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Personal and Corporate Branding Podcast. Interviewing Branding Experts. Key areas: Personal Branding, Corporate Branding, Social Media, Digital Publishing, Book Publishing

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Personal and Corporate Branding Podcast. Interviewing Branding Experts. Key areas: Personal Branding, Corporate Branding, Social Media, Digital Publishing, Book Publishing

    Encounter with a Vulcanizer: Branding Lessons for MSMEs

    Encounter with a Vulcanizer: Branding Lessons for MSMEs

    Encounter with a Vulcanizer: Branding Lessons for MSMEs

    Every business has its ups and downs, but learning how to maximize each moment can help the business thrive and grow. You see, the ability to adapt and embrace new technologies is not just an advantage—it's essential for survival and growth.

    This realization came to me vividly during a seemingly mundane visit to a local vulcanizer because of a car tire issue. The vulcanizer, an expert in his field, impressed me with his knowledge and skill.

    I had learned that he has been doing this for the past decade and he is the go-to guy in the hood. However, despite his expertise, I noticed his reliance on outdated technology and traditional methods in his operations. 

    A critical lesson for small business owners can be learned from this experience: investing in modern tools and technology will enhance efficiency, effectiveness, and ultimately, business success.

    The vulcanizer, with nearly a decade of experience, was proficient in his work. His business was thriving, with a steady stream of customers benefiting from his expertise. Yet, his reliance on old systems and methods, such as a gas system for tire repair, reflected a broader issue many small businesses face. Despite having access to modern car tires and understanding current market needs, his equipment remained traditional, mirroring what many Ghanaian artisans use. 

    Considering this situation, I wonder why he hadn't invested in modern equipment such as hydraulic jacks or other advanced gadgets that could have created further revenue opportunities.

    This reluctance to embrace new technology is not unique to him but is a common trait among many small business owners who become complacent with their current success and expertise. Many fail to realize how technology can streamline traditional processes, increasing efficiency and competitiveness. In today's digital age, where advancements like artificial intelligence are revolutionizing various sectors, failing to keep up with technological trends can leave businesses at a significant disadvantage.

    The truth is that investing in new technologies and tools is more than just an upgrade; it's a strategic move that can dramatically enhance a business's operational efficiency and customer satisfaction. Modern equipment can speed up service delivery, improve the quality of work, and attract a broader customer base looking for quicker, more reliable services.

    The thing is that adopting modern vulcanizing tools can significantly transform the vulcanizer's business by making tire repairs and changes faster and more efficient. Hydraulic jacks, for instance, speed up the process of lifting vehicles, allowing for quicker service, while impact wrenches make removing and tightening lug nuts much faster than manual methods. 

    This efficiency means a vulcanizer can serve more customers in a day, increasing business turnover. You see their tons of them, tools like modern tire changers and wheel balancers ensure that tires are fitted and balanced with precision, enhancing the quality of service. Such efficiency and accuracy not only boost customer satisfaction but also reduce the likelihood of errors, making the service more reliable.

    Here again, the use of advanced equipment like high-quality air compressors for inflating tires to the correct pressure and vulcanizing machines for effective puncture repairs ensures that the job is done right the first time. This level of professionalism and quality attracts customers who value their time and vehicle safety, potentially allowing the vulcanizer to charge a premium for superior service. Safety is another critical benefit,

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    Personal Branding: Overlooked Feet, Unreached Feat

    Personal Branding: Overlooked Feet, Unreached Feat

    “Where you plant your feet determines your feats.” --- Bernard Kelvin Clive

    Let me share this with you. 

    One morning, while I was cleaning my car, I noticed something interesting. I had worked hard to make the car's body look shiny and clean, even though there was a lot of dust around because of the Harmattan season. But when I stepped back to look at my work, I saw that the tires were still dirty. This made the whole car not look as nice as I thought.

    This situation reminded me of a lesson from my childhood. When we were kids, my uncles would tell us to make sure we washed the tires of the car really well, not just the body. They said that a car doesn't look completely clean if its tires are dirty, even if the rest of it is spotless. They kept reminding us that this was important, showing us that we often focused on the parts that were easy to see and forgot about the rest.

    This lesson is not just about cars; it's also about life. A car needs good, clean tires to move properly, just like we need to take care of all parts of our lives to succeed. It doesn't matter how good something looks on the outside; if the parts that really matter, like the tires on a car and the engine, aren't in good shape, then it won't work well.

    So, washing my car and seeing the difference after cleaning the tires made me think about how important it is to pay attention to everything, not just what people see first. Just like the car, we need to make sure we're taking care of the important parts of our lives, not just the ones that look good to others. This teaches us to be thorough and to remember that every part, no matter how small or hidden, counts in making something complete and ready to go.

    Just like people spend a lot of money on nice rims for their car tires to make their cars look great, we should also take care of our feet because they carry us around. This is kind of like saying that in life, our feet are super important because they help us stand and move. If you're into bodybuilding, you know that every part of your body needs to be strong to carry yourself, especially your feet/legs. It's the same with our feet in real life.

    Our feet are like the base or foundation of everything we do. When we're doing anything in life, having strong feet (or a strong foundation) means we can handle tough times, carry heavy loads, and go to amazing places. So, it's really important to think about how we take care of our feet and what we're asking them to do. It's like asking, "Have I made myself strong enough to take on new challenges in my work, my personal goals, or whatever I'm trying to build?"

    Think about what you wear on your feet and what kind of load you're expecting them to carry. Building a strong foundation, or making sure our feet are ready, is super important. It helps us be ready for the next step in whatever we're doing, like moving up in our jobs, growing a business, or making our brand better. Investing time and effort into making our foundation strong means we're ready to take on what we dream of doing.

    So, it's all about making sure we're ready and strong from the ground up. Just like a car with fancy rims stands out, making sure our foundation (our feet) is strong can help us stand out and succeed in what we're aiming for.

    Our feet play a central role in how we present ourselves, both as individuals and as brands. When people see us, one of the first things they notice is our feet. This makes our feet a key part of our foundation, something that supports and holds us up. It's really important to wear good shoes, as they say a lot about our appearance. 

    You might be dressed really nicely,

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    2024 Unlocking your Personal Brand to Soar

    2024 Unlocking your Personal Brand to Soar

    How to Grow Your Personal Brand in 2024

    It’s to take your brand to the next level.

    Whether you're a new brand or an established one, you need to achieve at least one of these milestones/goals in the upcoming year to remain relevant and competitive.

    1. Raise the bar on yourself

    It is all about having a growth mindset to place a demand on yourself to go higher and do better. Let me draw your attention to this simple observation: I know several brands in my circle that offer the same services and products of high quality and standard, yet they are underpaid by their clients. Why? Well, my survey revealed one major setback: a lack of confidence in their expertise. They lack the boldness to price their products and services as they deserve. Let me break it down this way.

    The Psychology of Pricing with Confidence:

    * Imposter Syndrome: Many people, regardless of their abilities and accomplishments, suffer from imposter syndrome. They believe they are unworthy of charging what their services are worth. Improving pricing confidence requires overcoming imposter syndrome.

    * Underestimating Expertise: Professionals frequently underestimate the expertise they bring to the table. This could be due to a lack of understanding of the particular value they offer or a concern about pricing themselves out of the market.

    * Fear of Rejection: There is widespread anxiety that clients may reject higher costs. Because of this anxiety, people may underprice their services to secure business, even if it means they are not fairly compensated for their abilities and efforts.

    Listen, if you don’t place a premium price on yourself, others will treat you like a commodity.

    Truth be told, you are powerful, gifted, talented, and skilled. Yes, you, you have to believe that.

    It all begins with self-belief and confidence in one’s abilities.

    Perhaps, you have settled for crumbs for your brand and business.

    No! Yours is the gold, gear up and go for it. Until you raise the bar on yourself and work toward becoming a better version of yourself, you will only have the leftovers of those who dare and do mightier things.

    Building confidence in yourself is building confidence in your brand.

    If you’ve been doing well, great! It’s time to step up your game and go up the notch. Stretch for a higher and greater opportunity.

    You can do more.

    In the coming weeks, months, and years, lift your game, pursue excellence, and master your craft.

    2. Build Capacity for Growth

    Any brand that does not grow fades away. The competition is fierce, and the noise out there is loud. If you don’t build yourself up and create significant capacity for growth and expansion, you will fade out faster than you think. This demands consistent improvement, exploration, charting new terrains, and pursuing bigger goals.

    Over the past year, many interesting things happened, and some went viral on social media – from Nigeria's Hilda Baci breaking the Guinness World Record for the longest cooking time to Afua Asantewaa Aduonum of Ghana attempting to break the Guinness World Record for the longest singing marathon by an individual. A few things stand out. Firstly, the desire to break a record – that audacious attempt is worth commending. The second thing is that these records were way beyond their capacity, but they had to build the capacity to get it done. It stretches them, it challenges them, and it also gives reason for others to attempt breaki...

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    Top 5 AI-Powered Tools for Content Generation & Brand Promotion

    Top 5 AI-Powered Tools for Content Generation & Brand Promotion

    How can you enhance your content creation and branding with these five productivity tools?

    Enhancing Productivity in Content Creation and Branding

    In today's podcast, I discuss five productivity tools that can significantly enhance content creation and branding. So, I'll share some insights from that episode, focusing on the importance of finding the right tools to boost productivity and maintain your unique voice while creating content and building your personal brand.

    1 The Power of Audio-to-Text Tools

    The first tool I discussed was Swellai.com, a powerful tool for recording and transcribing audio. What sets Swell Icon apart is its ability to generate titles, summaries, article formats, and even social media shareable content based on the audio message. This feature is particularly useful for podcasters, as it allows us to maintain our unique voice while using AI content-generating tools.

    2 Proofreading and Editing with Grammarly

    Next, I delved into the world of proofreading and editing with Grammarly. This tool quickly spots grammatical errors and provides corrections, making it an invaluable asset for content creators. Other tools like Quillbot and ChatGPT can also be used for proofreading, but Grammarly stands out for its ease of use and accuracy.

    3 Simplified.com: A One-Stop Content Creation Platform

    I also discussed Simplified.com, a platform that offers various features like graphic designing, image generation, video editing, and social media content creation. It's a one-stop platform for generating extra content in different formats and also allows for sharing and promotion on social media.

    4 The Versatility of Canva

    Canva, a popular platform for creating graphics and text, was another tool I highlighted. Canva is an AI-integrated tool that allows users to create various types of content, such as infographics, social media posts, and document formats. The free version of Canva is highly versatile and can be used for writing content, designing book covers, and creating social media posts. Canva provides a wide range of templates to assist users in their content creation process, saving them time and energy.

    5 Selling Digital Products with Gumroad

    Finally, I discussed Gumroad, a platform that helps users market and sell their digital products. After going through the content creation process, users may have something they want to sell, such as a digital product or a recording. Gumroad provides an easy-to-use platform for selling various types of products, including courses.

    The Importance of AI-Powered Tools

    In today's digital age, using AI-powered tools to work faster and more efficiently is crucial. By combining these tools effectively and positioning oneself in the market, users can achieve significant productivity gains. Whether you're a podcaster, a blogger, or a digital marketer, these tools can help you streamline your content creation process and build a stronger personal brand.

    The right tools can significantly enhance your productivity and help you maintain your unique voice while creating content and building your personal brand. Whether it's Swell Icon, Grammarly, Simplified.com, Canva, or Gumroad, each tool offers unique features that can help you work faster and more efficiently. So why not give them a try and see how they can transform your content creation and branding process?

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    Growing in times Like These!

    Growing in times Like These!

    Building your brand in challenging times

    Growing in times Like These!

    The acronym for GROWTH is a great tool for personal and professional growth. Each letter represents an important trait or action that can help you navigate the different stages of growth. Let's go through each one:

    G- Grits & Guts: Grit is a combination of perseverance and passion for long-term goals. It means having the determination to see something through to the end, even when things get difficult. Guts, on the other hand, is the courage to take risks and try new things, even if you're not sure you'll succeed. Together, grits and guts can help you take on new challenges and overcome obstacles in your path to growth.

    R- Reason & Research: Reasoning and research are essential for making informed decisions and setting realistic goals. By being logical and analytical, you can evaluate different options and choose the best course of action. Researching and gathering information also allows you to have a more well-rounded understanding of the situation and can help you to make more well-informed decisions.

    O- Objectivity and Oscillating: Objectivity is the ability to look at things objectively and to see them for what they are, rather than getting bogged down by emotions or biases. Oscillating, or being flexible and adaptable, means being able to adjust to change and to see things from different perspectives. Together, objectivity and oscillating can help you to be adaptable and make the most of new opportunities.

    W- Work: Of course, no growth can happen without putting in the work. Consistent and deliberate effort is key to achieving any goal and making progress.

    T- Tenacity: As previously discussed, Tenacity is the ability to persist in the face of adversity and keep going despite obstacles. It is the willingness to keep pushing forward even when things get tough, and the determination to not let setbacks and failures defeat you. It is this persistence and determination that allows people to achieve great things, even in the face of seemingly insurmountable challenges.

    H- Humility: As previously discussed, humility is an important trait for growth because it allows you to acknowledge your limitations and areas for improvement, and to learn from others. When you approach new challenges and experiences with humility, you're more open to learning, feedback, and critique, which can help you grow and develop in new ways.

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    Books by Bernard Kelvin Clive

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    Quick Guide to Monetizing your New Found Passion

    Quick Guide to Monetizing your New Found Passion

    13 years ago, I had the privilege of meeting Kobby Blay, a driven and passionate young nurse. It was at the peak of my first book launch and blog and I was doing multiple radio and TV interviews. We all felt passionately committed to driving positive change in our society through our gifts and passions. Kobby was on a mission to fill the gap in health information through his blog and medical photography. His unwavering passion led to the creation of the highly successful Ghana Health Nest, which has become a trusted source of health information. Kobby's passion project has taken him on a journey around the world, and it can happen to you too!

    I have seen firsthand how several of my friends have transformed their passions into profitable ventures. Today, I am thrilled to share my knowledge and offer tips and strategies to help you kickstart your own passion-driven business. It all starts with taking that first step and starting today!

    Are you tired of working in a job that doesn't fulfill you or align with your passions? Are you ready to turn your passions into a profitable business? If so, you're not alone. Many young professionals dream of turning their passions into a successful career, but often struggle with knowing how to get started. That's where this guide comes in.

    Turning your passions into a profitable business is not only a way to make a living doing what you love, but it's also a way to live a more fulfilling life. By pursuing your passions, you can bring your unique talents and skills to the world, and make a positive impact in the process.

    So, how do you turn your passions into profits? Here are some key steps to get you started:

    * Identifying your passions and skills: To monetize your passions, it's important to first identify what you are good at and what you enjoy doing. This could be anything from cooking, writing, photography, or any other skill or hobby that you are passionate about. Once you have identified your passions and skills, you should circle what you want to monetize and focus on. This could be something that you have been doing for years and have become an expert in or something that you have recently developed a strong interest in.

    * Packaging your skills and passions: Once you have identified what you want to monetize, the next step is to package your skills and passions into a product or service that you can sell. This could be anything from writing an e-book, offering cooking classes, selling photographs, or any other way that you can monetize your skills and passions. The key here is to find a way to turn your skills and passions into a product or service that others will be willing to pay for. That's the catch - you need a product or service that people will pay money for, otherwise your efforts will be futile and frustrating. 

    * Getting your product to market: Once you have packaged your skills and passions into a product or service, the next step is to get it to the market. Marketing starts right from the conception of the idea of the product or service. This could be done through a variety of channels such as social media, word of mouth, online advertising, or any other way that you can reach your target market. You can simply place a post on your WhatsApp status or Social Media page to test the market if they are interested in it. This stage can also provide valuable feedback for your product, so pay attention to what people will be saying and filter them well to your advantage. You can also consider building a website or creating a portfolio to showcase your work and make it easy for potential customers to find and purchase your products.

    * Establishing systems and processes: To ensure that you deliver an excel...

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44 Ratings

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Bernard Kelvin Clive has inspired me greatly to start my own business and gained significantly. I am indebted to him for inspiring me with his nuggets of wisdom and teaching. This podcast is only a little of what he does to raise people and businesses up!

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