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Actor Russell Tovey and gallerist Robert Diament host Talk Art, a podcast dedicated to the world of art featuring exclusive interviews with leading artists, curators & gallerists, and even occasionally their talented friends from other industries like acting, music and journalism. Listen in to explore the magic of art and why it connects us all in such fantastic ways. Follow the official Instagram @TalkArt for images of artworks discussed in each episode and to follow Russell and Robert's latest art adventures.
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Talk Art Russell Tovey and Robert Diament

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Actor Russell Tovey and gallerist Robert Diament host Talk Art, a podcast dedicated to the world of art featuring exclusive interviews with leading artists, curators & gallerists, and even occasionally their talented friends from other industries like acting, music and journalism. Listen in to explore the magic of art and why it connects us all in such fantastic ways. Follow the official Instagram @TalkArt for images of artworks discussed in each episode and to follow Russell and Robert's latest art adventures.
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    Marina Abramović

    Marina Abramović

    It's the FIFTH ANNIVERSARY of TALK ART!!! And what better way to CELEBRATE than meeting one of our all-time favourite artists, the warrior of performance art, Marina Abramović. We meet in her hotel room in Green Park to discuss more than 5 DECADES of making art.
    An art world icon and a performance art pioneer – Marina Abramović has captivated audiences by pushing the limits of her body and mind, for the past 50 years. Marina Abramović Hon RA has earned worldwide acclaim as a performance artist. She has consistently tested the limits of her own physical and mental endurance in her work, subjecting herself to exhaustion, pain and even the possibility of death.
    In her early work Rhythm 0, Abramović invited audiences to freely interact with her however they chose – famously resulting in a loaded gun being held to her head. Her later work The House with the Ocean View saw the artist live in a house constructed in a gallery for 12 days. Held in the wake of the 9/11 terrorist attacks in New York, the performance invited audiences to witness and share in the simple act of living.
    This major exhibition presents key moments from Abramović’s career through sculpture, video, installation and performance. Works such as The Artist is Present will be strikingly re-staged through archive footage while others will be reperformed by the next generation of performance artists, trained in the Marina Abramović method.
    Live performance art can be both startling and intimate. For Abramović it also has the power to be transformative. Experience this yourself through performances of Imponderabilia, Nude with Skeleton, Luminosity and The House with the Ocean View.
    Visit the Royal Academy's major retrospective of 50+ years of Marina's work until 1st January 2024. Buy tickets here: https://www.royalacademy.org.uk/exhibition/marina-abramovic
    Follow @AbramovicInstitute on Instagram and @RoyalAcademyArts

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    Sara Sadik, presented by BMW

    Sara Sadik, presented by BMW

    New Talk Art! We meet artist Sara Sadik, presented by BMW.
    Sara Sadik (b. 1994, FR) is inspired by what she terms “beurcore”: the youth culture developed by working-class members of the Maghrebi diaspora. Her work brings together video, performance, installation and photography in order to explore beurcore’s manifestations, while her references span music, language, fashion, social networks and science fiction. These narratives, which the artist regularly features in, often document and analyse beurcore’s social and aesthetic symbols. Starting from a semiological and sociological analysis of the “beurness”, Sadik  goes on to hijack these social clichés by deconstructing and reintegrating them into fictions.
    For the seventh consecutive year, Frieze and BMW continue their long-term partnership with the art initiative BMW Open Work. French artist Sara Sadik worked closely with BMW to present “LA POTION (EH)” - a video and gaming experience, using BMW’s My Modes and the new AirConsole technology of the BMW i5 as a playing device. Both works premiered in October at KOKO inside the BMW Open Work Lounge during Frieze London. In celebration of their collaboration, Frieze and BMW also invited London-based musician Loyle Carner as this year's Frieze Music performer. We loved seeing his concert!
    BMW Open Work is a joint initiative between Frieze and BMW, bringing together art, innovation, technology and design in a pioneering multi-platform format. Curated by Attilia Fattori Franchini, BMW Open Work invites an artist to develop an ambitious project utilising BMW technology and design to pursue their practice in new directions. This year, the invited artist is Marseille-based Sara Sadik, whose practice lies halfway between fiction and documentary. Her work, be it video or performance, is inspired by video games, anime, science-fiction as well as French rap, and puts forward characters facing challenges and striving to achieve moral and physical transformation through initiatory stories.
    Conceived as part of BMW Open Work 2023, “LA POTION (EH)” continues the artist’s interest in the possibilities of computer-generated scenarios and her investigation into the changing emotional states of young male characters. The project unfolds as an interactive video game, devised to be played exclusively in the new, fully electric BMW i5 as well as a video installation presented both on the public-facing terrace of KOKO and inside the BMW Lounge. Guided by the Avatar Neregy, a virtually alienated character who struggles to connect with people, the viewer follows him across different worlds, tasks, and challenges to complete his quest for psychological healing and transformation.
    Learn more at https://frieze.com/bmw-open-work 
    Follow @SaraSadik and @BMWGroupCulture on Instagram.

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    Roberta Smith

    Roberta Smith

    Talk Art NYC special episode! We meet American art critic ROBERTA SMITH from her apartment in Greenwich Village. We explore her career over the past 50 years - Smith first began publishing art criticism in 1972. This epic feature-length conversation gets deep as we discuss visual literacy within education and the 'meaning' of art! In 2011, Smith became the first woman to hold the title of Co-Chief Art Critic of The New York Times.
    Roberta Smith regularly reviews museum exhibitions, art fairs and gallery shows in New York, North America and abroad. Smith began regularly writing for the Times in 1985, and has been on staff there since 1991. She has written on Western and non-Western art from the prehistoric to the contemporary eras. She sees her main responsibility as “getting people out of the house,” making them curious enough to go see the art she covers, but she also enjoys posting artworks on Instagram and Twitter. Special areas of interest include ceramics textiles, folk and outsider art, design and video art. Before the NYT, she was a critic for the Village Voice from 1980 to 1984. She has written critic’s notebooks on the need for museums to be free to the public; Brandeis University’s decision to close its museum and sell its art collection (later rescinded), and the unveiling of the Google Art Project, which allowed online HD views of paintings in the collections of scores of leading museums worldwide.
    Born in New York City, Smith was raised in Lawrence, Kansas, and earned her BA from Grinnell College in Iowa. She was introduced to the art world in the late 1960s, first as an intern at the Corcoran Gallery of Art, in Washington, DC, and later as a participant in the Whitney’s Independent Study Program. During her time at the Whitney, she became familiar with the New York art world, and she met the artist Donald Judd, who would figure large in her early career. Smith wrote about Judd’s development from two to three dimensions, between 1954 and 1964, and began collecting and archiving his writings.
    Smith began working at the Paula Cooper Gallery in 1972, at which time she also began writing for Artforum, the New York Times, Art in America, and the Village Voice, where she has written important considerations of Philip Guston’s late paintings, the sculptures of Richard Artschwager, and Scott Burton’s performances. Smith has written many essays for catalogues and monographs on contemporary artists, as well as on the decorative arts, popular and outsider art, design, and architecture. In 2003, the College Art Association awarded her with the Frank Jewett Mather Award for Art Criticism.
    Furthermore in 2019 Smith was presented a $50,000 lifetime achievement award from the Dorothea and Leo Rabkin Foundation. Due to NYT's editorial guidelines, Smith was unable to accept the cash prize and donated the entirety to the Art for Justice Fund, an organization launched by philanthropist Agnes Gund, whose goals include “safely cutting the prison population in states with the highest rates of incarceration, and strengthening education and employment options for people leaving prison.”: "Roberta Smith has been responsible for building an audience for the art of the self-taught, for ceramic art, video art, digital art, systems of re-presentation and much more. Across many traditional boundaries, she has offered a frank, lovingly detailed assessment of new art and artists to her expansive readership. Hers is a voice listened to by millions of readers."
    Follow @RobertaSmithNYT on Instagram and Twitter.
    Read www.nytimes.com/by/roberta-smith

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    We meet American artist Tabboo! (Stephen Tashjian, b. 1959, Leicester, Massachusetts) at his apartment in the East Village.
    We discuss his love of painting, his collection of glitter, early friendships via Boston including Nan Goldin and Jack Pierson. We explore his 1980s move to NY inspired by Klaus Nomi and New Wave, which led to his own regular performances at the legendary Pyramid Club appearing next to other drag legends like Rupaul and Lady Bunny. Notably, Tabboo! also contributed graphic design for album covers such as Deee-Lite's World Clique. The curly lettering on the album cover became an iconic image for the band and the rave culture of the early 1990s.
    Tabboo! is a multidisciplinary artist and painter based in New York City. He renders his subjects in a direct, intuitive style, suspending figurative elements against dreamlike colorfields. Tabboo! often draws subjects from his surroundings, depicting expressive cityscapes, portraits of friends, or imaginative still lifes inspired by the plants in his apartment. He also paints large, panoramic works and site-specific murals. These immersive settings recall the painted backdrops he made for performances in the 1980s and 1990s.
    While performing regularly himself, Tabboo! also designed numerous event fliers, posters, and album covers featuring his signature curvilinear text, which still appears in his work. Roberta Smith described Tabboo!’s paintings as “delicious, fresh and transparent, revealing every touch of color, every pour and drip.” His work is held in the collections of the Hammer Museum, Los Angeles; Institute of Contemporary Art, Miami: Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, Texas; and the Whitney Museum of American Art, New York.
    Tabboo!’s work is on view in the exhibition The Myth of Normal: A Celebration of Authentic Expression at the MassArt Art Museum, Boston, though May 19, 2024.
    Follow @TabbooNYC and https://karmakarma.org/artists/tabboo/
    and https://www.gordonrobichaux.com/artists/tabboo

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    Ginny on Frederick and Public Gallery, presented by Stone Island

    Ginny on Frederick and Public Gallery, presented by Stone Island

    Talk Art LIVE!!!! Special Episode presented by Stone Island. We talk to emerging galleries Ginny on Frederick and Public Gallery!!!
    As part of Stone Island's multi-year global partnership with Frieze, we speak to two emerging contemporary art galleries
    from the recent London edition of Frieze art fair's Focus.
    We chat to two talented gallerists: Harry Dougall of Public and Freddie Powell of Ginny on Frederick to explore how they founded their art spaces,
    the journeys they've both been on since founding in the past few years and their experiences of exhibiting for the first time at Frieze Focus 2023.
    The section provides a platform for galleries aged 12 years and younger and Stone Island provide all galleries participating in Focus with a generous bursary, which is the equivalent of up to 30% of each exhibitor’s stand fee. This additional support, together with Frieze’s existing subsidisation of the section, will further aid young galleries participation in the fair. The partnership reflects Stone Island, Talk Art and Frieze’s shared belief in foregrounding the most exciting new artistic talent.
    Follow @GinnyonFrederick and @Public__Gallery
    Find more details on each gallery via: https://ginnyonfrederick.com/
    and https://public.gallery/
    Special thanks to Stone Island. This episode was recorded live in November 2023 at Stone Island's flagship London store, Brewer Street, Soho. Visit: @StoneIslandOfficial to learn more!

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    Navot Miller

    Navot Miller

    We meet artist Navot Miller on the eve of his new solo exhibition at Carl Freedman Gallery, Margate, where Robert is the Director. We discuss his recent paintings, his journey since his last Talk Art episode one and a half years ago and his future plans - including a duo show with the work of late artist Patrick Angus, in Germany in April 2024.
    Enamored with life’s fleeting moments of passion, heartache, and banality, Navot Miller (b. 1991) positions his practice as a record of it all. Drawing from the flow of moments and memories in his own life, Miller records the landscapes, architecture, and people he sees with fresh, inquisitive eyes. To capture these moments, Miller takes hundreds of photos as they pass, revisiting them later as the source material for his paintings. This part of his process-the transfer of composition from screen to canvas-is crucial, as it lends itself to a flatness of form, which Miller enhances with a vibrant, highly contrasted palette of solid pinks, yellows, blues, and greens. The forms that emerge are sectioned into flat blocks of color, punctuated intermittently by elements of richly blended paint that accentuate such elements as hair, skin, or flowing tapestries.
    The artist’s experiences as a gay, Jewish immigrant living in Germany figure prominently into his painting. Growing up in a rural Israeli village, Miller found it difficult to express himself and his identity as a young gay person. Upon relocating to Berlin as an adult, he found a community of creatives who opened up new possibilities for self-expression. In Berlin, Miller began to study architecture, but found himself filling his portfolio with drawn depictions of queer love, and eventually switched courses to pursue painting. His background in architecture, however, permeates his compositions, which are filled with dramatic arches and elaborate door and window frames. Within these grandiose spaces, Miller locates men loving, swimming, and resting, many of whom sport peyes, the curled sidelocks worn by many religious Jewish men. The artist celebrates these scenes with a brazenly colorful palette, an exclamation of joy and undeniable presence.
    Navot Miller has exhibited work widely in the United States and abroad, including solo exhibitions at 1969 Gallery in New York, NY; Braverman Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel; Grove Collective, London, UK; Wannsee Contemporary, Berlin, Germany; Carl Freedman Gallery, Margate. He has presented work in group exhibitions at the Palais de Tokyo, Paris, France; Werkstattgalerie, Berlin, Germany; Unit 1 Gallery, London, UK; and Art Zagreb, Croatia, among others. The artist received his Diploma from Weissensee Art School in Berlin, Germany where he currently works and lives.
    Follow @NavotMiller on Instagram. Visit Navot's new solo show at @CarlFreedmanGallery in Margate, Kent until 28th January 2024:
    https://carlfreedman.com/exhibitions/2023/navot-miller/ Open Wed-Sun, 12-5pm, free entry.

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4.6 out of 5
644 Ratings

644 Ratings

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Five star

I adore this podcast!Rob is my guru x
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Love this pod

Great podcast, my top recommends are episodes with Maxwell, Elton John, Tracey Emin. Still working my way through the entire back catalogue but latest series is best, Julian Schnabel and Ted Rogers both proper characters

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I love Rob!

This podcast is so brilliant. Rob and Russel
are brilliant hosts but especially Rob. Love the work they do x

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