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I believe every one of us can create beautiful images, feel fulfilled, and improve our well-being through photography and this is why I created this podcast. The quiet landscape podcast is about exploring different ways that photographers, creatives, and thought leaders work and live and the conversations will spark your enthusiasm and inspire you to be creative. My name is Margaret Soraya and I am so glad you are here!

Quiet Landscapes with Margaret Soraya Margaret Soraya

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I believe every one of us can create beautiful images, feel fulfilled, and improve our well-being through photography and this is why I created this podcast. The quiet landscape podcast is about exploring different ways that photographers, creatives, and thought leaders work and live and the conversations will spark your enthusiasm and inspire you to be creative. My name is Margaret Soraya and I am so glad you are here!

    Take a breath - ending season 2

    Take a breath - ending season 2

    • 4 min
    Imposter syndrome discussion with KJ Nasrul

    Imposter syndrome discussion with KJ Nasrul

    KJ Nasrul is a clinical psychotherapist, writer, musician and avid traveller.  She loves helping others find their voices through turning inward, and finding their resources for inner healing and resilience.

    Fascinatingly, Margaret and KJ chat about imposter syndrome.  One definition is 'A false and sometimes crippling belief that one's successes are a product of luck or fraud rather than skill, a pervasive feeling of self-doubt insecurity or fraudulence despite often overwhelming evidence to the contrary.' Does this feel familiar? Are creatives/artiststs  especially prone?
    Further discussion explores where the feelings of vulnerability, exposure and rawness originate. Sometimes we listen to our culture or may be affected by the environment we are born into or by conversations, judgments and evaluations by teachers, peers or family members. 

    An interesting debate followed about the part social media can play in influencing imposter syndrome and the importance of switching off when feeling vulnerable.

    Listen in for inspiration and to hear about the importance of moving forward and just 'doing' even though you're scared. Movement is the catalyst. Take action even though you're fearful. Fear of failure is closely tied to imposter syndrome. Turn it around  and learn from it - failure actually moves you along.  We should also pay attention to how we talk to ourselves. Would your inner voice speak to a friend or a child like you do to yourself?   Speak kindly and encouragingly to yourself!

    • 27 min
    Bill Ward - photography as an antidote to a busy life

    Bill Ward - photography as an antidote to a busy life

    Bill Ward is a photographer and actor living in Bristol, specialising in creative landscape photography. His photography is mainly project based and he has a strong leaning towards water and enjoys creativity using abstract, ICM and multiple exposure.

    Staying in the present and  photographing whatever project he's working on at any given time is what sustains Bill. He is currently completing an ITN project on starling murmuration on the Somerset Levels.

    This is a highly entertaining account of how he balances his acclaimed acting  and photography careers. Peppered with anecdotes he explains how acting is the reason he became a photographer. Whilst thriving on the  energy  he gets from acting, photography allows him to re-establish to himself who he is. He needs the peace, quiet and solitude of photography to bring balance back.

     It is important to him to make a connection with wherever he is and describes his work as 'unashamedly emotional'.  He loves 'hanging out with' or 'plugging into' Mother Nature and finds it re-energising. 

    Chatting about the importance of trying things out and moving on when things don't work out he says this shouldn't be looked upon as failure. His attitude is inspiring!

    Hear Bill describe how his Theatres in Danger book came about.  It's a beautiful book and all the money raised goes to the Theatres Trust charity.

    Don't miss this wonderful chat.


    Theatres in danger book


    • 45 min
    Eva Polak on impressionist photography

    Eva Polak on impressionist photography

    Eva Polak, who lives in Aukland, New Zealand,  is a photographer, artist, author, and teacher who is known for her beautiful impressionist photography. Through her books, online courses, and workshops she helps her students release their creative potential and turn their cameras into paintbrushes. 

    Describing impressionist photography, Eva thinks it is a way of seeing and engaging the viewer in the interpretation of a subject or mood. The primary aim of impressionist photography is expressing the effect of light and movement in a colour or a theme, saying 'We're not aiming to record what we see, but aiming to express how we feel about a subject.

    Eva goes on to give a valuable insight into how she sees the world. Her art expresses her personality and she encourages her students to do the same. She gives them the tools to find what's best for them - it's not about copying anyone. This brings happiness and allows them to have enjoyment and fun with their art.

    Running workshops and teaching students is a joy for Eva and she explains the need to overcome preconceptions. Who creates these rules? She tells how new ideas initially often get rejected and challenged but with education and explanation, these preconceptions can be worked through.  People can learn to understand why an abstract photo can, for example, be worth looking at.

    Living in Aukland and being surrounded by beauty, the ocean, and beaches, Eva does not have the need to travel far for photography.  She used to feel she was chasing that 'special' photograph and then she discovered impressionist photography.  She suddenly realised she didn't need to travel too far - just learn to see things with fresh eyes.  The sky is then the limit.

    Eva gives us a truly fascinating understanding of how she works - this is not one to miss!


    • 38 min
    James Midwinter - Monochrome surf images and "Waves Between" book

    James Midwinter - Monochrome surf images and "Waves Between" book

    Living near Fistral beach,  by the Cornish town of Newquay,  is the perfect setting for artist and photographer James Midwinter to capture his evocative images.
    Minimalistic and monochrome, his surf images are represented  in a peaceful, unassuming and quiet way. He explains how, over time, his life has become  interwoven with his art. Once he got in touch with his emotions his art developed naturally. 
    James' photobook, Waves Between, is beautiful! The name came about when he realised the importance of appreciating not just the wave he was riding, but also the smaller ones in between. As an introvert he finds himself observing surfers and describes how one image in particular, Mirrored Limits, sums up his love of small waves. He tries to capture the emotion of the little moments, rather than 'colour' or 'a place'. His black and white, ultra minimalistic style comes naturally to him and sets him apart. 
    Combining post-production work with selling prints and, having turned a room in his house into a studio, James is now moving on to painting. His book has been a real bookend to his photography phase and finds his creativity flows more rapidly when painting. 
    This is a really interesting insight into how James' artistry is constantly evolving!


    • 32 min
    Emily Endeans ocean photography

    Emily Endeans ocean photography

    Emily describes how she has turned her life-long passion for the ocean into a successful photography business. She loves to be out in nature and is addicted to incorporating this with her seascape, wedding, commercial and lifestyle work.

    This obsession began as a 4-year-old child taking family photographs on the beach and in the forests.  She beautifully describes fond memories of being in the sea with her family,  jumping over the waves, having a good time, and warming up afterward with a drink from a hot flask!

    Hengistbury Head is Emily's favourite beach and she is addicted to daily swims, capturing amazing sunrises and harnessing the energy of the water, setting her up for the day! The restrictions of the pandemic allowed her the time to really reconnect with the ocean and follow her passion for 'bringing permanence to fleeting moments'.  Her latest work is a new collection of 9 sunrises taken in the water.

    Workshops also feature in Emily's business.  She loves teaching and believes in de-mystifying the technicalities of photography, encouraging clients to develop their 'eye' and experiment.

    This is a  wonderful insight into Emily's lifestyle and her relaxed approached to business.


    • 29 min

Customer Reviews

4.8 out of 5
13 Ratings

13 Ratings

Karené ,

Meaningful and insightful conversations

So glad I’ve discovered this podcast. Very open and insightful discussions with lovely nuggets of wisdom. Definitely worth a listen, especially if you’re interested in photography or you’re any kind of creative. Margaret’s voice is soothing and her gentle manner shines through. I am hooked!

Soo_S ,

Leeming and Paterson episode

Just brilliant! Really gave me a new more helpful perspective on photography and shooting from one place. To dwell and examine. Really helpful and informative. Thank you Margaret.

cjward10 ,

Calm and thoughtful podcast

Really nice way to spend time listening to calm and thoughtful chat on photography, you will enjoy every minute

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