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David Aaronovitch and a panel of experts and insiders present in-depth explainers on big issues in the news.

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David Aaronovitch and a panel of experts and insiders present in-depth explainers on big issues in the news.

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4.8 out of 5
440 Ratings

440 Ratings

Grognard 5419 ,

My go-to program

Some excellent analysis. The episode on the recent Supreme Court ruling on the prorogue of Parliament was one of the best I have heard. Just the right level of summary for someone who knew virtually nothing about constitutional matters

rüśśëłł ,


i used to really enjoy this show until i happened to listen to an episode about something i already had some knowledge on. was disappointed to discover that the show seems to have an agenda or a bias and is not looking for the truth as they would have you believe. such a shame; the format had a lot of potential.

ydhcfogi13 ,

Massively biased constitutional episode

The most recent podcast on the UK constitution was an absolute joke. David invited three massive Remainers on to discuss the UK constitution in the context of the Supreme Court ruling. Firstly, the programme ignored very serious criticism of the Supreme Court ruling by legal and constitutional experts (aside from the ludicrously biased studio guests). Secondly, the guests completely ignored the fact that this is a rotten parliament in the sense of the rotten boroughs of the eighteenth century - parliament no longer represents the will of the people as constituent boundaries means the number of votes required to be elected differs hugely. The Liberal Democrat’s blocked reform of this. Thirdly the studio guests repeatedly denigrated the vote to leave the EU - for example saying a blended policy would best reflect the vote to leave. What a joke. Fourthly the guests ignored the multiple breaches of the uk’s unwritten constitution by Bercow et al with parliament taking control of the order papers - this is important because parliament is not scrutinised while government policy is . All in all one of the worst most politically biased episodes ever

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