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Technology Labs is a podcast about new technology. We will talk about tech news and have various guests to talk about interesting subjects!

Technology Labs Tom, Rik & Daniel

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Technology Labs is a podcast about new technology. We will talk about tech news and have various guests to talk about interesting subjects!

    Sustainable IT (with Wilson Camargo Junior)

    Sustainable IT (with Wilson Camargo Junior)

    The carbon footprint of worldwide IT already represents 1,5x of civil aviation and it is expected to increase in the upcoming years. A good starting point to look for more sustainable IT and reducing that footprint. We talk with Wilson Camargo Junior (Sustainability and Intelligent Industry Consultant) and discuss the options for IT solutions that have a lower impact on for example CO2 emissions. Simple actions as using your phone a year longer can make a difference. And we can take up that action. It is better to mine the heap of discarded electronics in stead of mining our beloved planet.

    More info on sustainable IT in this report

    • 31 min
    Talking Artificial Intelligence (with Weiwei Feng)

    Talking Artificial Intelligence (with Weiwei Feng)

    ChatGTP, Dall E are but examples of how accessible Artificial Intelligence (AI) is currently. With Weiwei Feng we discuss the current state of AI and its merits. AI has its ethical dilemmas and it is difficult to check if AI is doing what you want. The possibilities are endless and that is what we explore in this podcast.

    The tech topics of this podcast episode are:

    AI eye contact for camera feeds by NVIDIA (https://www.theverge.com/2023/1/26/23572459/ai-eye-contact-tech-nvidia-movie-edit-clips)
    Massive Microsoft outage (https://www.bleepingcomputer.com/news/microsoft/massive-microsoft-365-outage-caused-by-wan-router-ip-change/)

    • 49 min
    Sustainability (with Tobias Zimmergren)

    Sustainability (with Tobias Zimmergren)

    Today, we have Tobias Zimmergren as our guest in this episode of the podcast! Tobias is Senior Architecture Content Lead at Microsoft and has recently released guidance on how to architect your solutions in the most sustainable way. This guidance is part of the Azure Well-Architectured Framework and in he tells us all about it during this episode! 

    If you want to read more about the Sustainability guidance, make sure to read this blog by Tobias:

    Announcing sustainability guidance in the Azure Well-Architected Framework

    Of course, we also have our tech updates:

    Matter for IoT


    • 1 hr 1 min
    Cloud for Sovereignty (with Michiel van Otegem)

    Cloud for Sovereignty (with Michiel van Otegem)

    Have you ever wondered what governments do to comply to all kinds of security, compliance and policy requirements? Microsoft has introduced Microsoft Cloud for Sovereignty to support governments and public sector customers with just that. In this episode, Michiel van Otegem (Principal Program Manager at Microsoft) is our guest to explain us all about it.

    Next to that, we of course talk about our tech updates:

    Mastodon instead of twitter?

    In Sweden, a huge particle cannon is taking shape, which makes it possible to look deep into objects and materials (Dutch article)

    Elizabeth Holmes has been sentenced to over 11 years in prison

    • 57 min
    The latest developments in SAP (with Pepijn Paap)

    The latest developments in SAP (with Pepijn Paap)

    In this episode, Pepijn Paap is our guest. Pepijn is Lead SAP/ERP Business Assurance Management Consultant & Test Master at Sogeti. He will tell us everything about the latest developments in SAP. With all the core processes that run on SAP workloads around the world, this is a very interesting topic to know more about!

    Of course, we start with our tech updates:

    MR 3D objects API smithonian institute

    Meta Quest 2 Townscraper

    Law enforcement and the challenge of deepfakes

    • 52 min
    Sustainability (with Maheshwar Kanitkar)

    Sustainability (with Maheshwar Kanitkar)

    Sustainability is a very hot topic right now. In this episode, we will talk with Maheshwar about this subject. Maheshwar is Global Quality Engineering & Testing Sales Leader at Sogeti Global. He has been researching sustainability for a couple of years now. 

    During this episode, the following tech items are discussed:

    New rules for people in self-driving cars


    Boring Company raises additional $675 million as investors chuck money into holes in the ground


    • 48 min

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