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Reviewing Savage Worlds products and whiskies

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Reviewing Savage Worlds products and whiskies

    The After

    The After

    After the invasion of the earth and the terrible wars that followed, the planet has been rather changed – as has mankind, being nearly annihilated by the alien attackers. But the time of doom is over: Now it's time to reclaim the earth, rebuild society and explore strange phenomena the unfriendly visitors left us with. With a tasty Whisky in our glass, we'll take you on a tour.

    00:00:33 General Information
    00:02:28 Layout, Style and Artwork
    00:06:30 Setting Background
    00:36:05 Character Creation
    00:45:46 Setting Rules
    00:52:52 Hindrances
    00:53:54 Edges
    00:59:20 Arcane Backgrounds
    01:02:22 Gear
    01:14:45 NPCs
    01:21:40 Conclusion
    01:28:00 Whisky Review

    The After by Fainting Goat Games is available at DriveThruRPG as PDF, Softcover or Hardcover.

    In our recording, I mistakenly used the term "Handicaps" for Hindrances, which is what they're called in the German translation of SWADE. I mix those up all the time because it's English as well... Sorry for that!Vasant

    • 1 Std. 35 Min.
    Immortal: Rise of Pyre

    Immortal: Rise of Pyre

    Visit the Iron Republic of Jora with us and fight alien angels, explore ruins of incredibly advanced civilizations and meet forgotten terrors from other dimensions! Immortal: Gates of Pyre is a mini-setting by Donavon Bailey that brings the world of the strategy game with the same name to Savage Worlds. Together with the setting, we review a special edition of a scotch.

    00:00:33 General Information
    00:07:31 Layout, Style and Artwork
    00:24:40 Setting Background
    00:25:33 Setting Rules
    00:33:50 Edges
    00:25:53 Arcane Backgrounds
    00:33:50 Gear
    00:41:51 NPCs
    00:44:23 Pre-Gens
    00:55:00 Adventure
    01:21:24 Conclusion and Outlook
    01:27:58 Whisky Review

    Immortal: Gates of Pyre is available for a price of your choice on DriveThruRPG. You can find out more about the game - which is still in development - at https://gatesofpyre.com.

    • 1 Std. 39 Min.
    Heroes of Terra

    Heroes of Terra

    In the magical world of Terra, the ruthless dragon emperor has united the Kappa tribes and conquered the peaceful mandragora kingdom. Will you help the oppressed people against the occupying forces? Are you a wanderer, looking for the valuable storage blocks in old and new ruins? Are you actually considering siding with the emperor? Or do you just... want to go karting? We'll check out the setting by Blackwing Productions and also review a bourbon that was mysteriously suggested to us.

    00:00:34 General Information
    00:01:21 Layout, Style and Artwork
    00:04:25 Setting Background
    00:09:10 Setting Rules
    00:11:39 Clades
    00:18:28 Hindrances
    00:20:29 Edges
    00:22:43 Arcane Backgrounds
    00:27:46 Gear
    00:35:36 NPCs
    00:37:58 Storytelling Terra
    00:41:40 Conclusion
    00:43:24 Whiskey Review

    Heroes of Terra: The Mushroom War is available on DriveThruRPG.

    Stingers & Spores: The Leaping Jaws

    Stingers & Spores: The Leaping Jaws

    In the shade of giant mushrooms, under old logs and dense blades of grass lie the marvelous kingdoms of insects - the world of Stingers and Spores! We'll check out the Jumpstart for this setting by Twitchy Butcher Studios and review a rather exotic whisky.

    00:00:33 Introduction
    00:03:04 Map
    00:03:40 Character sheet
    00:07:15 Looks and style
    00:12:59 Setting background
    00:26:16 Character creation
    00:36:49 Edges
    00:40:07 Arcane Backgrounds
    00:49:50 Gear
    00:55:04 Setting rules
    00:59:13 Pre-Gens, allies and villains
    01:06:51 Adventure
    01:20:17 Conclusion
    01:23:45 Whisky review

    Stingers & Spores: The Leaping Jaws is available on DriveThruRPG.

    • 1 Std. 35 Min.


    Happy New Year! Here's a little bonus episode I recorded to make the waiting for the next episode easier. It's just me, Vasant, reviewing Manu's Sprawlrunners – a toolkit for cyberpunk settings.

    00:00:27 General info
    00:01:09 Look and layout
    00:02:28 Character creation
    00:03:28 Setting rules
    00:05:18 Hindrances and edges
    00:05:51 Magic
    00:08:11 Cyberspace and hacking
    00:09:42 Jockeys
    00:10:01 Equipment
    00:12:15 Verdict

    Sprawlrunners is available on DriveThruRPG, as well as the associated Sprawlrunners Countdown Deck and the rules for Fast Lane Hacking, should you need that separately.

    • 13 Min.
    Bartington Halls

    Bartington Halls

    A posh private school, British banter and supernatural phenomena - are you in? Here comes our review of Bartington Halls: School for the Elite by Wild Eye Books! We might not be as rich as the pupils there, but at least we're old enough to buy whisky. So of course, we're also reviewing a Scotch with a similarly venerable history as that school.

    00:00:33 Introduction
    00:02:50 First impressions
    00:03:47 Setting background
    00:19:02 Setting rules and character creation
    00:35:31 Adventure generator and other tools
    00:39:41 Pre-generated characters
    00:42:10 Encounters and NPCs
    00:44:04 Adventure
    00:53:49 Whisky review

    Bartington Halls: School for the Elite is available on DriveThruRPG.

    • 1 Std. 5 Min.

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