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We are four ordinary Americans who happen to be atheists. In this podcast we discuss topics that are relevant to non-believers.

the Profane Argument, atheist podcast Ray, Karen, Jared, and Ian

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We are four ordinary Americans who happen to be atheists. In this podcast we discuss topics that are relevant to non-believers.

    Ep#213: Amy v Allison

    Ep#213: Amy v Allison

    This week:
    Zombie Hurricanes @2:00

    Ruth Bader Ginsburg died on Friday night. @3:38
    Quick question: How do you overturn a Supreme Court decision?
    Pastor’s prayer responsible? @5:30
    Intercessors for America tells supporters the timing of Ginsburg’s death shows this is what God wanted @6:46
    Let’s meet Judge Amy Coney Barrett @11:46
    Or Allison Jones Rushing?
    Why does it have to be a woman?
    Pelosi’s full quiver @19:36

    Trump says if Biden wins, “There will be no God.” @29:00
    Charlie Kirk says if Biden wins, “they’re going to come after the churches @32:56
    Scientific American endorses a presidential candidate @34:28
    The head of the FEC says the separation of church and state is a “fallacy” and that this election is a “spiritual war.” @37:11

    Trump & Cronies:
    ABC News Town Hall @41:15

    The Trump National Doral Miami resort will host a pro-Trump “AMPFest” conference with antivaxxers @44:09
    Trump scims his campaign @49:05

    Coronavirus: @57:17
    Get a flu shot in order to stave off a “twindemic”
    Drugmakers shielded @58:45
    Alex Azar has been pressuring the FDA “to abandon its responsibility @1:00:20
    NYT: The CDC guidance that said folks without symptoms shouldn’t get tested, even if they think they were exposed to COVID-19, “was not written by CDC scientists and was posted to the agency’s website despite their serious objections.” @1:00:57
    Monday CDC posts aerosol info, only to immediately take it down
    OH - Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine signed into law a bill that prohibits the closure of places of worship during pandemics @1:01:54
    CDC director Robert Redfield: “Normal” isn’t coming back anytime soon, and masks are the best defense. @1:02:19

    National News:
    Some Southern Baptists looking to drop the “Southern” part of their name are warming to the term “Great Commission Baptists.” @1:03:37

    Evangelicals for Social Action is changing its name to Christians for Social Action @1:04:37

    State News:
    TN - Tennessee school district has to stop with the Bible distribution, crosses, and Christian prayers at assemblies @1:05:25
    NJ - An alien spacecraft stops traffic @1:05:56
    OH - The COVID-denying #LetUsWorship concert series came to Cleveland where many folks were baptised at Edgewater Park, where there was a recent flood of raw sewage. @1:07:45

    Final stories:
    McDowell County’s Bigfoot Festival honors “the king of social distancing.” @1:08:48
    DeSantis new law @1:09:45
    Bloomberg @1:11:05

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    Ep#212: Trump's America

    Ep#212: Trump's America

    Religious Nonsense:
    This is what it was for some folks to work for Ken Ham’s Creation Museum.    @2:45
    Jim Bakker’s buckets of food    @5:41
    Sunk Cost Fallacy   @9:37

    CFI: Coronavirus Resource Center     
    FDA is keeping a running list of phoney COVID-19 products
    “Army ants will sometimes walk in circles until they die.”    @15:16
    AstraZeneca puts the brakes on a COVID-19 vaccine
    Trial restarts     @18:37
    Russian vaccine: “It’s clear that something is wrong with the data.”    @18:37
    Political appointees at CDC are blocking or making changes to scientific reports    @20:07
    The doctors and scientists are “aghast” and “appalled” by “egregious” and “despicable” meddling with its data.    @21:11
    USPS false information     @26:29
    You can get COVID and the flu at the same time.    @26:50
    Ukrainian Orthodox Patriarch Filaret has COVID-19    @27:42
    Researchers and doctors call out Dr. Scott Atlas, for spreading “falsehoods and misrepresentations of science.”   @29:07

    Trump & Cronies:        
    “You just breathe the air and that’s how it’s passed.”    @31:18
    Trump releases his latest list of Supreme Court candidates    @43:22
    Cohen/Trump/Falwell conspiracy    @47:22 
    Trump Says He Will ‘Negotiate’ Third Term    @52:46
    In Georgia ICE prison might be sterilizing immigrant women with their consent.     @53:31

    Survey predicts “an 11% swing toward Biden among evangelicals and Catholics   @57:41

    National News: 
    The west coast is on fire and NOAA hires a climate denier    @58:36
    CA summit   @59:48
    Exploding trees   

    Final  stories:
    Netflix has asked for more Goop.   @1:05:27
    Okay, there might be something alive on Venus

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    Ep#211: Trump makes waves with Losers and Suckers

    Ep#211: Trump makes waves with Losers and Suckers

    Follow-up: @1:30
    Sweden’s COVID death rate per capita is *slightly* higher than US
    Obesity is 38-39%, overweight is 71% @2:06
    Sturgis @2:42

    John MacArthur of Grace Community Church: “There is no pandemic.” @7:53
    Why people believe false conspiracy theories about the COVID-19 death toll
    What is known about the CDC’s claim that states need to get ready for a vaccine @12:22
    The timing, of course, feels suspicious
    Big Pharma has concluded that Trump’s vaccine promises are not good for consumer confidence
    The confusion from Washington is presenting the anti-vaccination lobby with a golden opportunity

    Trump & Cronies:
    Boat parade @19:27
    Losers @21:13
    Disgraceful reporting
    Fox reporting confirms
    DeJoy @30:51
    “Can you believe that bulls–t? @35:36
    You can own the Bible that Trump gassed a bunch of people to pose with @37:51

    World News:
    The AP reports on the horrors endured by Uighurs, Kazakhs, and other minorities @46:14
    The transitional government of Sudan “shall not establish an official religion @54:02

    National News:
    Experiment shows a significant degree of bias against atheist and Muslim students @56:21

    State News:
    Abortion providers in Tennessee are challenging the new state law @59:07

    Final stories:
    Orange County Board of Commissioners is doing away with the Pledge @1:02:05

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    Ep#210: America is Dying

    Ep#210: America is Dying

    Might we have found a ministerial exception exception? @1:04

    CFI: Coronavirus Resource Center
    FDA is keeping a running list of phoney COVID-19 products
    “Immunity boosting” against COVID-19 is not. a. Thing. @3:14
    More than 100 cases of COVID-19 are linked to the big motorcycle rally in South Dakota @5:49
    A COVID-19 vaccine is threatened because of a monkey shortage. @9:35

    World News:
    About a quarter of Canadians don’t think they need a COVID-19 vaccine. @13:44
    In Germany, right-wing extremists try to storm the Reichstag because they don’t believe in the pandemic. @14:12
    Charlie Hebdo is reprinting the cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed @15:58

    A group of 350 faith leaders do a mass-endorsement of Joe Biden @28:00

    Trump & Cronies:
    Pandemic advisor pushes Herd Immunity @34:54
    A federal judge is putting the breaks on the DeVos plan. @40:27
    “‘Interpretive jiggery-pokery’ in the extreme.”
    Karen shoutout @41:08
    Umaire Haque article @42:05
    Trump losing popularity in military

    National News:
    Concern about climate change among Americans is going up rather significantly @59:33
    Ken Ham’s Ark Encounter has a VR experience @1:00:56

    Atheists get better sleep than the religious. @1:01:45

    Final stories:
    Marianne Williamson attempts to diagnose the illness that gave America the QAnon infection. @
    Companies are hiring “divinity consultants” and “sacred designers”
    The Dilbert guy has totally lost it

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    Ep#209: Election 2020: Evil vs Adequate

    Ep#209: Election 2020: Evil vs Adequate

    The Center for Freethought Equality releases its congressional scorecard for the House @1:12

    Convention talk @2:20

    Trump & Cronies:
    Trump says the quiet part out loud (again). @23:45
    Bannon arrested @28:36
    Jerry Falwell Jr. is now officially unemployed. @31:40
    Kenneth Copeland has had his show on Trinity Broadcasting canned. @35:32
    Trump boosts QAnon from the White House podium. “I’ve heard these are people that love our country.” @36:31
    The Trump administration will deny coronavirus researchers funding @41:30
    Also: The administration doesn’t want the FDA to do any pesky “testing” @46:37
    COVID-19 may get to team up with another virus @48:38

    CFI: Coronavirus Resource Center
    FDA is keeping a running list of phoney COVID-19 products
    There’s still a lot of confusion about face masks with the filtered valves @51:39
    COVID-19 is causing problems in minks. @54:56

    National News:
    Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s antivaxxer group is suing Facebook. @56:15

    World News:
    Protesters rallied in Madrid to denounce face masks, social distancing, vaccines, and 5G @57:41

    State News:
    MS - Flag @1:02:12
    TN - Protesters on state property will face felony charges and lose their right to vote @1:04:28

    There’s a dent in Earth’s magnetic field because we can’t have nice things. @1:05:30

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    Ep#208: Grossly underestimating our fascination with our own genitals

    Ep#208: Grossly underestimating our fascination with our own genitals

    Neck gaiters are worse than no mask at all? That may not at all be true @1:36
    Mark Grenon was arrested in Colombia and faces extradition @2:46

    Harris co-sponsored Do No Harm Act @6:42
    DNC: @23:35
    Michelle Obama said a president needs to have a “devotion to facts and history” and touted Biden’s trust in science.
    Bernie Sanders said of Trump, “by rejecting science, he has put our lives and health in jeopardy.“
    John Kasich, the Republican former governor of Ohio who spoke last night, told CNN: “I swear to you, if I’d come out and said I was an atheist, it would get a lot less attention than it does when I am gonna say that I’m gonna say some good things about a Democrat at a Democrat convention.”

    Atheist morality discussion @:26:06

    Trump & Cronies:
    Final Senate report on Russian involvement @29:33
    Trump’s pardon @31:43
    An explanation of white evangelicals’ perceptions of Trump and how things are supposed to be @37:04
    The New Republic: “The notion that Democratic politicians are ‘against God’ is one of the load-bearing pillars of conservative politics.” @40:31
    Lest we forget @41:11
    What Betsy DeVos and her voucher-buddies are trying to pull @44:02
    Trump has a new coronavirus adviser who agrees with everything the president already believes. @44:25
    Marla Maples is now spreading COVID-19 conspiracy theories about Bill Gates and vaccines with RFK Jr @44:52

    Ian’s conversation with a stranger @46:22
    Jared’s juxtaposition @51:05
    WLM…? @56:17

    CFI: Coronavirus Resource Center
    FDA is keeping a running list of phoney COVID-19 products
    American Journal of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene traces about 6000 hospitalizations and at least 800 deaths to medical misinformation about COVID-19 @1:01:59
    Sweden @1:02:43
    CDC: Avoid Sweden
    Five members of Modi’s cabinet have COVID-19. @1:09:36
    One of the scam websites pretending to sell PPE was ISIS @1:09:51
    Americans have been conned out of $100 million in COVID-19 scams. @1:10:44
    My Pillow guy @1:10:56

    State News:
    Atheist Kelda Roys, a former Wisconsin state representative, just won her primary for the state senate, and will likely be elected in November. @1:14:05

    Final stories:
    Forget Murder hornets, meet fire tornadoes @1:14:27

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