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SOBER SEX focuses on conversations about what self-integrity, spirituality and personal evolution look like for different people as we learn to be and accept ourselves sexually and intimately. Featuring your hosts @louisahhh and @rosieromain and wise, weird, rad guests 🖤🖤🖤


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SOBER SEX focuses on conversations about what self-integrity, spirituality and personal evolution look like for different people as we learn to be and accept ourselves sexually and intimately. Featuring your hosts @louisahhh and @rosieromain and wise, weird, rad guests 🖤🖤🖤



    Em is the co-founder and editor in chief of the solutions journalism platform Everyday Grit and soon to be rebranded The Inspirer!! They started this platform out of frustration of the news only reporting on the problems that our world faces without telling the stories of the people who are dedicating their lives to finding solutions. They believe that if we knew what can be done, and saw examples of people doing it, we would all be more inspired to take action each at our own level to make our world better and safer for all of us!

    They are queer, non-binary, polyamorous and many other things that don’t quite fit in traditional labels written out by normative society. And they are driven by the radical imagination of a world that can exist if we free ourselves of what we are told to be, by exploring and discovering who we are instead!



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    Maé is a French American print maker and ceramicist currently residing in Paris, France.
    Her work touches on subjects such as sexuality and spirituality and uncomfortable things like shame and trauma.
    She is finishing her masters this year and (hopefully) publishing her book soon on Japanese rope bondage as a radical act of relational humanity

    INSTA: maewithan.e

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    Season 3: Hosties (WELCOME BACK ROSE!)

    Season 3: Hosties (WELCOME BACK ROSE!)

    In this episode, we welcome Rose back from maternity leave and focus on evolution and intimacy.  There is laughter and tears (per usual) and talk of motherhood, creativity, putting in work, Red Hot Chili Peppers and Lisa Simpson.  A great time is had by all; won't you join us? 

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    Tadeo: Addition to Academics (and so much more)

    Tadeo: Addition to Academics (and so much more)

    Tadeo Ilarde is a student getting his masters in Human Rights, specializing in Migration at one of Paris’ most esteemed universities.

    We discuss the difference between sex work and sex trafficking and which populations tend to slip through the cracks even when governments are progressive in their legislation around sex.

    Additionally, we learn about Tadeo’s incredible story and personal migration through different cultures, addictions and ultimately what his recovery looks like today. This is an informative, entertaining and tender episode with one of our new most favorite people.

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    Heather Hayes: A Ripple Effect

    Heather Hayes: A Ripple Effect

    Heather Hayes is the founder and CEO of Heather R. Hayes & Associates, Inc. She is a Master’s level Licensed Counselor,

    Board Registered Interventionist (CIP) and Certified ARISE Interventionist. Ms. Hayes earned her B.A. from Emory University

    and her M.Ed. from Antioch University in Counseling Psychology. A veteran of the behavioral health field, Heather has over

    35 years of experience treating clients with complex mental health issues and the full spectrum of addictive disorders. She

    has also worked with clients of all ages and specializes in the treatment of adolescents/young adults, trauma, behavioral

    issues and eating disorders.

    Known as one of the country’s most prominent authorities on these topics, Ms. Hayes is a coveted speaker on the national

    and international stage, is widely-recognized for her comprehensive and trauma-informed approach to intervention, and

    has been published in numerous journals, books, and other industry publications. Ms. Hayes also serves as an on-air expert

    and consultant for CNN and Dr. Oz and has been featured on A&E, ABC, CBS, BBC, FOX, MTV and NBC. In addition, Ms.

    Hayes is a featured interventionist on the 2018 & 2019 seasons of A&E’s high-profile show Intervention.

    Throughout her career, Ms. Hayes has been a lifeline for clients at their most profound points of suffering. She offers

    clients and their families a safe haven as they navigate the recovery journey and works with the entire family system to

    support long-term, sustainable healing.

    As an independent interventionist and a staunch proponent of professional ethics, Ms. Hayes does not have financial

    relationships with any treatment centers or clinicians. Over 95% of her interventions have successfully ended with the

    subject agreeing to treatment.

    Outside of work, Heather uses her expertise to give back to her community by volunteering as the psychological profiler with

    the Forsyth County Sheriff’s Department Hostage Negotiation and SWAT Team.

    We are so thrilled to welcome Heather to the show.  This episode is emotional and honest and it was such a special opportunity to talk to her days before she celebrated her 40th year clean and sober, and to think about what's transpired in the 15 years since we've known Heather.  In some ways, Sober Sex is a direct result of Heather Hayes' powerful work (a successful intervention).  If you or someone you know is struggling with addiction of any kind and an intervention is necessary, don't hesitate to check out Heather's work at heatherhayes.com

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    Season 3 HOSTIES with Lily and Louisa

    Season 3 HOSTIES with Lily and Louisa

    In this episode we review  exciting highlights of the past year and discuss our aspirations moving forward with the podcast and in life, in addition to our fears, desires and silly dogs.  

    • 1h 5 min


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8 notes

emm.barre ,


Literally my favorite podcast! Always looking forward to the next episode, and am in love with the two co hosts. So honest, heart-warming and fun! Love itttttt!

MajesticPark ,

Luving it!

Here is where it’s happening. Here is where you can have it happen better & more. Keep bringing it!

Pulaskeet ,

fantastic discussion on male sexuality and vulnerability

throughly enjoyed this incredible podcast. what a find !

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