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Podcast by Where Do We Begin

    Episode 29 "Quarantine Edition"

    Episode 29 "Quarantine Edition"

    Hi WDWB Podcast family!!!

    We know it's been a long time but we're back!!! 😊

    Although we cant physically be with each other we wanted to make sure we not only kept in contact with each other but with you all also. Checkout Episode 29 "Quarantine Edition", where we discuss COVID-19, hows its impacting our lives and what we believe as Christians is really taking place.

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    Also please forgive us for the sound it was our first time using zoom to record!!! We will do better next time

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    Keep That In 2019....Thanks!

    Keep That In 2019....Thanks!

    For Episode 28 we decided to discuss what trends we would like to stay in 2019 lol. Some things we just are over seeing, hearing and talking about. Feel free to listen and let us know if you agree.

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    One Year...New Perspective

    One Year...New Perspective

    WE MADE IT!!!!!! One year later!

    We decided to switch it up by having our partners on this episode.

    We discussed what our husbands/boyfriends feel about relationships, what it takes to have a successful marriage, the many struggles men and women face in relationships and also how to lean on God.

    Feel free to leave us a comment and share! Thank again for still listening one year later.

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    Are We Safe...?!

    Are We Safe...?!

    With so much going on in the world today we thought we would have a serious conversation about our safety! In this episode we discuss the Alexis Crawford case as well as the disturbing reality of young women being kidnapped.

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    Lets Do It Right This Season

    Lets Do It Right This Season

    Episode 25 “Lets do it right this season”
    Get ready for a rundown on fall do’s and don’ts, some pre-season advice on gift giving and a near death experience they made one of us extra grateful for life and our loved ones !
    Catch up with us !
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    Hidden Details...

    Hidden Details...

    Episode 24 Is up and ready !
    The gang is back together! Catch up with us and join in on our chat about keeping it ALL THE WAY ONE HUNDRED with friends and loved ones !
    Sometimes we really need to give some tough criticism to those who are close to us but find it challenging to face them without ripping them to shreds lol !
    We’re talking from personal hygiene, appearance and overall representation !
    Give us your feedback on a time you had to keep it real regardless of the outcome!

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