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Do you need regular advice and updates across a wide range of legal and financial topics? With our variety of experts and special guests, The Irwin Mitchell podcast covers everything you need.

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Do you need regular advice and updates across a wide range of legal and financial topics? With our variety of experts and special guests, The Irwin Mitchell podcast covers everything you need.

    Dealing with denial after a Dementia diagnosis

    Dealing with denial after a Dementia diagnosis

    Dementia is prevalent and the number of people living with dementia is projected to reach 78 million by 2030 and 139 million by 2050. Consequently, knowing what to do and who you can turn to, when supporting someone living with dementia, is vital now more than ever.
    Our host and Lifestyle & Estate Planning expert, Stewart Stretton-Hill, is joined by a panel of guests including Alison Hesketh, Nicola Hawkins and Vicky Lambert. Alison is a Senior Life Specialist and founder of Timefinders - a company which bridges the gap between the legal and financial professions and the care sector. Nicola Hawkins specialises in helping elderly and vulnerable clients with legal issues related to mental capacity, and Vicky Lambert is our in-house coach and counsellor.
    Together they discuss:
    • The issues facing family members when supporting someone living with a dementia diagnosis
    • Steps individuals can take to prepare themselves and their families for a time when they may lack their mental capacity
    • How to address the practical and emotional issues arising when an individual may not understand or accept their diagnosis
    • The legal framework and documentation available to enable decisions to be taken for an individual who lacks their mental incapacity
    • How to sensitively provide practical, care and holistic support to the individual who is likely to be particularly vulnerable.

    • 32 min
    Family disputes - who do you want on your team?

    Family disputes - who do you want on your team?

    In our latest podcast we're talking family disputes and the divorce process. Whether you're halfway through, figuring out your finances, or coming to the end of the process, you want to surround yourself with a team that can support you.
    Family law expert Zahra Pabani, is joined Rhiannon Ford, a Divorce Consultant and Coach, John Cunliffe from our financial planning team and family law partner, Marie Kilgallen to discuss why it's important to take the right advice.
    They discuss:
    The support available during and after a financial settlementThe role of a divorce coachSupport available after proceedingsTaking financial advice before divorce.

    • 27 min
    Exploring rehabilitation provision after amputation

    Exploring rehabilitation provision after amputation

    How people lose their limbs can make a big difference to the availability of rehabilitation services, but according to our panel, one aspect that always seems to be under resourced is mental health.
    Studies show that 30-40% of amputees suffer mental health difficulties following surgery yet support with mental health is not provided as standard. Charities can be a valuable resource in helping people rediscover who they are and what they can do after surgery.
    Our host and serious injury expert, Richard Biggs, is joined by Emma Joy-Staines from Steel Bones and Josephine Bridges from Positive Bones. They share their lived experience of amputation and working with amputees, as they discuss:
    • The challenges people face after amputation
    • The difference between private rehabilitation provision and the services available through the NHS
    • Positive and negative developments in amputee provision over recent years and their thoughts on future provision
    • The availability of charity support and the reasons why amputees turn to them for advice.
    Find out what our panel would change if they could wave a magic wand to improve services for all those affected.
    Listen now on Spotify, Apple Podcasts and Captivate.FM.
    Further information and resources are available at our website or at Steel Bones and Positive Bones.

    • 50 min
    Mediation or court? How to divorce more amicably

    Mediation or court? How to divorce more amicably

    There’s no ‘one size fits all’ approach to divorce, and each separation will take a different path, but how do you decide the best approach to take?
    When a marriage comes to an end, every choice can feel overwhelming, particularly if children are involved. Whether it's mediation or court, knowing the options that are available to you from the outset can avoid additional cost and time, and ultimately provide better outcomes.
    Coming together to consider the benefits and drawbacks of each are Zahra Pabani, Clare Wiseman and Claire Filer, Partners in our family law team, and Laura Heaton, Barrister from 29 Bedford Row Chambers. In the podcast they discuss:
    Navigating the international implications of the divorce processThe increase in alternative dispute resolution methodsThe options available to separating couplesBenefits of court vs mediation cases.

    • 35 min
    Love, marriage and money

    Love, marriage and money

    In the run up to Valentine's Day, Family law expert Zahra Pabani is joined by a panel of guests to talk everything love, marriage and money. Along with Marie Kilgallen from our family law team, Zahra also welcomes Rachel Maclynn, Founder and CEO of matchmaking agency the Vida Consultancy, and Sophie Foxton, a wedding planner from Gorcott Hall in Warwickshire.
    They discuss:
    How the matchmaking process works, especially in later lifeKeeping yourself financially secure in relationshipsStarting the conversation for pre- and post-nuptial agreements.

    • 40 min
    Camp LeJeune: toxic water and new U.S legislation

    Camp LeJeune: toxic water and new U.S legislation

    To mark World Cancer Day, our International Serious Injury partner Cheryl Palmer-Hughes explores what happened at Camp LeJeune between 1953 and 1987 and the recent changes in legislation that now allow for claims to be brought.
    She’s joined by Andrew Buckham, our military injury partner, Mike Doyle, partner at US law firm Doyle Dennis LLP, and Joe House, a veteran who was based at the training facility.
    Together they discuss:
    • The toxic water contamination
    • The link to cancer and other serious illnesses
    • The impact on those stationed there
    • How changes in US legislation made it possible for those affected to make a claim
    • How legal support could help you or someone you know.
    Joe also gives a personal insight into his family’s experience at Camp LeJeune and how it’s sadly changed their life. He’s wants to share his story and encourage others to seek answers.
    Supporting the Armed Forces and Veterans
    British service personnel and civilian workers were exposed to contaminated water at the camp between 1953 and 1987. This increased their risks of developing cancer or other serious illnesses. The deadline to submit a claim is 10 August 2024. We’re here to help you make a claim for any illnesses caused by your time at Camp LeJeune. Visit our website to find out more.

    • 24 min

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