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Join Jo Frost and Peter Lynas for a conversation asking what does it mean to be human. This season dives behind cultural trends, headlines and everyday encounters to explore some of the biggest issues of our day using the Being Human lens as a new apologetic for the 21st Century. All the while exploring how we can show that it’s God’s story that ultimately defines being human today.

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Join Jo Frost and Peter Lynas for a conversation asking what does it mean to be human. This season dives behind cultural trends, headlines and everyday encounters to explore some of the biggest issues of our day using the Being Human lens as a new apologetic for the 21st Century. All the while exploring how we can show that it’s God’s story that ultimately defines being human today.

    Health and wellness

    Health and wellness

    In the final episode of the season, hosts Jo Frost and Peter Lynas discuss the intricate relationship between health, wellness, and what it means to be truly, fully human. Exploring the cultural stories that shape our view of health and wellness, they delve into topics such as nutrition, sleep, body image, and mental well-being.
    As with all episodes in this season, Jo and Peter use the Being Human lens to analyse these aspects through the aspects of presence, significance, participation, and connection. They highlight the cultural contradictions surrounding health and wellness and emphasise the importance of community, hospitality, and generosity for a holistic and healthier life. Practical applications like fasting, simplicity, and hospitality are recommended to cultivate wholeness and better health.
    00:00 Season Finale Announcement
    01:13 Today we’re chatting health and wellness
    02:23 Recap on the Being Human lens
    04:07 The importance of sleep
    07:50 Health span vs. Life span
    09:17 Holistic health and wellness
    12:57 What does the God story tell us about healthy bodies?
    19:18 Health inequality and the challenge of dignity and respect
    23:33 Our bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit
    24:26 Participation and the sedentary lifestyle
    26:27 Health data and health tracking
    29:22 The influence of social media on health
    31:27 Connection through food and relationships
    34:45 Health as a justice issue
    37:33 Practices for health and wellness
    43:51 That’s a wrap!

    • 45 min
    Race and ethnicity

    Race and ethnicity

    In this episode Jo and Peter welcome their friend and head of public policy, Alicia to the conversation. This time ethnicity is placed the centre of the lens and through significance, connection, presence and participation, they track some of the major cultural shifts in this vital and global conversation. From the murder of George Floyd in the US to the case of Child Q in the UK, they lament over the prevalence of injustice, while looking to the God Story for a more hopeful narrative. Alongside personal stories the conversation touches on how Christians might seek wisdom when it comes to language and ideas like intersectionality. And admits a culture that so often only wants to deconstruct, they look to the opportunity for hospitality, relationship and rebuilding in Jesus’ name to bridge divides. They ask what can the story found in scripture tell us about difference, identity and community when it comes to thinking about ethnicity?  
    Part one (00:00) 00:07 Welcome and introductions with Alicia.  01:43 Framing today’s topic: ethnicity and identity.  06:17 Looking at language: race, ethnicity and nationality.  12:18 Putting ethnicity in the centre of the lens.  13:18 Significance and the murder of George Floyd.  18:19 Why we might struggle to recognise our own sin and prejudice. 21:12 The God story: liberation, redeeming identity and the story of Hagar.   
    Part two (26:17) 26:20 Connection, Christian global community and building peace. 30:01 Friendship and combatting the fear of misspeaking. 33:11 Biblical mandate: being sanctification and made holy. 36:11 Presence: Child Q as a moment of reckoning. 41:28 Deconstruction, intersectionality and rebuilding in Jesus's name. 45:35 The good shepherd. 48:05 Participation: migration and the mandate of hospitality. 52:55 Practicing gratitude. 54:12 Practicing study and intercession.  

    • 57 min
    Generational perspectives on work, rest and play

    Generational perspectives on work, rest and play

    In this episode of Being Human, Jo and Peter are joined by their twenty-five-year-old team member Emma to discuss the generational shift in perspectives on work, rest, and play. From Baby Boomers to Gen Z, they explore how different age groups approach work-life balance, purpose, and identity. Diving into the world of intergenerational workplace dynamics, the impact of digital culture, hobbies, mental health and the quest for a meaningful rest vs work ethic, they draw on the wisdom of the God Story to seek a better narrative. The episode wraps up with three practical spiritual habits – rest, solitude and communion - for navigating these challenges.  
    Part one (00:00)  00:40 Meet Emma: behind the scenes to on the mic.01:10 Today’s topic: generational perspectives on work, rest, and play. 02:39 Gen-z, millennials, Gen-x and boomers: understanding the generational categories.  05:06 The Being Human lens: a way to explore the cultural stories. 07:06 Participation: what does each generation look for in work? 14:31 Play and rest: hobby and volunteering culture across generations.  16:40 The God Story: purpose and gifting. 
    Part two (19:58) 20:00 Significance: does your identity come from your work?   25:52 Anxious generations: shifts in work perception and uncertainty. 29:05 Work, identity, and rest: a biblical perspective.  33:30 Connection: gen-z in the digital age and conflict in relationships.  38:50 Presence and place: flexibility and the future of work. 45:15 A better story with three spiritual practices: rest, solitude and communion.  49:22 Finishing up: do get in touch!  

    • 52 min
    Being Human webinars: join us this June

    Being Human webinars: join us this June

    We are taking a short break in the season, but while you wait for the next episode why not join us for our webinar series? Join us for three 60-minute online webinars on June 11, 18 and 25 with Jo and Peter as they explore Being Human as a new apologetic for the 21st century and unpack its resources for your church. These interactive webinars will cover a range of topics: from the cultural stories of our day, to the narrative of the God story, as well as research on the different kinds of attitudes you might find in your church, and how we can be reaching out more to one another.
    We would love to see you there. Find out more here: https://beinghumanlens.com/being-human-webinars-june-2024

    • 1 min
    Artificial intelligence (AI)

    Artificial intelligence (AI)

    In this episode Jo and Peter use the apologetics tool - the Being Humans Lens - to chat all-things artificial intelligence (AI). They ask: does AI know us better than we know ourselves? Can AI really become a source for our relationships? And how might we draw on the wisdom of the God Story when it comes to navigating the future of tech? 
    Through exploring significance, connection, participation and presence the conversation covers AI’s benefits and challenges, from ChatGPT and self-driving cars to ethical dilemmas and the potential for deep fakes. They also consider the environmental impact of AI and the questions around ethical frameworks to guide its development. Ultimately, we dive back to the better story found in the pages of scripture for a hopeful perspective on integrity, empathy and wisdom in this digital age.  
    Part one (00:00)  01:06 Welcome back and introducing today’s topic: AI 03:03 Putting AI at the focal point of the Being Human Lens. 05:01 Significance: AI bias, data and ethics. 12:45 The God story: Genesis and wisdom.  
    Part two (17:03)  17:06 AI and connection: how do we build an ethnical framework?  25:36 Loneliness: is AI really a source for relationship?  27:31 Biblical empathy and ethics: relational beings in a digital world. 29:27 Real vs fake: presence and digital deconstruction.  35:38 The environmental cost of AI.  38:10 A better story: stewarding God’s creation, pursing truth and encounter.  40:51 Participation and creativity: does AI really know us better than we know ourselves?  44:50 ‘Hypersuasion’: AI's influence on our choices.  49:08 Wisdom and integrity in the age of AI.  51:12 Three spiritual habits: digital abstinence, worship and examen.

    • 54 min
    Climate change

    Climate change

    In this episode climate change is at the focal point of the Being Human lens. Jo and Peter chat through presence, significance, connection and participation as they tackle one of the biggest issues facing humanity today. How might we shift some of culture’s most dominant climate conversation from blame and hopelessness, to care and stewardship?  
    From micro stories of London’s ultra-low emission zone to larger macro-stories of rising sea levels and climate refugees, they consider the importance of human equality, and issues of local and global justice. All the while bringing the conversation back to the better story found in the pages of scripture – how do biblical themes like sabbath, jubilee and stewarding land help reframe these debates? As followers of Jesus, how might we think about some of the disagreements surrounding tackling climate change and consider the role of both personal and collective responsibility. 
    Part one (00:00) 00:59 Welcome to back and a reminder that we would love to hear from you. 01:33 Climate Change: opening up the conversation and uncovering the why behind taking care of the planet. 05:13 Looking at UK: local and national climate issues and policy. 09:42 The Being Human Lens and putting climate change at the focal point. 11:13 Presence: being here now matters. Looking at some of the macro stories on climate change.  16:12 Acknowledging a historical misreading of the bible and reframing the whole earth as God’s temple.  
    Part two (19:02) 19:04 Significance and equality of human life when thinking about climate and creation. 23:03 Sabbath, Jubilee and the promised land: exploring the biblical story. 27:19 Who is our neighbour? Exploring connection, justice and peace.  31:53 Greta Thunberg and the future generations. 34:02 A more hopeful story: being in relationship with the giver of the land. 36:39 Participation – individual vs collective responsibility?  44:39 Personal practical practices towards environmental stewardship – study, simplicity and fasting.  45:18 Collective practices: practicing advocacy and communion.  

    • 48 min

Customer Reviews

4.8 out of 5
51 Ratings

51 Ratings

HilBiker ,

Migration, asylum & refugees

Brilliant episode, so much to think about, thanks for helping me to understand more about this very topical issue!

Bethany12M ,

Insightful and Relevant

Really appreciate the thought and time given to helping frame the current issues facing society. Great Jenga analogy too.

nickmac60 ,

Thought provoking

Very relevant and topical; love the way current issues in our society are linked to biblical truth

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