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This is the official Freude am Tanzen Label Podcast. just doing our music .....

Freude am Tanzen Music Podcast Freude am Tanzen

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This is the official Freude am Tanzen Label Podcast. just doing our music .....



    For almost ten years now, the producer from Berlin has been releasing deeply driving, sensitive dance music that strongly tempts you to fall in love on the dance floor. In 2020, Philipp founded his own label, called Stolar, which regularly releases digital and vinyl releases by himself and other artists, with many reshapes and interpretations by other producers.
    Highly recommended!

    • 1 Std. 4 Min.


    Dan shows us a collection of warm groovers with a transition from deep house to deep techno, holding a moody (ish) atmosphere, staying dubby and minimal throughout. The london-based dj also organises the above below festival, which will take place at the Chiltern Hills near London in early June.

    • 1 Std. 6 Min.


    Soela, who lives in Berlin, has created her very own sound between sensual house music and minimalist dub techno and has released on labels such as Dial, Sushitec, Kompakt and others. This year, she also released a track called "The thing for him" on the Freude am Tanzen compilation. You can also find a detailed interview with her in the sixth issue of Fatplastics magazine. Thank you for that great mix Elina!

    • 58 Min.


    In 2016, Caldera started the project Riviera Club and since 2014 has been releasing music on various labels such as Noorden, WNCL, Sonic Moire, Bokhari Records to name a few. Caldera is not the only synonym of a producer originally from the Ruhrpott, who is at home in the UK. his mix for Freude am Tanzen is as varied as his work as music producer and we are very happy that he is represented on the new vinyl compilation project as well as in our podcast series.

    • 1 Std. 8 Min.


    At home in Cologne for some time now, but originally from the Jena area, DJ Klaus Storch sends warm, funky, broken house music into the dreary, darkening and cold everyday life. Thank you Klaus!

    • 1 Std. 7 Min.


    The next installment of the FATPOD comes with a fresh shipment from the harbour. Hamburgs effgee has provided us with the perfect selection for reminiscing about our favourite memories of this summer.
    effgee has also been very active in the studio recently, so make sure you check out his releases on his own imprint felice records. Big Tipp!

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4,5 von 5
127 Bewertungen

127 Bewertungen

SpeicherO ,

Feine Musik

Sehr schöne Mucke, leider lässt die Tonqualität zu wünschen….

chacka7000bc ,



Brainshot ,

Hallooo i neeeeed more of these


Jeder cast 👍🏽❤️
Meine top sin#22 #45 #13 #19
Leider gibts die 19 von Douglas greed irgendwie nichtmehr WARUM? 😭

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