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영문 시사뉴스를 쉽게 설명해주는 코리아헤럴드 팟캐스트. 영어신문을 통해 새로운 데일리 뉴스와 영어 학습을 동시에.

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영문 시사뉴스를 쉽게 설명해주는 코리아헤럴드 팟캐스트. 영어신문을 통해 새로운 데일리 뉴스와 영어 학습을 동시에.

    380회 전문가들, 올 겨울 ‘가장 힘든’ 펜데믹 예고 / 오늘의집, 770억 투자 유치

    380회 전문가들, 올 겨울 ‘가장 힘든’ 펜데믹 예고 / 오늘의집, 770억 투자 유치

    진행자: 임현수, Paul Kerry

    1. Winter phase of pandemic may be ‘toughest yet,’ experts say

    [1] Experts dread that the latest surge in novel coronavirus infections in South Korea is likely to grow into the “biggest and toughest wave” the nation experiences, as the push for reopening backfires and winter arrives.

    *surge: 급등

    *wave: 파도, 급증

    *backfire: 역효과를 낳다

    [2] Over the weekend, a senior official at Korea Disease Control and Prevention Agency issued a chilling warning: “Korea may be facing the biggest wave of coronavirus infections yet -- much worse than the previous waves that hit in the spring and summer.”

    *chilling: 무서운

    [3] Cases have been climbing steadily since the government deserted measures to mitigate the spread in mid-October in favor of economic stability. 

    *climb: 오르다

    *desert: 버리다

    [4] After the softened social distancing system came into effect two weeks ago, the uptick accelerated to record a streak of 300-plus days for the first time in 81 days. Between Nov. 15 and Saturday, the seven-day average of new local cases more than doubled week over week to around 255.

    *come into effect: 시작되다

    *uptick: 상승

    *accelerate: 가속화 하다

    *streak: 연속

    기사원문: http://www.koreaherald.com/view.php?ud=20201123000938

    2. Home interior design app Ohouse secures $70 million in investment

    [1] Home interior design platform Ohouse has raised 77 billion won ($70 million) in a new round of Series C funding from investors including technology investment firm Bond, the app’s operator, Bucketplace, said Monday.

    *Series C funding: 시리즈 C 투자: Series C financing (also known as series C round or series C funding) is one of the stages in the capital-raising process by a startup. The series C round is the fourth stage of startup financing, and typically the last stage of venture capital financing. 

    [2] IMM Investment, Mirae Asset Venture Investment, Mirae Asset Capital and Naver Corporation were among the existing investors that participated in this round, the company added. This raises the company’s total funding to 88 billion won ($80 million).

    *among: ~들 중

    *round: 차례

    [3] Launched in 2014, the home interior platform has accumulated 14 million downloads and its monthly gross merchandise value has surpassed 100 billion won, thanks to younger consumers and an uptick in home furniture shopping due to COVID-19, Bucketplace explained.

    *accumulate: 축적하다

    [4] Bucketplace CEO Lee Seung-jae said the latest round of funding serves as a “testament to the growth potential of Ohouse.”

    *testament to: 증거

    기사원문: http://www.koreaherald.com/view.php?ud=20201123000832&np=2&mp=1

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    379회 대한항공 아시아나 합친다 / 혜민스님 활동중단

    379회 대한항공 아시아나 합친다 / 혜민스님 활동중단

    진행자: 임정요, Kevin Lee Selzer

    1. Korean flag carriers eye tie-up as policy lender backs W1.8tr deal

    [1] South Korea’s two flag carriers Korean Air Lines and Asiana Airlines are anticipating a tie-up, as the nation’s policy lender Korea Development Bank vowed to finance the 1.8 trillion won ($1.62 billion) megadeal.

    *tie-up: 합병

    *finance: 재정지원하다

    [2] Announcing a plan to help Korean Air Lines acquire a majority stake in its longtime rival, KDB said Monday that the merger is indispensable in keeping the nation’s struggling aviation industry afloat.

    *acquire: 인수하다

    *majority stake: 과반이상 주식

    *indispensable: 없어서는 안될

    *struggling: 분투하는

    *keep A afloat: 살리다

    [3] “The new integrated Korean flag carrier will rise to one of the top 10 most competitive players in the global aviation industry, laying the groundwork to cope with the coronavirus crisis with efficiency and to leap forward in the post-pandemic era,” KDB Chairman Lee Dong-gull said, adding that the state-run bank was striving to find a plausible buyer.

    *integrated: 통합된

    *lay the groundwork: 기틀을 다지다

    *plausible: 그럴듯한, 가능한

    기사원문: http://www.koreaherald.com/view.php?ud=20201116000972

    2. Ven. Haemin ceases all public activities following real estate controversy

    [1] Bestselling author and popular Zen Buddhist teacher the Ven. Haemin announced late Sunday night that he was ceasing all activities and returning to a meditation center. The announcement came upon criticisms concerning his lifestyle and alleged profiteering from a real estate transaction.

    *cease: 멈추다

    *alleged: 추정되는

    *profiteering: 이윤추구

    [2] The Harvard- and Princeton-educated author of “The Things You Can See Only When You Slow Down” and “Love for Imperfect Things” appeared on Nov. 7 on tvN entertainment show “On & Off,” which shows the lives of celebrities on both their working days and days off. When the Ven. Haemin was shown living in a house with a view of Seoul’s iconic Namsan Tower and using AirPods and a Macbook, people questioned whether the Buddhist monk was following his teachings of a “life of no possession.”

    *iconic: 상징적인

    *question: (동) 의문을 제기하다

    *teachings: 가르침

    [3] “As a Buddhist monk, I have been trying my utmost to spread the Buddhist teachings to the world. However, my shortcomings have caused discomfort to many people. I am to blame for not living up to the monk’s principles. I deeply apologize to everyone hurt and disappointed by this situation. Starting today, I will stop all activities and return to a meditation institute to study Buddha’s words and focus on prayer,” said the Ven. Haemin via social media on Sunday.

    *utmost: 최선을 다해

    *shortcoming: 실수

    *discomfort: 불편함

    *principle: 원칙, 신조

    기사원문: http://www.koreaherald.com/view.php?ud=20201116000863

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    378회 바이든 당선 / 블랙핑크 팬더 영상 논란

    378회 바이든 당선 / 블랙핑크 팬더 영상 논란

    진행자: 손지형, Brolley Genster

    1. Seoul eyes bolstering ties with new Biden administration

    요약: 조 바이든 민주당 대선후보의 대통령 당선 소식에 한국 정부가 취한 반응

    [1] With Democrat Joe Biden’s victory in the US presidential race, South Korea will seek to forge ties with the new administration to further bolster the alliance and make progress toward peace on the Korean Peninsula.

    *Democrat: (미국) 민주당의

    *forge ties: 관계를 형성하다

    *administration: 행정부

    *bolster: 강화하다

    *alliance: 동맹

    [2] South Korean President Moon Jae-in on Sunday sent a congratulatory message to US President-elect Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris, hours after major media outlets in the US announced Biden’s win over incumbent President Donald Trump.

    *send a congratulatory message: 축하 메시지를 보내다

    *President-elect: 대통령 당선인

    *incumbent: 현직에 있는

    [3] “Congratulations to @JoeBiden and @KamalaHarris. Our alliance is strong and the bond between our two countries is rock-solid,” Moon wrote via Twitter. “I very much look forward to working with you for our shared values. I have great expectations of advancing and opening up the future development of our bilateral relations,” he said, ending the message with “Katchi Kapshida!” -- the catchphrase of the Korea-US alliance, meaning “We go together.”

    *rock-solid: 바위처럼 단단한

    *look forward to (noun): -하기를 기대하다

    *bilateral: 양자의, 양국의

    *catchphrase: 이목을 끄는 짧고 강렬한 문구

    [4] While Trump had not delivered a customary concession speech as of press time, and it is unsure if he will accept defeat any time soon, Seoul officials are expected to start building rapport behind-the-scenes with officials and experts connected to Biden’s aides and inner circle, to develop channels into an incoming Biden administration.

    *customary: 관례적인

    *concession speech: 승복 연설

    *accept defeat: 패배를 받아들이다

    *build rapport: 유대감을 형성하다

    *aide: 측근

    *inner circle: 소수 핵심 집단

    기사원문: http://www.koreaherald.com/view.php?ud=20201108000204

    2. Agency cancels release of Blackpink panda footage after Chinese netizens complain

    요약: 한국 걸그룹 블랙핑크가 영상에서 한국에서 태어난 팬더를 장갑을 끼지 않고 만졌다는 이유로 중국 네티즌들에게 비판받아. 결국 영상 공개하지 않기로 결정.

    [1] YG Entertainment announced Saturday that it has decided not to release the latest episode of Blackpink’s online reality show, “Blackpink - ‘24/365 with Blackpink',” which features the K-pop girl band members meeting South Korea’s first panda cub.

    *release: (작품, 영상 등을) 공개하다

    *episode: 회차

    *feature: -이 등장하다

    [2] The decision came after a trailer posted Wednesday caused an uproar in China because it appeared that the band members were handling the cub without wearing sanitary gloves.

    *cause an uproar: 분노를 촉발하다

    *handle: 다루다

    *cub: 포유류 동물의 새끼

    *sanitary gloves: 위생 장갑

    [3] Many Chinese netizens said pandas are national treasures and should not be touched with bare hands because they are vulnerable to disease. YG Entertainment said the video had been filmed in the presence of professional veterinarians and zookeepers in accordance with strict sanitary guidelines.

    *bare hands: 맨손

    *be vulnerable to: -에 취약하다

    *in the presence of: -이 있을 때, -이 동행할 때

    *veterinarians, vets: 수의사

    *in accordance with: -에 따라

    *strict: 엄격한

    [4] The cub, Fu Bao, was born in July to the only panda couple in Korea. Her parents, Ai Bao and Le Bao, arrived from China in 2016, having been s

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    377회 코로나 시대 떠오른 술, 와인 / 난민 신청자 7만명 첫 돌파

    377회 코로나 시대 떠오른 술, 와인 / 난민 신청자 7만명 첫 돌파

    진행자: 조혜림, Brolley Genster


    1. [Weekender] Red, white and rose chase coronavirus blues away

    요약: 코로나 시대에 홈술 인기, 와인 대중화 가속화


    [1] With the growing popularity of imported wine -- mostly affordable wines from ever-diversifying regions, including Eastern Europe -- a major shift in Koreans’ wine consumption pattern is underway. And the coronavirus-triggered stay-at-home culture is accelerating its arrival.

    *ever-diversifying: 어느 때보다 다양해진

    *underway: 진행중인

    *triggered: 촉발된


    [2] A myriad of choices -- in terms of the grape and soil differences as well as the regional and climatic varieties -- have often left aspiring wine buyers and learners frustrated. As each choice carried a hefty price tag, Korean consumers were inhibited from taking the first step.

    *myriad: 무수히 많은

    *aspiring: ~가 되려는, 잠재적

    *hefty: 크고 무거운, 두둑한

    *inhibit: 억제하다, 제약을 가하다.


    [3] But now, wine is at its most accessible since 1987, when the country opened its doors to wine imports. A bottle of wine can even be cheaper than a cup of coffee since new varieties began to hit the shelves of Korea’s supermarkets, warehouse shops and even convenience stores.

    *accessible: 접근 가능한, 용이한

    *hit the shelf: 가게 등에 나오다, 출시하다


    기사전문: http://www.koreaherald.com/view.php?ud=20201029001042&ACE_SEARCH=1


    2. Refugee applications top 70,000 in S. Korea

    요약: 우리나라에 난민 신청 건수 1994년 집계 이래 처음으로 7만명 돌파


    [1] The cumulative number of asylum applications filed in South Korea topped 70,000, government data showed Monday, amid persistent calls for improvements to the country’s refugee screening system.

    *cumulative: 누적되는

    *asylum: 망명

    *screening: 검정제도


    [2] While the government remains concerned about the increase in what it sees as “fake refugees” -- those abusing the refugee system to seek economic opportunities -- activists say there is a long road ahead for Korea to guarantee rights and proper protection for asylum-seekers.

    *abuse: 남용, 오용, 학대

    *asylum-seeker: 망명신청자


    [3] Criticism from activists centers on procedural flaws in the refugee screening process and its protracted time frame, stemming from a shortage of specialized personnel and a prejudice that most of those seeking asylum are economic migrants.

    *protracted: 오래 끈, 계속된

    *stem from: ~에 기인하다, 유래하다


    기사전문: http://www.koreaherald.com/view.php?ud=20201102001025

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    376회 코로나 시대, 패션쇼는 계속된다/ 한국 이주노동자들의 근로환경 실태 고발

    376회 코로나 시대, 패션쇼는 계속된다/ 한국 이주노동자들의 근로환경 실태 고발

    진행자: 김혜연, Kevin Lee Selzer

    1. The fashion show must go on

    요약: 코로나 시대에 맞춰 패션 업계에서도 관행을 깨고 “뉴노말”에 도전한다.

    [1] Models strutting and posing on the runway in a hall packed with celebrities and fashion industry movers and shakers. A crowded backstage where makeup artists stand tightly next to models, applying colorful eye shadow and lipstick.

    *strutting: 점잔 빼며[으스대며] 걷는; 거드름 부리는

    *packed with: …로 가득한

    [2] This year, it may be difficult see any of these scenes unfold as the COVID-19 pandemic has halted on-site fashion shows. In their place, the fashion industry has begun to embrace online shows.

    *unfold: 1. (접혀 있는 것을) 펴다 2. (어떤 내용이 서서히) 펼쳐지다

    *embrace: 1. 껴안다, 포옹하다 (=hug) 2. (생각·제의 등을) 받아들이다

    [3] The Korea Creative Content Agency was the first to adapt to the “new normal.” The agency held KDFW 2020: Kocca Digital Fashion Week from Aug. 15 to 23 during which a total of nine participating Korean brands streamed their fashion show on online platform Naver TV.

    *new-normal: (경제학에서 처음 사용된 용어) 시대 변화에 따라 새롭게 부상하는 기준이나 표준

    [4] Rather than holding the show in a conventional fashion show format, local brand The Studio K employed a look book video format, with the video featuring not only its clothing but also details such as the fabrics used and the available sizes.

    *conventional: 1. 관습[관례]적인 2. 전통적인

    *employ 1. 고용하다 2. (기술·방법 등을) 쓰다

    [5] The organizer of the event, the Seoul Design Foundation, has waived participation fees in consideration of the financial difficulties suffered by fashion houses due to the ongoing pandemic.

    *in consideration of: …을 고려해 볼 때

    기사 원문: http://www.koreaherald.com/view.php?ud=20200916000314&np=1&mp=1


    2. [Feature] Migrant workers denounce 'modern-day slavery' in Korea

    요약: 16년간 지속되어 온 고용허가제가 외국인 근로자들을 오히려 궁지에 몰아넣고 있다.

    [1] The Employment Permit System is supposed to be a win-win solution for South Korean employers struggling to find workers and Asian workers seeking higher-paying jobs overseas. The 16-year-old system, however, has been criticized for leaving workers vulnerable to abusive practices and even “slave-like” exploitation by employers. At the center of the dispute is a clause in the legislation that effectively bans workers from changing workplaces.

    *win-win solution: 윈-윈 (모두에게 유리한, 모두가 득을 보는) 해법

    *vulnerable to someone/something: (~에) 취약한, 연약한

    [2] A migrant fisherman from Timor-Leste, who wanted to be identified only as Lopes M., endured appalling working conditions and human rights violations on a small island for years. He was virtually locked up and isolated on Gaeyado, off the coast of Gunsan, as he was not allowed to leave without permission from his employer. He was dispatched to other workplaces several times, in breach of his employment contract. He earned about 2 million won ($1,765) per month, which he found out only recently because his employer had kept his bankbook.

    *appalling 간담을 서늘케 하는, 끔찍한

    *in breach of 위반, ~의 파괴[파기], ~을 저버림

    [3] Lopes M. first came to Korea in July 2014 and worked for his boss on Gaeyado for four years and 10 months. He got a second work permit in 2019, valid for another four years and 10 months, on the condition that he stay with the same employer.

    *on the condition that 조건부의

     [4] He escaped from the island in September this year and has been staying at a shelter ever since. The predicament Lopes M. faces is not an isolat

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    375회 정부, ‘할인’ 소비 쿠폰 다시 푼다 / 태양광 시설 폐기물 처리 이슈

    375회 정부, ‘할인’ 소비 쿠폰 다시 푼다 / 태양광 시설 폐기물 처리 이슈

    진행자: 간형우, Brolley Genster

    1. S. Korea to resume discount coupon scheme to boost domestic consumption

    요약: 정부는 지난 8월 선보였다가 코로나19 재확산으로 중단한 소비쿠폰 발행을 오는 22일부터 전시와 공연, 영화, 체육 분야 위주로 재개한다. 

    [1] South Korea, as of Sunday, has decided to resume its discount coupon program, after suspending it in mid-August due to a resurgence of the coronavirus, to invigorate domestic spending amid the COVID-19 pandemic. But concerns persist that the consumption scheme could again lead to a virus flare-up, alongside skepticism over its actual long-term effect on the economy.

    *invigorate: 기운 나게 하다, 활성화하다

    *persist: 집요하게 계속하다, 끊임없이 지속하다

    *flare-up: 확 타오르다, 갑자기 재발하다

    *skepticism: 회의론, 의심

    [2] The scheme -- part of the government’s 90.4 billion-won ($76.2 million) domestic spending revitalization plan -- distributes coupons tied to eight different areas in the cultural, leisure and services sectors, by the end of the month, according to the Ministry of Economy and Finance and Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism.

    *scheme: 계획, 제도

    *distribute: 나누어 주다, 분배하다

    *Ministry of Economy and Finance: 기획재정부

    *Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism: 문화체육관광부

    [3] It would give discounts of some 30,000 won to 40,000 won for accommodation reservations, benefits worth 8,000 won per person for performing arts tickets and 10,000 won for credit card users that spend more than 20,000 won when they dine out every fifth time. Some of the coupons were partially distributed in August, but the government abruptly halted the program when the country’s daily coronavirus cases shot up later in the month and remained in triple digits for weeks.

    *dine out: 외식을 하다

    *partially: 부분적으로

    *abruptly: 갑자기

    [4] While government officials have vowed to be cautious and set up additional health and safety measures to contain a possible resurgence of virus cases, experts have said that the coupon scheme could trap the economy in a vicious cycle of resurgence and stricter measures.

    *vow: 맹세하다

    *resurgence: (활동의)재기, 부활

    *vicious: 잔인한, 사나운, 악의에 찬

    기사 원문: http://www.koreaherald.com/view.php?ud=20201018000156&np=2&mp=1


    2. What will Korea do with dead solar panels?

    요약: 국내 태양광 시설이 늘어나고 있지만, 수명이 다 한 장비의 처리에 대한 준비가 미흡하다는 지적이 나온다.

    [1] When solar panels are used for around 25 years, they are defined in Korea as being “dead.” They are typically composed of 76 percent glass, 10 percent polymer, 8 percent aluminum, 5 percent silicon and 1 percent other metals including copper and silver. Once “dead,” they are recycled or sent to other countries for use there.

    *defined as: ~로 정의하다

    *be composed of: ~로 이루어진, ~로 구성된

    *including: ~을 포함한

    [2] In Korea, when dead solar panels are collected, those in good shape are exported to countries such as Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, India and Pakistan for use there. Those in poorer shape are disassembled from their aluminum frames after which they are typically incinerated or buried underground. This is because recycling process costs much more than the income that can be generated from retrieving the metals they contain, such as silver and copper, and selling them.

    *disassemble: 분해하다, 흩어지다

    *incinerate: 태우다, 소각하다

    *retrieve: 되찾아오다, 회수하다

    [3] Due to profitability issues, there is also only one privately run recycling center that can deal with dead panels. It’s capable of processing about 3,600 tons of panels a year, which will soon be far smaller

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전반적으로 유익하고 잘 듣고 있는 방송입니다 특히 여성기자분들이 진행하시는 에피소드는 잘 준비해오셨다는 느낌이 바로 느껴질정도로 단어나 표현정리도 놓치지 않고 잘 해주시고 원어민에디터와의 대화도 자연스럽고 좋습니다. 반면에 남기자분 특히 한 분이 굉장히 많이 더듬거리시고 다른분들에 비해 진행능력이 많이 떨어지는게 느껴져서 아쉽네요

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한국 남자분들의 매끄럽지않은 진행이 듣기 불편. .
외국인설명더듣고싶어요. .

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항상 잘듣고있습니다

양질의 컨텐츠 잘듣고있습니다
다만 남성진행자분 진행의 매끄럽지 못한점, 말을 버벅거리는 등 준비가 안된것같은 모습에 조금 아쉽습니다. 조금만 개선이 된다면 청취에 도움이 될것같습니다. 감사합니다

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