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This podcast delves into the highs and lows of modern day dating sex and relationships using dilemmas sent in by real people. Layla and her guests give raw and honest advice on topics that people are often too embarrassed or afraid to talk about. OVER 18 ONLY - ADULT CONTENT.

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This podcast delves into the highs and lows of modern day dating sex and relationships using dilemmas sent in by real people. Layla and her guests give raw and honest advice on topics that people are often too embarrassed or afraid to talk about. OVER 18 ONLY - ADULT CONTENT.

    Podcast 33 - HPV Information with Jo's Cervical Cancer Trust

    Podcast 33 - HPV Information with Jo's Cervical Cancer Trust

    In this episode, Lala is joined by Kate Sanger from Jo's Cervical Cancer Trust to discuss HPV. There is so much confusion around the subject of HPV so we have answered followers questions to try to give more clarity on the issue.

    • 1 hr 25 min
    Podcast 32 - with Jamali Maddix

    Podcast 32 - with Jamali Maddix

    Lala is joined by comedian Jamali Maddix to answer questions sent in by followers:

    Five dates in and the guy tells me he has served time in prison for a murder he committed when he was 14. Would you keep dating them?

    I’m 28 and I have never had a relationship, all my friends are coupled up and buying houses and I find it impossible to think that it’s my fault for not attracting a partner. The men I like seem to all be prone to ghosting and breadcrumbing. What can I do?

    Is cancel culture impacting on your comedy? Do you feel you have to censor yourself now?

    Can professionals like nurses and teachers use party drugs or weed recreationally and still be good at their jobs?

    My boyfriend has slept with a lot of people – how do I not feel insecure about my body and my sex skills with him?

    • 1 hr 18 min
    Podcast 31 Lala Explains with Lemar!!

    Podcast 31 Lala Explains with Lemar!!

    In this week's episode Lala is joined by the amazing Lemar! Lemar rose to fame after staring in BBC's Fame Academy and went on to release 5 platinum albums. Lemar now has his own podcast 'The Lemar Show' where he delves into the music industry highs and lows with a range of special guests. This week Lemar and Lala discuss:

    Adjusting to fame

    Gender and race equality in the music industry

    Can you suggest tips for approaching a guy who isn't interested

    What will you be telling your daughter about boys and your son about girls?

    I've been with my boyfriend for 10 years but we haven't met each other's families or friends because he says he isn't ready. Am I being too demanding by trying to push it?

    Would it matter to you if a woman had been with one of your friends before you?

    • 1 hr 29 min
    Podcast 30 Disability and Dating with @thatsinglemum & @joysworldthepodcast

    Podcast 30 Disability and Dating with @thatsinglemum & @joysworldthepodcast

    This week's podcast is a dating and disability special featuring journalist and disability activist Cathy who has dwarfism(Insta @thatsinglemum) and podcaster Joy who has visual impairment (@joysworldthepodcast). In this podcast we discuss questions sent in by followers on the topic of disability and how that impacts on dating. Including:

    I have an invisible disability. When is the right time to bring it up when dating, and how?

    How do you calm anxiety when dating?

    How do you have conversations with disabled people, about their disability without being offensive?

    What should we not say to disabled people?

    Ableism is so rife. Can we discuss people feeling sorry for disabled people, and how they think we are sexless?

    Is fetishization a fear of yours? Is there anything that a person could do to allay those fears when starting a relationship with a person with a disability?

    How do you date as a single mum? Men always ask to come over when my child is asleep and I get called boring if I say no. I don’t get a lot of free time so it’s hard to navigate.

    • 1 hr 47 min
    Podcast 29 - Oloni

    Podcast 29 - Oloni

    This week Lala is joined by the fabulous Oloni. Oloni is a writer, presenter, and sex positive advocate. One half of the amazing Laidbare Podcast, Oloni uses her voice to empower and educate women around all things sex! This weeks podcast topics are:

    Have you ever done any wild shit to snag a man?

    Is it OK for my partner to watch porn when I am not around? It weirds me out and makes me feel insecure.

    When it comes to dating I have a fear that I am going to get assaulted. I find it hard to invite them over even after a few dates. Any tips for security?

    How do you cope with the anger that comes after your ex moves on quickly to a new relationship?

    Do you think it’s harder to find people to date in this day and age than it was when you were younger?

    How do I stop herpes being such a huge barrier to me getting close to anyone? Can I fuck new people without them catching it?

    I love my man from the bottom of my heart but his penis is a bit too small. What do I do?

    My orgasm is important to my partner, but I have been faking it because I feel choked when it comes to telling him what I want. How do I learn how to communicate what I want in bed?

    • 1 hr 30 min
    Podcast 28 - A Patron Special

    Podcast 28 - A Patron Special

    In this weeks episode Lala is joined by Chloe and Anny (@_annyma) Chloe and Anny are both patrons (subscribed to Lala's patreon platform to support the podcasts and Instagram). Last month Lala ran a competition for two patrons to win the opportunity to become podcast guests, the winners were picked out of a hat and we think you'll agree that the hat did well! This week we discuss questions sent in by followers including:

    Dating a girl that has been previously hurt, what to do to go the extra mile (I’m a guy)

    Regretting an abortion when finding it difficult to get pregnant years later

    What is your advice for dealing with your boyfriend who is going through a police investigation for a historic rape allegation. It was 9 years ago – he said it never happened. I am so confused.

    How do you meet men if you’re nearly 40, in a pandemic and especially anxious about covid?

    I love being single but my pool of single friends is shrinking as we get older. How do I continue to be true to myself and not settle for the sake of not being the only single one. And how will I meet other single people in their late 20s?

    Do you think it is feasible to date someone with different religious or political views to your own?

    I am absolutely broke, I was furloughed and then made redundant. I am considering starting an Only Fans but I am nervous about the potential repercussions. Would you do it if you had no other choice?

    • 1 hr 44 min

Customer Reviews

4.9 out of 5
277 Ratings

277 Ratings

Zoe Bristow ,

Love this podcast

Everyone should listen to this, Lala speaks so much sense but always in such a balanced and considered way. The way she breaks down current issues and makes people reflect on their views and why you think a certain way, it’s so refreshing and thought provoking.
She also deserves a medal for enduring the misogyny podcast (20!)

planetapexclothing ,

10/10 would listen again

Can’t stop listening love it

Eugéniexo ,

Domestic Violence and Children

As an Independent Domestic Violence Advocate, I found this episode very concerning. The amount of victim blaming is staggering. A lot of the phrases started with “I don’t want to be judgemental..” and then proceeded with complete judgment against the victim, and zero accountability to the perpetrator. It was completely contradictory, and gave mixed messages about who is to blame for the safety and well being of the children of victims of domestic abuse.
Another statement said “we shouldn’t judge anyone…but there should be stigma attached to people who are choosing relationships over their relationship with her children.” This gives ZERO understanding to the levels of coercive control victims are subjected to and expresses an ignorance about what victims truly experience. It also contributes to the barrier victims face when disclosing abuse, and getting support. This podcast contributes to society’s victim blaming narrative, and creates a simplistic view that asks the question “why don’t they just leave”, when the view should be”why does the perpetrator commit abuse”.

I am really disappointed that the people on this podcast who have experience either professionally or personally with domestic abuse are happy for this to be aired. I really encourage people to view abuse through a trauma informed approach, and look at the work of organisations such as Safelives. I also actively encourage the podcast to invite an Independent Domestic Violence Advocate on to share the work that they do, so that they can properly educate and challenge these negative attitudes expressed on this podcast. The only way we can stop domestic abuse is by challenging domestic abuse perpetrators and their behaviour. The victim is never to blame for the abuse inflected on themselves or their children.

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