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Bursting the bubble that surrounds Leinster House

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Bursting the bubble that surrounds Leinster House

    Micheal Martin ‘defined by his hatred’ of Sinn Féin, a TD claims.

    Micheal Martin ‘defined by his hatred’ of Sinn Féin, a TD claims.

    Fianna Fáil leader Micheál Martin has become defined by his “hatred” of Sinn Féin, a senior member of the party has claimed.

    Cavan/Monaghan TD Matt Carthy said Mr Martin has a “fixation” with Sinn Féin and voters do not know what else he stands for.

    Speaking to Independent.ie’s Floating Voter podcast, Mr Carthy said: “His own personal views of our party have become him in many respects.” “If you were to ask ordinary people on the street what does Micheál Martin stand for my guess is that, apart from his hatred of Sinn Féin, people would find it very hard to come up with a second thing,” he added.

    Mr Carthy said he and other Sinn Féin TDs have had conversations with Fianna Fáil members about government formation but not on a formal basis.“I have conversations with people I'm sure other Sinn Féin representatives with people but not on the basis of proper discussion around government because the Fianna Fáil party collectively have made a decision that they won't engage with Sinn Féin in relation to government,” he said.“You are right to say that lots of members of that party disagree with that strategy and particularly at a grassroots level I know that it has created a lot of disconcern among their own membership but at the end of the day that's a call their own leadership need to take,” he added.

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    Green TD says Scouting Ireland can recover from child sex abuse controversy.

    Green TD says Scouting Ireland can recover from child sex abuse controversy.

    Green Party TD Patrick Costello joined the Floating Voter to discuss the Government’s shambolic attempt to provide childcare services for frontline workers.

    Mr Costello, who is a scout leader, also discussed the damning report into child sex abuse allegations in Scouting Ireland.

    The Dublin Central TD said he believes the scouting organisation will bounce back from the controversy.

    He also insisted the Department of Children and Youth Affairs should be retained by the next government.

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    Minister says nursing homes should allow families visit residents

    Minister says nursing homes should allow families visit residents

    Minister for Older People Jim Daly has called on nursing homes to find ways to allow family members visit relatives during the Covid-19 crisis.

    Mr Daly, who is still the acting minister despite retiring from politics, said nursing homes should introduce perspex screens to allow people visit loved ones who are in their care.

    Speaking on Indpendent.ie’s Floating Voter podcast, the former Cork West TD said: “I think on a human level it is very, very, very difficult for the residents of nursing homes not to have met with loved ones and not to have had visits from loved ones.”

    “It is something I would like to see improved is the access of people from the outside into nursing homes to see their loved ones again, you know with a perspex screen. There are ways and means of doing everything,” he added.

    Mr Daly said he agreed with Chief Medical Officer Tony Holohan’s initial decision not to ban visits to residential care settings despite private nursing homes restricting visitors.

    “You have to get the balance right and I would have been on the side of Tony Holohan I have to be honest,” he said.

    The minister said the “next frontier” in the Covid-19 crisis may be the plight of the 20,000 vulnerable people who are being cared for in the community.

    He said there have been 56 confirmed coronavirus cases among this group and 40 of those have been admitted to hospital. “It is important we are watching that and continuing to protect vulnerable people who are still in the communities,” he said.

    Mr Daly said he has purposely avoided doing media during the pandemic following an agreement with Health Minister Simon Harris.

    “Minister Harris and I have discussed this at length and it has been suggested that the media be maintained to himself on communications in relation to the Covid specific issues and for what it's worth I agree with him,” he said.

    “You cannot have a situation where you have parallel communications happening and maybe disjointed communications. The fact I haven't been on media doesn't mean I haven't been involved in the day to day operations of the department,” he added.

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    The next government will be the "greenest in the history of the State," a Fianna Fáil TD has said.

    The next government will be the "greenest in the history of the State," a Fianna Fáil TD has said.

    Fianna Fáil's education spokesperson Thomas Byrne has ramped up pressure on the Green Party saying there is a "huge opportunity" for them to implement their policies in the next government.

    However, Mr Byrne warned that if the Greens or another party do not join Fianna Fáil and Fine Gael's coalition a second general election will be called this year.

    Speaking to Independent.ie’s Floating Voter podcast, the Meath East TD said: "In relation to the Greens, just because of our international obligations on climate, the next government is going to be the greenest government in the history of the State."

    "The challenge for the Greens, I think, is do they want to be part of that, probably driving that in government or do they want to sit back and see it implemented by some other party because it's going to be done and we are committed to that," he added.

    If a third party does not support the proposed Fianna Fáil and Fine Gael government, Mr Byrne said: “the only logical conclusion is there will be a general election because I can't see how you can get a government together with 72 seats”.

    Speaking ahead of the publication of Fianna Fáil and Fine Gael’s policy framework document, Mr Byrne said next government will herald the coming of a “new economic dawn”.

    “There are huge opportunities there for parties who want to get involved, who want to get their policies implemented and who are looking for that type of radical change,” he said.

    “It is going to require a lot of imagination on behalf of the public service, which it has to be said we have seen over the last few weeks, but also in respect of the political system as well. Things cannot be as they were ever before ever again,” he added.

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    Politicians scramble to react to outbreak of Covid-19

    Politicians scramble to react to outbreak of Covid-19

    The Floating Voter team has recorded a special podcast on the political ramifications of the Government's Covid-19 emergency measures.

    Recorded remotely due to social distancing rules, Kevin Doyle was joined for by Philip Ryan and Hugh O'Connell to discuss the political reaction to the coronavirus.

    Indepenent.ie's Political Team debated whether the next government will be able to unwind the financial package for employees and employers impacted by the global pandemic.

    They also discussed the division within in the Green Party over entering into a coalition government with Fianna Fáil and Fine Gael. And asked whether climate climate change issues will be relevant to voters if the country plunges into recession due to the virus?

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    Fianna Fáil TD says Martin should lead party if election is called.

    Fianna Fáil TD says Martin should lead party if election is called.

    Micheal Martin will remain Taoiseach if second general election is called before a government is formed, a new TD has said.

    Fianna Fáil TD Cormac Devlin said there was "no question" about Mr Martin's leadership and he had the backing of his party.

    Speaking on Independent.ie's Floating Voter podcast, Mr Devlin said: "If you're saying the election is in the short term then I would say yes I foresee him being leader at that time.”

    "I have sat in those parliamentary party meetings and what I have witnessed is full support for Micheál Martin and indeed his stance on Sinn Féin and his stance on the negotiating team to go forward on behalf of Fianna Fáil," he added.

    Mr Devlin said he understood why some party members were "upset" after the election but said those elected and those running for the Seanad are committed to Mr Martin.

    Also on the podcast, newly elected Fine Gael TD Neale Richmond said there was no threat to Taoiseach Leo Varadkar's leadership.

    Mr Richmond said the Taoiseach clawed back support for the party in the final week of the General Election campaign through his performances on the televised debates.

    "That was directly down to Leo," he said. “We were 12 points down at the start of the campaign in one poll and we built that up," he added.

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66 Ratings

Karen O'Brien16 ,


I'm just hear to echo the reviews, this is awful crap. I only hope the team don't hurt themselves jumping from the Fine Gael bandwagon as it goes down in flames.

CarmelloAntoknee ,


The podcast of the year? This pod reeks of bot farm listens and sycophancy. There are lots of quality podcasts out there that have people who are into politics without wanting a job as a Fine Gael press officer.

Listening With Prejudice ,

Groupthink for the Punchdown Generation

I’m starting to think Leo didn’t shut down the Strategic Communications Unit. He just started a podcast.

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