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Educate yourself, inspire others, and change the world. Since 2012, Kash Chan’s “Educate. Inspire. Change” has attracted millions of fans looking for positive, uplifting content that explores and raises consciousness. Featuring world-renowned guests who discuss cutting-edge research as well as personal journeys, Kash's new podcast encourages listeners to be the change they wish to see in the world, while exploring the new systems and beliefs that make it possible.

Educate Inspire Change With Kash Khan Kash Khan

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Educate yourself, inspire others, and change the world. Since 2012, Kash Chan’s “Educate. Inspire. Change” has attracted millions of fans looking for positive, uplifting content that explores and raises consciousness. Featuring world-renowned guests who discuss cutting-edge research as well as personal journeys, Kash's new podcast encourages listeners to be the change they wish to see in the world, while exploring the new systems and beliefs that make it possible.

    06 - Jonathan Maccaul

    06 - Jonathan Maccaul

    Host Kash Khan interviews JJonathan Maccaul, a wellness professional in Costa Rica who focuses on yoga, breath work, and martial arts. Jonathan has been a yoga instructor for over eight years, and has been involved in martial arts his whole life. Jonathan works with people to become connected with their breath and body, which allows them to expand on every level. 
    In this podcast, Jonathan talks about Systema as the foundation to heal and harmonize ourselves, the importance of massage and breath when working with energy lines, and how plant medicine is the first step that allows individuals to awaken into their higher selves.
    The Educate Inspire Change Takeaway:
    “The Systema breathing principals is what really allows people to develop witness consciousness, to really start to tune in and become the non judgemental witness, the non judgemental observer.”
    “Give me the tools to allow me to never be held back from enjoying my human experience because of fear.”
    “Really empowering people to look within themselves; we really don’t need anything outside of ourselves. Everything requires within and taking the time to come to stillness and be present with the breath, which is our greatest anchor, to really start to become aware of those limiting beliefs and thought patterns so we can start letting them go and become lighter and lighter and come into wholeness.”
    Bullet Points (w/ time stamps) - Highlighting key topics discussed 
    3:34: Jonathan talks about his early relationship with martial arts and how he turned to self care and became exposed to yoga and meditation. And the discovery of Systema which became the bridge between martial arts and yoga.
    6:17: Body Cultivation has allowed Jonathan to inspire others to take full responsibility for their lives through energy work. Get people how to learn and tune into subtle energies, how to supply from heavens above and ground below, cultivating out prana and life force.
    13:00: Kash asks Jonathan how men are able to utilize masculine energies without having to hurt people and store tension, and how to honor feminine energy. Jonathan talks about Systema is “hit to heal not hurt,” and how it is the only martial art he has encountered that is a holistic martial art that provides expansion and growth. 
    19:08: Kash asks how plant medicine and psychedelics have shaped Jonathan's personal growth and he shares that he credits a big part of his expansion to plant medicines. And that plant medicine has helped guide him on his path to recognize his gift to help others by using medicines to “wake up” and step into our higher selves. 
    31:08: For people who want to make positive changes in their life right now, Kash asks Jonathan to give them advice on how they can make that shift. Jonathan said the first step is to recognize tension, physical or emotional, and how important conscious breath is to move through it. 
    37:21: Kash talks about the importance of people finding their passion and purpose, and Jonathan shares that traveling and taking ourselves out of our comfort zones is “when the magic happens” and where people can thrive.  

    Bullet List of Resources
    https://www.imiloainstitute.com  https://www.facebook.com/imiloainstitute/  https://www.instagram.com/imiloainstitute/?fbclid=IwAR1CkBaJsO6C0yVBfL-_d9roZTPn8KujoAlCa9AKu8aF8GIX-dK-ZDD-Hdg 

    Guest Contact Information
    https://www.facebook.com/Systemacr/?ref=page_internal  https://www.facebook.com/love.joy.peace.flow/ 

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    05 - Josh Trent | Wellness Force Radio

    05 - Josh Trent | Wellness Force Radio

    Host Kash Khan interviews Josh Trent, founder of Wellness Force Media and host of the top-ranked iTunes podcast, Wellness Force Radio. Josh has spent the past 17 years as a researcher, trainer, and facilitator discovering the physical and emotional intelligence for humans to thrive in our modern world. 
    In this podcast, Kash and Josh host a Facebook Live session and talk about what led Josh to create Wellness Force, spirit animals, the importance of masculine and feminine energy, and what work individuals can do daily to spark positive change and self love.
    The Educate Inspire Change Takeaway:
    “I think about this rascality based heart, which is really just coming from a place of wanting to enjoy life, but sometimes for some people the rascality leads them down this really dark path.”
    “We create either consciously or subconsciously the thresholds of growth that will actualize our high self.”
    “Shame is the ultimate darkness.” 
    “We’re not all the same from a gender perspective, but we are all the same from an energy and human perspective and that’s the truth and that’s what we’re working towards.” 
    5:08: Josh asks Kash to give insight into why he started the Educate Inspire Change podcast, and Kash talks about the relationship with his first son and other circumstances in his life that led him to wanting to make a positive impact on the world.
    12:07: Josh elaborates about the “rascality” that he and Kash share, how that can lead some people down a dark path, and how trauma causes soul splitting or the disconnection of the heart and the head.
    25:27: Kash talks about Rythmia Life Advancement Center, where he and Josh have both visited, and Kash asks Josh to talk about his first plant medicine ceremony and what brought him to Rythmia. 
    37:27: Josh states that individuals feel called to the ceremony break through trauma, and that the real spiritual work begins after the ceremony and how to integrate that in the 3D.
    47:47: Josh shares his “deep knowing” that the creation of the new world will bring forth a “conscious capitalism” through the balance on masculine and feminine energy.
    59:30: Kash and Josh end their talk with actionable steps for those who have been inspired by the podcast and daily changes to make for a clear mind and healthy body. 
    Bullet List of Resources
    Wellness Force - Discovering Physical & Emotional Intelligence https://www.facebook.com/WellnessF/  www.bfi.org › about-fullerAbout Fuller | The Buckminster Fuller Institute   
    Guest Contact Information
    https://www.linkedin.com/in/joshtrent/ https://www.instagram.com/trent_sd/?hl=en 

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    04 - Darin McBratney | Costa Rica Yoga Spa

    04 - Darin McBratney | Costa Rica Yoga Spa

    Host Kash Khan interviews Darin McBratney, creator of the Global Nurture Project and the owner of Costa Rica Yoga Spa that is well known for the unique and powerful combination of Iboga and yoga. In 2005, Darin became critically ill and after being misdiagnosed by dozens of doctors he was introduced to a medical intuitive who discovered the cause of his sickness. It was during Darin’s research to find a healing regiment that he discovered Iboga.
    In this podcast, Darin discusses his research of Iboga and his personal relationship with the plant, how yoga prepares people for Iboga ceremonies, and the importance of intention and surrender before and during a ceremony as well as aftercare.
    The Educate Inspire Change Takeaway:
    “I had no idea the true capability of this amazing sacred plant.”
    “Anyone can be happy anywhere, it’s about creating your own environment.” 
    “We were all born organic and perfectly inline with the universe and then that’s where the sickness comes in, when we get off of that stuff and we start putting things in our body that aren't healthy. And iboga in particular puts you right back into the center.” 
    “How to maintain this wonderful Iboga glow, I’ve found to be the most powerful thing in kundalini yoga. It’s not something I do all the time but it's something I do occasionally and it brings you right back to that beautiful center that Iboga gives you.”
    5:21: Through Darin’s research to find the best healing herbs and treatments for his illness, he discovered Iboga and described his first experience with the plant. 
    11:20: Kash asks Darin’s opinion on synchronicity and why it becomes a natural occurrence for people who do plant medicine.  
    20:20: Darin fleshes out the importance of intention going into an Iboga ceremony and shares two stories of how the plant can sense a person's intention, therefore giving the individual an experience based on his or her motive. 
    30:54: Darin talks about the importance of Iboga aftercare and how integration after a ceremony can be difficult because the plant “melts down their reality into truth” and that can be hard for people to digest.
    39:11: Darin explains that ingesting Iboga is ingesting a frequency and it raises the body to other dimensions that leads to healing. 
    https://www.costaricayogaspa.com - Costa Rica Yoga Spa https://www.facebook.com/costaricayogaspa/?eid=ARAQcVFm4Ic6MqPYpvBymaq8L-rjJKfAZwe2omzU17mIhITVk6pxPqUpO5Ubq5r9FpRBzkmM9-A7O1o2&timeline_context_item_type=intro_card_work&timeline_context_item_source=100001830834670&fref=tag - Costa Rica Yoga Spa Facebook https://www.edgarcayce.org/the-readings/health-and-wellness/holistic-health-database/ -Edgard Cayce, medical intuitive  https://www.amazon.com/Nothing-This-Exactly-Things-Anniversary/dp/1556438311 -“Nothing in This Book is True, But It’s Exactly How Things Are,” By Bob Frissell

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    03 - Maiccu Kostiainen | Animal Whisperer

    03 - Maiccu Kostiainen | Animal Whisperer

    Host Kash Khan interviews Maiccu Kostiainen, a worldwide known animal communicator and medium, teacher, lecturer and author. She is from Finland and the author of the best spiritual book of the year 2012 in Finland, Hiljaisen viisauden voima (in English the Power of Silent Wisdom). 
    In this podcast, Maicuu talks about her life before becoming an animal communicator and how she discovered her gift, gives advice to individuals who are grieving the death of an animal, and how plant medicine helped open her path as a professional and an individual. 

    The Educate Inspire Change Takeaway:
    “There’s no point for trying to convince someone that is already convinced with their own opinion.”
    “I’ve been doing this work for many years, and plant medicine showed me that it is true.”
    “The big message is, ‘I am still with you.’ The hardest part for us as humans is that we can’t touch them.”
    2:52: Maiccu talks about her first animal reading and explains in detail how the messages from the animals are received and communicated. 
    8:02: Maiccu describes how she talks to people who don’t believe in what she does as an animal communicator, and that she tells them they are right.
    13:45: Khan asks Maiccu to share her story about how they overcame the dark periods of their life, like panic attacks and anxiety, and how plant medicine pulled her out of that depression. 
    16:06: Khan also shares his appreciation for plant medicine and Rythmia; both Khan and Maiccu agree that “bigger forces take over” after ingesting ayahuasca that lead to deep healing.
    18:58: For people grieving the loss of an animal, Khan asks Maiccu to explain where the animal spirit goes and what comfort she can give to individuals with a broken heart. 
    21:26: Maiccu recommends that individuals who would like to receive a sign from a pet that has died to ask for something that only the individual could know what it is and to pay attention for the sign, which can be communicated in a handful of ways. 

    -https://magiija.com/maiccu/  — Maiccu’s website
    -https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jQ2idF3ajqc  — Maiccu’s YouTube channel
    -https://www.rythmia.com/who-we-are — Rythmia Life Advancement Center website 
    Guest Contact Info
    -maiccu@magiija.com — Maiccu’s email
    https://www.facebook.com/155197685090/posts/10157434458335091 — Maiccu’s Facebook

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    02 - Gerard Powell | Rythmia Life Advancement Center

    02 - Gerard Powell | Rythmia Life Advancement Center

    Host Kash Khan interviews Gerry Powell of Rythmia Life Advancement Center, a luxury health and wellness center that offers alternative therapy programs including plant medicine as opposed to conventional routes.
    In this podcast, Gerry shares how his relationship with plant medicine unraveled childhood traumas that were carried into adulthood, explains that using ayahuasca can awaken the “walking dead” from their quiet desperation, and the importance of connecting with nature within our lives.
    The Educate Inspire Change Takeaway:
    “The beautiful thing is that the plant doesn't care. It doesn't care if your a drug addict, it doesnt care if you're a gambler, it doesn't care if you're just stuck in life. It doesn’t care if you’re frustrated, it doesn’t care if you a sex addict, it doesnt care if youre a pedophile. It doesn't acre. It just is pure love and works just the same on everyone.”
    “The more you connect with nature, the more you connect with happiness in your own life.”
    “Having a bad plant experience is better than having 20 years of psychotherapy… because even a bad experience has such teachings in it.”
    4:42: Brown elaborates on how plant medicine gave him the ability to forgive his childhood abuser, and that trauma can be necessary to allow humans to split from themselves and refrain from becoming the victim. 
    6:51: Gerry explains the difference between ayahuasca and iboga, and which should be ingested depending on what the individual is going through.
    12:57: Brown discusses how to change the stigma attached to using plant medicine and his take on why it is currently restricted to certain parts of the world.
    20:32: Khan shares an ayahuasca experience he had at Gerry’s retreat and how he residenated with a certain animal, and asked Brown to comment on the connection with animals, DMT, and the spirit world.
    29:36: Brown talks about the data that Rythmia has collected on how the size of an ayahuasca ceremony relates to personal healing and growth, and what Westerners should be aware of when holding a ceremony in the jungle.
    -https://www.rythmia.com - Rythmia Life Advancement Center
    -http://www.gerardarmondpowell.com - Gerry Powell
    https://wellnessforce.com/gerry-powell-jay-brown/ - Interview with Gerry and Jay Brown

    • 38 min
    01 - David Icke

    01 - David Icke

    For his first guest, host Kash Khan interviews writer and public speaker David Icke. The author of over 20 books focused on topics such as vibrational energy and infinite awareness, Icke has given lectures in over 25 countries on the subject matter. In his earlier years, Icke was a professional footballer and sports journalists before his spiritual awakening in the early 1990s.
    In this podcast, Icke discusses his life's journey from childhood and advancement in the professional football scene before rheumatoid arthritis forced him to retire and how a series of events led him to where he is today. Icke dives into synchronicity, the five sense focus, and how individuals can take control of their low vibrational environments. 

    The Educate Inspire Change Takeaway:
    “Most of my life is spent daydreaming. It’s almost like suspending the conscious mind in terms of complete focus on the conscious mind or of the conscious mind.”
    “Life tends to give you your greatest gift brilliantly disguised as your worst nightmare.”
    “We live in a realm of infinite state of all possibility and what possibilities we experience are dictated by our perceptions of reality. Thus, if you get this down to its basic form, this conspiracy of human control is controlling humanity's perception of reality.”
    “The key to everything, the first step in which everything else comes, is redefining self identity.”
    “It’s been in many ways a perfect journey, even though you only know where you're going when you get there. But when you get there you can see why all the things have happened before that you thought were random.”
    11:21 Icke discusses medical hurdles that were faced at a young age and how it is essential to not perceive yourself as a victim. Mentions how today’s “woke” mentality can distort an individual's sense of self.
    15:32: Icke breaks down how being offended by people's opinions can correlate with silencing free speech, and how being offended is a choice of giving power away to the abusers. 
    22:53: Khan asks Icke his opinion about the theory that sources of religion were derived from psychedelic experiences.
    31:35 Icke expands on his theory of the five sense focus and how that leads to the control of people's perception of reality, which can lead individuals to live in a world of limitations.
    38:49: Icke’s shares the story of when he tried ayahuasca in 2003 while traveling in Brazil and the research he did after, and Khan comments how psychedelics (which expands the mind) are illegal but substances like opiods, alcohol, etc. are ready available and do the opposite. 
    45:44: Icke’s asks the question of what happens when people begin to expand their awareness and reevaluate their self identity, and how synchronicity follows awakening. 
    54:51: Khan asks Icke’s to give advice to people stuck in low vibrational environments and how they can change their experiences and seek positive energies. Icke discusses how pathways in the brain can be altered, mentioning MKUltra.
    1:03:46: Icke uses the example of a drug addict to explain that addiction is something that is experienced because the body is addicted, and we are the consciousness of our experiences. Icke advises to “ditch the labels” and move it away from self identity. 
    1:15:49: Icke explains how he came to meet professional psychic Betty Shine and what she told him about how he would change the world during their last two sessions. 
    1:19:20 Icke describes the constant urge that was drawing him to Peru in 1991 and his life altering trip that changed his reputation and set him free from the fear of what other people think.
    -  https://www.davidicke.com — David Icke personal website
    -  https://www.amazon.com/Phantom-Self-How-Find-Real/dp/0957630883 — Phantom Self by David Icke
    -  https://www.amazon.com/Truth-Vibrations-Cel

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