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Painting and gaming chat from Madaxeman.com, covering all sorts of historical tabletop wargaming nonsense.

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Painting and gaming chat from Madaxeman.com, covering all sorts of historical tabletop wargaming nonsense.

    Episode 100 - The Alicante Lists Podcast

    Episode 100 - The Alicante Lists Podcast

    Disproving the old adage that the best things in life are worth waiting for, the 100th episode of the Madaxeman Podcast thunders onto the airwaves with an epic, 6-handed special all the way from Spain, as myself, Dave From The Podcast & Aussie Simon are joined by Gordon, Revolutionary Dave and Mark to discuss and digest the lists we all used at the recent Alicante competition. 
     That means there is some sort of analysis of the Ancient Britons, Ostrogoths, Visigoths, Mithradatics, Warring States Chinese and the countless  hordes of Aztecs shoehorned in among some tourism discussions, culinary observations, and insightful exposition about the contents of Spanish motorway service station vending machines - plus the first ever advert break to ever feature on a Madaxeman Podcast!
    This whole podcast is also available on the Madaxman YouTube channel where you can see pictures of the lists, some of the games and troops, as well as our tourism and eating exploits too.
    The army lists can all be found in the ADLG Wiki on the Madaxeman Website 

    • 1 hr 58 min
    Roll Call 2023 : The Top 5 Lists

    Roll Call 2023 : The Top 5 Lists

    It's been a while since we've done an ADLG Army List podcast, but with the recent Roll Call event throwing up some really interesting lists in a 15mm theme called The Roman Pond (armies and enemies of the Roman Republic & Empire that could have dipped their toes in the Med) it seemed like an ideal opportunity to delve back into the theory of list design yet again.
    In this episode not only do we go through the lists of the top 5 placed 15mm players, we also have 2 of the top 5 in the Podcast "studio" (aka Zoom call) in the erudite shapes of Paul Dawson and Richard Case.
    The lists we look at are all available on the Madaxeman website in the ADLG Wiki, and this pod is also available on YouTube with pictures of troops and the lists themselves too:
    The list covered are:
    Late Imperial Roman
    Late Imperial Roman 
    Patrician Roman

    Roman Clibanarii from Forged in Battle.

    • 1 hr 10 min
    The Normandy Landings

    The Normandy Landings

    Yes, a rare in-the-field podcast in which a team of 3 (me, Dave from the Podcast and Mike) storm the beaches of Normandy to visit Bayeux, Le Havre, several seaside gun positions, Pegasus Bridge, Rouen and Dieppe whilst also finding time to fit in a bit of Norman-themed ADLG competition action in between numerous bouts of eating, drinking, discussing former Fulham players of the last decade, and many other regionally appropriate activities.
    As such, sound quality is a little sketchy in some parts of this podcast, mainly on account of the fact a number of the individual segments were recorded on my phone in (or outside) various bars and restaurants in the Normandy heartland. 
    The battle reports and tourism photos from this trip can all be found on the Madaxeman website and there is also a YouTube video version of this podcast which also includes all of the photos too. 

    • 1 hr 24 min
    Le Herring Rouge!

    Le Herring Rouge!

    The only wargames podcast to tell you all you ever wanted to know about waterfly larvae returns with a springtime  Easter (Not All That) Special episode in which we execute the usual discursive tour through a multitude of topics, asking all of the key questions including;
    Just how much are plastic figures nowadays?
    Who makes the best Byzantines and why is it Aventine?
    Are two packets enough to count as a new range?
    Salute! Where to go, How to get there, What to buy, and most important When to roll up at the door
    There's also a taster for the French Competition special edition Podcast coming soon, lots of chat about gaming in the Roman Pond, a 3 month-long 3D printing odessey, the return of the wooden horse, tourism in Caen Castle, the lack of updates for the audio guide to the Bayeux Tapestry, a chat about whether Cataphract Camels can restore your mojo, and we also find out what exactly happened when Don Juan, Admiral Nelson, and Octavia walked into a bar.
    As usual, some of the stuff we talk about can also be found on:
    Tamsins Blog

    • 1 hr 27 min
    The Idlers of March

    The Idlers of March

    After a lengthy hiatus almost all of the podcast team return for a daffodil-sprouting episode at the very start of March 2023. 
    Despite the absence of any badger-related content, we do manage to cover shopping expeditions (online and in real life), take a diversion into discussing the merits of Siocast/Warlord Resin/"I Can't believe It's Not Called Airfix" plastic figures, get into a bit of Spartacan slap-chop via an azimuth spray disaster, go all Judge Dredd, barely mention cricket nets, explain to Adam what he's been missing all this time as a sidebar to the great "Amos vs Drummer - Who's The Expanse's Greatest Ever Character (and why it's obviously Drummer)" debate, talk about castles in Spain and why the second most successful Berber invasion of the Iberian Peninsula landed in Valencia instead of Alicante, have a peek at Andy's trophy haul and (eventually) learn how he ended up out of pocket after accidentally buying his own birthday presents from his wife.
    And there's a return for Andy's Quiz, with a brand new Two Ronnies-style twist this week as we accidentally give you the answers to the questions from the episode before last.
    As usual the stuff we talk about can be seen here:
    Tamsin's Blog 
    Spartacus Painted
    Xativa Castle
    Sonic Sledgehammer's YouTube Channel (yep, that's who we meant!)

    • 1 hr 53 min
    Les Petits Tanks dans La Bouche Du Bourne

    Les Petits Tanks dans La Bouche Du Bourne

    After a few weeks which went past in the flash of an eye, a full 7-handed (well, technically 14-handed) team return for more witless chatter and half-hearted attempts at analysis and insight in this tightly wound 90 minute post-Warfare episode.
    We cover the usual mix of painting and gaming and this week also have a "show special" shopping discussion as face to face retail activity takes place at two different shows. The bulging bags include many bits of plastic, a shout-out to a drybrush, much inevitable love for Leon and Pendraken, the smell of MDF in the morning, and a startling discovery that Heroics and Ros do in fact have an up-market French perfume retail business operating on the side.
    We also have a look-back at Tamsin's PLA (not "resin"!) printing experiment as a handful of us actually get around to de-supportifying and then painting the little plastic-ish blighters as a show and share experiment for the benefit of the wider gaming community. 
    Medieval Marginalia also gets a rare but potentially recurrent mention, idiot-proof army lists are debated, and we even find time to talk about playing games before Andy's Quiz once again hoves into full-colour view with a discursive argument about whether being "detained by the Ottoman Sultans" is a legitimate euphemism for deployment pre-watershed before we end with an unexpected plug for the South West's Best AC/DC Tribute Act. 
    Beachhead Tickets
    Tamsins Blog

    3D printed Gaul painted by Tamsin

    3D printed Greeks painted by Tim 

    3D Gaul painted by Andy

    • 1 hr 26 min

Customer Reviews

4.7 out of 5
14 Ratings

14 Ratings

Sparviter ,

One of the best

Probably my overall favourite wargame podcast as its primary focus is on gaming ancient / medieval with the excellent L’Art de la Guerre (ADLG) rules. Great banter with a mix of history, lists, tactics and events commentary coupled with a some light hearted fun. Highly recommended.

Orun ,

Reach for the five stars

Seven people talk wargaming as if they were in a pub. But there’s no pub. And if there were a pub it would be The Winchester.

Gogs8166 ,

Ann Easy Listen

7 people talk about painting and playing with toy soldiers. interesting and even sometimes amusing

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