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New podcast weblog intended to give art students from all genres and ages a platform and a voice. To build a community of art students as a useful network for them to take inspiration from.

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New podcast weblog intended to give art students from all genres and ages a platform and a voice. To build a community of art students as a useful network for them to take inspiration from.

    Jul 3, 2022 Rebecca Moss Artist and activist

    Jul 3, 2022 Rebecca Moss Artist and activist

    Rebecca is an artist based in Essex and East London. Rebecca is known for work that draws on a mixture of slapstick and deadpan comedy and the absurd. She is interested in how awkwardness can invite empathy, and how a fallible, open subject could suggest a resistant position against powerful systems. Her work responds to landscapes, including wild, rural and urban, from a feminist perspective. She is especially interested in how humorous interventions can speak to power.

    Rebecca has a BA in Painting from Camberwell College of Art and an MA in Sculpture from the Royal College of Art. She also has done a  Constellations programme, exploring the expanded field of public art, with UP Projects, Flat Time House and Liverpool Biennial
    * She has been nominated for a number of prestigious awards and commissions some of those include Thames Estuary Festival, commissioned psychogeographic walk by Metal Culture UK
    * 2021 - Nomination for The Arts Foundation Award for Visual Art
    * 2020 - Nomination to propose an artwork for The High Line Plinth, New York
    * 2019 - Nomination for Paul Hamlyn Award
    * 2019 - PEER Notices commissioned artist, PEER Gallery, Hoxton, London

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    Hoa Dung Clerget French-Vietnamese artist

    Hoa Dung Clerget French-Vietnamese artist

    Hoa Dung Clerget is a French Vietnamese artist with a multi disciplinary practise. Transforming every day objects into vessels of memory, meaning and emotion, her work reflects a different temporal experience. Having grown up in France in a Vietnamese family, Hoa Dung uses the family traditions embodied in domestic objects to construct her artistic language. It allows her to speak about cultural tensions that the diaspora encounters. Hoa Dung’s family’s unwritten history is passed down orally and through everyday objects. These domestic objects tell the stories of immigrant women who through their gestures build the link between two different cultures.
    Hoa Dung holds a BA Hons in Fine Art from Central Saint Martins and an MA in Painting from the Royal college of art. She also holds an MSc from Ecole Centrale de Lyon (major Applied Mathematics).

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    Jai Chuhan Artist, teacher, collaborator

    Jai Chuhan Artist, teacher, collaborator

    Episode 3 of Season 2 of ARTiculate. I continue to talk to remarkable artists who inspire me in their pursuit of finding their authentic voice within their practise. In a time when it is dangerous to touch our friends, the sensitive touch embodied in a good painting is a genuine gift. They embody something of the human intelligence that made them. They are the products of care embedded in a surface through touch. They speak to us as physical bodies, and remind us of how that physicality connects us to the people around us and to the larger world. I had the pleasure of talking with Jai Chuhan who’s unique and expressive paintings are as she puts it ‘painterly exploration of displacement, conflict and desire challenging tropes of exploitation or celebration. Jai is an Indian born British artist who studied at UCL Slade School of Fine Art in the 80s and is currently based in Manchester. Her paintings are sculptural, thick with the texture of impasto paint giving her portraits a certain gravitas. The deliberate use of a vivid colour palette presents the female body as a physical and psychological presence, suggested by simplified geometric areas of colour and lines and shifting viewpoints. Anonymous figures observed in the city are complemented by portrayal of familiar people including self-portraits, using a combination of observation, memory and photographs. Jai’s thinks of her practise as an act of zoning in to process beginning with layers of marks. She invests her time in reworking each and every individual picture by erasing an image, after another image, negotiating with time and the image as an act of searching and finding a visual crystallization of ideas. Whether she uses thick impasto of pigments or thin washes that fill the canvas, whatever the method, it makes us as the viewer lose sense of time. Her genre of painting reflects her transcultural aesthetic influences. Jai’s work have been exhibited widely in the UK and internationally in solo including the Home and Unhome group show in China, and two solo shows for Asia Triennial Manchester 2018. Some of the prestigious institutions in the Uk include the Tate Liverpool; Barbican, London; Ikon, Birmingham; Arnolfini, Bristol, University of Cambridge; among many many other galleries and institutions.
Recent solo exhibitions include at People’s History Museum for Asia Triennial Manchester 2011; Victoria Gallery & Museum, Liverpool 2013; Liverpool Biennial 2014; Gallery Oldham and at HOME for Asia Triennial Manchester 2018. Recent group exhibitions include at ArtANKARA Contemporary Art Fair, Turkey 2020.

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    Season 2 : Louisa Loakes - Textile artist based in London

    Season 2 : Louisa Loakes - Textile artist based in London

    Episode 2 of Season 2 of ARTiculate my podcast series sharing my conversations with artists from a variety of backgrounds and histories. It is a way of keeping myself engaged in these difficult times and I hope it can brighten up your day listening to some of these very interesting people.
    I have the pleasure of presenting the lovely Louisa Loakes a textile artist quietly doing some really beautiful and unique block printed textiles for furnishings, and home ware.
    Having studied painting in her graduation from the Wimbledon college of art Louisa approaches textile printing with the same rigour. As a self-taught block printer, she approaches fabric like a painting - or one of her charcoal drawings - creating delicate, twisting patterns that repeat themselves across its surface. Distinctive in their simple use of geometric form, monochromatic palette and signature dash of hand-painted colour, Louisa’s hand-carved block printed patterns are charged with a human touch, the irregularities that appear in the printing process giving each piece a distinct energy and identity.
    In this podcast we talk about Louisa’s beginnings as a young artist forging her career in the late 90s, her experiences while learning the craft in Rajasthan in India and her successful career from her home studio in Peckham.

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    Series 2 Episode 1: Conversation with Dr Nimmi Hutnik, Artist and Cognitive Behaviour Therapist

    Series 2 Episode 1: Conversation with Dr Nimmi Hutnik, Artist and Cognitive Behaviour Therapist

    Nimmi is an artist and a Senior Cognitive Behaviour Therapist based in London who helps people suffering from anxiety stress and depression. Nimmi did her D Phil from Oxford university in the 80s after winning a Commonwealth Staff Fellowship while teaching in India. Nimmi then went on to do her masters in fine art form the Wimbledon college of art in 2019.

    Nimmi has exhibited widely with group and solo shows and her tryptich ‘

    drawing ‘Burnout’ was selected and exhibited by the Bloomberg  new contemporaries exhibition this year. In this podcast we talk about her dual practise of being an artist and a therapist and how they mutually influence each other.

    As a trained psychologist, Nimmi focuses on the human states of mind such as angst, grief, love and resilience  and blends them with the Japanese concept of wabi sabi which is a call to the return to the principles of simplicity, an appreciation of the value of the unadorned, everyday objects, to see beauty in the quotidian  to create a vibrant range of gestural drawings that captures the mood, the movement of the objects and spaces with the perfect mix of composition line movement and value.

    Nimmi is interested in the theme of Transformation looking at how people recover from adversity and has written a book titled ‘ becoming resilient’

    She is currently working on a video installation using her experiences to create a visual landscape that documents the ‘everyday’ life of a woman in her 60s living in the UK today. She has written a blog for the new contemporaries website called ‘ whoever has heard of a 65 year old emerging artist?

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    Natasha Jeyasingh Founder of Carpe Arte India and Art Advisor

    Natasha Jeyasingh Founder of Carpe Arte India and Art Advisor

    Episode 21 of ARTiculate presents Natasha Jeyasingh. Natasha is a Mumbai based art advisor and founder of Carpe Arte in India. It is a a platform that encourages people to engage with and support contemporary art. Through her projects, she hopes to take the contemporary art and design scene to a wider audience through pop-up exhibitions, interactive projects and dialogues around the subject. The platform has gone on to help sell works of a huge number of artists and also raise funds for Indian artists to experience residencies and internships abroad.
    Natasha has a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the Govt. College of Art, Chandigarh and a Post Graduate Diploma in Design from the prestigious
    National Institute of Design (NID) in Ahmedabad. A young collector, Natasha has worked alongside scenographer and curator Rajeev Sethi to establish the Hyatt Regency, Chennai’s public art collection and has managed creative projects such as refurbishing the state hall at ‘Rashtrapati Bhavan' the residential palace of the President of India in New Delhi. She has also curated collaborative shows in prestigious galleries and worked on projects with famous designers such as Regis Mathieu and Jean-Francois Lesage. Natasha has also written articles for the Architectural Digest covering art fairs in Europe.

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