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NODE presents debate, interviews, case studies and more on enterprise technology and digital transformation


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NODE presents debate, interviews, case studies and more on enterprise technology and digital transformation

    HCLTech's Rajiv Shesh: Elevating humans in the age of AI

    HCLTech's Rajiv Shesh: Elevating humans in the age of AI

    Rajiv Shesh, Corporate Vice President of HCLTech and Chief Revenue Officer of HCLSoftware, shares his extensive experience and perspective on the impact of AI in the technology industry. From his early days as an electrical engineering student to his current role helping to oversee HCLSoftware, Rajiv delves into the evolution of AI and its implications for businesses and society.

    Rajiv discusses managing client expectations, the role of AI in transforming organisations, and the importance of fostering creativity and innovation in the age of automation. Discover how AI is reshaping the workforce and the skills needed for future success.

    Visit NODE for more insightful content and stay tuned for future episodes with industry experts like Rajiv Shesh.

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    Get real: AI has no ‘easy button’

    Get real: AI has no ‘easy button’

    Anthony Scriffignano is one of the world’s most renowned data scientists. Until recently a senior vice president and Chief Data Scientist at Dun & Bradstreet – albeit he remains an advisor at the company - Scriffignano is now a distinguished fellow at the Stimson Center think tank in Washington DC.


    Scriffingnano’s long career in technology has seen him work on the application end of big data, advanced analytics and indeed AI for longer than almost anyone, and he joins us on the NODE podcast to assess the excitement around AI’s apparent coming of age.


    At what pace and scale should organisations be looking to invest in AI? Where should they be placing their bets? What are the risks, and how prepared should decision makers be to fail?


    Read more of Scriffignano’s thoughts on the topic in an exclusive article for NODE at https://www.node-magazine.com/thoughtleadership/get-real-ai-has-no-easy-button

    • 43 min
    10 years of Digital Catapult

    10 years of Digital Catapult

    Just over ten years since its founding, the UK’s Digital Catapult has established offices and testbeds across the country. Aiming to bridge the gap between research and industry, the partially government-funded non-profit has looked at AI and quantum computing, supply-chain management, 5G and IoT, immersive technologies, and more.

    NODE joins outgoing CEO Jeremy Silver at one of the facilities it helped create, the Target3D-operated Advanced Media Production studio in London.

    Replete with the kinds of cutting-edge, 5G-networked technologies that enable real-time collaboration between distributed production teams in enterprise, film, videogames and more, it’s a perfect venue to hear Jeremy’s reflections on a decade of effort, and to look ahead at what’s to come in the next ten years.

    • 28 min
    AI's big problem: The law

    AI's big problem: The law

    Patrick Bangert, SVP Data, Analytics & AI at global consultancy Searce, has worked in and around AI for most of his career. He knows well what possibilities it represents, but he also knows there remains a critical problem that, unless we can find a solution, could spell untold harm.

    NOTE: No AI currently exists that's good enough to fix NODE host Romily Broad's awful sound quality. Sorry about that.

    • 45 min
    Disrupted disruption: How to manage a global supply chain

    Disrupted disruption: How to manage a global supply chain

    How to manage disruption and build tech-driven resilience in a modern, global supply chain, with leading expert Alan Duncan.

    Political upheaval, pandemics, people parking ships across the Suez Canal, conflict in Europe and Middle East - the work of supply-chain managers has never been more difficult. Seasoned veteran supply-chain leader Alan Duncan has words wisdom for those looking towards technology to help them respond - and get ahead of - a new era of unpredictability.

    Read more: https://www.node-magazine.com/thoughtleadership/supply-chain-resilience-how-to-manage-disrupted-disruption

    • 36 min
    Figma Dev Mode: The inside story

    Figma Dev Mode: The inside story

    Figma, the darling of designers everywhere, has launched Dev Mode. It's a tool aimed at conclusively bridging the gap between designers and developers, bringing them together in a seamless multiplayer playground for digital product development.

    Dev Mode emerged from beta on 31 January 2024. NODE speaks to Figma's Oscar Nilsson (a designer) and Tom Duncalf (a developer), to get the inside track on the new mode.

    • 30 min

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