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Uniting Fans And Bands Across The Lands

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Uniting Fans And Bands Across The Lands

    PUNKY! - 20-09-2022

    PUNKY! - 20-09-2022

    Another week another milestone as this week is our 888th show! So get ready for plenty of octo-fueled fun and eight (plus one) songs from Nosebleed, ClickBAITERS, Boogie Beasts, The Battery Farm, Inspiral Carpets, Demented Are Go, Reverend Horton Heat, Mauskovic Dance Band and The Owen Guns.

    Show 888, Voice of Jeff, Comedy Suburbs, The Queue, Tony has your Facebook and Twitter comments, Show 555, do a sumo, last week, a whole lotta mourning, The Queen's Funeral, 7 hours..., From the Vaults, Tony's International Gig Guide, lathes, suitcases, this week, Paul's off to Spain soon, no Izzatwat this week, Paul confuses Tony, donations and a reminder of the ways you can listen.

    Song 1: Nosebleed – Dance With The Devil
    Song 2: ClickBAITERS - Snaked
    Song 3: Boogie Beasts – Who’ll Be Next
    Song 4: The Battery Farm – Wooden Spoon Number
    Song 5: Inspiral Carpets - 96 Tears
    Song 6: Demented Are Go – Now She’s Dead
    Song 7: Reverend Horton Heat - King
    Song 8: Mauskovic Dance Band – Parata Est
    Song 9: The Owen Guns – Not You Too

    PUNKY! - 13-09-2022

    PUNKY! - 13-09-2022

    Since we recorded last weeks show, there have been some very significant changes in the UK. Whilst we start practicing our new national anthem, let's all enjoy nine songs from Full Throttle, Word Association, Shop Assistants, The Ouse Valley Singles Club, Goldblade, Frenchy And The Punk, Bog-Shed, Blue Aeroplanes and Scrunchies.

    Voice of Jeff, Poetry Corner, Comedy Suburbs, new Cherry Red compilation, Tony has your Facebook comments, Facebook has screwed everything up, last week, quiet week on the Tony front, new Prime Minister, the Queen is dead, new King, Bank Holiday, house party, ashes, From the Vaults, Tony's International Gig Guide, lathes, this week, Balstock, Show 888 is next week, Tony makes a weird sound, double standards and a reminder of the ways you can listen.

    Song 1: Full Throttle – Shit Show
    Song 2: Word Association – Mary Mary
    Song 3: Shop Assistants – All Day Long
    Song 4: The Ouse Valley Singles Club – Central Heating Skank
    Song 5: Goldblade – Black Sheep Radical
    Song 6: Frenchy And The Punk – Mon Souvenir
    Song 7: Bog-Shed – Fat Lad Exam Failure
    Song 8: Blue Aeroplanes – I Wanna Be Your Lover
    Song 9: Scrunchies – Torrini Decorating

    PUNKY! - 06-09-2022

    PUNKY! - 06-09-2022

    There's a new Manchester Punk Festival download, and we're so excited we could lick a lathe. So... start her spinning, grab that chisel and let's get make some spindles whilst listening to nine songs from Call Me Malcolm, Aerial Salad, The Thrash Blues, Green Eyed Monster, The Dark Shadows, The Crippens, Muck And The Mires, The Downhauls and Knife Club.

    Manchester Punk Festival, Voice of Jeff, Comedy Suburbs, Tony has your Facebook comments, Facebook crap posts, Lathes?, Get those lathes off my timeline, Sef, window jumping, last week, everything was crap, The Vampire’s Assistant, Slim Jim, From the Vaults, Tony's International Gig Guide, this week, mad party, no Izzatwat this week, Play Misty For Me and a reminder of the ways you can listen.

    Song 1: Call Me Malcolm – I Bet They’re Asleep In New York
    Song 2: Aerial Salad – The Same 24 Hours As Beyonce
    Song 3: The Thrash Blues – Worry In Hell
    Song 4: Green Eyed Monster - Authority
    Song 5: The Dark Shadows – Sour Candy
    Song 6: The Crippens – They Froze Disney
    Song 7: Muck And The Mires – Beat Revolution
    Song 8: The Downhauls – Convenient Friend
    Song 9: Knife Club – You Can Only Try Your Best

    PUNKY! - 30-08-2022

    PUNKY! - 30-08-2022

    Paul's vampiric delights may be a little niche, but no matter as this weeks songs include a fine selection of tracks from Dammit Records, so get ready for nine fine songs from Responsa, Rokets, Bogos, The Sewer Cats, Operation Ivy, The Shako, Buzzcocks, Hambone Skinny and Negative Zeros.

    Comedy Suburbs, Voice of Jeff, Tony has your Facebook comments, Facebook is a bit crap, Scanner, Timo, last week, Tony's Theatre Review, Book of Mormon, South Park 25th Anniversary concert, Forest v Spurs, Witcher, Kilpin’s, From the Vaults, Tony's International Gig Guide, Autumn, this week, not a lot going on, Ugly Kid Joe, ragtime, Izzatwat and a lovely song to end on.

    Song 1: Responsa – No Emotion
    Song 2: Rokets - Destroyer
    Song 3: Bogos – Head Through The Wall
    Song 4: The Sewer Cats – Can’t Quit You Now
    Song 5: Operation Ivy – Sound System
    Song 6: The Shako – Born Again
    Song 7: Buzzcocks – Just Gotta Let It Go
    Song 8: Hambone Skinny – Gin Joint Jukin’
    Song 9: Negative Zeros - Switchblade

    PUNKY! - 23-08-2022

    PUNKY! - 23-08-2022

    Another week and another great Cherry Red boxset has appeared! So, before we run out of characters, let's crack on with it and we can bring you nine great songs from Batwolf, Natalie Sweet & Brad Marino, David Bowie, Centurion Sect, Toy Dolls, The Sweet Kill, The Hi Fis, Low Orbit and Christmas.

    Voice of Jeff, Poetry Corner, Comedy Suburbs, Cherry Red, Toy Town, Tony has your Twitter comment, Twitter is a bit rubbish, don't jump, last week, Better Call Saul, The Sandman, Dayshift, From the Vaults, new bed, Tony's International Gig Guide, Sumac, Fat Boy, this week, The Book Of Mormon, Bank Holiday, Forest, Izzatwat, space sausage and a reminder of the ways you can listen.

    Song 1: Batwolf – Brick For Brick
    Song 2: Natalie Sweet & Brad Marino – Second Time
    Song 3: David Bowie – Uncle Arthur
    Song 4: Centurion Sect – Bleeding Soundman
    Song 5: Toy Dolls – My Baby Is A Battleaxe
    Song 6: The Sweet Kill - Darkness
    Song 7: The Hi Fis – Uwe Aus Duisberg
    Song 8: Low Orbit – Dead Men Tell No Tales
    Song 9: Christmas – 54-40 Or Fight

    PUNKY! - 16-08-2022

    PUNKY! - 16-08-2022

    Hot weather and a strange illness make for an odd week. Luckily we still can bring you the usual crap chat and nine great songs from Slaughter And The Dogs, The Legless Crabs, The Beelines, Girls In Synthesis, The Streetwalkin’ Cheetas, Black Bear Kiss, Black Cat Biscuit, Hard Times and The Young Hasselhoffs.

    Voice of Jeff, Comedy Suburbs, The Beelines, Tony has your Facebook comments, last week, best laid plans, Frenzy of Tongs, The Sandman, Locke and Key, From the Vaults, no gigs this week, Emma Raducanu, this week, MOT and accounts, upcoming holiday, Izzatwat, Stiv, The Hoff and what would the soup dragon say?

    Song 1: Slaughter And The Dogs – Cocaine Smile
    Song 2: The Legless Crabs – Human Flies
    Song 3: The Beelines – You’re Not Listening
    Song 4: Girls In Synthesis – Watch With Mother
    Song 5: The Streetwalkin’ Cheetas – Cherry Bomb
    Song 6: Black Bear Kiss – Chasing All I Know
    Song 7: Black Cat Biscuit – Two Seconds Man
    Song 8: Hard Times – Do Ya Feel Like Lovin’
    Song 9: The Young Hasselhoffs – Life Got In The Way

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4.9 out of 5
107 Ratings

107 Ratings

spotter1980 ,


Love this show every week!!!

G Let ,

An hour to look forward to every week

Consistently original witty banter, 100% enjoyable music that I wouldn’t otherwise access and feel like I’m catching up with two old friends on a weekly basis. Never stop x

LukeOfHazzard ,

My favourite podcast for music!

No doubt about it, this is my favourite podcast when I need to inject a bit of punk or trash into my commute. Love, love, LOVE IT!!

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