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For the sound of Retro Reggae we present the Retro Reggae podcast show, which is a downloadable music format for reggae on demand. You can listen to the show when it is convenient for you. The show is produced weekly and features the latest music, news and artist interviews. The shows feature host Chris Black alongside DJ Fanta-Cee.

The Retro Reggae Show Dj Chris Black & Dj Fanta-Cee

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For the sound of Retro Reggae we present the Retro Reggae podcast show, which is a downloadable music format for reggae on demand. You can listen to the show when it is convenient for you. The show is produced weekly and features the latest music, news and artist interviews. The shows feature host Chris Black alongside DJ Fanta-Cee.

    Batty Rider

    Batty Rider

    This is the re-release of the Fanta-cee classic dancehall mix. This mix is hardcore and will keep you moving for over an hour straight. This mix was originally mixed and released in 1998. Digitally remasterd for your enjoyment!
    Big up Denise!!
    1 90's Intro - Fanta-cee
    2 Oh carolina - Shaggy
    3 Bedwork sensation - Baja Jedd
    4 When I see you smile - Signing Sweet
    5 Mama - Baby Wayne
    6 Coca cola shape - Simpleton
    7 Stone - Powerman
    8 Wife - Joseph Stepper
    9 Matie - Penny Irie
    10 Donna - Singing Sweet
    11 Fall in love - Frankie Paul
    12 Tell her fi move - Louie Culture
    13 When - Tiger
    14 Bam bam - Pliers
    15 Dem a bleach - Pliers
    16 Murder she wrote - Chaka Demus & Pliers
    17 Who say mi dun - Cutty Ranks
    18 Delighted - Terror Fabulous
    19 Bumflick - Little Lenny
    20 Cu kun kun - Red Dragon
    21 Dem bow - Shabba Ranks
    22 Gold Spoon - Buju Banton
    23 Bumba red- Capleton
    24 Big up - Rayvon/Shaggy
    25 Jack it up - Spagga Benz
    26 Position - Terror Fabulous
    27 Cock it up - Jigsy King
    28 Ugly gal - Squidly Ranks
    29 Bun fi bun - Capt Barkey
    30 Batty rider - Buju Banton
    31 Dorothy - Terror Fabulous
    32 Rosemarie - Sanchez
    33 Armshouse - Capleton
    34 Maddy cry - Papa san
    35 Granny - General Degree
    36 #1 pon di chart - Capleton
    37 Wickie dickie - Nadine Sutherland
    38 No second class love - Carol Gonzales
    39 Love how dem flex - Buju Banton
    40 Do it nice - General Degree
    41 Model - Daddy Screw
    42 Live and learn - Wayne Wonder
    43 Action - Nadine Sutherland
    44 Dedicated - Wayne Wonder & Spragga Benz
    45 New gun - Bounty Killer
    46 Warning - Spragga Benz
    47 Ca'an dunn - Shabba Ranks
    48 Hardcore - Lady Saw
    49 Ting a ling - Shabba Ranks
    50 Never keeping secrets -Wayne Wonder
    51 Talk about - Wayne Wonder & Terror Fabulous
    52 Hotness - Buju Banton
    53 Hot this year - Dirtsman

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    Retro Reggae 36

    Retro Reggae 36

    Presenting the Retro Reggae rockers jugglin edition, this one is for all the Reggae fans out there. We are ready to hold a mellow vibes, I know you waited for this!
    This show features all the great lovers rock and culture Reggae artists. Mixed over 6 years ago, but still a favorite.

    1 Look A Start - Agent Sasco

    2 Freedom of Speech - Queen Ifrica

    3 Love You Like I Do - I-Octane

    4 Rock Me Baby - Gyptian

    5 Where Have You Been All My Life - Samira

    6 BUBBLE MY WAY - Maxi Priest & Assasin

    7 If You Love - Tessane Chin

    8 Let me take you there - Jimmy Cozier & Red Foxx

    9 Fight this Feeling - Shaggy feat. Beres Hammond

    10 Broken Wings - IKAYA

    11 Dollar Sign - Ce'cile

    12 Standing Tall - Turbulance

    13 Promises- Bugle

    14 The right one - Jah Cure feat. Collie Budz

    15 Stronger - Alaine

    16 Just Like You - Christopher Martin

    17 Know your friends - Chavaugn

    18 Woman - Chuck Fender

    19 Never Leave You Lonely - Ras penco

    20 Great Day - Bugle

    21 Make The World Safe - Sizzla

    22 Serious Times - I-Octane

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    Set it good!

    Set it good!

    This show is for the girls!! Set it good baby! I just sat back and listened to the selections coming out recently and decided to do a girl's themed show. Lots of songs for the girls to "bruk out" to, so press play and get wild!
    Give it all to me - Mavado feat. Nikki Minaj
    Like a stripper - Chan Dizzy
    Set it good - Busy Signal
    Weed questionnaire - I-Octane
    Get gal just so - Di Genius
    Mi bruk - Darrio
    Informer - Khago
    Any weh the gal den deh - Chino
    Do you remember - Voicemail
    Hand inna the air - Demarco
    Party god - RDX
    Real vybz - Blak Ryno
    Wine and don't stop - Masicka
    Who say - Ninja Kid
    Sivva feat. Ding Dong
    Ordinary - Mad Cobra
    Pum pum medley - RDX
    Boom flick - Aidonia
    Pussy mi say - Vybz Kartel
    Big people ting - Konshens
    Nah play aid it - Tifa
    Tiny Winey - Spice
    Rave we a rave - Liquid
    Dem way den - Voicemail & Kool Face
    Dem a work - Demarco
    Khaki - Beenieman & Raine Seville
    Do anything - Konshens
    Single ladies - Christopher Martin
    Got it like that - Tifa
    Regular - Ce'Cile
    Owna don - Demarco
    Get mad - Assassin
    Dat sumn deh - Mad Cobra
    Yute fi have things - I Octane
    Carpet - Mavado
    Bounce bruk off - Colton
    Girls mi can't do wid out - Mr. G
    Party life - RDX
    Happy days - Beenie Man
    On and on - Busy Signal
    Dip & come up - Laden
    Mek it clap - Bramma
    More gal - Agent Sasco
    When you shake up your body - I Octane

    • 59 Min.
    Under Dog

    Under Dog

    Greetings fam! Retro Reggae is back, took a little time off. This show is a little longer than normal and it's titled Under Dog. Working on so more content and also Working on the new website at retroreggaeglobal.com. The new mixcloud.com/retroreggae channel will feature some extra content. Any questions drop us a line at retroreggae@pm.me
    Under dog - Alicia Keys feat. Protoje & Chronixx
    Gaza run the world - Vybz Kartel & Sikka Rymes
    Guard ring - Teejay
    Nah a like - Alkaline
    50 Bag - Skillibeng
    Uptop gaza - Vybz Kartel & Teejay
    Til my time come - Demarco
    Grandfather - Masicka
    Timing - Tommy Lee
    Tony Montana - Vybz Kartel
    Run di street - Devious
    Same Time - Munga
    Lock down - Chip
    Good comfort - Shenseea
    I got you - Moyann & Kranium
    Moonlight - Teejay
    On my mind - Mavado
    Shepard - Jahmiel
    Oceans - Alkaline
    Life - Mavado
    Gal Policy - Kranium
    The process - Chino
    Real - Nesbeth
    The world - Jahmiel
    Better days - Masicka
    Do mi own ting - Busy Signal
    Never give up - Shawn Storm & Chronic Law
    Jeans pon mi - Sikka Rymes
    Pretty Like Kiley - Teejay
    Ozone - Munga
    Pretty & Petty - Inpha reblitive & Destiny Sparta
    Street light - Sikka Rymes
    Sociopath - Vybz Kartel
    Stay So - Lutan Fyah
    Vision - Rygin King
    Bag a Gyal - I Octane
    Banga Phone - I Octane
    Trigga finga - Teejay
    The process - Qraig Voicemail
    Live my life - ZJ Liquid
    Believe - Kash
    Revel - Ding Dong & Tizzle
    Right back - Jdon Heights
    Badmind dead - Konshens
    Happy - Teejay
    Wasabi - Shenseea
    Peppa Sauce - Aidonia
    Time is money - Jayds
    Go hard or go home - Kyodi
    Me Nuh care - Aidonia
    We up - Kash
    Gyallis from birth - Flexx
    Fight - Intence
    Talk - Ding Dong
    Work it - Moyann
    High Rev - I Octane
    Kotch - Teejay
    Nothing at all - Jahmiel
    Artillery - Mavado

    • 1 Std. 22 Min.
    Retro Reggae 34

    Retro Reggae 34

    Hi, we are back! Sorry for going Mia on all the fans of the show. I do this show with a real love for the music and culture and I hope it shows when I put out that final product.
    The whole purpose of me doing the show was to showcase new music I personally like, well recently there just has not been much. So I waited until the time was right to drop another show, well here it is.
    This will serve as an end of the year show, featuring some nice music and juggling. We have a new format coming and plenty of suprises for 2014. So keep it locked.
    Cheat on me - Mavado feat. Spice
    Dye dye - Macka Diamond
    Red party cup - Patexx
    Tight up skirt - Samantha J
    Hi - Vybz Kartel
    Soar - Vybrant
    Better tomorrow - Jahmiel
    Duh suh - Versatile
    Get high - Popcaan
    Fly away - I Octane
    Born bad - Popcaan
    Lowe Badness - I Octane
    Di Baddest - Mad Cobra
    Dat cyaan gwann - I Octane
    Jamaica town - NinjaMan
    Defend myself - Di Genius
    Mi friend dem - Chino
    Cha cha bwoy - Bramma
    Mad world - Frisco Kid
    Gwann like thugs - Agent Sasco
    Step - Mavado
    Up wid di money - Twinz of twinz
    Nah hear - I Octane
    Walk out - Mavado
    She's dangerous - I Octane
    Loyalty - Chan Dizzy
    Mek it shoot - Khago
    The gal dem - Sizzla
    Watch mi fan - Seanizzle
    House pin di hill - Munga

    • 58 Min.
    Retro Reggae Show 33

    Retro Reggae Show 33

    Box ah Money!

    • 57 Min.

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