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Painting and gaming chat from Madaxeman.com, covering all sorts of historical tabletop wargaming nonsense.

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Painting and gaming chat from Madaxeman.com, covering all sorts of historical tabletop wargaming nonsense.

    Oh My Aachen Nuts!

    Oh My Aachen Nuts!

    A decidedly Carry On-flavoured episode title hides within it a pun-tastic "five-handed" episode this month/week, as we take you on a road trip the like of which has not been seen since the Blues Brothers set off for Chicago with half a tank of gas, two packets of cigarettes and their still-iconic-now Ray-Ban sunglasses all those years ago.

    Our journey however thankfully avoids Dave and I duetting with Aretha Franklin and instead takes us through two world wars, a lot of stained glass, several centuries of Frederick Barbarossa's wedding gifting lists, 2 Sherman tanks, a castle on two rivers big enough to hold the entire Walloonian army (and then some), and some totally NUTS Belgian beer that you are served in, and have to drink from a ceramic WW2 US Paratroopers helmet (guess where folks...!).

    Then, eventually and somewhat grudgingly we break from the travelogue to discuss playing ADLG in a castle on the Rhine at the recent Braubach tournament, then go on to cover Roll Call, the upcoming ADLG Worlds, go super-deep with some chubby printed 6-10-15mm Etruscans, build lamp-posts for Mega City One, cover ourselves in feathers as we don some Eagle Warrior Onesies with the Aztecs, and of course end by hitting up a Eurovsion-themed version of Andy's Quiz. 

    There is also a bit of a gauntlet-laying-down challenge for all of our listener(s) this week. Let's just say that if any of you believe that you have been for a beer in in the ropiest bar in Belgium, well, I'm afraid we have some news for you...


    • 1 hr 36 min
    The North Macedonia All Stars

    The North Macedonia All Stars

    In this March & April episode the full suite of seven engage in an unexpected discussion comparing Warlord and GW's "Contrast"/ "Speed" paints that occasionally veers into actual proper wargaming podcast territory at times. Keeping with this unusual approach there is also a bit of a chat about 3D printing and the gentle wave of retirements washing across the traditional manufacturers and retailers in the historical space, and what that may mean for the hobby in the short and medium term.

    Fortunately this proper content is more than counterbalanced by an episode of World of Wor-Wor-War Sports punditry and analysis as we are joined by Roy Keane, Micah Richards and Alan Hansen to try and predict the winners of the upcoming 15mm ADLG competition at Roll Call 2022. This segment starts around the 55 minute mark, in case you really don't want to hear us talking about painting, or indeed trying our hands at actual proper podcast-like stuff.

    Finally, Andy's Quiz return with some answers from the distant past and a topical Russian Naval Disasters-themed set of questions for this week. 

    Tamsin's Speedpaint Test Lab
    Roll Call 2022 Runners & Riders 

    • 1 hr 41 min
    Badly Scripted Beer

    Badly Scripted Beer

    The Ides of March are upon us, and so it must be time for Episode 5 of Series 2 of the Madaxeman Podcast.

    This week a 6-handed episode sees extensive coverage of the Painting Challenge, discussion of competitions, restaurants and public houses of all flavours and dimensions in the pseudo-industrial brewing town of Burton Upon Trent, forward-planning of a kind rarely seen outside of a gold spray tan booth online booking system, an almost-ISITYAA discussion of Why DBA is the best ruleset ever written (and a simultaneous demonstration that we very clearly and absolutely don't script any of the rest of this podcast to boot) as well as the usual inane chat, observations about kitchen implement storage solutions, and links to pictures of Japanese soldiery of a 28mm variety.   

    There is also an episode of Andy's Quiz, including the answers to the last episodes questions (for those of you old enough to remember it). 

    Tamsins Painting Challenge photos 
    The Coopers Tavern, Burton

    • 1 hr 41 min
    Alicante Ahoy!

    Alicante Ahoy!

    Another year, another brand new experiment as we unleash a multi-session podcast recorded "in the studio" in the UK (aka on Zoom), "in the field" abroad (aka in a bar in Spain), and "in the 1980's" (aka in a coffee shop back in London with overly loud music playing in the background) in which some of the regular crew initially preview, then discuss half way through, and finally review the recent L'Art de la Guerre competition held in Alicante in Spain in January 2022.

    We are also joined by a number of special guests, and an even greater number of waitresses who all make a unwitting yet far more meaningful contribution than most of us can manage ourselves - especially after several bottles of red wine at lunchtime.

    Heads-up - some of the audio is a bit murky, but you should be able to hear the clinking of wine and beer glasses clearly enough to get the gist of it, even in the bits when the words might get a little lost in the background hubbub. 

    This podcast accompanies the Alicante Battle Reports on Madaxeman.com. 

    The Spanish music in this podcast is used under a creative commons license and is from the Watcha Clan. The original track can be found here.

    • 1 hr 16 min
    Christmas for Badgers

    Christmas for Badgers

    In what is likely to become this year's Christmas episode by dint of us almost certainly failing to find time to record another one in the next few weeks, the full Madaxeman podcast crew reconvene online to witter aimlessly about what they have been up to since the last podcast (which could be a description for almost any podcast on any subject come to think of it..) 

    As well as the usual painting chat, we unpick the piratey bones from the recent Brixham Devonian Classic ADLG competition, which saw 36 players gather for chips, beer, invigorating coastal walks and some incidental games of ADLG at the very site of the landing point of William of Orange on his way to claim the English crown, before going into the freezing details of the Warfare event held recently in Ascot. 

    Along the way there's a painting challenge, lots of cold-weather outdoor undercoating, several Samurai excursions, the Kingdom of Benin gets a mention, Perry plastics are yet again lauded to the heavens (Christmas is coming after all..), and a vaguely informed debate as to whether competitions actually have to be competitive to be enjoyable (spoiler alert, the answer is "no").

    So, sit back, make sure to keep dipping your brush in the water pot rather than that glass of gently steaming mulled wine, and revel in listening to the 205th most popular hobby podcast in Finland right now !

    Tamsins Blog
    Xyston Generals as Companions
    Brixham Match Reports
    Red3 Miniatures

    • 1 hr 35 min
    Oim Spartacus!

    Oim Spartacus!

    After every hiatus comes a podcast, and this week is no different as the full Madaxeman podcast team return somewhat grudgingly from an extended break of actually playing games, going outside and doing proper things in the real world - or in Tamsin's case, making one helluva lot of trees and shaving a few towels in the process - and step up out of their basements, dust off their parchment rulesets and head to their microphones to share their lack of wargames wisdom... 

    The end result is a decidedly unscripted second (and first non-ADLG-specific) podcast of a new series, as we compare notes on painting and not painting, discuss how weird it is to go to a show again (SELWG), engage in a pretty piratey Andy's Quiz and see a welcome return for Micah Richards and the World of Wor-Wor-WarSports as we preview part of the upcoming Devonian Classic competition next weekend and try and predict the winners of the 25mm pool in a more random than random sort of way.

    Refurbished Medievals in 15mm 
    Tamsin's SELWG Demo Games report
    Tamsin's Jungle Terrain 
    The God's Own Scale Podcast Site

    • 1 hr 22 min

Customer Reviews

4.7 out of 5
13 Ratings

13 Ratings

Sparviter ,

One of the best

Probably my overall favourite wargame podcast as its primary focus is on gaming ancient / medieval with the excellent L’Art de la Guerre (ADLG) rules. Great banter with a mix of history, lists, tactics and events commentary coupled with a some light hearted fun. Highly recommended.

Orun ,

Reach for the five stars

Seven people talk wargaming as if they were in a pub. But there’s no pub. And if there were a pub it would be The Winchester.

Gogs8166 ,

Ann Easy Listen

7 people talk about painting and playing with toy soldiers. interesting and even sometimes amusing

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