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We are the Next Stage Radicals and we are on a mission to make work work better. We live and work in lots of different places, collaborating as a Community of Practice and "Exploring Aloud" together. Our podcast is one of the ways we do this; sharing what we are doing and learning so that you can learn with us.

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We are the Next Stage Radicals and we are on a mission to make work work better. We live and work in lots of different places, collaborating as a Community of Practice and "Exploring Aloud" together. Our podcast is one of the ways we do this; sharing what we are doing and learning so that you can learn with us.

    Joy MacKeith #Social-provision-designed-for-humans

    Joy MacKeith #Social-provision-designed-for-humans

    Joy MacKeith has a background in the voluntary sector, in service delivery, research and consultancy. Twenty years ago her work on outcome measurement led to the co-creation of the Outcomes Star, now a suite of fifty tailored tools for supporting and measuring individual change.

    She is author of the report ‘Enabling Help’ which draws on twenty years of working with the Outcomes Stars to present a critique of the system of social provision and a vision of how it could work better for the people it serves.

    In this podcast she shares her radical idea that social provision today is based on ideas borrowed from other fields. They don’t fit the work of human services and are driving provision off course.  Instead of borrowing from elsewhere, we need to base services on what we know about human beings and what we all need to thrive.

    To find out more about Joy and her work:

    Get in touch via joy@triangleconsulting.co.uk
    Visit www.outcomesstar.org.uk/enablinghelp/
    Find Outcomes Star on twitter at @outcomesstar
    Find Triangle Consulting here on Linked-In

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    Jenny Rose Smith #Receptive-listening-authentic-connection

    Jenny Rose Smith #Receptive-listening-authentic-connection

    Jenny Rose Smith lives in West Wales and has committed her life to training both herself and other people to listen more deeply.

    She’s passionate about centering deep listening as a powerful act of service, with its inherent fruit of present moment, attuned, honest and authentic connection with ourselves and each other.

    Jenny has three decades of service management experience in the voluntary sector and 1-1 mentoring in educational support services. She now works in private practice offering therapeutic 1-1 and group listening sessions; and work-team based training.

    In this podcast Jenny introduces her concept and model of 'Receptive Listening practice' ~ an exploration of the importance of how and where we listen from in ourselves to create a sustainable compliment to the more commonly taught active listening skills.

    website ~ www.jennyrosesmith.co.uk
    Email ~ jennyrosesmith123@gmail.com
    IG ~ www.instagram.com/jenny.rosesmith/

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    David Aula #art-and-harnessing-peak-experience-to-move-us-all

    David Aula #art-and-harnessing-peak-experience-to-move-us-all

    David Aula is the founder of Unfeasible. Unfeasible exists to create space in which people start to see that what they think of as ‘unfeasible’ can be done. Unfeasible combines insights and experience from personal, group and organisational development with the heart stopping potential of theatre to move from ’thinking’, through ‘feeling’, to ‘acting from who we really want to be as humans’. Unfeasible offers services at what David likes to call ‘All Quadrants, All levels”, borrowing from philosopher Ken Wilber. So they work with both individuals and collectives and from the inside, out as well as from the outside in.

    In this podcast, David discusses his radical idea, that “art can be a beginning as well as an end in and of itself”, and that “peak experience can be harnessed to help to truly move us all”.

    website: www.unfeasible.world

    email: david@unfeasible.world

    linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/david-aula-750b68227/

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    The Collective Impact Agency #Changing-organisations-and-changing-systems

    The Collective Impact Agency #Changing-organisations-and-changing-systems

    Andy Crosbie, Abby Taylor, and Anya Bonner run a community interest company called the Collective Impact Agency. The Collective Impact Agency exists primarily to help people and organisations deepen their impact through collaboration. They work on disrupting the systems that stand in the way of socially minded organisations and people doing what they’re there to do – make the world a fairer, more equal place.

    They do this through building relationships between and within organisations, and asking big questions that challenge the status quo. They focus on supporting organisations to prioritise learning, running experiments in new ways of working with and relating to one another, and supporting others to do the same.

    In this podcast, we explore the idea that ‘you can’t change systems without changing the organisations that make up those systems’ – and how the Collective Impact Agency is trying to operate in a fundamentally different way both internally and externally.

    Connect with CIA via:

    LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/collective-impact-agency
    Twitter: @CIA_CIC
    Web: www.ciacic.com
    Email: andy@ciacic.com, abby@ciacic.com, anya@ciacic.com

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    Anna Whitehead #Curiosity-and-connection

    Anna Whitehead #Curiosity-and-connection

    This month’s guest is Anna Whitehead. Anna is developing a portfolio career. As a qualified coach, with a Diploma in Executive coaching, she coaches individuals on work-related topics, while keeping a focus on the whole person.  She works as an Associate Coach for Genius Within, coaching neurodiverse adults to be the best they can be at work.

    She is motivated to collaborate with others to improve things and also provides service improvement and change management consultancy grounded in systems thinking principles. She is keen to use her skills and expertise to help individuals, groups and organisations who aim to make a positive difference for others.

    Anna has 15 years’ experience of working in local government, including roles where she worked closely with the NHS and charities. As a change management and service redesign specialist, Anna has facilitated managers and teams to design and deliver transformation projects. She has also held a role as Chair of Trustees and Director of a charity. This professional experience gives her in depth knowledge of how organisations work and different approaches to improvement, change and transformation. Anna is a member of the North West committee for The Association for Business Psychology.

    In this podcast we explore where Anna’s curiosity has been taking her and the connections she is making in relation to some of the things she cares about; making society more inclusive for neurodiverse people, improving mental wellbeing at work and cultivating kindness.

    Connect with Anna via:

    Linked-In – please include a message to explain why you want to connect

    Find out more about Anna via her website:

    Lifes Tapestry

    If you are reading this before 12:30pm on Friday 1st April 2022 then come and join Anna for her EXPLORING ALOUD workshop. It's free to join and a perfect opportunity to explore the ideas shared in this podcast live with Anna and others. The focus will be on exploring curiosity and connections with people:

    Curiosity helps people to make connections but does making connections help create curiosity?
    What makes curiosity and making connections important?

    The workshop will include  interactive exercises as well as opportunity for discussion.

    EXPLORING ALOUD: 'Curiosity and Connection' with Anna Whitehead

    • 40 min
    Sarah Yardley #Relational-reach-and-relational-glue

    Sarah Yardley #Relational-reach-and-relational-glue

    This month’s guest is Dr Sarah Yardley. Sarah is a clinical academic, combining clinical practice as a Consultant in Palliative Medicine with a Honorary clinical senior lecturer position at UCL, where she holds a THIS Institute post-doctoral fellowship.

    As a clinical academic, she’s interested in how people (patients, families, carers, and healthcare professionals) make sense of their experiences and how the meanings they create inform further actions, leading to a variety of consequences.

    In this podcast we explore the importance of relationships in creating public services that work. Sarah introduces the concepts of 'relational reach' and 'relational glue' and we explore the challenging, real world situations that people find themselves in as they strive to do the right thing.

    Connect with Sarah via:

    Twitter (@lavendercrew)
    Email (sarah.yardley@ucl.ac.uk)

    Find out more about Sarah via:

    THIS Institute
    Activity Theory Analysis of Palliative Medications
    Prime Centre Wales
    The Curiosity Habit

    If you are reading this before 12:30pm on Friday 11th February 2022 then come and join Sarah for her EXPLORING ALOUD workshop. It's free to join and a perfect opportunity to explore the ideas shared in this podcast live with Sarah and others.

    EXPLORING ALOUD: 'Relational Reach and Relational Glue' with Sarah Yardley

    NB In this podcast Sarah references the 'fictional contract'; Dieckmann P, Gaba D, Rall M. Deepening the theoretical foundations of patient simulation as social practice. Simul Healthc 2007;2:183–93.

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