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Magnus, Tim and Ralph talk orienteering

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Magnus, Tim and Ralph talk orienteering

    #26 - Road to Jukola

    #26 - Road to Jukola

    Time for Jukola and Venla! We hear from 3 big guests from 3 of the very best clubs, offering their exciting insights. In this short preview, you'll also discover more about local tea, Finnish numbers, alternative travel options, and much more. Tune in as we gear up for the world's biggest orienteering relay.

    A big thanks to:

    Anton Sjökvist, Stora Tuna | Albin Ridefelt, OK Linné | Helena Karlsson, Nydalens SK

    • 51 min
    #25 - The Italian Forest

    #25 - The Italian Forest

    Course setter special! Alessio Tenani joins us to share insights into the Italian World Cup dream courses and what to expect at WOC 2026. Furthermore, Ralph has left home and gives an injury update, Tim's knee saga continues and Magnus struggles with the Danish hills and JWOC selection races. And stay tuned for this week's PG-rated dilemma!

    • 1 hr 19 min
    #24 - Olten Calling

    #24 - Olten Calling

    Magnus calls Ralph, Tim, and Tomas Krivda and gets their impressions of the first World Cup round in Switzerland. In a shocking turn of events, Ralph has ended up in the wrong bedroom, leading to some exclusive guests! We mainly cover the World Cup races but also dive into the UK's Cheese Rolling event and discuss how many Big Macs are enough for Tim. Plus, there's a new dress code dilemma for the boys!

    • 58 min
    #23 - Dirty Dilemmas

    #23 - Dirty Dilemmas

    An action filled podcast is now waiting for you with life advice for training and other situations you might find yourself in (hint might be in the cover photo). The polls have closed and we have exciting results for maps, animals, and vests. Or is it gilets? We briefly mention the upcoming World Cup, we might have a surprise for you there! We have been looking through your social media bios. Do the boys rate your captions? This week’s dilemma debate is a good one but something you probably wanna avoid listening to while eating.

    • 1 hr 8 min
    #22 - Post 10mila depression cure

    #22 - Post 10mila depression cure

    Ralph toed the line at the “new 10mila” as the only one of the boys. What happened to Magnus? How many men did Tim service? And could Tim provide Ralph with some TP and avoid the nattmagen even as a service man? We discuss some of the highlights from an eventful night such as could Bækkelaget beat Farum Tisvilde? And did Ralph even get home after alarmingly having the Swedish police after him. Finally we catch up on some of the animal stories from a few episodes back

    • 59 min
    #21 - Road to 10mila

    #21 - Road to 10mila

    3 boys, 1 podcast with 22 guests from 11 different countries and 19 clubs! 10mila is finally here and to celebrate we have a very special episode for you! We have got a real "behind the scenes" look at 10mila as we hear the thoughts of some previous 10Mila victors, world champs medallists, fashion icons, club managers, night stomach survivors and voice models to give you insight you can't get anywhere else.

    A big thanks to:

    Hanne Hilo, Espoon Suunta

    Gustav Runefors, Farum Tisvilde

    Max Peter Bejmer, IFK Göteborg

    Miri Thrane Ødum, IFK Göteborg

    Jonas Egger, Göteborg-Majorna

    Lasse Grøn, Halden

    Megan Carter-Davies, Halden

    Evely Kaasiku, Helsingin Suunnistajat

    Olli Ojanaho, Helsingin Suunnistajat

    Sandra Grosberga, IGTISA

    Marika Teini, Kalevan Rasti

    Tomáš Křivda, Kalevan Rasti

    Vilma von Krusenstierna, OK Kåre

    Emma Bjessmo, IFK Lidingö

    Alastair Thomas, NTNUI

    Lars Sandstad, NTNUI

    Anton Johansson, OK Orion

    Eric Börjeskog, Södertälje-Nykvarn

    Tilda Östberg, Stora Tuna

    Tereza Janošíková, Suunta Jyväskylä

    Pascal Buchs, Tampereen Pyrintö

    Eef van Dongen, Västerviks

    • 1 hr 44 min

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