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Go to our site at: www.onthewards.org A series of podcasts offering advice to hospital based doctors in the earliest stage of their careers when they first work on the wards. Now celebrating our 100th podcast!!!!!

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Go to our site at: www.onthewards.org A series of podcasts offering advice to hospital based doctors in the earliest stage of their careers when they first work on the wards. Now celebrating our 100th podcast!!!!!

    Compassion in medicine

    Compassion in medicine

    Jules Willcocks interviews John Scott on the topic of compassion in medicine. Practising compassionate and empathetic patient care can benefit doctors. In this podcast, Jules and John discuss the evidence that shows how doctors' compassion can make huge differences to patient outcomes, but also to doctors' health and wellbeing. Jules and John chat about why compassion should be an integral part of your day to day practice.

    Summary Writer:  Lucy Coles

    Script Writer:  Jules Willcocks and John Scott

    Editor:  Jules Willcocks

    Interviewer:  Jules Willcocks

    Interviewee:  John Scott

    About Dr John Scott
    John Scott is an Emergency Physician working on the Central Coast of New South Wales.

    A naturally optimistic, outgoing and energetic person he was quite shocked to find himself burnt out and depressed at the end of his advanced training in Emergency Medicine. To overcome this unpleasant condition much research and soul searching has lead to John’s passion for mindfulness meditation, the field of positive psychology, the many benefits of regular exercise (crossfit and surfing) and other practices that lead to personal and institutional resilience, personal growth and movement towards our peak performance.

    John runs a wellbeing program at Gosford Hospital Emergency Department and is currently undertaking a Diploma in Positive Psychology and Wellbeing.
    About Dr Jules Willcocks
    Jules Willcocks is an Emergency Medicine Consultant and the Director of Prevocational Education and Training at Gosford Hospital.

    His interest is in bringing out the best in people principally through mentoring and coaching. He firmly believes that wellbeing is a crucial part of this and that you cannot look after someone to the best of your abilities if you yourself are not well.

    He trained as an executive coach and has a particular interest in financial wellness for doctors.

    He is married with two boys, which is why he’s not living a degenerate life in Las Vegas and loves playing poker and fine single malt Islay whisky.

    • 36 min


    Svetha Rao talks to Louis Angelopoulos about what constitutes infertility, common causes and how to approach a couple who presents with infertility.

    Summary Writer:  Jane McDonnell

    Script Writer:  Jane McDonnell, Svetha Rao

    Editor:  Svetha Rao

    Interviewee:  Louis Angelopoulos
    About Dr Svetha Rao
    Dr Svetha Rao is a third-year Obstetrics and Gynaecology trainee. She calls Sydney home and is undergoing her basic training through Liverpool hospital. Svetha loves the high risk and high reward aspect of obstetrics. 

    Aside from catching babies, she enjoys long walks on the beach and working on her down-facing dog.
    About Dr Louis Angelopoulos
    Dr Louis Angelopoulos is a Staff Specialist in Obstetrics & Gynaecology at Gosford General Hospital, Central Coast, NSW, Australia. After graduating from medicine in South Africa at Stellenbosch University, Louis commenced his Obstetrics & Gynaecology training in 2003 in the Oxford Deanery of England, working in hospitals in the Thames Valley, completing his Certificate of Completion of Training in 2009. After working in the Royal Berkshire NHS Trust for two years, he moved to Australia. Louis has a strong interest in medical education and speaks both English and Afrikaans.

    • 18 min
    Pregnancy and COVID-19

    Pregnancy and COVID-19

    The COVID-19 pandemic has led to vast changes in how healthcare is delivered. This has left many pregnant patients uncertain of how their care through pregnancy and delivery will be affected. Becky Taylor speaks to Emma Watson, who is currently nearing the end of her pregnancy, about pregnancy and COVID-19 to answer some common questions and concerns.

    Summary Writer:  Lucy Coles

    Script Writer:  Becky Taylor and Emma Watson

    Editor: Becky Taylor

    Interviewer:  Emma Watson

    Interviewee:  Becky Taylor
    About Emma Watson
    Emma Watson has worked as the antimicrobial stewardship pharmacist at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital for 6 years. She has a Master of Pharmacy and a Bachelor of Biotechnology from the University of Newcastle. She is particularly interested in infectious diseases and infection control and is passionate about the appropriate use of antimicrobials in all aspects of medicine.

    Emma enjoys travelling, swimming and dragon boating and prior to falling pregnant was starting to get into running.

    She recently started maternity leave and is excitedly awaiting the birth of her first child who is due this month.
    About Dr Becky Taylor
    Dr Becky Taylor is a 5th year Obstetrics & Gynecology trainee. Originally hailing from the UK, she trained at the University of Edinburgh where she also completed her internship and residency, before moving to Australia. Becky undertook her basic Obstetrics & Gynecology training at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital in Sydney and was working in the Solomon Islands before COVID-19 forced her to return home.

    When she’s not knee-deep in amniotic fluid she is a keen swimmer and free diver, a terrible cook and married to an anaesthetist she met at a Cat One Caesarean.

    • 26 min
    End of life care

    End of life care

    A talk by Associate Professor Amanda Walker from onthewards conference discussing the practicalities of end of life care, warning signs that a patient is dying, what to consider, say, be, and chart as a doctor.

    Summary Writer:  Edward Brentnall

    Script Writer:  Amanda Walker

    Editor:  Amanda Walker
    About Amanda Walker
    Amanda Walker is a Specialist in Palliative Medicine. She is also working as a Senior Clinical Advisor at the Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Healthcare. Furthermore, Amanda has worked at the NSW Clinical Excellence Commission developing programs addressing diagnostic errors and end of life care. She has previously worked as a clinician, educator, and administrator in South Western Sydney.

    • 27 min
    Working as a rural General Practitioner in Broome

    Working as a rural General Practitioner in Broome

    Allison Hempenstall speaks with Rebekah Ledingham about working as a rural General Practitioner in Broome, Western Australia.

    Summary Writer:  Theoni Haralabopoulos

    Script Writer:  Allison Hempenstall

    Editor:  Allison Hempenstall

    Interviewer:  Allison Hempenstall

    Interviewee:  Rebekah Ledingham
    About Dr Allison Hempenstall
    Dr Allison Hempenstall is an ACRRM Registrar currently working on Thursday Island. Her interests include public health, tropical medicine and medical education.
    About Dr Rebekah Ledingham
    Dr Rebekah Ledingham is a Rural Generalist and medical educator in Broome, Western Australia. She is passionate about Aboriginal health and committed to Closing the Gap and supporting an increasing number of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in the health workforce. She is also a keen advocate for well-being of medical students and doctors in training and would like to see a more nurturing, flexible system in which to grow our future workforce.

    She founded the online group Medical Mums and Mums To Be, now a support network for more than 9,000 doctors,  after struggling with the prospect of being a junior doctor and a mum simultaneously but remains eternally thankful that she ignored the (ridiculous) advice not to have babies as they are growing into fabulous humans who help it all make sense.

    • 19 min
    General Practice Training and Junior Doctor Wellbeing

    General Practice Training and Junior Doctor Wellbeing

    Elizabeth Campbell chats to Isabel Hanson about general practice training and the perks and challenges of a career as a General Practitioner as well as junior doctor wellbeing.

    Script Writer:  Elizabeth Campbell

    Editors:  Elizabeth Campbell and Isabel Hanson

    Interviewer:  Elizabeth Campbell

    Interviewee:  Isabel Hanson

    Summary Writer:  Eloise Sobels

    About Dr Elizabeth Campbell
    Dr Elizabeth Campbell is a General Practice Registrar in Sydney, Australia. She studied medicine at the University of Sydney, and completed an undergraduate degree in classical piano at Sydney Conservatorium of Music. Elizabeth is interested in medical education and mentorship.
    About Dr Isabel Hanson
    Dr Isabel Hanson is a General Practice Registrar with The Royal Australian College of General Practitioners. Her interests include public policy, preventative health, medical humanities, and doctors' wellbeing. Outside of the clinic, Isabel is a published writer, yoga teacher, and Co-Founder of the 'Feel Good' staff choir at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, New South Wales, Australia.

    • 33 min

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