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Official Wealthion Podcast Feed. Learn about money and the markets from leading investors from around the world, and discover how to build a more resilient, long-term plan for your investment portfolio. Look for new episodes each week.

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Official Wealthion Podcast Feed. Learn about money and the markets from leading investors from around the world, and discover how to build a more resilient, long-term plan for your investment portfolio. Look for new episodes each week.

    Lyn Alden: 'Central Bank Losing Control' – Financial Crisis Ahead

    Lyn Alden: 'Central Bank Losing Control' – Financial Crisis Ahead

    When will we hit a 2% inflation target? Lyn Alden reveals the critical challenges the central banks face, discusses the political shifts impacting Bitcoin, and the major threats being posed to the economy.

    In this episode of Speak Up, Lyn Alden, a renowned macroeconomist and author, joins Anthony Scaramucci for a deep dive into the latest challenges facing the economy. Lyn discusses the political shifts impacting Bitcoin, the potential approval of the Ethereum ETF, and the major fiscal deficits that pose a threat to the economy.

    She explains why traditional finance is struggling to adapt and how emerging market traits are appearing in developed countries. Discover the looming debt crisis and learn essential strategies to protect your investments.


    0:00 - Introduction

    1:51 - Political Shifts in Crypto

    2:37 - Ethereum ETF

    3:29 - Mainstream Acceptance of Macro Views

    4:19 - Recency Bias in Financial Markets

    5:31 - Play Acting as Federal Reserve Chairman

    6:49 - Impact of Fiscal Policies on the Economy

    10:15 - Politicians and Economic Truths

    12:33 - Potential Debt Crisis and Investor Preparations

    16:59 - Are We Going to Be Okay?

    18:13 - Future of Gold and Bitcoin Investments

    19:50 - Closing Remarks

    • 20 min
    Michael Green’s Warning: Why Passive Investing Could Crash the Market

    Michael Green’s Warning: Why Passive Investing Could Crash the Market

    Michael Green reveals the hidden economic dangers and the risks of passive investing in today's market.

    In this episode, Andrew Brill welcomes back Michael Green, Portfolio Manager and Chief Strategist at Simplify Asset Management, for an insightful discussion on the current state of the economy.

    Discover why market indexes continue to hit new highs despite underlying economic weaknesses, and learn about the potential risks of passive investing.


    00:00 - Introduction

    01:34 - Economic Deceleration and Employment Data

    02:23 - Market Highs vs. Economic Weakness

    05:00 - Understanding Passive Investing

    08:07 - Risks of Passive Investing

    10:39 - Impact of Employment on 401ks

    13:57 - Job Growth and Market Risks

    15:51 - Misinterpretation of Market Highs

    18:55 - Active vs. Passive Management

    21:45 - Concentration in Large Stocks

    24:03 - Geopolitical Risks and Semiconductor Market

    25:24 - Socioeconomic Inequities and Inflation

    28:44 - Personal Debt and National Debt

    30:30 - Interest Rates and Economic Impact

    35:57 - Federal Reserve Policies and Public Impact

    36:47 - Google's Antitrust Case

    39:47 - Protecting Personal Wealth

    41:04 - Importance of Long-Term Investing

    41:52 - AI and Economic Productivity

    42:40 - Closing Remarks 

    • 44 min
    Is the Fed Driving Us Into Recession?

    Is the Fed Driving Us Into Recession?

    Chris Casey of WindRock Wealth Management joins to explain the shocking truths about the Fed's policies and how they might be driving us toward recession.

    In this episode of Wealthion, host Andrew Brill sits down with Chris Casey, Founder and Managing Director of WindRock Wealth Management, to explore whether or not the Fed is driving the U.S. into recession. Chris exposes the hidden realities behind the Federal Reserve's interest rate decisions and their drastic impact on inflation and the economy.

    Learn why artificially low rates might be setting us up for economic disaster and uncover the tools the Fed uses to manipulate the financial system. Chris also discusses the potential for stagflation, drawing parallels to the economic turmoil of the 1970s.

    0:00 - Introduction

    1:52 - The Federal Reserve

    3:48 - Tools of the Fed: Monetary Policy Explained

    6:58 - Fractional Reserve Banking and Bank Failures

    8:28 - CPI and Market Reactions

    9:41 - Concerns About Stagflation

    11:29 - The Fed's Predictive Failures

    13:51 - Interest Rates: Historical Context

    16:32 - Are We Heading for a Recession?

    19:56 - Understanding the Yield Curve

    21:33 - Government Debt and Bond Yields

    23:42 - The Dilemma: Raise Rates or Cut Rates?

    26:43 - The Autonomy of the Fed

    29:24 - Future Economic Outlook and Fiscal Challenges

    30:59 - Closing Remarks

    • 32 min
    Inflation Showdown: Can We Win The Battle?

    Inflation Showdown: Can We Win The Battle?

    Learn how Bret Kenwell of eToro navigates market volatility, inflation, and his investment strategies to help you protect and grow your wealth.

    In this episode, Wealthion host James Connor interviews Bret Kenwell, Investment and Options analyst at eToro. Bret shares his expert insights on navigating the current economic landscape, understanding market trends, and making smart investment choices.

    This conversation touches a wide range of topics including inflation, interest rates, the health of the U.S. consumer, and the performance of gold and Bitcoin.

    We are partnering with SALT to offer our Wealthion community an exclusive opportunity to access a full day of top-tier financial insights and networking opportunities — all from the comfort of your own home and at a fraction of the cost of attending in person. Learn more here: https://wealthion.com/lp/salt24conference/


    00:00 - Introduction by James Connor

    01:30 - Bret Kenwell's Background and Role at eToro

    02:30 - Market Trends and Social Investing

    04:00 - Impact of Roaring Kitty and GameStop Surge

    05:10 - Broadening Investments Beyond Tech

    06:55 - U.S. Economy and Market Outlook

    08:05 - Inflation Insights and Fed Policies

    11:10 -Interest Rates and Market Predictions

    13:20 - Health of the U.S. Consumer

    18:20 - Investing in Gold and Bitcoin

    24:10 -  Conclusion

    • 25 min
    Massive Sell-Off? Huge Headwinds, PLUS Unusual Options Activity | Next Week on the Trading Floor

    Massive Sell-Off? Huge Headwinds, PLUS Unusual Options Activity | Next Week on the Trading Floor

    Join Andrew Brill and Justin Nugent for a deep dive into this week’s hottest stock picks and market trends with the experts from Market Rebellion. Find out why Nvidia’s upcoming earnings could either send the stock soaring or crashing and what’s really going on with meme stocks like GME and AMC. We’ll also uncover the unusual options activity that reveals where the smart money is betting big.

    Plus, learn strategies to protect your wealth and seize opportunities in these unpredictable times. Don’t miss this must-watch guide to staying ahead in the markets this week!


    The CPI and PPI came out slightly lower, indicating that inflation is still present but starting to abate.

    Meme stock madness is back, with stocks like GME and AMC rallying due to social media influence. Following the smart money and unusual options activity can lead to successful trades.

    Nvidia is predicted to have solid earnings and may benefit from a potential stock split.

    Lucid Group is expected to decline as meme stock madness subsides.

    Target is anticipated to have positive earnings, following in the footsteps of Walmart.The S&P, Dow, and NASDAQ reached intraday highs, signaling a bullish market.The crossing of the eight and 21-day moving averages is seen as a bullish signal for the market.

    Wealthion and Market Rebellion offer resources and services to help investors make informed decisions.

    • 22 min
    Meme Stocks, CPI Watch and Bitcoin | Weekly Market Recap

    Meme Stocks, CPI Watch and Bitcoin | Weekly Market Recap

    In this Weekly Market Recap, Andrew Brill reflects on the interviews that took place on Wealthion over the past week in another Wealthion Weekly Market Recap!00:40 - Jared DillianThis week, we spoke to Jared Dillian about Roaring Kitty, meme stocks and also discussed tech companies. Plus, how Google has become complacentFull Episode: https://youtu.be/vDP8yV2J3iA09:59 - Peter McCormack ( @WhatBitcoinDid )On Speak Up, Peter McCormack, an avid Bitcoin investor, talked about geopolitics, inflation and how it all impacts Bitcoin.23:58 - Natalie Brunell ( @nataliebrunell )Plus, Natalie Brunell stopped by to talk about the security benefits of Bitcoin, and offered her thoughts on the volatility of Bitcoin and investing in gold.31:23 - Marc LoPrestiOn Next Week on the Trading Floor, Marc LoPresti from @MarketRebellion gave us his picks for the week, as well as his picks for the upcoming week.38:38 - Kyla ScanlonFinally, financial analyst Kyla Scanlon joined us to talk about meme stocks and Gen Z's economic outlook.

    • 49 min

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4.7 out of 5
37 Ratings

37 Ratings

Missing61 ,

Solid Information

Overall this is a solid podcast, worth the time. Their regular guests, such as Lance, Stephanie, are excellent. The host Adam is knowledgeable. On the downside, he interrupts, and his questions can drag on and on. I find myself tapping ahead (a lot) before the guest finally gets to respond. Less is more!

Disappointed user10 ,

What a joke!

I thought this was a serious investment podcast until they decided to have Don Lemon on as a guest.

Fedrog ,


Great guests, great host and so valuable for retail DIY investors. Thank you, Adam!

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