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The Yes and related podcast. Every show will be at least two hours of Yes, solo albums, off shoot bands, guest appearances and anything else I can justify as Yes related.

YESSOUNDS Roman Guzman

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The Yes and related podcast. Every show will be at least two hours of Yes, solo albums, off shoot bands, guest appearances and anything else I can justify as Yes related.

    Yessounds 008

    Yessounds 008

    This edition of Yessounds features Igor Khoroshev's 1999 solo album "Piano Works"

    1. (Intro)Jon Anderson-Song of Home
    2. Yes-To Be Over
    3. U.K.-By The Light Of Day
    4. Steve Howe-Livelihood
    5. Yes-Walls
    6. Igor Khoroshev-Dreamer
    7. Jon Anderson-Time Has Come
    8. Yes-Onward (Live)
    9. Anderson/Wakeman-The Meeting
    10.Igor Khoroshev-Don Quixote
    11.Igor Khoroshev-Dance Impressions in D-major
    12.Bill Bruford-Lingo
    13.Yes-Run Through The Light
    14.Peter Banks-Never The Same
    15.Igor Khoroshev-Picasso
    16.Yes & The London Philharmonic-Mood For A Day
    17.Asia-Without You
    18.Bill Bruford-Joe Frazier
    19.Rick Wakeman-Gone But Not Forgotten
    20.Steve Howe & Annie Haslam-Turn Of The Century
    21.Jon Anderson-And You And I
    22.Yes-Make It Easy
    23.Igor Khoroshev-The Blue Rider

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    Yessounds 007

    Yessounds 007

    Fly From Here-Return Trip is the featured album for this episode. This is also the first show in which a listener created the play list. Thank you Tony Brown for your involvement!

    1. (Intro) The Buggles-Vermilion Sands
    2. Yes-Awaken
    3. U.K.-Rendezvous
    4. Alan White-Marching Into A Bottle
    5. Yes-Give & Take
    6. Yes-The Man You Always Wanted Me to Be
    7. Trevor Rabin-The Branch Office
    8. Yes-Show Me
    9. King Crimson-Heartbeat
    10.Yes-Fly from Here Pt II - Sad Night at the Airfield
    11.Yes-Fly from Here Pt III - Madman at the Screens
    12.Mike Oldfield-In High Places
    13.Yes-Run Through The Light
    14.John Lennon-Imagine
    15.Yes-Don't Take No for an Answer
    16.Rick Wakeman-Olaf
    17.Jon Anderson-Under The Sun
    18. Anderson Bruford Wakeman Howe Quartet (I'm Alive)
    19.Trevor Rabin-The Cape
    20.The Opium Cartel-Clear Days
    21.Billy Sherwood-Beware False Prophets
    22.Yes-Leave It (A Capella Version)
    23.Steve Howe-The Continental
    24.Yes-Into the Storm
    25.Jon Anderson-Moon Ra/Chords/Song Of Search

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    Yessounds 006

    Yessounds 006

    This edition of Yessounds features the 1978 classic "Tormato"
    1.Yes Evensong
    2.Yes On The Silent Wings Of Freedom
    3.GTR Imagining
    4.Rick Wakeman Don't Kill The Whale
    5.Yes New Language
    6.Yes Release, Release
    7.Oliver Wakeman Progress of the Soul
    8.Yes Onward
    9.Asia The Closer I Get to You
    10.Yes Future Times/Rejoice
    11.Yes Madrigal
    12.4Him & Jon Anderson The Only Thing I Need
    13.Yes In A World Of Our Own
    14.Steve Howe Totality
    15.Yes Circus Of Heaven
    16.The Fusion Syndicate Atom Smashing (feat. John Etheridge, Tony Kaye & Chad Wackerman)
    17.Jon Anderson Prayersong
    18.Patrick Moraz Symphony in the Space
    19.Peter Banks Clues
    20.Laura Casale Change We Must
    21.Yes Holy Lamb (Song For Harmonic Convergence)
    22.Yes Picasso
    23.Yes Hearts

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    Yessounds 005

    Yessounds 005

    Featured Album is Reduction by Peter Banks
    1.(Intro) Jon Anderson – Myo Maya
    2.Yes – A Venture
    3.Rick Wakeman – The Banquet
    4.Yes - Nine Voices (Longwalker)
    5.Peter Banks – Tone Down
    6.Jon - Leap Into The Inconceivable
    7.Yes – And You And I (Live)
    8.AndersonPonty Band – I See You Messenger
    9.Steve Howe Trio – Sweet Thunder
    10.Peter – Fade To Blue
    11.Peter – Dirty Little Secret
    12.Leon Alvarado - Launch Overture
    13.Yes – Tempus Fugit
    14.Peter - The Age of Distortion
    15.Bill Bruford – Hell’s Bells
    16.Rick - The Mermaid
    17.Yes – Saving My Heart
    18.Steve – Moment In Time
    19.Glass Hammer – South Side Of The Sky
    20.Rick – Oliver
    21.Yes – Hold On (Live)
    22.Peter – Rosa Nova

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    Yessounds 004

    Yessounds 004

    Featured Album is Jabberwocky by Oliver Wakeman and Clive Nolan
    1. Yes - Going For The One
    2. Steve Howe - Turbulence
    3. Levin Torn White - Brain Tattoo
    4. Yes - The Calling
    5. Clive Nolan & Oliver Wakeman - Jabberwocky Overture
    6. Bill Bruford's Earthworks - Footloose And Fancy Free
    7.Yes - And You And I: I. Cord Of Life / II. Eclipse / III. The Preacher, The Teacher / IV.Apocalypse (Live)
    8. iCon - Heat of the Moment
    9. Clive Nolan & Oliver Wakeman - Coming To Town
    10. Clive Nolan & Oliver Wakeman - Dangerous World
    11. Tin Soldier with Jon Anderson - Time As It Is
    12. Yes - Life on a Film Set
    13. Tony Levin - Pillar of Fire
    14. Clive Nolan & Oliver Wakeman - The Forest
    15. Chris Squire & Billy Sherwood - You're The Reason
    16. Jon Anderson - Nous Sommes Du Soleil (Live)
    17. Levin Minnemann Rudess - Balloon
    18. Yes To Be Over
    19. Billy Sherwood & Rick Wakeman - Crime Of The Century
    20. Trevor Rabin - Sludge (Live)
    21.Clive Nolan & Oliver Wakeman - Shadows

    • 1 Std. 58 Min.
    Yessounds Christmas 2017

    Yessounds Christmas 2017

    Yessounds celebrates Christmas and the holidays.
    1.Jon Anderson - Forest of Fire
    2.Chris Squire - Ding Dong Merrily On High
    3.Steve Howe, Paul Sutin & Constance Demby - Polar Flight
    4.Emmie Beckitt & Rick Wakeman - Welcome A Star
    5.Jon - The Holly And The Ivy
    6.Rick Wakeman - Reflections Of A Winter's Day
    7.Chris - Silent Night/Night Of Silence
    8.Jon - Where Were You?
    9.Moody Blues - Happy Christmas (War Is Over)
    10.Patrick Moraz - Here Comes Christmas Again ("Et Revoici Noêl")
    11.Jon - How It Hits You
    12.Chris - O Come O Come Emmanuel
    13.Jon - Hurry Home (3 Ships Version)
    14.Oliver Wakeman - Tree Of Life
    15.Chris - I Saw Three Ships
    16.Jeff Scheetz, Rodney Matthews, John Payne, Oliver Wakeman, Pete Coleman & Bob Catley -I Saw Three Ships
    17.Jon - Three Ships
    18.Rick - Hark the Herald Angels Sing
    19.Chris - Adam Lay Y'Bounden
    20.Jon - Day Of Days
    21.Yes - Run With The Fox
    22.Steve- Winter
    23.Jon - Give Hope
    24.Rick - O Come All Ye Faithful
    25.Chris - Sussex Carol
    26.Jon - Ray Of Hope
    27.Chris - Sans Day Carol

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