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Steve Goodall, Natalie Light & Corrin Goodall delve deep into some of the greatest and influential books about Dog Training and Behaviour as well as informative and entertaining interviews with the worlds best animal professionals.

Barks from the Bookshelf Barks from the Bookshelf

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Steve Goodall, Natalie Light & Corrin Goodall delve deep into some of the greatest and influential books about Dog Training and Behaviour as well as informative and entertaining interviews with the worlds best animal professionals.

    #58 Simone Mueller: Hunting Together & Walking Together - Predation Substitute Training at DOGx 2024

    #58 Simone Mueller: Hunting Together & Walking Together - Predation Substitute Training at DOGx 2024

    What a treat we have in store for you this week here at Barks HQ. We are joined by yet another awesome author, the excellent Simone Mueller. Not only has Simone written some of the most helpful, accessible and informative books on how to work with a dog with a high predatory behaviours but she will also be presenting a talk at this years DOGx Conference. We talk about the squirrel event that caused Steve to first read Hunting Together, how Simone approaches training, on both sides of the lead, the emotions we all feel when faced with a dog that has higher than average drives/needs and how to provide outlets that work WITH dogs. We talk through the dangers of using pain and intimidation to tackle these behaviours and what is going on inside our dogs when arousal goes through the roof. This really was an interesting conversation that we know you'll all love. We also tackle some very interesting and well thought out listener questions, get an audio PACT blog from Natalie AND have some wild canid visitors LIVE during recording!!!! Prepare those lug holes gang X
    Simone Facts:
    Simone Mueller, MA is a certified dog trainer and dog behaviour consultant (ATN) from Germany. She specialises in force-free anti-predation training and is the author of the Predation Substitute Training series. Simone is proud to be an Associate Trainer at the Scotland-based Lothlorien Dog Training Club (AT-LDTC) and a member of both the Pet Professional Guild (PPG) and the Pet Dog Trainers of Europe (PDTE). Follow Simone’s work on Facebook and Instagram: #predationsubstitutetraining
    Learn more about Predation Substitute Training: http://www.predation-substitute-training.comLinks:
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    #57 Cat the Vet - Navigating Social Media as an Animal Professional

    #57 Cat the Vet - Navigating Social Media as an Animal Professional

    We are back with a informative, funny and life affirming chat with the wonderful Cat Henstridge (known to all as Cat the Vet). Cat is known to many of you as the voice of reason for the veterinary profession on social media. Her informative, entertaining videos dispense crucial information to the public and professionals alike. We get to talk all things "Cat" as well as her advice for trainers when it comes to, the sticky subject of, how to conduct yourself and navigate the world of social media. This is a must listen and it was a very free flowing conversation. On top of all this top content the team reviews the food (and other aspects) of their recent environmental soiree as well as Corrin reading out a rousing blog about coming together for the better of our companion animals at the end. Prepare for ear love!
    Cat facts:
    Cat Henstridge BVSc ESVPS Cert GP (SAM) MRCVS
    Cat graduated from Bristol University in 2003  and works as a small animal veterinary surgeon at Peak vets.  Cat is a published author and writes a number of articles for various veterinary and non-veterinary publications. She is a vet on the BBC Children’s Television Show – The Pets Factor and is passionate about promoting animal welfare. Cat also has a significant social media presence that has gained her millions of views as "Cat the Vet" where her videos educate and entertain in equal measure.
    TikTok  FacebookInstagram
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    #56 Bee Johnson & Fran Murtaugh - Dog Aid: DOGx 2024 Special

    #56 Bee Johnson & Fran Murtaugh - Dog Aid: DOGx 2024 Special

    HEY HEY HEY Bookshelvers!
    We are back this week with another DOGx 2024 special for you! This episode we get to interview the awesome Belinda (Bee) Johnson & Fran Murtaugh of the wonderful charity Dog Aid. It never fails to amaze us as to how this amazing charity change the lives of physically disabled people by enabling them to train their own pet dog to become a fully fledged assistance dog. They have an incredible and talented community of voluntary professional dog trainers across the U.K. and in this episode you can here all about the important work they do. This was a genuine joy to record and we will be excited to see them talk and demo at this years DOGx.
    Dog Aid Facts:
    Dog A.I.D. (created in 1992) changes lives by enabling physically Disabled people across the U.K. to train their own pet dog to become an accredited Assistance Dog, supported by our team of dedicated and experienced volunteer dog trainers. A Dog A.I.D. trained Assistance Dog increases independence by helping with practical tasks, builds confidence, reduces isolation and the need for care.
    Find out more or volunteer here: https://dogaid.org.uk/
    On top of this we paint a vivid image of how Nat shares her life with a "Rubber Ducky" and run a (non sponsored) ad for Belvita
    There are still a few tickets left for DOGx 2024 so be quick to grab one here: https://www.pact-dogs.com/dogx2024

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    #55 Ryan Dillon - DOGx 2024 Speaker Special!

    #55 Ryan Dillon - DOGx 2024 Speaker Special!

    Hey Hey Hey Bookshelvers!
    We hope this podcast finds your eyes well :) We have a treat in store today for you listeners. We are talking to the wonderful Ryan Dillon who will be presenting at this years DOGx 2024. We chat all things dog research, how to work in a team, self reflection and a bit of bakery to make us all hungry. Nat, Corrin and Steve also talk through what they thought of the recent APBC conference. Hope you all enjoy!
    Ryan Facts:
    Ryan is the owner of Oxfordshire Animal Behaviour and Training (OABT) and has worked with over 1,000 clients and their pets. Because of his enthusiastic and upbeat approach to teaching, he often leads the puppy classes which have gained popularity around Abingdon. Ryan also takes on behaviour consultation cases with Charlotte, runs OABT’s behaviour rehab training sessions and produces tutorial videos and handouts for clients. His empathetic and supportive approach makes Ryan popular amongst his clients.
    Ryan is a qualified dog trainer with the Professional Association of Canine Trainers (PACT) and a recognised animal training instructor with the Animal Behaviour and Training Council (ABTC). He is currently recognised as a pre-certified clinical animal behaviourist with the Association for the Study of Animal Behaviour (ASAB) and a candidate member of the Fellowship of Animal Behaviour Clinicians. He is working towards full membership of both organisations (certified clinical animal behaviourist and full member, respectively).
    Ryan earned a distinction in the BSc(hons) Animal Behaviour and Welfare degree at Oxford Brookes University in 2019 and a distinction in the Clinical Animal Behaviour Master’s degree at the University of Lincoln in 2020. He plans to start a PhD in Animal Behaviour and Cognition in the next few years.
    Alongside running OABT, Ryan is also a lecturer at Oxford Brookes University and Abingdon and Witney College, teaching on the animal behaviour-related degrees. He is also a tutor and assessor at PACT, whereby he teaches and supports students on their journey to becoming qualified dog trainers.
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    #54 Jessica Pierce - A Dog's World: Imagining the lives of dogs in a world without humans

    #54 Jessica Pierce - A Dog's World: Imagining the lives of dogs in a world without humans

    Well that's not strictly true BUT what if it did? What if a cataclysmic event wiped us hoomans off the face of the earth and left our dogs to fend for themselves without us? What would happen??? This is the premise of the wonderful book "A Dog's World" written by returning guest Jessica Pierce and co-authored with Marc Bekoff. We always say that BFTBS is NOT a review show, it's a recommends show and Nat and Steve couldn't recommend this book enough. A fascinating topic and super clever premise that opens up a world of learning about our canid companions. Not only do we delve deep into this topic with Jessica herself, we also talk about our presence and experience at Crufts, sagittal crests, dog bed addiction and answers some bloomin' wonderful bookshelver questions. We also have a very special "Story Time With Steve" section at the end all about Steve's recent trip to Crete where he befriended a free roaming dog called Bella. Put it in your head dog lovers! 
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    #53 Tamsin Durston - Emotional Well-being for Animal Welfare Professionals

    #53 Tamsin Durston - Emotional Well-being for Animal Welfare Professionals

    HEY, HEY, HEY BOOKSHELVERS! You're going to want to get this episode in your eardrums like a man trailing Bloodhound vacuums scent into their nostrils!
    Not only is Tamsin Durston... 1. A returning guest... 2. An all round wonderful human being... 3. An excellent writer who has authored an excellent book we all need in our lives... But on top of ALL this Tamsin is a confirmed speaker at this years DOGX conference! Tamsin talks all things well-being in this in depth and fascinating episode which is a must for all dog professionals and anyone looking to be kind to themselves and those around them.
    As well as all the usual segments we use to delve into Tam's book, Nat, Corrin and Steve also spend far too long discussing whether the eye is a part of the brain, Jay's best joke ever, the etymology of the phrase "your toast" and other standard "Barks from" madness.  So pull up a chair, rub a dog and submerge your earholes.
    Tamsin Facts:
    Tam is a Registered Veterinary Nurse, Clinical Animal Behaviourist, and accredited Dog Training Instructor with 27 years experience working predominantly for Blue Cross and Dogs Trust. She has also undertaken an MSc in Human Behaviour Change, in order to underpin animal welfare activity with evidenced behavioural science, and is currently studying for an MSc in Human-Animal Interaction and Wellbeing. Employed full-time as Dogs Trust’s Veterinary Intervention Development Manager, Tam leads a team working to embed canine behavioural principles within veterinary practice. This commitment includes steering the Dog Friendly Clinic initiative to optimise veterinary care provision for dogs, owners, and veterinary teams alike. As well as providing emotional support for animals, Tam is keen to optimise human workplace mental and emotional health and has researched and authored a book, ‘Emotional Well-being for the Animal Welfare Professional’.     
    Link to Tamsin's book: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Emotional-Well-being-Welfare-Professionals-Concise/dp/1789247799
    Link to register interest in DOGX 2024: https://www.pact-dogs.com/dogx2024/

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Customer Reviews

5.0 out of 5
23 Ratings

23 Ratings



An amazing opportunity to share in the knowledge and experience of these two well qualified dog trainer/behaviourists.
Very entertaining in their style, easy to listen to - and loads of tips to help us with our four legged friends.
A stroke of genius to capture the guru Turid Rudgas ....thank you! Looking forward to your next broadcasts!

hayleyhalopups ,

Loved it!

Listened to this podcast, episode one this morning.
LOVED it! Steve & Nat are a great combo!
Valuable and necessary information for anyone that owns or works with dogs.
And to have the one and only Turid Rugass as a guest on the first episode.. just wow.

Makes me want to dig out my Calming Signals book once more!

Chiefs Nanny ,

Nat and Steve

These 2 are so generous with their time and knowledge such experiences cannot be ignored a must for any dog owner

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