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Blind Guys chat is a biweekly podcast, produced by two blind guys, one in Ireland and one in the Netherlands. The show takes an easy and breezy approach to life, disability, technology, and just about anything else that the blind guys think of!
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Blind Guys chat is a biweekly podcast, produced by two blind guys, one in Ireland and one in the Netherlands. The show takes an easy and breezy approach to life, disability, technology, and just about anything else that the blind guys think of!
We'd love to hear from you so get in touch by email to BlindGuysChat@gmail.com and follow BlindGuysChat on Twitter.

    #101: All Dots Up!

    #101: All Dots Up!

    Hello our favourite A.I. bots! We hope you are well, and are looking forward to another fantastic episode of Blind Guys Chat. We begin this week’s show with a health warning, or should that be a sandwich warning!?! Yes, it seems that Sjef was a bit of a bold doggy during the week, as he managed to get his mouth around a sandwich belonging to one of Jan's colleagues. However, it looks like Sjef won’t be imprisoned any time soon as there was no evidence of a crime having been committed. Yes, Sjef is keeping his mouth shut on this mystery. Clever boy! Not even Sherlock Holmes could solve this one!

    Our guest this week is Jesse Wienholts. Jesse works for Royal Dutch Visio in the Netherlands. He brings the Guys up to speed on upcoming innovations for blind and vision impaired people. He has tested out many new products, including 'Glidance' a prototype guide dog; this one doesn't eat sandwiches apparently! He also talks about the multiline braille display 'Monarch', as well as the upcoming Envision Assistant and a new GPS app called 'Voice Vision'. He has also been playing a game called 'Top Speed' and we ask, are video games for blind players really just about pressing buttons with no real sense of immersion?

    It's a welcome return to our former co-host Mr Stuart Lawler who is back on the show fresh from his bed because he has been burning the candle at both ends due to the International Conference on English Braille being held in New Zealand. Thanks for staying up late Stuart, now give us the skinny on this year’s ICEB.

    And for those of you looking for an assistive tech bargain - Humanware and Sight and Sound currently have a sale on.

    So, forget about the fact the longest day of the year is behind us. Forget that fact that you still don't have a holiday booked, and instead remember all you really need is to sit down with a cuppa joe and listen to the most informative podcast this side of a polar bear sliding down a glacier: Blind Guys Chat. 6 out of 10 robot guide dogs prefer it to eating electrodes!

    Links for this show:
    · Royal Dutch Visio: https://enviter.eu/members/royal-dutch-visio/
    · Glidance: https://glidance.io/
    · Monarch: https://www.humanware.com/en-usa/monarch
    · Envision Assistant: https://envision-assistant.com/
    · Voice Vision in Apple Store: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/voicevista/id6450388413
    · Top Speed: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.tbegames.and.top_speed_racing&hl=en_IE&pli=1

    · Humanware sale: https://store.humanware.com/heu/promotion
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    #100: Dancing on the ceiling

    #100: Dancing on the ceiling

    Hello our little party poppers, and welcome to episode 100 of BGC! Yes, can you believe it's been 100 years since we first started? ...Ahem, that doesn't seem correct... Anyway, let's carry on. To help us celebrate this historic show we are joined by our own Scottish kilt: Blind Gordon, the Bambi Thug of the podcasting world: Kevin Sherwin, and our own personal Accessibility Discovery Centre: Brian Dalton, not to mention the wonderful Clodagh O'Donovan, about whom we can’t think of anything to say that won’t get us in trouble! It's a show of reminiscing, with a little sprinkling of Euro football and Dutch politics on top.

    Clodagh kicks it all off with her favourite topic; Christmas! And believe it or not, she actually got to meet Santa recently and they had a robust conversation regarding the non-delivery of long-promised snow over the past few Christmases. Poor Santa 😢

    We also remember our interviews with the wonderful Lady Veronika Hyks; that time Stuart climbed Mount Kilimanjaro; our wonderful conversations with Prof John Sweeney, Prof Luke O'Neill, Irish government Minister Roderic O'Gorman, Jenny Axler, the Pope, Albert Einstein, The Minions, and so very many more.

    Some of our favourites are listed below with links for your re-listening pleasure. Let us know about your favourite show - email us at blindguyschat@gmail.com.

    The Christmas ones:

    008: Santa, Spinrockers and "doing the business"! (link)
    034: A Christmas Special (link)
    059: Christmas special (link)
    087: The BGC Christmas Quiz 2023 Extravaganza Special! (link)
    The Veronika Hyks ones:

    023: A Royal Surprise! (link)
    056 Queens, Prime Ministers, & Dames (link)
    067: A Royal invitation (link)
    068: Surprise Surprise! (link)
    086: The Dame returns (link)
    And in #087 above, Veronika was a contestant in the Christmas Quiz!

    The Adam Curry one:
    The Adam Curry one: #025: Fancy a Curry? (link)

    The Kilimanjaro ones:

    076: Kilimanjaro is for wusses (while Stuart was away, climbing Kilimanjaro, allegedly) (link)
    077: The Longest Climb (We thought this was the one, but actually the climber was still on holidays for this one!) (link)
    078: Please don’t distract me, I’m a working dog! (This is the one in which Stuart talks about climbing Kili, in spite of the non-mountain-ish title) (link)
    079: Snuggle buddies (The one where Sherpa Radi talks about looking after Stuart on Kili during his climb) (link)
    One of the Professor Luke O’Neill ones:

    031: Metabolics, Mayhem & Melting Ice Caps (link)
    One of the Hector in HR ones:

    024: Hassle in the castle (link)
    Other favourites:

    048: Jan is so kissable (link)
    080: Time for a bath (link)
    093: A pain in me hoop! (link)
    027: Woman's Hour (link)
    Bonus one not mentioned in the show:

    018: Irlande Douze Points - Óran (yes – all those voices!) sings the BGC Eurovision entry for 2021! – and a bonus promo at the very end by BGC for Che Martin’s podcast “The Dark Squares” (link)
    So why not pull a sicky and spend some time revisiting our extensive back catalogue of Blind Guys Chat - Before we sell it to Sony for €2.50!

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    #099: Royal Congress

    #099: Royal Congress

    Hello little bumblebees and welcome to episode 99. This week we welcome back guest host Brian Dalton. Brian joined the Blind Guys on a school trip to the Dublin Royal Convention Centre last Saturday. Yes, we've hit the big time - BGC were invited to speak at the Retina International World Congress 2024 about assistive technology and how it helps us in our daily lives. What a thrill it must have been for those 6 million attendees to see us in real life, eh?! Ah no, seriously, we had a wonderful time at this excellent event, and it was an honour to be involved. You can hear our presentation on this week’s show where you will hear us talk about IBM's Apollo screen reader, the EmBraille, Cobolt air fryers, and much more. A special thanks to Fighting Blindness who hosted RIWC24, AV Partners who allowed Clodagh behind the velvet rope to monitor the tech end of things, and to all the fab volunteers who worked at the event across the 4 days.

    Also, on the show we talk about another field trip we took recently to Google's new Accessible Discovery Centre in Dublin. Brian, Clodagh, Óran and Larry went to have a look at all the cool stuff they have. Óran was particularly impressed with a low-tech device called a social barometer pin, while Larry was happy to see another doggy in the building. It was a great experience and the people at Google were fantastic. The guys thoroughly recommend you visit ADC Dublin. You can book your tour via this email address: adc-dublin@google.com. Tell them Blind Guys Chat sent you!

    So, take an ice cream out of the freezer, pop out to the garden and soak up the wonderfully refreshing UV rays from the best podcast of the summer: Blind Guys Chat!

    17 out of 20 conference centres prefer it to providing catering.

    Links for items we talked about:
    Google ADC: adc-dublin@google.com
    Freedom Scientific training: freedomscientific.com/training
    Cobolt air fryer: https://cobolt.co.uk/products/talking-air-fryer
    Envision: https://www.letsenvision.com/glasses/home

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    #098: Worse than a wet sheep

    #098: Worse than a wet sheep

    Hello our little flu germs and welcome to the show. This week Jan and Óran have been left doing the show unsupervised with no responsible adult to keep them in check so prepare for any kind of conversations.

    We get the chat going with football/soccer. It appears that Jan's local team have not been doing so well in the last few games, losing 2-1 and 7-1 in their last 2 games. To celebrate this, some of the fans decided to offer the players their scarves and hats in an attempt to keep them warm out on the pitch. No, literally warm! They set fire to hats and scarves. After this fantastic display of sportsmanship, Jan decided to take our good friend Mohamed down to Frankfurt for Sight City 2024. But they did manage to break the train before they arrived. Naughty boys!

    While in Frankfurt the 2 fellas were wined and dined on a menu of German cheese which apparently tasted worse than a wet sheep. Yuck!!

    Are you interested in becoming the next Prime Minister of the Netherlands? Well, throw your hat in the ring because it appears that after 6 months of debate, no politician wants to become PM.

    Óran, Clodagh and Larry recently travelled on a “vomit commit” - a plane so small that Larry had to be given his own seat because he couldn’t fit between the rows of seats. Larry rose to the challenge and is now a black belt in the call button, the air-con twisty nozzle thing, window watching on both sides of the plane, and getting attention from everyone, including the captain and co-pilot.

    Óran tells us what it is like to walk under and into Concord, and what a Bristol 450 racing car feels like.

    So, fasten your seatbelts. lift up that pointy nose, taxi out to the runway and enjoy the caviar of podcasts: Blind Guys Chat.

    7 out of 10 prop-engine planes prefer it to supersonic flight.

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    #097: Love or lambaste?

    #097: Love or lambaste?

    Hello our favourite little musical notes, and welcome to this episode of BGC. This week we are straight into it! Yes, back by popular demand and also because he's a cheap guest, we are chatting again with Kevin Sherwin; or as we like to call him "Mr Eurovision"! So, settle in and listen to us rant, rave, applaud and appraise, and generally share our thoughts on this year’s Eurovision song contest, which was held in Sweden last weekend.
    It'll be a rip roaring, barn burning, parrot singing, dog crying, rabbit sunbathing show you won't want to miss.
    Blind guys chat: 8 out of 10 non qualifying acts prefer it to watching the actual show.
    Email us at: blindguyschat@gmail.com – oh and speaking of email – Clodagh has a new jingle at long last! Let us know what you think, ok?!

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    #096: The Princess Bride

    #096: The Princess Bride

    Hello our little teardrops and welcome to episode 96. It's Eurovision Song Contest time again so do watch out for the odd Eurovision song title in the show notes and also during the show. Óran is asking listeners to email in with the total number of Eurovision song titles that are mentioned during the show and in the show notes and podcast chapters. You’d never know – there might be a prize – so get emailing! And yes, we have "All Kinds of Everything" on this show - so let your "Love Shine a Light" on our 3 presenters for this week, Clodagh, Jan and Óran.
    Jan has been celebrating the King's birthday as it was King's Day in The Netherlands during the week, and His Majesty took his whole family on a day trip to visit the common people of Holland. He even brought his security detail with him and apparently, they have bullet proof suitcases, just in case any ne’er-do-well tries to shoot the King's underpants - "Ding a Dong!!!" Also, apparently the king's daughters are "lookers" as we would say here in Ireland, and this has not gone unnoticed in the Bloem household. Will Jan need to buy a hat for a special day out!?!
    It's a welcome back to our own "Rock and Roll Kid", Kevin Sherwin, back on the show to tell us all about this year’s Eurovision Song Contest entries. Will Ireland make it past the semi-finals? Will Norway get any points? Will the eastern bloc countries all vote for Australia? Will there be "Euphoria" when it's over? Listen in to hear what our wonderful Eurovision correspondent thinks.
    Óran's got another pain in his hoop. This time it's about the poor quality audio description on the Netflix series "Ripley" starring Andrew Scott. Have you watched the show? What do you think of the audio description. Let us know at blindguyschat@gmail.com.
    Clodagh has an email from a confused person regarding Braille. Maybe they need to "Make their mind up"?!
    So don't be a "Diva", leave the "Arcade" for a while and listen to the number 1 podcast as voted by the Tahitian Foreign Minister for Dolphins: Blind Guys Chat!

    17 and a half out of 20 European countries prefer it to the Eurovision Song Contest.

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4.6 out of 5
8 Ratings

8 Ratings

blowback again ,

The Good Life

Light heated look at life. Some dark humour thrown in along with the batking mad dog stories.
Always brings a smile and you will never find yourself shouting at them three headio's. Interesting guest dragged in to brighten the show when the lads are getting narched with each other.

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