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The Adventures of Lola Badiola presents advanced English in an innovative and entertaining way.  So put away your boring grammar books, and let Lola guide you to a leadership level of English. 

The Adventures of LOLA BADIOLA Sam Gratton

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The Adventures of Lola Badiola presents advanced English in an innovative and entertaining way.  So put away your boring grammar books, and let Lola guide you to a leadership level of English. 

    Chapter 60: Making of...(re-upload)

    Chapter 60: Making of...(re-upload)

    For technical reasons we had to re-upload this episode. Apologies for any inconvenience. In this chapter I'm joined by Marina, my partner, to explain the making of the podcast, and the plans for the future.We hope you enjoy the diverse and relevant content in this chapter. When you are ready for more, please sign up to live and interactive classes with Marina and me, right here:www.gratton.es/club-gratton-infoBring English into your life! And gain the language skills and confi...

    • 24 Min.
    Chapter 59: The Aftermath

    Chapter 59: The Aftermath

    Lola and her colleagues walk away from the headquarters of TechSpania with a deal in their hands, and as one adventure ends another one begins. In the final chapter of our story, we discuss a lot of relevant vocabulary. In the world of geopolitics, we explain the term ROGUE NATION. And we review the purpose of a COVER STORY.We add another four relevant phrasal verbs to your vocabulary, namely - TO RUN THROUGH, TO GO OUT, TO SORT OUT and KICK OUT.We explain a couple of very common idioms....

    • 28 Min.
    Chapter 58: The Signature

    Chapter 58: The Signature

    The deal between TechSpaina and JBlock is finally signed, but it is not the agreement that anyone expected. We discuss two advanced grammatical structures that are used in this chapter. The first is called an INVERSION, the second it’s called a QUESTION TAG. We continue to enrich your use of adjectives with words such as MALICIOUS and SLANDEROUS. And we explain the concept of SARCASM and how it differs from irony.There are five common expressions related to business deals. Who holds...

    • 33 Min.
    Chapter 57: The Offer

    Chapter 57: The Offer

    Mario Ruiz de Velasco and the team from TechSpania are enraged by Lola’s last-minute intervention in their negotiations. In this chapter we explain some really cool verbs related to physical reactions in stressful situations, they include TO FLINCH, TO SQUIRM, and TO DRUM YOUR FINGERS.We discuss a couple of important business terms. What is PROOF OF CONCEPT and why is it so important in the technology sector? What does it mean to be BEST IN CLASS?We also explain a couple of everyda...

    • 23 Min.
    Chapter 56: The Hack

    Chapter 56: The Hack

    Lola makes an audacious attempt to prevent TechSpania from buying JBlock.This chapter is full of interesting vocabulary. Has anybody ever treated you with DISDAIN, have they PATRONIZED you, have they tried to MANSPLAIN something to you?How does a company get a FOOTHOLD in the market? And how does it create SYNERGIES when acquiring another company?There are also a couple of relevant expressions. Who is THE WHALE in your market? And do you keep AN ACE UP YOUR SLEEVE?Finally, we discuss some sen...

    • 30 Min.
    Chapter 55: The Set Up

    Chapter 55: The Set Up

    Lola and her companions enter the boardroom of TechSpania as the deal to buy JBlock is being finalised.In this chapter we have some interesting vocabulary related to DRESS CODE in an office. Is it important to be IMPECCABLY DRESSED? Have you ever bought a TAILOR-MADE SUIT? Do you know how to create a WINDSOR KNOTTED TIE? We also explain some relevant terms in dealmaking. Do you know how to keep a POKER FACE when negotiating? And who does the final PROOFREADING of the contract?We do some ...

    • 27 Min.


5,0 von 5
10 Bewertungen

10 Bewertungen

Nikpohl ,

Awesome - very professional and educational while entertaining, funny and full of great trivia

Probably one of the best of its kind, if there is such a kind. While I consider myself a decent English speaker, I listened to this podcast like an addict. There is lots to learn for everyone in an easy, entertaining way. The plot, the wit, the British humor and valuable background info makes this a very enjoyable experience.
I highly recommend it -can’t wait for the next book!

Fanny Sunny ,

Well done 😉

I really like to follow the story of Lola by practicing English in an easy way! 🚀 Many thanks for this great combination of learning whilst having fun! 😊

foreign111 ,

Really nice

I love how Sam Gratton develops ideas to teach and help spanish people with English language. Thanks a lot!!

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