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Welcome to the Vanguard Podcast, where innovators assemble! We speak to people who are innovating within their industry or at the forefront of reshaping themselves or their companies in this ever changing world.

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Welcome to the Vanguard Podcast, where innovators assemble! We speak to people who are innovating within their industry or at the forefront of reshaping themselves or their companies in this ever changing world.

    Scaling Success with Andrew Bloch: Building, Selling, and Loving What You Do

    Scaling Success with Andrew Bloch: Building, Selling, and Loving What You Do

    Meet our guest, Andrew Bloch, a seasoned PR and marketing
    specialist known for his prowess in buying and building companies. Discover the intricacies of entrepreneurship and success as we delve into the challenges faced by entrepreneurs aiming to sell their businesses. Gain insights into the importance of motivation, finding the right buyer, and impeccable timing.

    Andrew Bloch's passion for business and entrepreneurship
    shines through as he offers guidance to those who may not have considered the journey of business ownership. Find out how enjoying what you do, setting goals, and embracing continuous self-challenge are pivotal to long-term success and personal fulfillment.

    We also discuss the transition from traditional agency work
    to a scalable partnership model and explore the differences between lifestyle and scalable businesses. Discover the key factors potential buyers seek, such as scalability, motivated founders, strong management teams, and growth opportunities.

    Whether you're a seasoned business owner or just considering
    your venture, this podcast provides invaluable insights into building and scaling companies.

    • 36 min
    From Curiosity to Capital: Patrick Molyneux's Entrepreneurial Journey

    From Curiosity to Capital: Patrick Molyneux's Entrepreneurial Journey

    Join us in a dynamic podcast conversation with Patrick Molyneux, the Partner and Head of Products & Partnerships at KPMG Acceleris. In this enlightening episode, we explore the vibrant world of innovation, entrepreneurship, and venture funding.

    Patrick's passion for nurturing innovative founders shines as he delves into the critical role they play in driving progress and economic growth. Discover the secrets to securing venture capital, the impact of EIS and SEIS schemes, and the challenges entrepreneurs face in today's competitive landscape.

    Whether you're a budding entrepreneur seeking funding or an innovation enthusiast, this episode offers invaluable insights and inspiration for your journey. Tune in to gain a deeper understanding of innovation's transformative power and the strategies to fuel your startup's success.

    Listen now and embark on a journey of innovation and entrepreneurship with Patrick Molyneux!

    • 44 min
    Comedy in Cyber with Ian Murphy

    Comedy in Cyber with Ian Murphy

    In a world where cybersecurity is often dubbed the "dullest" industry, there's an unexpected hero breaking through the digital defenses: comedy. Welcome to the episode that delves deep into the role of humor in the world of hacking, cyber threats, and digital protection.


    Join us as we sit down with Ian Murphy, the CEO and founder of CyberOff, a remarkable personality at the forefront of cybersecurity's comedic revolution.


    Discover why fear, uncertainty, and doubt (FUD) have long been used in cybersecurity communication, and how humor is flipping the script. Learn how laughter can build trust, making it easier to communicate the importance of digital safety to both professionals and newcomers.


    We tackle the challenge of balancing humor with technical accuracy when joking about cybersecurity topics like zero-day vulnerabilities. Understand the nuanced approach to comedy in different contexts, from engaging audiences at events to crafting stand-up routines about cyber themes.


    Tune in for a dose of cybersecurity, a sprinkle of humor, and a whole lot of laughs.


    • 41 min
    Flying Cars with Dezso Molnar

    Flying Cars with Dezso Molnar


    In our latest episode of The Vanguard Podcast, we dive into the fascinating world of flying cars and how they could revolutionise travel in bad weather conditions and reduce risks. 🌧️✈️

    Join us as we chat with a visionary designer who has ingeniously combined auto gyro and motorcycle technology to create an innovative aircraft 🚁🏍️.

    By using off-the-shelf motorcycle engines, this forward-thinker aims to make flight accessible to individuals and minimise energy consumption and pollution associated with ground transportation. 🌍🌱

    Excitingly, we explore the untapped potential of the experimental aircraft market, presenting a viable business opportunity with lower regulatory requirements and boundless growth prospects. 🚀💼

    Don't miss out on this visionary conversation!

    • 34 min
    NFT Artist of the Year talks Crypto, NFTs, and the Metaverse

    NFT Artist of the Year talks Crypto, NFTs, and the Metaverse

    Allow us to introduce Vesa Kivinen, an esteemed digital art pioneer with a career spanning over 15 years! In 2017, he was among the first five artists to venture into the world of crypto art and NFTs. Renowned as a leading artist in the realm of metaverse fine art, he has been honoured with prestigious awards such as the top Web3 Artists award by L'Officiel Arabia and the World NFT Artist Award in Korea. Moreover, his notable digital art project with actress Veena Malik in 2013 garnered widespread attention, captivating an audience of approximately 300 million people and receiving critical acclaim. Additionally, VESA is the founder of VESA Digital LLC, a Dubai-based company dedicated to providing comprehensive physical and digital art experiences.

    In this very exciting episode, Vesa Kivinen sits down with Phelim Rowe to discuss all things Crypto, NFTs and the Metaverse.

    • 1 hr 3 min
    'Everything is Connected' with Chris Woods

    'Everything is Connected' with Chris Woods

    Chris Woods is the founder and CEO of CyberQ Group an International cyber company. Chris is an experienced leader and entrepreneur within the cybersecurity realm, previously managing elite and innovating cybersecurity teams at the European Space Agency, HP, Fujitsu and UK Government with over 25 years of pure cyber Security experience.

    In today's episode, Chris discusses:

    Why IT and OT is a business-critical challenge.
    Where his passion for cybersecurity stems from.
    How the lateral movement from a smart kettle to a smart tv can leave someone exposed and vulnerable.
    The difference between cyber insurance and assurance.
    Home biometrics and why this has become the target.
    Why cybersecurity is no different to physical security.

    • 46 min

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4.6 out of 5
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10 Ratings

George "main" ,

Inspirational Business leader

Thoroughly enjoyed listing to Ian’s honest account of his background in the inaugural Vanguard podcast.

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