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Thoughts, interviews, inspiration and practical tools to help you manage the self-doubt and ’should traps’ that come flying at you as you grow your business. Communication and confidence tips with the real you at the core. From messaging and marketing to meetings and motivation!

Self Belief Unsquashed Trisha Lewis

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Thoughts, interviews, inspiration and practical tools to help you manage the self-doubt and ’should traps’ that come flying at you as you grow your business. Communication and confidence tips with the real you at the core. From messaging and marketing to meetings and motivation!

    166: Give yourself more credit. With Ben Franklin.

    166: Give yourself more credit. With Ben Franklin.

    Do you give yourself enough credit? My guest Ben Franklin shares his experience from the very start of his journey - and as he puts it - the setbacks and growth moments will be part of your journey at every point - wherever you enter, whatever your background or age. 
    We explore the importance of taking risks, gaining practical experience, and overcoming setbacks and self-doubt. Ben gives examples of recognising the value of personal experience and skills. 
    We also touch on the challenges of comparing ourselves to others on social media, impostor syndrome triggers and handling negative feedback.
    We share our personal experiences and insights on how to build resilience with a focus on embracing differences and focusing on personal growth whilst taking inspiration from others.
    Connect with Ben Franklin - LinkedIn
    Listen to his podcast 'Ground Zero' on most podcast platforms.
    Also on YouTube here.
    In this episode we refer to a community we are both involved with - 'You are the Media' - more details here.
    Transcript PDF on my website trishalewis.com
    Video of this episode on my YouTube Channel.

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    165: Be More Skeptical

    165: Be More Skeptical

    How come you blindly accept 'expert' opinion and even default thinking about yourself! Common sense ideas and public opinion can be too readily accepted by us all.  Time for some healthy skepticism - time to get curious and examine!
    Who better to help us with this process than the philosoper Socrates? Whilst he might be long gone - his ideas remain as relevant as ever.
    There is a method of examining known as 'the Socratic Method of Thinking' - and it is clearly laid out in  the book I reference - 
    'The Consolations of Philosophy' by Alain de Botton.
    You will be taken through the 6 steps of this method - with an everday example.  You can then place any example of an 'unquestioned truth' into the 'curiosity' machine - and see what comes out!
    Video of episodes are available on my YouTube channel 
    More resources on 'self-belief unsquashing' to be found at trishalewis.com

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    164: How to negotiate with your self-doubt.

    164: How to negotiate with your self-doubt.

    Next time you fall into a self-doubt spiral full of negative self-talk getting you nowhere - try this! Use the 'principled negotiation' technique espoused by Fisher and Ury (expert negotiators) - to negotiate with your emotions and inner chat!
    In this episode I explore two of the ingredients of 'principled negotiation' - Separate the people from the problem - and - Focus on interests not positions - and flip them to a negotiation with your own thoughts/emotions/assumptions and baggage!
    Practical tool - we explore when, why and how to use this technique - on your self!
    I wrap up with some powerful quotes from two classic books I've had on my shelf since uni days - referenced below.
    Pull yourself up before you fall down the self doubt spiral and achieve - nothing!
    PDF transcript on the episode page at trishalewis.com
    REFERENCES in this episode:
    Getting to Yes - Roger Fisher and William Ury 
    Emotional Intelligence - Daniel Goleman 
    Borkovec - research on 'worry'
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    Find out more about my communication and confidence coaching services as well as my unsquashing mission (the book, the TEDx) at trishalewis.com.

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    163. How to be bored

    163. How to be bored

    Why do humans struggle with doing nothing on their own! Busy doing nothing - not as meaningless as it sounds. Here's how to get good at being bored and alone - a total reframe that will have you feeling meaningful.
    Research - Timothy Wilson 'How Much do we not like being bored.'
    Sunday Neurosis theory - Sander Ferenczi 
    Book - Flow - Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi  
    PDF transcript on my website - trishalewis.com
    YouTube - video of this episode

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    162: Afraid of being judged as cocky if you are confident?

    162: Afraid of being judged as cocky if you are confident?

    Is your fear of being judged as cocky, arrogant or a 'know it all' holding you back from simply showing up with confidence?  You are not alone!
    If you have ever been in the company of a 'cocky' type - you will have thought - 'I don't ever want to come across like that'.
    The fear is so real that you second guess anything that means you show confidence!  Like sharing opinions, giving good presentations, sharing your achievements etc.
    In this podcast we explore the fear, the mis-associations and the mix that you need to build your confidence - without fear of being judged as cocky!
    I share a really useful graphic from the book 'How to be Confident' by James Smith  - and a wonderful quote by Maria Popova (The Marginalian).
    We explore humility, competence and debunk some myths!
    You can view this on YouTube.
    More 'unsquashing' resources at trishalewis.com

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    161: Why do we overreact?

    161: Why do we overreact?

    If you have ever burst out into tears, 'lost it' or gone into a mild form of panic attack - and regretted that public display of intense emotion - this is for you! If you are human - this is for you.
    In this episode I invite my imaginary guest (a new feature) - Daniel Goleman (author of Emotional Intelligence) - to share insights on a powerful part of our brain - the 'amygdala'.  
    We also look at the part played by your 'triggers' - your very individual 'stuff' - including your learning style.
    As always - a story or two to illustrate, the forensics to better understand - and some action steps to try out.
    Nothing wrong with intense emotions - all part of our survival instincts - but...
    they sometimes kick off without a obvious reason ... and potentially creating awkward or 'squashing' after effects.
    I start this episode with a quote from a great little book called 'Anxiety is Really Strange' by Steve Haines
    There will be a video of this episode on my YouTube channel - and transcript available in the shownotes on my website.

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Customer Reviews

5.0 out of 5
11 Ratings

11 Ratings

LouiseBettylou ,

So refreshing!

This podast feels like sitting down with pals for a natter and a cuppa. It's refreshingly real, very human and Trisha's enthusiasm, curiosity and energy shine through every episode I've listened to so far. And I will definitely be dipping into past episodes - what an amazing, inspiring array of guests! Thank you Trisha!

Gordon Fong ,

Small steps to understand better how to represent ourselves in business

The whole world of marketing and branding (personal branding) can be daunting, off putting or deemed not for us if we are a small business or solopreneur.

It’s easy to get lost into the big world of marketing and how those with big budgets, or anyone with a budget, can do great things.

For the much smaller business or freelancers or consultants, it can be a struggle. Trisha talks to such a wide range of guests on her podcast that you get to hear that it’s OK to proceed slowly, picking up on the things you can do, at your pace and build on that.

You are hearing from other small businesses and solopreneurs.

Puck Creations ,

Unsquash yourself!

Trisha is all about being real and putting all of the squashing factors that make you feel like you need to hide or be somebody else out of the way. Her podcast interviewing technique allows you to see the real guests and it's well worth a listen.

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