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Welcome to the Protrusive Dental Podcast - the forward thinking podcast for dental professionals.

Join me alongside guest speakers as we discuss hot topics in Dentistry, clinical tips, continuing education and adding value to your life and career.

Jaz Gulati shares his passion for Dentistry with guest speakers, covering topics such as:

- Occlusion

- Working Abroad

- Course Reviews

- Hot topics in Dentistry

- Clinical tips

- Personal Development

Protrusive Dental Podcast Jaz Gulati

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Welcome to the Protrusive Dental Podcast - the forward thinking podcast for dental professionals.

Join me alongside guest speakers as we discuss hot topics in Dentistry, clinical tips, continuing education and adding value to your life and career.

Jaz Gulati shares his passion for Dentistry with guest speakers, covering topics such as:

- Occlusion

- Working Abroad

- Course Reviews

- Hot topics in Dentistry

- Clinical tips

- Personal Development

    What Every Dentist Should Know About Managing Dental Anxiety – PDP050

    What Every Dentist Should Know About Managing Dental Anxiety – PDP050

    When Mike Gow first told me that he helped place dental implants on patients WITHOUT local anaesthetic, I thought he was lying. Then I found out they have also done a sinus lift without LA...what?!

    You read that correctly! Mike Gow has centred his practice around the management of nervous and anxious patients. Don't you think we can learn so much about management of dental anxiety from someone who has achieved the above?

    This is exactly why I brought him on as my guest of honour for Episode 50 (50 not out!) and you will love this, gem-packed podcast with valuable ways to help us become better Dentists to anxious patients.


    Full episode with Dr Mike Gow only on Protrusive and Dentinal Tubules

    The Protrusive Dental Pearl is to check out Anydesk (it's free!) to gain remote access to your work computer in a secure way, so you can access X-rays and treatment plans any time, from any where! This has helped me on so many occassions!

    Also check out the 1 hour free training on Teeth Whitening by Dr Payman Langroudi of Enlighten Smiles.


    We discuss:

    * How and why he found himself in a situation to hypnotise patients and place implants without LA* Mythbusting about Inhalation Sedation* Top tips in making patient feels calm and cared for (gold)* Gow Gates vs Akinosi - which ID Block alternative is better?* How to have a thriving practice centered on anxious patients* The powerful secrets of managing dental anxiety

    Mike's resources as promised:

    ISDAM Website

    ISDAM Facebook page

    His practice, the Berkeley Clinic

    And of course, Mike on the news!:


    Dr Mike Gow also runs InterDental TV for the latest in Dentistry.

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    Crystal Clear Treatment Plans that Wow Patients and are Easy to Understand – PDP049

    Crystal Clear Treatment Plans that Wow Patients and are Easy to Understand – PDP049

    As our level of Dentistry gets more comprehensive or complex, sometimes it is useful to write a treatment plan letter to your patient. In some practices, this is considered absolutely essential.


    Full episode with great gems from Dr Jorge Cardoso

    The problem with writing treatment plan letters to your patients is that....it's not easy! It takes time. It takes thought. You need to come up with solutions to the unique and complex problems for our patients, and be able to present an estimate of fees at the same time.

    Not only that, but the letter should ideally be easy to understand, visual, detailed enough to be valuable but at the same time concise enough not to complicate it.

    Oh and by the way...after all that time and effort, the patient may not proceed with treatment. There goes that Saturday afternoon away from family, totally wasted, right?


    I found a solution. Kind of. It's called MakeMeClear and it generates easy to understand, visual and beautiful treatment plan reports and letters. Once I got slick at using Make Me Clear, I still found it takes time. There is no shortcut/hack to good treatment planning. But there is a shortcut to creating wonderful letters that increase your case acceptance. Thank you, MakeMeClear!

    Protrusive Dental Pearl - Do the 21 Day Free Trial for MakeMeClear and do not make the same mistakes I did of not taking action! (It will be more clear when you listen to the episode).

    All of the Protruserati clan get 25% OFF the monthly or Annual plan with the code 'protrusive'!

    If your dental practice subscribes to MakeMeClear then all of the associates and Specialists can use the same membership. Let that sink in! Thank you to Jorge for this awesome deal.


    Click here to check out a sample report / example treatment plan letter produced using MakeMeClear.

    I am joined by Dr Jorge Cardoso, founder of MakeMeClear, to discuss:

    * How and When to Write Letters to patients - is it always?* What about when there is more than one option - how can you put that in a treatment plan letter without it being confusing?* What is the role of digital smile simulation images?* What is you give a 'global fee' or 'ballpark figure' but things turn out more complex than anticipated?

    So many great themes of challenges with comprehensive Dentistry discussed with Jorge.

    If you missed his eBook I gave out in the last episode, check out 16 Steps to get More Treatment Plans Accepted Today.

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    Presenting Treatment Plans the Comprehensive Way – PDP048

    Presenting Treatment Plans the Comprehensive Way – PDP048

    Do you make 'shotgun' treatment plans? A shotgun treatment plan is like a shotgun wedding. It is rushed, on-the-spot and poorly consented..


    Shotgun Treatment plan vs being Comprehensive

    I am back with a Fan favourite - Dr Zak Kara who absolutely bamboozled with his communication gems from episode 10 (must listen if you have not already!)

    In this mammoth 80 minute episode we dissect how to PRESENT treatment plans to patients. Should we use their chart? Should they get a quote for extensive work at Day 1? Should it be at a second visit or all at their first visit (after all...this what they expect from us, right?) Do we need a separate consultation room (LOL)?


    FULL episodes only on the main website and on Dentinal Tubules for CPD/CE

    Protrusive Dental Pearl 1: ebook Download for 16 Steps to get more Treatment Plans Accepted Today

    Protrusive Dental Pearl 2: Thank you for Mini Smile Makeover Composite Course and Enlighten Smiles for sponsoring this episode!

    I talked about my favourite composite instrument I learnt about from attending Mini Smile Makeover - it is called the CASI 3C and it is the perfect non-stick instrument for anterior bonding. Those in the UK can get this from Enlighten Smiles, and those in the USA or Worldwide can get it from their Cosmedent supplier.


    The CASI 3C

    We also discussing about getting comfortable talking finance with patients - what are our limiting beliefs about money and fees? Is that holding us back? It did haunt me for many years...

    Do we need to give exhaustive documentation afterwards? What is the point of all this? What is the patient and you do not share the same ethos and values?

    This is the App Dr Zak Kara mentioned he uses: DDS GP only on the App Store

    What I loved about the episode was learning why Zak DOES give an itemised plan for Phase 1 treatment, but not Phase 2 or 3:


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    If you enjoyed this, you will of course love Zak's first episode on Protrusive: Think Comprehensive!

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    Can Occlusion Cause Perio? – What Do We Know? – PDP047

    Can Occlusion Cause Perio? – What Do We Know? – PDP047

    Periodontology has some good studies and evidence base - but what is the current thinking in the role of occlusion/parafunction in the aetiology and progress of periodontal diseases?

    I am joined by Specialist Periodontist, London-based Dr Richard Horwitz to discuss exactly the correlation and link between occlusion and periodontitis.


    Are those with Anterior Open Bites more likely get to get Perio? Full video episode out soon.

    This episode's Protrusive Dental Pearl I picked up from Dr Dipesh Parmar on his fantastic Composite course Mini Smile Makeover - it is to use a sectional posterior matrix band (like the B100 from Garrison or Tor VM) in a vertical fashion to create perfect mesial and distal contours for your anterior composite restorations such as Class IVs.

    Maestro Dipesh Parmar teaching Composites

    I also revealed that the team at Doctify are offering all listeners to this podcast 50% off for the first 4 months - you just need to tell them you listen to Protrusive Dental Podcast.


    Full video episode with Richard's cases - only on the website and on Dentinal Tubules

    I had a really fun chat with Richard which included so much:

    * When and why would you consider occlusal adjustment/equilibration in a periodontally compromised patient, perhaps to reduce occlusal trauma?* Can Periodontal splinting help in these parafunctional patients?* How can you check for fremitus?* What role can appliances have in the stabilised periodontal patient?* Listen to how I ruined Richard's canine guidance!

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    Why and how you need to Improve your Tooth Morphology – PDP046

    Why and how you need to Improve your Tooth Morphology – PDP046

    We think we know what a tooth looks like....but most of the restorations that we see on a daily basis...how many of them have truly natural or morphologically correct tooth anatomy?

    I am joined by Dr Jurgita Sybaite who is the undisputed Queen of Tooth Anatomy! (Full video on main website) She works with Dr Basil Mizrahi and is passionate about Restorative Dentistry.


    Full Episode only on Protrusive.co.uk

    The Protrusive Dental Pearl for this episode is to use a Thermacut bur (by Dentsply) to remove the interdental papilla when managing very deep, subgingival caries - an example case was posted on Instagram and Facebook for you to see how this works.


    What does Brad Pitt have to do with Tooth Morphology?!

    * The three steps to learning and mastering anatomy: learn, draw, sculpt!* What if you cannot draw?* What tips would you give to anyone to improve their morphology (anterior and / or posterior)* I play devil's advocate - is knowing anatomy THAT important now with digital wax ups and tooth libraries? Should we really invest our valuable time with Tooth Morphology?* Which is the best way to learn, additive or reductive? Wax? Soap bar?* Do we need to master tooth anatomy if we are not a 'cosmetic dentist'?

    Do check out Jurgita's Instagram profile to see clips of her producing stunning anatomy! She also is a prominent teacher in this field - check out her website!


    Do we need to learn Tooth Morphology that well? Now we have Digital Tooth Libraries...? See what Jurgita has to say

    If you enjoyed this episode, check out Composite vs Ceramic with Dr Chris Orr.

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    IPR for Dummies – PDP045

    IPR for Dummies – PDP045

    Interproximal reduction (IPR) is a useful way to create space in Orthodontics, but it has to be performed carefully to make sure it looks good and is effective.

    If you are new to Orthodontics or have never performed IPR before - this episode is for you.

    I am joined by Dr Devaki Patel, specialist Orthodontist, to discuss IPR techniques and the nitty-gritty details and answer the questions you always wanted to ask about IPR...but never did!


    GDP Orthodontics has boomed in the last 10 years. More and more of us are treating orthodontic cases and often this may be referred to as Short Term Orthodontics (STO), or Anterior Alignment Orthodontics (AAO).

    Protrusive Dental Pearl: If you view a ClinCheck or a similar 3D simulation, make sure that the initial bite/occlusion is set yup correctly. You will be surprised in how many cases this may be wrong and it has not been picked up!

    If you are starting out with Ortho cases, IPR may be something that worries you. You may have questions like:

    * Which are the best strips? * Are strips better than a bur?* How should you hold/orientate your bur?* How do you perform IPR when there is crowding?* What are the secondary benefits of IPR?* Should you place fluoride after, or is that overkill?

    If you enjoyed this orthodontic episode, you may also enjoy my episode with Dr Almuzian on whether Class I molars are really that important?

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4.9 out of 5
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56 Ratings

Kimia Mirzakhani ,

Ace of three “I”s

Protrusive podcasts are everything you need at the end of a working day: inspiring, informative and invigorating.
A heartfelt thank you to Jasneet Gulati for his infectious passion and commitment to dentistry.

tillydent ,

Packed full of gems

One of my favourite podcasts to listen to, I am constantly amazed by how many gems I pick up from Jaz and his guests! Couldn’t recommend highly enough!!

Znadiajav ,

Amazing stuff!

Really look forward to each episode- Jaz is so relatable and the guests are always top notch! So many gems! Thank you 🙏

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