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Java, Serverless, Clouds, Architecture and Web conversations with Adam Bien

    Star Trek, Star Wars, Transactions, SQL, NoSQL and almost Streaming

    Star Trek, Star Wars, Transactions, SQL, NoSQL and almost Streaming

    An airhacks.fm conversation with Mary Grygleski (@mgrygles) about:
    808X as first computer,
    Hong Kong was high tech,
    enjoying space missions, Star Trek and Star Wars,
    the intriguing registration terminal,
    writing code in Pascal,
    3 GL programming languages and SQL,
    set theory and SQL,
    the seven layers of OSI,
    OSI model,
    IBM MVS,
    AS 400 is the opposite of micro services,
    developers get bored too early,
    learning X-Windows,
    working with early Oracle databases,
    using dBASE, clipper and FoxPro,
    transarc, stratos tx,
    Transarc the transaction file system,
    Transaction Processing: Concepts and Techniques,
    working on SMTP / MTA,
    CouchDB and Lotus Notes,
    the Sun Ultra 30 workstation,
    starting at Sybase,
    EA server Sybase / Jaguar,
    using emacs for Java development, then netbeans,
    Java EE and the hierarchical class loaders,
    working on EJB 3 specs,
    mobile apps with Apache Cordova,
    reactive systems at IBM,
    using akka,
    Eclipse Vertex and MicroProfile,
    working for datastax and Pulsar,
    Datastax provides support for Apache Cassandra and Apache Pulsar,
    separating the compute from the storage,
    astra the managed cloud platform
    Mary Grygleski on twitter: @mgrygles

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    From Amiga, Java ME, JavaFX, over Clouds to Decentralized Package Network

    From Amiga, Java ME, JavaFX, over Clouds to Decentralized Package Network

    An airhacks.fm conversation with Karol Harezlak (@karolh2000) about:
    C 64 with Datasette,
    enjoy gaming,
    The Last Ninja,
    the demo scene,
    adding demo to the game,
    the dark horse federation,
    Amiga 500,
    Amiga AMOS,
    stealing assets from games,
    learning assembler with 10 years,
    AMOS and STOS,
    building lottery simulation,
    Borland JBuilder and Delphi,
    working for JDeveloper,
    starting with internet in 1992,
    building a game chat,
    starting with Snowbaording and Skateboarding,
    using Apache Struts and JSPs,
    joining the NetBeans team at Sun MIcrosystems,
    working on Java ME,
    the episode with John Ceccarelli:"#216 Low Code, No Code, WYSIWYG …and some CRaC",
    lan parties in a cottage,
    JavaOne 2010,
    JDD conference in Krakow,
    Silesia Java User Group in Katowice,
    JUG Tricity, Microservices and The History Repeats,
    replacing JDeveloper engine with NetBeans,
    SQL Developer is based on NetBeans,
    working on windows manager for JDeveloper,
    implementing Oracle Developer Cloud,
    working on Pyrsia for JFrog,
    a distributed binary system,
    the hard System.out.println with Rust,
    Rust: one line of code can generate 50 warnings
    Karol Harezlak on github: @karolh2000

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    Supercharging the GraalVM

    Supercharging the GraalVM

    An airhacks.fm conversation with Аlina Yurenko (@alina_yurenko) about:
    2012 MacBook Air,
    enjoying a Symbian mobile phone,
    GCP meetups,
    from firebase to C++,
    starting as Developer Advocate for GraalVM,
    GraalVM JIT, GraalVM native,
    GraalVM Polyglot,
    doom on GraalVM,
    JavaScript and python are interpreted at GraalVM,
    the closed world assumption - the dependencies have to be known at compile time,
    GraalVM tracing agent provides dependency configuration,
    GraalVM Reachability Metadata Repository,
    GraalVM Visual Studio Code extensions,
    GraalVM and LLVM runtime,
    GraalVM isolate,
    the GraalVM native image performance,
    Github Actions for GraalVM,
    Alibaba uses Native Image in production,
    Disney Streaming uses GraalVM to reduce cold starts,
    article: Disney Streaming using GraalVM on AWS Lambda,
    Adyen uses GraalVM as safe execution environment for native code,
    article: GraalVM: running C/C++ application safely in the Java world,
    Supercharge your Native Image applications in 5 steps
    Аlina Yurenko on twitter: @alina_yurenko

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    Obsessed With Performance

    Obsessed With Performance

    An airhacks.fm conversation with Jakob Jenkov (@jjenkov) about:
    the great Commodore 128,
    The Last Ninja game,
    starting to program Basic,
    Commodore Amiga 500,
    starting with Borland Pascal on a PC,
    optimising code with assembly and C,
    starting in IT University in Copenhagen,
    switching to Java,
    the catch up with Java,
    Java from the Source Sun books,
    performance tuning,
    one application per server,
    using the Silverstream application server,
    SIlverStream was acquired by Novell,
    WebObjects from Apple,
    building a logistics system for UPS with Java,
    what is a solution architect?,
    architect vs. designer,
    Jakob Jenkov tutorial page: jenkov.com,
    the LMAX disruptor,
    Martin Thompson performance work
    the EJB lambda talk: Hey Enterprise EJB Developers Now Is The Time To Go Serverless,
    AWS Lambda for enterprise applications,
    cloud complexity and portability,
    Infrastructure as Code with Java,
    using Java CDK for provisioning,
    quarkus and Micronaut cloud optimizations
    Jakob Jenkov on twitter: @jjenkov

    • 57 min
    What does it mean to be a professional programmer?

    What does it mean to be a professional programmer?

    An airhacks.fm conversation with Ken Fogel (@omniprof) about:
    previously Ken on airhacks.fm "#205 Mr. Omni",
    JavaOne in Las Vegas,
    What does it mean to be a professional programmer,
    the engineering principles,
    building a Las Vegas Conference Management System,
    the Use Case UML diagram,
    how to capture requirements,
    the developer and the client have to have a good idea about the system,
    the “Transitioning to Java” book,
    "#103 Unit Testing Considered Harmful",
    System Tests over Unit Tests,
    misusing system tests to identify dead code,
    Unit Test coverage is the false indicator of quality,
    cypress over selenium,
    programmer vs. developer,
    Christopher Alexander and software patterns,
    GRASP patterns or how to build a maintainable system,
    write simple code,
    KISS and YAGNI
    Ken Fogel on twitter: @omniprof

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    How Grizzly and Atmosphere Happened

    How Grizzly and Atmosphere Happened

    An airhacks.fm conversation with Jeanfrancois Arcand (@jfarcand) about:
    TRS 80 from radioshack with 12,
    starting with turtles and Logo,
    training artificial networks with differential equations,
    a force feedback mouse with AI inside,
    starting with the first Java version,
    implementing AI with Java,
    starting at the EJB team at Sun Microsystems,
    working on Tomcat at Sun,
    working on J2EE RI - the foundation of Glassfish,
    GlassFish v1 shipped with grizzly,
    grizzly vs. atmosphere,
    working on JSR-356 - WebSockets,
    creating a betting game for ice hockey and football,
    creating the yulplay company,
    handling 25k transactions per JVM,
    using Apache Kafka for communication,
    running on 5-10 EC 2 instances and NLB,
    working on Environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG),
    AI and model explainability challenges,
    starting at metrio,
    metrio was bought by Nasdaq
    Jeanfrancois Arcand on twitter: @jfarcand

    • 1 hr 1 min

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4.8 out of 5
10 Ratings

10 Ratings

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Well done

Enjoyed the first shows, keep up the good work. Very informative and entertaining.

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