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Hassan Khan takes the reigns for the new and improved Off The Hook Podcast! Each week Hassan sits down with a new guest as they delve into their life and angling experiences.

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Hassan Khan takes the reigns for the new and improved Off The Hook Podcast! Each week Hassan sits down with a new guest as they delve into their life and angling experiences.

    Julian Cundiff - Nash Off The Hook Podcast - S2 Episode 57

    Julian Cundiff - Nash Off The Hook Podcast - S2 Episode 57

    This week we welcome long standing Nash angler, former legal “big wig” and one of the busiest and most helpful men in carp fishing, none other than Julian Cundiff.
    Julian takes us back to his formative carp fishing days where he was noticed after submitting an article to Tim Paisley and given the nickname “The Selby Flyer”. This nickname was fitting of Julian’s incredible work ethic which runs the course of his whole life but was evident in his carp catching exploits in his early years on northern venues such as Tilery and Drax. 
    Julian talks about his writing and becoming co-editor of carp Fisher working alongside Tim paisley, a role in which he mixed with the founding fathers of carp fishing such as Rod Hutchinson, Kevin Maddocks and in later years Kevin Nash. Julian gives an insight into his writing journal which is still to this day seeing him in print and at present he is working on another book to be released next year. 
    Back to fishing and Julian shares stories about how he balanced a thirty eight year long career in the courts with his carp fishing. In the early years this cost him relationships and friendships but his passion for carp fishing and hard work were always paramount to him in terms of importance. He talks about his overnighters and successfully adapting an approach over the years including his infamous “Claw Rig” that work perfectly for his short session style of fishing. He also talks about his UK personal best of 49lb 6oz caught from Nash Church Lake and how despite him now being retired and having the time, chasing a bigger carp isn’t of interest to him. Julian goes in depth on his relationship with Kevin Nash and Nash tackle which goes back to 1989.
    Finally, Julian talks about his healthy lifestyle, love for music and what keep him motivated in his angling now. He also shares his opinions on modern carp fishing media and why you don’t see him appearing on video. 
    This podcast is an incredibly interesting and frank look at a man who is a real piece of carp fishing history. They certainly don’t make men and characters like Julian anymore so sit back and enjoy a look into the minds eye of our very own “Jules”

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    Daniel & Lewis Daneshi (Reel Fishing UK) - Nash Tackle Off The Hook Podcast - S2 Episode 56

    Daniel & Lewis Daneshi (Reel Fishing UK) - Nash Tackle Off The Hook Podcast - S2 Episode 56

    This week the podcast welcomes a pair of carp fishing brothers who are not only incredible hauling machines both on their home waters and abroad but they also have a real passion for sharing their knowledge via their successful YouTube channel Reel Fishing UK, it’s Lewis and Daniel Daneshi.
    Daniel and Lewis maybe best known for their time fishing Farlows. They have regularly fished this local (to them) venue and over the years have developed and incredible understanding of the lake resulting in last session them capturing and incredible amount of the lakes stock and only doing two nights all year! They talk about their findings on the complex over the years and how they approach fishing on there. If you plan to visit this historic, incredible day ticket fishery then make sure you listen to the wealth of experience and tips they share.
    Onto a recent incredible underwater project “Syndicate Life” which was shown on their YouTube channel. The video shows awesome underwater footages of fish feeding and taking rigs, the stuff that primes the interest and understanding of every carp angler and at the same time maybe makes you think maybe a little too deeply. They talk about the realities of filming the project, their most memorable moments as well as their overall experience having their own YouTube channel. They end by giving some useful tips about growing audiences and generally starting you own YouTube channel.
    In the final section of the podcast Daniel and Lewis talk about their future angling, life and the realities of balancing working a full time job, family and having time to go and catch carp.
    This is a look at the modern day, real life carp fishing that everyone can strive for and attain if they are dedicated and passionate enough. Both Lewis and Daniel are the most respectful, helpful and stand up of carp fishing gentlemen and this podcast shows that regardless of how busy life is, there’s always time for angling.

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    Brian Skoyles - Nash Off The Hook Podcast - S2 Episode 55

    Brian Skoyles - Nash Off The Hook Podcast - S2 Episode 55

    Joining Hassan this week is a man with not only an incredible carp fishing pedigree but over sixty years fishing experience. His career has seen him writing for historic, iconic publications such as Carp Fisher and The BCSG 7th Book, working alongside other legends of the carp fishing world. Throughout it all he has been catching big carp from home and abroad as well as turning his attentions to his love for other species. The podcast welcomes Brian Skoyles.
    Brian talks about his life as an “adopted northerner” and how he found his way on various water around Yorkshire cutting his angling teeth. He recalls his angling on Emmotland, The Tilery and The Approach as well as his carp fishing around the country including venues such as Ashmead, Linear Fisheries and Hommersfield lakes. His passion for carp and his learning curve is clearly demonstrated and in true Brian style his incredible captures are very much on his own terms.
    Looking further afield and Brian reflects on the amazing opportunities he’s had to angle abroad in France, Holland, China and Canada to name but a few. From perch to carp he has tackled these waters and been successful in pitting his wits on new often unknown venues. It's clear that Brian is a true angler in the very purist form and his experiance and life long passion have taught him and incredible proficient and varied skill set, no fish is safe.

    When it comes to angling writing and modern day media Brian has done it all and got the t shirt. From being a junior features editor under Tim Paisley for carp Fisher, through magazine writing for Total Carp, Advanced Carp and Carpology Brian’s expertise and exceptional writing style has stood the test of time.  A particular poinunt chapter is his work with the late Kevin Green on the Haynes Manual On Carp Fishing and how Kevins untimely death effected him. Brian has also contributed to some incredible books including  “Floater Fishing” with Chris Ball. In more recent years Brain has taken his skills to film starring on Tight Lines and Carp Crew. He truly is a talented angler, great personality and has an instant likeability whether in print or on the screen.

    Finally, Brian talks about his fishing nowerdays, his love for other species and his ongoing seemily never ending “giving back” to angling in the shape of his coaching and angling in school tutoring which stems back to him starting a 1970s night teaching fishing believe it or not. This podcast is a incredible look at a mman who has dedicated his whole life to the sport of angling, Brian is a man who is unassuming but has achieved so much over the course of his career and all with his own stamp of class and quality.

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    Tim Paisley - Nash Off The Hook Podcast - S2 Episode 54

    Tim Paisley - Nash Off The Hook Podcast - S2 Episode 54

    When it comes to living legends, they don’t come bigger in carp fishing then Tim Paisley. In this episode of the podcast Hassan was fortunate enough to meet up with the man himself and record this podcast surrounded by a huge amount of carp fishing history in Tim’s own home office.
    Tim Paisley has changed the landscape of carp fishing forever in respect to his carp fishing writing which started way back in late 1970’s. From being Editor of the Carp Society’s “Carp Fisher" magazine in the early 1980’s he went on to form “CarpWorld" magazine in 1988. Tim talks about this whole groundbreaking process of putting carp fishing into print. He also shares tales of how angling was back in the 1970’s and 1980’s and reflects on the contributors to magazines at the time, anglers such as the legendary Rod Hutchinson. Another prominent part of Tim’s career within carp fishing magazine media was the formation of the world’s first ever weekly carp fishing publication “Carp Talk” alongside Kev Clifford and Chris Ball. Tim reminisces about his time working as Editor across all three publications and the amazing, eventful and colourful times he had.
    Not content with magazines Tim also has eleven (and counting) books published. He talks about his love for the written word and how his love of carp fishing really brought this to the forefront via his books. His books are really a labour of love and a collection of carp fishing historical chronicles over the course of his lifetime obsession.
    When it comes to angling in the UK Tim being a proud northerner has fished some of the most famous and iconic of places. He talks in depth about fishing and running both Birch Grove and The mangrove syndicates in Shropshire. He also talks about his travels down south to meet up with good friend Kevin Nash fish the Church lake, this is still the sight of Tim’s UK PB mirror at 45lb 8oz.
    When it comes to foreign fishing adventures Tim has amassed an incredible total of five seventies from three different waters. Probably the most impressive being the capture of a 73lb 13oz common carp from Lake Raduta which was the biggest carp caught in the world in 2001. Tim talks about his love for fishing abroad and how it suits his “session” based bait and wait approach to carp fishing. Tim also shares his thoughts on rigs and what he thinks is going on below the surface when fishing for carp.
    Tim has an incredible match carp fishing record winning the World Carp Cup twice with Steve Briggs and winning the World Carp Classic with Lee Jackson. Tim recalls the highs and lows of his big carp match fishing days and shares incredible stories, memories and captures from those glory years.
    Tim is an institution of carp fishing history and knowledge, this podcast has something from the most die-hard of carp angling historian to a modern day newcomer, Tim has forgotten more about carp fishing then most of us will ever know yet he remains so modest despite the monumental impact he’s had on our sport.

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    Bev Clifford - Nash Tackle Off The Hook Podcast - S2 Episode 53

    Bev Clifford - Nash Tackle Off The Hook Podcast - S2 Episode 53

    Joining Hassan in the podcast studio this week is our first solo female carp angler, Ladies Carp Team England Captain, former Carp Talk & CarpWorld editor its non-other than Bev Clifford.
    Bev has achieved so much in her angling career from incredible carp captures both home and abroad, editing the iconic Carp Talk and CarpWorld magazines, captaining her country in international competition as well as being an all-round pioneer for female carp angling. In this podcast we delve into it all as well as get a real understand of the lady herself in terms of her mindset and ambition.
    Starting with Carp Talk Bev shares stories about her father Kev Clifford (who founded the magazine which she later took over editorship) Simon Crow and various other “great and good” anglers that were part of this immensely popular weekly carp publication. She divulges the story behind the end of the magazine as well as various humorous stories about the carp scene at the time and her dealings working in a very male dominated world.
    Bev then talks about her mindset and how she overcame her “party days” to find direction and meaning through running. She is frank about her time spent burning the candle at both ends working and partying hard and how drugs and alcohol were a part of this time for her. She now competes in ultra-marathons and has very much taken a huge positive step in her life with an incredible mindset for success and bettering herself. She talks about a recent SAS weekend and her continued quest to push herself to her very limits in whatever she chooses to do.
    When it comes to fishing Bev is incredibly modest as she shares her success over the years fishing abroad on venues such as The Ebro and French public lakes. She also talks about a large variety of UK waters that she’s had success including RH fisheries Western park, Acton Burnell and our very own Church Lake. 
    Bev talks about the formation of the Ladies Carp Team England and how representing her country and captaining the first ever Ladies World Carp Cup in France two years ago was such an honour despite a disappointing bronze medal place finish. She is open about how the match didn’t go to plan and talks about the future of ladies’ international carp fishing.
    Finally, Bev talks about the realities good and bad of being a lady involved in carp fishing. She talks about her work with the Ladies Carp Academy (which she founded and runs) getting more new female anglers into the sport as well as a fair few stories and options on how things can improve further in terms of women and carp fishing. This is a great insight from a leading female anglers’ perspective into how incredible carp angling is and how its appeal knows no boundaries, it’s really a sport for all.
    If you are looking for a podcast that will not only fill you with admiration, humour and make you think a little deeper about the sport we love then look no further and a huge thanks to Bev for sharing all her wealth of information and stories with us.

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    Jon "Shoes" Jones - Nash Off The Hook Podcast - S2 Episode 52

    Jon "Shoes" Jones - Nash Off The Hook Podcast - S2 Episode 52

    This week joining Hassan in the podcast studio is a real carp fishing character, Birmingham’s finest and a man who has carved out an incredible media career in the industry which started way back in the 1990’s, its none other than Jon “Shoes” Jones.

    We all know carp fishing is full of characters and nothing goes to prove that more than this podcast. From his early years fishing the likes of Patshull Church Pool and Yateley Car Park Lake through to his modern day thoughts on media and rig safety, this podcast covers a huge spectrum of carp fishing and gives you a fascinating peak into the mind of “Shoes”.

    Starting his angling based in the West Midlands which was and still is home for Jon, he instantly found a real affinity for catching carp. Early highlights included catching “The Pet” from Farlow’s the lakes biggest resident as well as capturing “The Baby Orange” from the iconic Yateley Car Park lake. Jon fondly recalls memories of sharing the banks with carp fishing legends such as Rob Maylin, Ritchie MacDonald and Terry Hearn. He also tells a number of tales about the “antics” which went on away from the lake including some seriously funny stories about a certain pub scene at the time.

    Jon talks about his introduction to working in the carp fishing industry which came from Rob Hughes. He worked with Rob producing photography and video as well as appearing on tv with him. This time was an incredible time for growth in the industry and as Jon’s network grew his coverage and presence on the carp fishing scene was cemented. This led to him later talking up various freelance roles providing various forms of media content for leading companies in the industry. Jon recalls stories of his times away and at home fishing and working with the likes of Steve Briggs, Ian Russell and Simon Crow to name but a few. It’s a great look at how far he himself and the industry has come.

    Always know for thinking outside the box Jon shares his thoughts on carp fishing including experimentation and rig thoughts. He talks a great deal about being a responsible angler and rig safety which he feels isn’t always of paramount importance in the modern scene. There’s a very interesting look at his use of washed out baits and how this led him to great success on the infamous Birchgrove.

    Finally, Jon talks about modern day media and how the industry has changes especially for someone wanting to work within the industry. The podcast is an eye opening look at carp fishing from both inside and outside the industry. Whether you are after product development insight, baiting strategies or reminiscing about historic captures Jon packs it all in this podcast and all in his own quirky insightful manner.

    • 2 hrs 36 min

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4.7 out of 5
344 Ratings

344 Ratings

woodyintheuk ,


Recently come back into fishing and been loving the podcast, especially the series on Kevin’s fishing story! Bloody funny and so informative! Keep up the good work 🤜🏻🤜🏻🤜🏻

rural_idler ,

Amazing Podcast

Absolutely love these podcasts, found them a bit late so loving the binge listening, definitely helped me with getting the buzz back for fishing.

Would love to hear Chris Yates, carping royalty 👑🎣🐋

pdarbz ,

Massively addictive!

From the beginning right through, the guys just smashed it! Enjoyed them all! As Alan said late to start but who cares when there this good! Well in Nash team keep them coming!

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