taste and enjoy!!





    Stories we are working on:

    Painted Rock


    The Hatch etc

    Winemaker’s Cut

    Anthony Buchannan

    French Door

    Noble Ridge




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