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We talk about modern and homebrew new games on old consoles and microcomputers, where nostalgia meets innovation for a unique gaming journey.

New Game Old Flame - A modern and homebrew retro gaming podcast‪.‬ The NGOF Crew

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We talk about modern and homebrew new games on old consoles and microcomputers, where nostalgia meets innovation for a unique gaming journey.

    48. Interview: SpacePants Games

    48. Interview: SpacePants Games

    Join us as we chat with Ben and Julian from Space Pants Games about their latest Mega Drive release, "Rocket Panda." Discover how their passion for retro gaming led them to create this modern classic, the challenges they faced during development, and their unique approach to blending old-school aesthetics with contemporary gameplay and karaoke! Hear the story behind their decision to rescue badgers and collect biscuits, and how these ideas came to life over a few pints at the pub. Rocket Panda soaring through the blue sky...

    • 1 hr 29 min
    47. Game club shortlist (June 2024)

    47. Game club shortlist (June 2024)

    In this regrouping episode, the crew brings three games each to the table, but only three will make the cut for the next game club session. Wiedo shares his plastering adventures, Diego talks about missing the Northern lights, and Andy updates us on his Amiga 2000. Tune in to find out which games made the final list!

    • 1 hr 24 min
    46. Karma scalping

    46. Karma scalping

    In this episode hosts Diego and Andy, joined by Sean Robinson, wade through a soup of gaming chatter and more! They discuss Diego's Finnish Labour Day celebrations with homemade Sima and Munkki doughnuts, Sean's sketch comedy performances in DC, and his beta testing of the homebrew game Super Sunny World. Andy shares his excitement about the new Mister console.

    The gaming highlights include Sam's Journey for the NES, Room 5 for the MSX, Fork Parker's Crunch Out for the SNES, and Little Medusa from Mega Cat Studios. The episode also touches on retro gaming projects and concludes with news on new Atari hardware and tributes to recently passed figures in gaming and anime.

    • 1 hr 48 min
    45. Special: The future of the past

    45. Special: The future of the past

    Join the crew and an incredible lineup of guests, including Math (from the Game Gear motherboard reverse engineering), Roger (Super Tilt Bro), and Sean (VGS) for a speculative journey into where modern retro gaming is headed. Our guests share their personal stories and insights before we natter about hardware advancements, new software implementations, and new ways these two elements shake hands to enable the next generation of indie retro games for our beloved middle-aged consoles and microcomputers.

    From the technical advancements that could revive classic consoles to innovative software that pushes the boundaries of old platforms, our discussion spans a broad spectrum to try and predict the next generation of hardware modifications and software that breaks traditional boundaries.

    • 2 hrs 20 min
    44. Yolk Superman Classics

    44. Yolk Superman Classics

    As we progress through the year and step out of our comfort zones, we take a closer look at very pixelated Atari 2600 titles like Fox Hunt Arena and Xanthiom 2600. Andy also gives the Gameboy a good go with Hunt the Gwumbus and Lee Caravallo’s Putting Challenge, which both prove to be more than meets the eye. We also touch on modern hits like Control, Domekeeper, and Psychonauts. But there's more to this episode than just games: cycling, dinosaur burgers, and talks about wealthy collectors also feature in the show!

    • 1 hr 41 min
    43. Isometric ballet

    43. Isometric ballet

    The team comes back together and explores more games! Today we have Extreme Volleyball Infernal League (Sega Master System), Spediteur (Commodore 64) and Rocket Panda (Sega Megadrive).
    As we talk about their partnership with Alan-1 and the My Atari Arcade Game Station Pro, Atari's comeback nearly causes Wiedo to die laughing.
    Fortunately we save him by talking about streaming our games to our devices, Yuzu and Nintendo and more D&D! Our retro-chats don't stop here so tune in and have fun!

    • 2 hrs 15 min

Customer Reviews

5.0 out of 5
4 Ratings

4 Ratings

Mr.boggiemam ,

Old is new again

I really enjoy listening to Andres and the crew talk about modern games on old platforms I used to play when I was growing up - you can begin to see what goes into making a game fun even those made recently. The interviews they have with developers are gold and inspiration to those wanting to get into game development, keep them coming!

Sonic_fan_forever_1982 ,

Awesome podcast and not just games chat!

Thanks to the guys at new game old flame for entertaining me with this brilliant podcast! Love the chats about what you’ve been up to and the snacks info. I have fond memories of the Sega consoles and C64 in the 90’s and I love hearing about them on your show. Keep the episodes coming!

Izzy_comet ,

A Modern retro gaming retreat with snack delights!

New Game Old Flame is a delightful haven for retro gaming enthusiasts. Divided into three segments, the hosts take you on a journey through new games for classic platforms like NES, SNES, Commodore 64 and more, creating a soothing atmosphere that feels like a warm embrace. A standout feature is the first segment, where the hosts share what they've been up to. This part never fails to bring a smile and a laugh, adding a lighthearted touch to the show. Additionally, the recurring discussions about snacks adds a cozy element, making you feel like you're sharing a favorite snack with old friends while reminiscing about the golden age of gaming through these new titles. For a peaceful journey through modern retro gaming (that is not often covered) this is a must-listen. The hosts' authenticity, the laughter-inducing news, and the snack-time talk make this one of my listens when I want to be with some friends.

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