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Join Colm and Justin as they alternate between a Video Game discussion show and a Features show.

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Join Colm and Justin as they alternate between a Video Game discussion show and a Features show.

Get involved by contacting the show at lastsaveloaded@gmail.com

    LSL - Episode 378

    LSL - Episode 378

    Welcome to another episode of Last Save Loaded with Colm and Justin. This week Colm is hosting, and is starting to get fed up without a job.

    Justin is actively looking for new jobs.

    Colm is getting frustrated with playing in Co-Op.

    Justin has also joined his first ever call on Discord, and continues slowly painting his miniatures.

    Games we've been playing include Cities Skylines, Star Wars Squadrons, Divinity Original Sin 2, Online Blood Bowl, How To Survive 1, Reverie, Resident Evil 5, Far Cry New Dawn, Amazing Spider Man, and Call Of The Sea.

    If you would like to send in some feedback or let us know what you're watching at the moment ahead of next week, then please email lastsaveloaded@gmail.com, or tweet @lastsaveloaded, @Solm67, or @Onyersix.

    You can follow us on twitch.tv/solm67 and twitch.tv/onyersix.

    Thank you for having us in your ears. We love being there, and appreciate you downloading the show.

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    LSL - Episode 377

    LSL - Episode 377

    With our second show of 2021, and our first Features show, Justin is with Colm along for the ride.

    We hear about Justin's trip away where he didn't tell his mother, and then had to play it off.

    Colm has been dismantling chairs.

    Justin has been finding more excuses not to work from home.

    we take a look in Justin's Front Pocket at his Thrustmaster T Flight HOTAS 4 flight stick.

    Things we've been watching include Happy Season 2, Mulan, Mulan, Greyhound, and The Beastie Boys Story.

    We're back on to a regular recording schedule now, so you can send us your comments and let us know what you're playing ahead of next week's show by sending an email to lastsaveloaded@gmail.com, or you can tweet @lastsaveloaded, @Onyersix, or @Solm67.

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    LSL - Episode 376

    LSL - Episode 376

    It's the first show of 2021, and Colm is back to host. We know you've missed him. Justin is back as well, as the guys catch up with tales of what we've been playing for the past month, and what new games have been picked up.

    Also on the show this week, Justin gets prepared to reluctantly work from home, and has started applying for new jobs.

    Colm gets a new purchase in the house, but it isn't for him.

    Justin is continuing to paint his miniature figures.

    We get an update on the final tally for the Crumlin Children's Hospital charity.

    Games we've been playing include Metal Gear Solid V : The Phantom Pain, Divinity Original Sin 2, Batlezone VR, Jedi Fallen Order, Hitman, Persona 4 Golden, Sniper Elite 4, Sea Of Thieves, Assassin's Creed Syndicate, New Super Lucky's Tale, and Call Of The Sea.

    If you would like to get in touch with the show you can send your submissions by email to lastsaveloaded@gmail.com, or tweet @lastsaveloaded, @Solm67, or @Onyersix.

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    LSL - Episode 375

    LSL - Episode 375

    It's the final show of 2020. The year has been a strange one, and we thank you for spending it with us. This week Geraint Williams from the Geekachu Podcast joins Justin as guest host, and he certainly has some things to say.

    Listen along as we discuss butchering names, speaking Welsh, breaking feet, frustration at sourcing a new console, and what games we are looking forward to playing in 2021.

    Justin also asks Ger the LSL Guest Questions, and the relaunch of Geekachu.

    You can follow Geraint on twitter with @Gerdog72. You can also follow Justin with @Onyersix, and Colm with @Solm67, and the LSL feed is @lastsaveloaded.
    If you'd like to send us an email please do so with lastsaveloaded@gmail.com.

    Please stay safe over Christmas and New Year, and we look forward to returning in 2021.

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    LSL - Episode 374

    LSL - Episode 374

    It's week 3 of the Guest Host episodes of Last Save Loaded, and this week Justin is joined by Andy Brown from the Codec Moments podcast, and it's a long one.

    Listen along as they discuss Codec Momentum, the Codec Moments Daily Picture Quiz, and what games they would put on their Epic Shelf.

    We have a good number of listener contributions, and you can send in your comments to lastsaveloaded@gmail.com, or tweet @lastsaveloaded, @Onyersix, and Solm67. You can follow Andy on Twitter with @clinicalandy and check out the content at codecmoments.com.

    If you'd like to catch Colm and Justin streaming then head over to twitch.tv/solm67 and twitch.tv/onyersix.

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    LSL - Episode 373

    LSL - Episode 373

    Welcome to the latest instalment of LSL with a guest host. This week Justin is joined by Karl Palmer from A Band Of Gamers.

    Listen along as they discuss Extra-Life streaming, lockdown, and podcasting.

    We also ask Karl the LSL guest Questions so that you can learn a litle more about him.

    Finally we get some listener comments on what games people have been playing to stop them going crazy.

    If you would like to hear more from Karl then check out A Band Of Gamers podcast, or follow him on Twitter as @Srathem, or on Twitch.tv/strathem.

    You can also follow Justin on Twitter with @Onyersix, or twitch.tv/onyersix. You can follow Colm with @Solm67, or twtich.tv/solm67, and you can email the show with lastsaveloaded@gmail.com.

    • 1 hr 44 min

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4.7 out of 5
16 Ratings

16 Ratings

TM411 ,

Finally got around to reviewing this nonsense.

I’ve been listening to LSL for a few years now and I absolutely adore spending my Tuesdays with this pair of fools.
While I’m sure that as the years go on, this pair of old buttheads (one already old and one old at heart) will almost certainly become Jack Lemmon and Walter Mattheau and become the real life Grumpy Old Men.

But you know what? I’ll love listening to every second of this pair’s descent into further madness.

DPT1969 ,


Only joking with the title guys. Great podcast with the internets ultimate “Odd Couple” Go on, try it, you might just like it

Mark Hamer ,

Service with a smile

Dear Mr. Green Flag,
Thank you for rescuing me when I broke down outside of Dunstable, you got me and my broken car home quickly and with only a handful of casually racist remarks and off-colour jokes. The loving embrace you gave me when I signed the paperwork was unexpected but not entirely unpleasant.

Yours faithfully,

Mark Hamer, Esq.

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