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Jungle and D&B mixes from Bristol, UK based DJ R-Hawk

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Jungle and D&B mixes from Bristol, UK based DJ R-Hawk

    R-Hawk - Xpresha Podcast 005 - Jun 2024

    R-Hawk - Xpresha Podcast 005 - Jun 2024

    After a bit of a break, here is a brand new mix of Autonomic style music. Some classics from the genre, interspersed with some new stuff too. Stuff from Exit, Instra:mental, dBridge - old and new (including a few from the recent Exit 100 records) and something off Coco Bryce's new album too. I barely scraped the surface of this genre, so I am already thinking of a part 2, watch this space....

    Hope you enjoy! Peace, love & beats ✌️❤️🎵

    • 1 hr 3 min
    R-Hawk Label Showcase #2 - Logic Productions

    R-Hawk Label Showcase #2 - Logic Productions

    R Hawk Label Showcase #2

    This time, taking it back to one of the most bountiful years for jungle - 1994 - and one of the best producers in the genre - Dillinja - with his label Logic Productions. This time, there are only 3 releases on the label, although there is a 4th track licenced from Logic Productions that appeared on Drum & Bass Selection, ‘Baby Your’ that unfortunately never got a standalone release.

    My attention for this label started off when I heard a (now infamous) DJ set by Randall at AWOL in May 1994 https://youtu.be/A2bckbM0SLA?si=gYNrl3Mhhzq5QVZe. That was still in the days when I was hearing most new music from mixtapes or recordings from raves and one of our friends, who lived near London, had a copy of this Randall and MC GQ set. We listened to it over and over again and in particular, I was taken by one mellower track, that had a “Deep, deep, love” female vocal sample in it. When we were collecting records back then, there was no internet, if you weren’t near a big city - there was no pirate radio; and while there were DJ magazines, they didn’t really tell you where to go and when, in order to find what you wanted - and they certainly didn’t come with audio clips; so really, it was down to being in the right record shop at the right time and selecting records out of the racks to listen to. I was in Replay Records in Bath, at some point in 1994 (wish I could remember exactly when) and I pulled out a load of stuff to listen to; imagine my excitement when one of them was Dillinja - Deep Love and straight away I knew it was the same track off the Randall mix tape. I have played this record so many times in the last nearly 30 years and it never gets old. I picked up the 3rd release later in 1994, also from Replay in Bath and the 2nd release from W Sounds in Warminster from a 2nd hand collection a couple of years later.

    These are all sophisticated jungle drum & bass tracks, they sounded very advanced for the time and definitely some of Dillinja’s finest work. I love how they are not all tear out tunes, but a mixture of styles. I had a couple of goes at this mini-mix, as I soon realised how tricky it was getting the different keys to work together in the mix and blend; but I think I got there in the end! Hope you enjoy…

    Deep Love
    You Don’t Know Remix
    You Don’t Know
    Heavenly Bass

    • 21 min
    DJ R-Hawk Rolldabeats @ The Castle, Whitechapel, London Oct 2009

    DJ R-Hawk Rolldabeats @ The Castle, Whitechapel, London Oct 2009

    This is a re-upload of my Studio Mix of my set from Rolldabeats party, The Castle, Whitechapel, London Oct 2009. None of the sets were recorded on the night, so I remixed it the day after! Enjoy :) Big ups!!!!

    Inta (the anthem) - Grooverider - prototype records (1994) (tease)
    Dreams of Heaven ( the silence mix)- Inta Warriors - Dee Jay records (1993)
    High rollers 'Ghostin out' - Goldie - Reinforced records (1993)
    The Mutant Remix - Rollers Instinct (DJ Trace remix) - T-Power - SOUR records (1995)
    Common Origin - Jonny L - XL records (1997)
    Soul in Motion - Krust - Full Cycle records (1997)
    Inner City Life - Goldie - FFFR (1994)
    Truly one - Origin Unknown (Andy C) - Ram records (1995)
    Urban space - Boymerang - Prototype Records (1996)
    Night moves (Alliance remix) - Q Project - Legend records (1993)
    This way - Skanna (1993)
    Warning (powder mix) - Roni Size & DJ Die - Philly Blunt (1994)
    Touch Me (agony mix) - Digital - Timeless Records (1995)
    Warp drive - DJ Crystl - Dee Jay Recordings (1993)
    Love Me - Unit 1 - Creative Wax (1994)
    Tear into it - Parallel World - Good Looking Records (1994)
    Bust That Groove - Sonz of a Loop da Loop era - Suburban Base (1993)
    Monged Out - Mad Dogs - Underdog Records (1993)
    Deadly deep subs - Dillinja - Deadly Vinyl (1994)
    Deadly deep subs (remix) - Dillinja -Deadly Vinyl (1994)
    I like it (remix) - Marcus Intalex - Intalex Records (1995)
    LA Fantasy - Lemon D - Cutting Edge (1995)
    P Funk Era (VIP mix) - P Funk - AWOL (1994)
    Say It - System X (Photek) - Third Eye records (1994)
    Kemistry (VIP mix) - Goldie - FFFR (1995)

    • 54 min
    The Jungle_List Admin Feature Mix - R-Hawk - Apr 2019

    The Jungle_List Admin Feature Mix - R-Hawk - Apr 2019

    The Jungle_List Facebook group became active again in Jan 2024, and I was reminded of this mix, which was an exclusive studio mix I did to accompany an interview I did for the group in April 2019.



    1 Stray - When It Rains
    (Mixed with On the Pulse of morning speech, by Dr Maya Angelou) -
    2 Fracture & Neptune - Worm Science
    3 Stray - Chatterbox
    4 Dead Man’s Chest - Blue Mountain
    5 Sully & Kid Lib - Open Your Mind
    6 J Majik - Hold You
    7 Coco Bryce - Vertigo
    8 World View - Homeworld
    9 J Majik - Codebreaker
    10 Sam Binary - Sentinel Era
    11 Cartridge - Pyramid of Fear
    12 Sonic - 8082devast8
    13 Sam KDC - Betrayed
    14 Fracture - Soundboy Get Nervous
    15 Boba Fett - Lock Up
    16 Programs In Memory - Nothing to be Afraid of
    17 Dub One and Blatant - Combination Style
    18 Coco Bryce - Wish We Didn’t
    19 Marco Lazovic - Untitled 5
    20 Etch - Out There
    21 Kratos - Unborn
    jungle, jungle_list

    • 1 hr 9 min
    Western Lore Takeover - R Hawk - 22 Dec 2023

    Western Lore Takeover - R Hawk - 22 Dec 2023

    Broadcast as part of the Western Lore Takeover on SWU FM on Friday December 22nd 2023 at 1400 GMT

    1. Nectax - Speak Friend & Enter (Over/Shadow Quadrant Box Set)(2023)
    2. Sully - Stop (Uncertain Hour)(2023)
    3. Basic Rhythm - Gargantua (Future Retro)(2023)
    4. Unknown Soldier - Two Heads (Haters Inc)(2023)
    5. Runout - Inwards (As We Enter)(2022)
    6. M Beat - X Rated (Mekatune)(2022)
    7. Tom & Jerry - Look to the Sky (AKO Arcade)(2023)
    8. Refreshers - Make me Feel (Refreshers)(2023)
    9. Monita - Luv 2 Luv Ya 95 Relick (Future Retro x Skeleton)(1995/2023)
    10. Artificial Red - Mind Hunter (Dub)
    11. Krugah - Meditation Redux (forthcoming Rigatoni)
    12. John B - Pressure (intro tease) (Formation)(1998)
    13. Paradox - Soviet (Paradox Music)(2021)
    14. Dead Man’s Chest - Throwing Shades (Western Lore)(2017)
    15. Pearson Sound - Down With U (Darkestral Excursions)(2010)
    16. Peeb - Case 6 (forthcoming Gunns Road Music)
    17. Krust - Touch (Full Cycle)(1995)
    18. Voyager - Eastern Promise (Lucky Spin)(1995)

    • 1 hr
    R-Hawk - Xpresha Podcast 004 - Nov 2023

    R-Hawk - Xpresha Podcast 004 - Nov 2023

    A selection of my favourite tracks that I have been sent or collected over the past few months. Enjoy!

    1. Artificial Red & Voodoo Child - The Oasis (Diamond Life)
    2. Model - Wish (8205)
    3. Aural Imbalance - First Ascent (Okbron)
    4. NonRev - Last I Heard (forthcoming Eternal Soul)
    5. Aeon Four - Quantize Humanity (Silent Force)
    6. Breakage - Pattern (Self Released)
    7. Fushara - Paranoid Park (Constellations)
    8. Gremlinz & Ink - Rise of the Deep (forthcoming Okbron)
    9. Hidden Agenda - The Cruel Sea (AKO10)
    10. Kosheen - Hide U (Outrage Remix)(White Label Dubs)
    11. Equinox - Steppa Selection Take 2 - (Enforcers)
    12. R-Hawk - I Wanna Rock (Krugah Funky Entendre Remix)(Unreleased)
    13. Icon Roller - Kill Dem (forthcoming Malted Music)
    14. Double O - Niaibingi (Hidden Hawaii)
    15. Unknown Soldier - Two Heads (Haters Inc 4)
    16. Threshold & Stretch - Pain (Hazardous) VIP (AKO Reload)
    17. Roots Manuva - Witness (1 Hope) Greenleaf VIP
    18. dgoHn - Untitled (Everything is Same Size) (Love Love)
    19. Hyphix - Sleep Paralysis (Unreleased)
    20. Krugah - Vibezey (#9ine6ixteen Volume Two)
    21. Peshay - Celestial (forthcoming Okbron)
    22. Artificial Red - This Time (Time Is Now)
    23. Tom & Jerry - Look To The Sky (AKO Arcade)
    24. Haste - Only You (Twilight)
    25. Tek 9 - Killing Time (Tom & Jerry Remix)(Reinforced)
    26. Dillinja - South Side (Riffin Mix)(JA 1)
    27. Ruffkutt - Identity Crisis (Infra Red)
    28. Deejay Endo - The Realm (Vocal Mix)(Unreleased)
    29. Juxt - Discord (Unreleased)
    30. Kid Drama - Auto State of Mind (CNVX)
    31. Ben Kei - Aperture (Constellations)

    • 2 hrs 13 min

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4.7 out of 5
6 Ratings

6 Ratings

Veckstacy ,


Intelligent tunes, complex beats, thoughtful samples and all brilliantly curated.

Only the best beats for the Hawks tables!

xL_Cx ,


I love this DJ, he is amazing. His tune selection is spot on.

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