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Stay current, relevant, and up-to-date in the world of property investment. Weekly property news and interviews with the UK's leading property professionals and entrepreneurs. Grow your property business, with Richard Swan and guests.

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Stay current, relevant, and up-to-date in the world of property investment. Weekly property news and interviews with the UK's leading property professionals and entrepreneurs. Grow your property business, with Richard Swan and guests.

    SAL Support for Landlords & Letting Agents

    SAL Support for Landlords & Letting Agents

    In today's show, we hear from John Blackwood, the Chief Executive of SAL (Scottish Association of Landlords).

    "Supporting Landlords and Letting Agents Across Scotland" is the mission statement that SAL, a members funded and members directed association, lives by.

    With close connections and regular dialogue with key areas of Government, SAL has been at the forefront of guiding and campaigning for cutting-edge initiatives that have supported this crucial area of the housing sector.

    Recognising the business and societal importance that the private rental sector brings to the country, SAL has championed the businesses in the sector and the value they bring to many tenants.

    From local meetings to national events, to the latest news and updates, to training and support, SAL offers a range of services and benefits to its members, and also crucially brings their voices together into a collective voice that gets heard in the corridors of power.

    In today's show with John...

    >>> hear the advice that landlords are being given during this challenging pandemic and how to help that crucial tenant relationship

    >>> learn about some of the key areas that SAL has been able to work with the Government in key areas of legislation and policy changes

    >>> learn how powerful the collective voice of landlords and letting agents can be

    • 25 min
    Burbeck's Optimism for Property's Future

    Burbeck's Optimism for Property's Future

    If you're looking for encouragement, excitement, and optimism in these uncertain times, then today's show with Alex Willcocks from Burbeck will really cheer you up!
    The bubbly, and often fun, chat with Alex will inspire our listeners and viewers as you hear about the remarkable family story of Burbeck Capital, Burbeck Interiors, and Burbeck Project Management.
    - Hear how this family empire has steadily and successfully built up from the very 1st project with a London flat
    - Listen to the amazing successes and active projects, but also the crucial lessons learned when Alex and his brother Jack nearly lost it all
    - Listen to Alex's insights about the power and results of staging properties for quick and highly successful sales
    - Hear how Alex looks beyond the bricks and mortar project to fully understand the end customer's wants and desires
    - From bare lights in multi-million-pound homes to missing carpets, to hand stains on newly painted walls
    - Learn lessons from the mistakes of others
    - Hear how Alex views a bright future if you can build your business on solid and careful foundations.

    • 47 min
    Property Investing In Ireland

    Property Investing In Ireland

    In today's show, we hear from an experienced investor and business woman doing amazing things over in the Republic of Ireland, Catherine Brennan.
    Property is property, investing is investing; we know this the world over.
    However, we also know there are the little details, the subtle differences between different regions, different laws, and different cultures.
    So close and intertwined with the UK, Ireland still has detailed differences that are handy for investors to be aware of and work with.
    With a rich and varied experience in the world of property and business in general, Catherine has worked in and around all of those cultural, economic, and regional differences.
    > hear about the overall effect and impact of the Celtic Tiger Economy throughout the decades
    > be aware of the volume of negative equity and insolvency situations
    > understand more about how the typical 'urban v rural' property differences play out in Ireland, and how Dublin shouldn't be considered as the only big centre of people and activity
    You, or your UK investors and partners, might already be investing in Ireland, or thinking about making moves there. Take this opportunity to gather crucial information, hear some tips and tricks, and learn about those detailed UK/Ireland differences from the wonderfully helpful Catherine Brennan...

    • 1 hr 2 min
    Property Pros Spotlight: Jay Turner

    Property Pros Spotlight: Jay Turner

    Today's show brings another guest into the Property Pros Spotlight.

    Jay Turner, from Fife in Scotland, has spent a considerable time in the property world, and is only going from strength to strength.

    In this episode Jay sits down in the studio to discuss his background, his story so far, his experiences and opinions, his wins and challenges, and his goals and aspirations.

    Jay shares from his vast experience and knowledge in the area of lettings and running a successful business. He talks about family life, demands on his time, and the challenge to balance everything. He shares his thoughts on property, investing, and the market in general. Jay also talks about the big decision points in his business and personal life, the thoughts that were formed, and the decisions that were made.
    There are a ton of insights and shared wisdoms that he passes to viewers in this episode.  And he talks about some of the deals and several projects he has underway right now.

    • 49 min
    How is Your Property Business Responding to COVID-19? - With Paul McFadden - An Update

    How is Your Property Business Responding to COVID-19? - With Paul McFadden - An Update

    Our recent guest, Paul McFadden, who was interviewed for his immediate analysis and review on the unfolding situation for business owners and property investors with the COVID-19 pandemic, promised that he would "sit by the Bat Phone" in case we needed to call him for another urgent update.  In today's show, he duly obliged...

    > while in lockdown how can we still work on our business and what areas should we focus on?

    > hear Paul's latest take on the Government stimulus around: Coronavirus Business Interruption Loans, Grants, Rates relief, and support for employees and the self-employed

    > why Paul is "busier than ever" during this time of crisis 

    > a reminder on his views on the global economic recession that he sees lying in wait behind this current global health pandemic

    • 53 min
    How is Your Property Business Responding to COVID-19? - With Paul McFadden

    How is Your Property Business Responding to COVID-19? - With Paul McFadden

    Due to the fast-moving nature of the global health pandemic that is COVID-19, this week's scheduled episode with Jay Turner has been postponed for a short period. That's a fantastic 2-part show that viewers will get a lot from, so keep your eyes peeled for those episodes being released shortly.
    For now, though, due to the current situation we have a special 'emergency podcast' bringing in Paul McFadden as a special guest to discuss the current climate that we face as people, family members, business owners, and investors.
    Watch today's episode to find out...
    > how the very real economic impacts from this health pandemic are NOT the actual global recession that Paul sees as still to come
    > how Paul views challenging times like these to test ourselves as leaders
    > the lessons behind thinking of the 'economic tides' being out and being in, and how they relate to the state of our business
    > how the key areas of Mindset and Due Diligence are what can help you thrive and survive in these times of uncertainty
    > how the current Government stimulus packages are very much required in the short-term, but also very damaging for the long-term.

    • 48 min

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4.8 out of 5
93 Ratings

93 Ratings

Gdev85 ,

Great interview with Burbeck really enjoyed it

Good varied content

Ben_Wain ,

Great content!

Although I only found this a month ago Ive already done the first year of podcasts, starting from the early days an working to the newer episodes. High quality and informative content with an fun and attention retaining delivery. Ive already implemented many tips into my daily life and I already feel much more focused.

Well done guys!

El Dee LD ,

Super Awesome

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