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Join Jo Frost and Peter Lynas for a conversation asking what does it mean to be human. We will be looking behind the headlines, into the stories that form and shape us, exploring how we can ensure that it’s God’s story that ultimately defines being human today.

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Join Jo Frost and Peter Lynas for a conversation asking what does it mean to be human. We will be looking behind the headlines, into the stories that form and shape us, exploring how we can ensure that it’s God’s story that ultimately defines being human today.

    Sarah Williams

    Sarah Williams

    This pandemic has compounded the acceleration of change, disorientation, and in many ways, hopelessness. However, is there something rooted in our history that can give us hope for the possibility of change in the present day?

    With a diverse and impressive career, historian, Sarah Williams, continues to grapple with the very heart of what it means to be human. As a teacher of the history of Christianity to international postgraduates at Regent College, Sarah’s research interests lie more recently in the relationship between Christianity and perceptions of gender, sexuality and the spirituality of time.

    In this interview, hear Sarah share powerfully from her own story, as well as drawing on her work that are seeks to empower the church through history, language and prayer, that we may learn to wonderfully articulate the beautiful gospel to a culture that is suspicious of it.

    • 44 min
    Israel Olofinjana

    Israel Olofinjana

    In a time of fragility around us and within us, from the climate to our identity, how can we live a life with Christ that is both holistic and justice-focused?

    In this episode, Jo and Peter chatted with theologian, former church leader, and director of the One People Commission, Rev Dr Israel Olofinjana.

    Originally from Nigeria, Rev Israel moved to the UK to pursue a calling to be a reverse missionary and has since become a leading figure in the UK church on unity and ethnic diversity. In this interview, hear him draw powerfully from his own story and journey with cultural identity, as well as his current position on climate justice, mental health and creating intercultural safe spaces to tackle racial injustice.

    How can we effectively care for each other and our planet as a unified church? Listen to this essential and timely interview today.

    Want to discover more about Rev Israel, and the work of the Evangelical Alliance’s One People Commission? Visit the website today.

    • 44 min
    Carl Trueman

    Carl Trueman

    “Apologetics today is more about explaining to the church what is going on in the world than explaining to the world what the church teaches.”

    This is a view held by author, theologian and ecclesiastical historian Carl Trueman. In his latest book The Rise and Triumph of the Modern Self (2020), he investigates the foundations and developments of the current secular age and sexual revolution as symptoms, rather than the causes, of the human search for identity.

    In this latest interview, Peter and Jo peel back some of the underlying ideologies of the day, and ask Carl how the church can navigate the opportunities and challenges of this ‘cultural climate change’ in which we are immersed.

    Interested in reading The Rise and Triumph of the Modern Self? Purchase it from SPCK here.   

    • 47 min
    Hannah Thomas

    Hannah Thomas

    Do we fully appreciate the power of art and creativity in reconciliation processes? When considering conflict, both global and local, how can understanding the imago dei (image of God) influence advocacy?

    Peter and Jo chatted with artist and activist Hannah Thomas. Hannah was selected for Forbes 30 under 30 in 2019, and nominated for a UN Women UK Award in 2020, and her art projects have been exhibited in Buckingham Palace, the Scottish Parliament and the Saatchi Gallery. Through portrait painting and participant-led workshops, she seeks to bring the stories of those who have faced displacement and conflict-related sexual violence into places of influence in the Global North.

    Particularly amid an ongoing pandemic, how can we learn from Hannah’s experiences in post-conflict settings and seek to engage in our own communities in need of restoration? Listen along to the conversation today.

    You can also discover more about Hannah’s work, including examples of her art projects, on her website here.

    • 30 min
    David Bennett

    David Bennett

    In a culture that idolises desire, but lacks real intimacy, can we tell a better story? And is this possible when some mainstream theology has perpetuated unhelpful conceptions of desire, and its potential for knowing God?    

    Originally from Sydney, Australia, David Bennett is an author, communicator, and scholar currently completing a doctorate in theology at Oxford university. His first book, A War of Loves (2018) describes his own story from atheistic gay activism to becoming a follower of Jesus. 

    David chatted with Peter and Jo about the opportunity for our theology and conversations around faith, sexuality, and desire to be transformed for good. As someone who is passionate about the potential for people to live and flourish through Jesus’ teaching, listen to David uncover his thinking around the most fundamental part of what makes us human. 

    Want to learn more about David Bennett and his work? Visit his website at https://www.dacbennett.com/  

    • 30 min
    Karen Swallow Prior

    Karen Swallow Prior

    In an age characterised by information overload and difference of belief, it can be challenging to learn how to engage well in discourses swirling round in our headlines, Twitter feeds and churches. As followers of Jesus, our engagement can start with learning how to read well and listen attentively.

    Nobody understands this better than reader, writer and academic Karen Swallow Prior. As a professor of English and Christianity at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary in North Carolina, she draws on her love of literature to transform our understanding of culture, the Bible and each other. With a history of activism within the pro-life movement, and more recent campaigns in the Southern Baptist Convention surrounding gender-based violence and anti-racism, her nuanced and compassionate voice speaks volumes into debates concerning the value of human life.

    Join Peter and Jo in our first episode of this interview season as they cover a range of topics with a commentator who defies the boxes that society tries to place her in.

    • 44 min

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4.9 out of 5
45 Ratings

45 Ratings

nickmac60 ,

Thought provoking

Very relevant and topical; love the way current issues in our society are linked to biblical truth

AbidingDaughter ,


Just love the content. Highly relevant, so helpful. Glad you are talking about this. Thank you.

Sorted by Gwen ,

Helps develop our Christian mind

Peter and Jo present the view point from a biblical perspective helping to throw light on what is going on in the culture around us. Smart with humility, funny while not making light of the seriousness of our surrounding, I feel equipped and confident in the story we proclaim and live out. Looking forward to more

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