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’Radicals in Conversation’ is a monthly podcast from Pluto Press, one of the world’s leading independent, radical publishers.

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’Radicals in Conversation’ is a monthly podcast from Pluto Press, one of the world’s leading independent, radical publishers.

    RIC in-haus: Reclaiming Antiracism

    RIC in-haus: Reclaiming Antiracism

    Radicals in Conversation in-haus is a new podcast series collaboration between Pluto Press and Bookhaus, an independent bookshop in Bristol. RIC in-haus is recorded on location at Bookhaus. The bookshop’s ‘in-haus’ events programme features authors of some of the most exciting radical nonfiction being published today.

    Episode two features Azfar Shafi and Ilyas Nagdee, co-authors of Race to the Bottom: Reclaiming Antiracism, which was published last month in our Outspoken by Pluto series. Chairing the conversation is Nayya Raza from Bookhaus. They discuss the history of antiracist organising in Britain, from the Black Power movement and the 1981 uprisings, to the emergence of an ‘antiracism from above’ orientated around issues of visibility and inclusion. They also talk about theorising race and racism, the history of policing, and the challenges and opportunities the antiracist movement faces today.

    Buy the book: bookhausbristol.com/shop

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    From Carcerality to Abolitionism

    From Carcerality to Abolitionism

    This month we are joined on the panel by Françoise Vergès, author of A Feminist Theory of Violence and A Decolonial Feminism, and Aviah Sarah Day and Shanice Octavia McBean, co-authors of the forthcoming book, Abolition Revolution. 

    Our discussion focuses on the connections between carceral feminism, racial capitalism and the structural violence perpetrated by the state. We also talk about the political journey of Sisters Uncut, abolitionism, and formulating alternative approaches to questions of protection and justice that reject the logic and infrastructure of carcerality.

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    RIC in-haus: The Ethical Stripper

    RIC in-haus: The Ethical Stripper

    Radicals in Conversation in-haus is a new podcast series collaboration between Pluto Press and Bookhaus, an independent bookshop in Bristol. RIC in-haus is recorded on location at Bookhaus. The bookshop's 'in-haus' events programme features authors of some of the most exciting political nonfiction currently being published.

    In episode 1, Stacey Clare, author of The Ethical Stripper, is in conversation with Amélie from the Bristol Sex Workers Collective. They talk about why many strippers are identifying with the sex worker label; how workers in the industry are organising through the United Voices of the World (UVW) union; and the challenges they face, from both the mainstream feminist movement, and workplace closures in the wake of the pandemic.


    Buy the book: bookhausbristol.com/shop

    Find out more about the Bristol Sex Workers Collective: bristolswc.com

    United Sex Workers crowdfunder: gofundme.com/f/urgent-save-our-strip-clubs-our-workplaces?qid=86f5dfe976298d7352f579429c37af7a

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    Tangled in Terror: Uprooting Islamophobia

    Tangled in Terror: Uprooting Islamophobia

    Islamophobia is everywhere. It is a narrative and history woven so deeply into our everyday lives that we don't even notice it – in our education, how we travel, our healthcare, legal system and at work. Behind the scenes it affects the most vulnerable, at the border and in prisons. Despite this, the conversation about Islamophobia is relegated to microaggressions and slurs. At best, we see it as an individual moral failing to be condemned – though amongst the political elite, Islamophobia is more likely to enhance, than hinder careers...

    In Tangled in Terror: Uprooting Islamophobia, Suhaiymah Manzoor-Khan scrutinises not just what Islamophobia is, but what it does. Islamophobia not only lives under the skin of those who it marks, but is an international political project designed to divide people in the name of security, in order to materially benefit global stakeholders.

    We're joined on the show by Suhaiymah to talk about a number of the issues covered in the new book, and to get her thoughts as well on the popular podcast, The Trojan Horse Affair, and the discourse that has emerged around the refugee crisis caused by the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

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    Trespass, the Commons and the Right to Roam

    Trespass, the Commons and the Right to Roam

    In England today there exist nearly 120,000 miles of public footpath - half what it was 100 years ago and amounting to just 8% of the land in the country. Of England’s 42,000 miles of rivers, we have access to just 3%.

    The enclosure of common land, and the exclusion of the people who lived upon it, was a violent process that began almost a thousand years ago, and reached its zenith in the 18th and 19th centuries. This ‘accumulation by dispossession', as David Harvey has put it, was frequently met with rebellion, but nonetheless continues to shape the landscape around us today.

    The story of the loss of the commons and the emergence of private property is not just of historical interest. Today a third of Britain is still owned by the aristocracy, and the rights of the land owner to do what they please with their land are paramount. Property remains inextricably linked to power.

    We're joined on the show this month by Nick Hayes, author of The Book of Trespass: Crossing the Lines that Divide Us (2020), and a co-founder of the Right to Roam campaign. We discuss the history of the commons and enclosure, and delve into the power of trespassing as a form of direct action.


    Find out more about the campaign: righttoroam.org.uk

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    Black History Month: Curated Highlights

    Black History Month: Curated Highlights

    To celebrate Black History Month in the US, we've gone through the Radicals in Conversation archive and curated a series of extracts in which our panellists discuss different aspects of Black history in America.

    Extract 1: Episode 26 (December 2019) - Bill Mullen and Megan Williams discuss the evolution of the radical politics of James Baldwin, as it was expressed in his writing and in his activism as a public intellectual.

    Extract 2: Episode 45 (August 2021) - Farah Thompson and Jules Joanne Gleeson talk about transgender experiences, race and organising in contemporary America.

    Extract 3: Episode 49 (December 2021) - Lorenzo Kom’Boa Ervin and William C. Anderson speak to JoNina Ervin about Black Anarchism in a collaboration with the Black Autonomy Podcast.

    Extract 4: The New Intellectuals Episode 1 (April 2020) - Jordan Camp interviews Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor for The New Intellectuals - a series produced in collaboration with The People’s Forum. They talk about the history of Black home ownership in the twentieth century.


    30% off our Black Reading List for Black History Month: plutobooks.com/black-history-month-reading-list/

    • 51 min

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5.0 out of 5
29 Ratings

29 Ratings

SanCarlaLV ,

Brilliant pod

David Olusoga needs his own platform. The man is a mine of consciousness and it needs sharing with a wider audience far more regularly. Discovered the pod thanks to following David on twitter but I am now a regular Pluto Press listener. Great content, more power to your collective bow!

DurrutiDuck91 ,

More like this please

If only this podcast was produced more frequently… brilliant and enlightening discussions. I look forward to future podcasts.

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