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Art Therapy is the podcast dedicated to learning about the creative process, and motivating artists with ideas and inspiration in their craft.

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Art Therapy is the podcast dedicated to learning about the creative process, and motivating artists with ideas and inspiration in their craft.

    Art Therapy - Tips on Storytelling 2

    Art Therapy - Tips on Storytelling 2

    Some more tips for storytelling!
    Last one we talked mostly about character; dramatic vs comedic, motivation, and how they shouldn't be sacrificed for plot. Well today we're talking about tips to build a better plot! Complete with setups and payoffs, different types of plot, and how to keep the suspense alive. 
    CC Music by Scott Buckley. 
    This is my last episode for the year, I will be back in 2019! Have a happy holidays and New Year. 

    • 7 Min.
    Art Therapy - Reading and Writing

    Art Therapy - Reading and Writing

    Writing is Thinking, Reading is Mind-Reading. 
    And of course, the more expert minds you read, the more material you'll be able to draw from as an artist! This episode was going to be about the benefits of reading and why we should read more, but that seemed like a no-brainer, today I'll be talking about the HISTORY of the written word, and how information has gradually become more and more accessible and at our disposal. 
    Creativity Inc. (the genius behind Pixar.)
    How to Read a Book (an interesting take on the idea of reading itself)
    Organizing for Creative People (i recommended this one before)
    No music once again.

    • 8 Min.
    Art Therapy - Fitting Art into your Day

    Art Therapy - Fitting Art into your Day

    Life is a chaotic mess.
    It can be pretty difficult to make time for your craft at times. Sometimes life gets in the way, sometimes it's poor time management or lack of motivation. Well TODAY I have some tips to implement a creative injection of art into your day at a manageable pace, focusing on what time of day, where to dedicate your workspace, and why to stay focused on one medium at a time. 
    CC Music by... what? Huh, no music this episode. I'm gonna see how it turns out. Either the music is distracting, or it's a pleasant undertone that keeps me from sounding desolate and alone!

    • 10 Min.
    Art Therapy - Abstract Art

    Art Therapy - Abstract Art

    Welcome to the Abstract!
    What is your experience with Abstract Art? Do you laugh at it or appreciate it? Do you think about art snobs who over-analyze everything, or wonder how the mess of colors that a 5-year old could draw is worth 10 million dollars? Well, I'm not here to change any minds about it, but modern abstract art is popular for a reason, they can't all be faking it. Today I'll be talking about the origins of abstract art, the difficulty of defining its price in the fine art market, and why seemingly simple pieces end up being so popular. 
    CC music by  Scott Buckley, Jahazzar, and RizkeyG. 
    Sources and Further Reading:
    Alex Mayyasi's detailed overview about this stuff
    Making it in the Art world!
    Jackson Pollock: Interviews, articles, and reviews

    • 11 Min.
    Art Therapy - Tips on Storytelling

    Art Therapy - Tips on Storytelling

    Back from break! 
    It's been a pretty hectic 4 weeks, but I'm finally back with a small collection of tips for beginning writers who need to work on characters. I talk about the difference between dramatic and comedic characters, the importance of motivation, and a fair warning against writing solely for plot. 
    CC music by Dead Combo. 

    • 8 Min.
    The Process! Part 5 - Publishing

    The Process! Part 5 - Publishing

    Your Project is complete!
    The next question is what to do with it? If you're proud of it, tucking it in a drawer or closet or hard drive somewhere isn't a great plan, you should try to get it out in the world! Get as many people to see your work as possible, and you'll get accolades for your hard work. Today' we're talking about the LAST step in the process: the best ways to get your work out there, Internet or no internet. 
    I actually made all the music in Garage band. Except for the little bits at the end, obviously. 

    • 9 Min.

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